My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem

My Life on the Road

Gloria Steinem—writer, activist, organizer, and one of the most inspiring leaders in the world—now tells a story she has never told before, a candid account of how her early years led her to live an on-the-road kind of life, traveling, listening to people, learning, and creating change. She reveals the story of her own growth in tandem with the growth of an ongoing movement for equality. This is the story at the heart of My Life on the Road.

Details My Life on the Road

TitleMy Life on the Road
Release DateOct 27th, 2015
PublisherRandom House
GenreNonfiction, Feminism, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography

Reviews My Life on the Road

  • Esil
    4 very high stars. I loved reading this book. It's a bit disorganized and chaotic, but it's full of great anecdotes, thoughtful ideas on activism and engagement, and quotable bits and pieces. I came to this book thinking of Steinem as an icon of American feminism, but someone I didn't actually know much about. The experience of reading My Life on the Road made me sit up and pay attention. And not because Steinem delivers a specific political mess...
  • Debbie
    Wow, this was quite the read! Steinem starts by talking about her early upbringing, which I found not only surprising, but fascinating. From there, she is all over the map (quite literally). It's like sitting down with an old friend as she recounts important life events. Often, the events had no particular order, yet they all held my full attention. Steinem included so much in this book, it's hard to review without giving anything away. While she...
  • Diane
    There are so many good stories in this book! This memoir focuses on Steinem's travels around the world, and her political and activist experiences in the United States. When people ask me why I still have hope and energy after all these years, I always say: Because I travel. For more than four decades, I've spent at least half my time on the road. I've never tried to write about this way of life, not even when I was reporting on people and events...
  • Trudi
    A note about the audiobook -- I started listening to this one and it wasn't quite grabbing me. The text was falling flat for some reason and my mind wandered a little too much. Debra Winger has a lovely delivery as the reader, but the audiobook just didn't work for me this time. So I abandoned it for the hardcover -- and finished it in one sitting I became that engrossed and enthralled, moved and inspired. In June of 2015 I was lucky enough to at...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 Grew up hearing about this amazing woman, reading MS magazine and cheering her on from afar. Yet, never knew the personal details of her life, what made her whom she is nor how she came to be such a staunch advocate for many whom had few rights. This book filled that in for me and I loved reading about her early life, somewhat surprising and how she started in her career. Her life on the road, the many people she met, her stay in India and th...
  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)
    Editor: Ms Steinem, we think it's time you wrote another book.Gloria Steinem: Hmm. It's all been fairly extensively mined. Oh, but I do have a couple of good stories about taxi rides.Editor: That sounds good. Maybe we could devote a chapter to taxi stories.Gloria Steinem: And I met an interesting woman on a plane once.Editor: Ok, it sounds like grouping it around a travelling theme might pull it all together nicely.Gloria Steinem: Can I write a...
  • El
    I want to be Gloria Steinem when I grow up.I went to a women's college for my undergraduate degree, and while I have a lot of complaints about the particular experience I had, one thing I appreciated was the communal existence. I didn't live in a dorm, but it didn't matter - the classes were small, there was relatively open communication between the students and the professors, you could basically just walk into any professor's office and take a ...
  • Jaylia3
    Reading this lively memoir of the vagabond life Gloria Steinem has led--first by necessity and then because she embraced it--made me want to hit the road myself in the hope that I could have even a fraction of her experiences. The varied places and people she’s encountered in her travels give her rich, interesting perspectives on the history and zeitgeist of the times she writes about, which extend from the later years of the Great Depression u...
  • Meghan
    My mother-in-law gave my husband and I her old car this Christmas, a supremely generous gift that instantly relieved a lot of the day-to-day stress we've had trying to get basic errand-running done without independent transportation. It has also, of course, opened up the possibility of journeying outside our normal location more frequently and with more ease (and less cost). I finished this book on a break between meetings at an office in San Jos...
  • Louise
    The understated prose may make this seem like a light volume of reminiscences, but it demonstrates her main point: you have to listen. If you listen to everyday people, not politicians or pundits, you can see what is really going on in the world. After introducing who she is by way of describing her father and his independent traveling spirit and her unwell mother who admired the Roosevelt’s, she shares what she has heard over the years and wha...
  • Meelie
    Took me a while, but loved the little anecdotes, there were tears, laughter, and truly touching moments. I shan't review properly because of spoilers ;)Although what I will say is that it is a good educational tool, especially talking about feminism in the 70's, to how it's evolved since.
  • Monica
    This is an important book. Despite it being titled "My Life on the Road," it's really more a book about the modern feminist movement than about Steinem alone (although, can you discuss one without discussing the other?). I'm leaving it knowing more about the growth of feminism and the often hidden impact of women in history. And I think the big message of this book is how feminism can't live in a silo - that no equality movement can. The fight fo...
  • Lynne
    In this well written memoir we learn both how far we've come yet how far we have to go. The many stories had me laughing and crying! She has a strong sense of right and wrong and the wherewithal to make good use of her intuition. It was an honor and a priveledge to read this book. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC and thank you Gloria for all your efforts to advance gender equality.
  • Caroline
    3.5 out of 5 stars (I feel like I give half star ratings way too frequently but whatever.)THIS book was really interesting and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Not that I expected not to enjoy it, just that I liked it more than I thought I would. . Going into it, I didn't know that much about Gloria Steinem so it was great to learn more. I uploaded my review of this book on my YouTube channel so if you are interested then you should defi...
  • Nat K
    ”If you want people to listen, you have to listen to them. If you hope people will change how they live, you have to know how they live. If you want people to see you, you have sit down with them eye-to-eye.” Why have I never read any of Ms Steinem’s books before?While being aware of her background and involvement with the women’s movement, workplace equality, and co-founding ”Ms."magazine, I’d simply not read any of her writing from...
  • Kimberly
    I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. I'm trying to broaden my horizons this year, and reading more non-fiction by women writers is part of that effort. My book diet to date has been sadly bereft of this type of writing and I'm aiming to improve. This book came highly recommended and did not disappoint.I found this book to be a cross between a memoir and a history book, aka required reading. I knew so little about the author herself, let a...
  • RitaSkeeter
    This was an inspirational read. Although it's a memoir-y type book, the focus is really on Steinem's learnings and the people she has met on the road rather than about her per se.There is a lot we can all learn from this book, but things that particularly stood out to me were the power of listening, and of hearing people's stories. Of taking away the filters we view the world through to open our eyes to new ideas and new realities. Steinem quotes...
  • Tegan
    So yeah, I'm going to be a dissenter, that's fine. I was struggling to get through this book before some current statements were made. I am highly disappointed in someone that is so pivotal in feminism. Calling women that are supporting Bernie Sanders "attention seekers", regardless of your political views, totally goes against what you're teaching. This is a step back from what you're trying to do. Aren't we trying to build women up, and not onl...
  • Donna Davis
    Feminist heroes are everywhere, but if I had to name half a dozen women that were at the core of the feminist movement that followed closely on the heels of the Civil Rights movement and the movement to end the US war in Vietnam, Steinem’s name would be among them. In fact, hers might be the first name out of my mouth. It was she who coined the salutation “Ms”, and who founded Ms. Magazine. When I saw she had written a memoir, I knew I had ...
  • Jenny
    "[...] yet I was traveling and making the discovery that ordinary people are smart, smart people are ordinary, decisions are best made by the people affected by them, and human beings have an almost infinite capacity for adapting to the expectations around us- which is both the good and the bad news." Τελειώνοντας αυτό το βιβλίο έμεινα με ένα πολύ όμορφο συναίσθημα: έμαθα πολλά π...
  • Kathleen
    "In making my list about the pluses and minuses of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I discovered I was angry. I was angry because it was okay for two generations of Bush sons to inherit power from a political patriarchy even if they spent no time in the White House, but not okay for one Clinton wife to claim experience and inherit power from a husband whose full political partner she had been for twenty years. I was angry because young men in po...
  • Emily Williams
    I actually listened to this from audible when walking to and from work. Not sure how it would read, but I found it really inspiring as an audiobook. Gloria Steinem wrote beautifully on travel, feminism, organizing, race, and friendship. Some of my favorite moments were small descriptions of chance encounters with cab drivers or attendees of an event. Personal and moving, you can tell she can connect deeply with people. Don't know how it reads as ...
  • Renée
    This is such a wonderful record by a public figure I treasure; however, the writing is repetitive and the organization is chaotic. It's still highly readable and quite moving, but I wish time had been taken for better editing of this important memoir.
  • Maria
    I stopped reading for a moment. Gloria Steinem's melodious voice faded into quietness and all I could hear was the silence surrounding me. I remember thinking, how is it possible to be so quiet when there's a revolution going on inside my head? Then I realized I had yet to speak up.My Life on the Road is an extraordinary journey. More than a book of hope, it's a book of possibilities. Not only are we told stories that make us believe that equalit...
  • Katelyn
    Gloria Steinem's life experiences have been so many and so varied, My Life On The Road reads like a collection of short stories. In many ways it is, because she shares personal adventures alongside second-hand accounts. Steinem's greatest asset as an organizer and writer is her efforts in simply listening. This book is the result of all those years of listening and learning.Steinem organizes her chapters by theme and discusses events with only a ...
  • Bloodorange
    I started reading this book on Carol's recommendation, with only a dim awareness of who Gloria Steinem is. I knew her as a Ms. founder/editor, the "pretty feminist" attractive enough to become, and write about the plight of, a Playboy Bunny, and remembered some comments of "seasoned" feminists I encountered stating that Steinem was "privileged". The book does not even mention the Bunny episode, and effectively dispels any myth of financial privil...
  • Pauline
    Fan ! Je ne savais pas du tout à quoi m'attendre, c'est ma première lecture "féministe". J'ai adoré la narration de Gloria Steinem, qui transpire la passion et l'engagement. Le découpage est super bien fait, et j'ai adoré la place gigantesque laissée aux "autres", aux personnes non-blanches particulièrement. C'était passionnant, fascinant, j'ai appris énormément de choses, sans que ce soit trop lourd, trop théorique ou trop fermé. C'...
  • Carol
    I received this from Goodreads in the First Reads program. I want to write a review that makes everyone want to read this but alas, I am not a writer. I have always admired Gloria Steinem because of her work in organizing the Women’s Movement and in being instrumental in the publication of Ms. Magazine. There is so much in her life which has been important in my life as well so learning about what made this person who she is was a fascinating r...