An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni

An Ocean of Grey

I could find peace in an oceanof all the shades of the colour grey An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni explores the pain and aftermath of a love that was promised a forever but had ended too soon. The collection of poetry and prose also includes beautiful illustrations by the author's friends who had helped her through her healing.Order a copy now from

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TitleAn Ocean of Grey
Release DateApr 21st, 2018
PublisherMeraki Press

Reviews An Ocean of Grey

  • Kamalia
    Are authors allowed to rate their own book? Oh well :)
  • Bookevin
    I had the privilege to read the manuscript of An Ocean of Grey and offer my insights because the author is one of my best friends. I was genuinely touched and deeply affected and that, coming from an ice queen, says a lot.You will not regret reading this tender poetry collection that deals with Malie's journey of love: heartbreak, healing, self-love, hope and learning to love again. I implore you to pick this up when it's out.
  • Ashvin
    (ARC Review) An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia HasniDisclaimer: I received this ARC published by Meraki Press Publishing courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.An Ocean of Grey is a book of poetry and prose alongside beautiful illustrations that explores the pain and aftermath of a love that was meant to last forever but ended too soon.I truly mean it when I say that this book is, WOW. First and foremost, just to put it out there, t...
  • Suraya (thesuraya)
    when malie first showed me her first 19 pages of poetry collection she wrote, i was in absolute awe and i teared up because it was THAT good (and also because it was from her very personal experience. my heart was hurting so much for her.) also at that time for the first time in my life, i well and truly understand what poetry actually means. its even more interesting when i can see what she sees through the poems. i get it when she mentions "his...
  • Nur Raihan
    Is it possible for someone who haven't been in an actual heartbreak before to actually relate to the poems narrated in this book? Well, it's not impossible I guess since it hit my feelings for someone so heartless like me.Good job, Mals. Can't wait to read more books from you in the future :')
  • heyitsbookishme
    Give a woman love and hope, and she might just write a book on you. It's up to you though - on whether it would be about her happiness, or grief.An Ocean of Grey is a poetry book written by my dear friend, Kamalia Hasni aka Malie, and it is the very first book published by her and two of my other friends - Adora and Nabilah - under Meraki Press. I've been following their publishing journey for some time now so it is truly exciting and inspiring t...
  • stefiereads
    2.5 starsFirst of all thank you to Kamalia and Meraki Press for sending this book my way :) Let me just say that the illustration is super gorgeous, and the cover is undoubtedly beautiful!Reading this book has been fun. However, as much as I want to love it, it’s an okay read for me. The writing is so raw that I feel like reading someone’s diary 🙈 It’s not a bad thing. I like how honest Kamalia is. But, perhaps the way that she express h...
  • Sabine
    The poems that Malie, the author of this book, wrote were so very real and emotional. they touched me so much even though I haven’t been through a breakup myself. hopefully she’ll come out with more poetry BUT I definitely wish for her to not have to go through something this rough in order to create beautiful poetry like this :)
  • Siqahiqa
    Just finished reading this book yesterday and I totally loved it. I have read a famous poetry book before, but I didn’t like it as much as I like this book. I didn’t go through a breakup. But I can feel the emotions and feelings she portrayed in her writing. From heartbreaking to the struggles of healing and moving on. The words are beautifully written and I listened to every song provided with each poem. Totally loved each poem in this book....
  • Arif Zulkifli
    THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD GUYSSSSS. PLEASE READ IT AND WEEP WITH ME. *continue sobbing in the corner*
  • Syuhadah Azli
    I'm one of the readers of An Ocean of Grey and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the author for existing, for creating such masterpiece with her own hands. Purchasing this book is undeniably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. An Ocean of Grey is literally, literally one of the best poetry books I've ever read out there, and I'm not even lying. I can honestly feel the sadness, the hurt, her sincerity and everything she f...
  • Najwa (najreads)
    IM EMO DONT TOUCH MEwho knew love would be a beautiful thing yet it can be something so painful at the same time?this book is a whole bunch of pages of raw emotions that has made me feel all sorts of things, especially the fact that i personally know the author as a friend makes my heart break even more in every page. as i read every single word of it, i can feel the emotion coming from her, which is all so real and honest and the hurt, oh god, i...
  • Nur Khairanie
    4.8/5🌟For someone who has her heart broken before, this book is something I truly need in life.I didn't go through a breakup. But I understand it all very well. To feel unwanted and worthless, and to feel so insecure that you cry for no reason, almost every single day. But that was the past. I've come back stronger and happier.This book. The words are beautifully written, the illustrations are wonderfully drawn. I have read a famous poetry boo...
  • Rizal
  • Jacey
    I could find peace, in an ocean of all the shades of the colour grey. My rating for this book : 4 starsFor someone who does not really read much poetry, I found myself enjoying this collection of 68 contemporary pieces by Kamalia. If you look at my copy right now, there is a handful of dog-eared pages, because I really loved some of the poems so much.Some of my favourites in this collection are 'a sign that i am healing', 'blind no more', 'an oce...
  • Intan Munirah
    I don’t remember how exactly I encountered Malie’s poems on Instagram. But when I saw her posts of “temporary moment” and “unanswered”, it touched me inside. I feel like it was those feelings that I tried to convey into words but couldn’t, thus Malie did. So, I decided to read the whole book.While reading the book, I feel like I’m in a journey of healing with Malie herself. If you truly read her book, you can feel you are slowly h...
  • meg chia
    Basically my midnight thoughts and monologues printed on pagesThis book is so raw and beautiful, so heart wrenching and so heartbreaking. You just have to read it for yourself!
  • Nasran
    An Ocean of Grey - Kamalia HasniA string of intricate memories, bound in a book, for the world to read, and to know, what this beautiful soul has gone through.
  • Jayashree
    I remember just devouring An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni in the back of the car as soon as I got it from Bookalicious. ..I was initially just gonna read 1 or 2 poems and space it out. .but boy oh boy. .it resonated so much with me that I ended up finishing it in 1 sitting. Perhaps you are not supposed to read poetry books in one go ( I don't know. .I'm a novice) but that's how I did it coz I couldn't help myself. .lol. loved Malie 's work, her...
  • legenbooksdary
    This book is honest, heart breaking and a force full of motivation and drive. It contains so many powerful messages that could impact the readers' view of the kinds of people in the world, the raw truth of being in love and reality as a whole. It's like a wake up call for you to be cautious with the people around you—that one day, they might be there right beside you and the next moment, they've vanished. That not everyone would get the opportu...
  • Ultraviolet
    I really really enjoyed this book. As a reader i can totally feel the emotions and feelings she portrayed in her writing. It is very well written and for people who had been through breakups or have had their heart broken before, might find this very relatable and full of emotions . It is a great book and I would say it is a definite must to all the poem lovers out there. I wouldn't mind reading it over and over again for sure ❤ I really real...
  • Syamil Rusdi
    An Ocean of Grey is a light poetry book writen by Kamalia Husni which have been brought to me completely by chance. But don't be fooled when I said 'light poetry book' because it can literally makes you LIE DOWN, TRY NOT TO CRY and CRY A LOT. This 159 pages book encapsulates all of the authors emotional struggle throughout her breakup ranging from grief, anger, frustration, jealousy and regret. Those feelings are then beautifully expressed with i...
  • Nadiah Zakaria
    First of all, this book deserves a WOW from Owen Wilson. It’s that great.As a person who loves to read and write poetry, I am amazed by how talented the author is in writing her poetry and prose with such passion. I felt every bit of emotion that’s present in every word of every page.Most of them I read multiple times before moving on to the next page, because I could relate to the words strung together. Because I knew how that particular fee...
  • Athirah Salleh
    4.75/5 ⭐“I could find peace in an ocean of all the shades of the colour grey”A few pages through and I cried 😭 I can really put myself in the situation the author had facing of being in love and out of love. Suddenly I revisited the same moment I faced years ago. When you loved someone and he left you hanging without words, he definitely took away a little bit pieces of you with him. He left you being heartless, even worse homeless. Th...
  • Nur Haziqah
    The book really remind me of the past. Me and my broken heart 😂
  • Ahmad Danial Ashraf
    An incredibly insightful and open book about loss, heartbreak and healing that couldn't have made it into my life at a more appropriate juncture. As honest as the author herself, the book shares with its readers the unmistakable hardship she endure while being relatable and comforting at the same time by telling you, that in the end, it does get better.
  • Carol Meiyin
    Poetry books are one of my most favourite types of books to read. So I jumped at the opportunity to buy this book when it first came out last April and I didn't regret buying it. This book is for keeps!I can feel the heartache the writer tries to convey through her words when she wrote about heartbreak. Her style of writing is very simple and easy to understand so I think this really would appeal to the younger generations especially when they've...
  • Alexandria Johnson
    I have a full review up on my blog. Here is the link:
  • Fiqa
    An Ocean of Grey is a poetry about heart break, healing and getting back up from all that guilt and regret. This poetry collection captures the air of sadness eloquently, i think the author did a great job at potraying what she feels onto words and poetry, cuz i for a moment felt what she felt, even when that feeling is a stranger to me for i have never been in her situation. Definitely would recommend to friends who’re in such situation, becau...