The Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 7 by Kieron Gillen

The Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 7

In the past: awful stuff. In the present: awful stuff. But, increasingly, answers.Collects THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #34-39

Details The Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 7

TitleThe Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 7
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews The Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 7

  • Artemy
    I don't know if the series is actually getting better again or if I'm just excited that WicDiv is ending in just one more volume, but I thought Mothering Invention was pretty good, probably the best arc since volume 3 of the series. Gillen delves back into ancient history with his divine mythos, which leads to us finally getting answers to some of the most important questions of the entire series. Of course, it could still all go horribly wrong i...
  • Devann
    Oh my god, it feels like it's been 84 years since I actually enjoyed a volume of this series because it's also been 84 years since I had literally any idea at all what the fuck was going on. This volume definitely shines a lot more light on everything that has been happening, and even though it does it in a way that raises about a hundred more questions it's still great to feel like we're actually making some significant progress plot-wise. Also,...
  • Calista
    This book went into the past and told some of the story. That saved it from being a 2 star story from me. I like how they went frame by frame each 95 years from like 4000 BC onward. It is a history. There is a story playing here with Ananke. We learn quite a bit. Am I tired of this story? Yes, it should have ended the last book. This story is so long in the tooth now and it still didn't end. I'm tired of it. There was a decent twist at the end th...
  • Neil (or bleed)
    I'm still confused! But, at least, I'm getting all the answers I need!
  • Agnė
    As the whole series is coming to an end (I believe there's going to be one more volume?), the things are getting clearer, but there is still enough mystery and confusion left. If you, like me, read each volume as it comes out without rereading the previous ones, I highly recommend this Wikipedia article that summarizes all the previous issues. Maybe because we are finally getting some answers in The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 7, or maybe the short...
  • Lilith Knight
    This series is coming to an end and I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared.Mothering Invention was a long, emotionally draining mindfuck of a volume. Probably my fave, too.
  • Liz
    Now it all depends on what the author will do in the last volume(s?). Either it will be really good or a complete waste of time.
  • Victoria ♡
    I really love this series, I do, but having to wait months between issues is making it kind of I had to go back and read the whole thing again!The artwork in this series is so beautiful and the plot is very complex and keeps getting more intriguing! I'll learn my lesson next time and wait till all the issues are out before reading them all...
  • Janine Roos
  • Emily Bird
    This helped answer a lot of questions, but does it really need to be this difficult.
  • Hannah
    Why do I keep doing this to myself?The last volume left me feeling unsatisfied, confused, and just disappointed. But once again, I saw the new volume had come out and I immediately went for it. The great thing about this volume is knowing there's only one volume left until this story finally wraps up. In a lot of ways, this volume felt like the opposite of the previous one. Instead of everyone dying, everyone is coming back to life. Instead of Pe...
  • The Bookish Austin
    There are more layers developing than I was expecting....I just want to have more answers. ha.
  • Maija
    We're getting close to the end now!
  • Cristina Tempest
  • Marcela
    This series always makes my head spin in the best way. Plus, a really fascinating process section in the back matter of this one.
  • Allison Wysong
    Boy howdy am I addicted to this series. I love the historical parts in this because I am always into backstory and the travel through history and the mystery, just delicious. I can't wait to see how the series begins to wrap things up. Persephone/Laura continues to be one of my favorite characters and the struggles she's facing are ones I want to see her overcome, want to see how she comes out the other side.
  • Maddie
    I think that my interest in this series is dwindling. Maybe I'll reread the first volumes again when the last two are out.
  • Morgan
    I've been noticing this series is like a roller coaster with my star ratings. One volume would be meh and the next wold be good again. This one was actually good. FINALLY, the story is starting to make sense. It's been a really slow story, but it's building up nicely...I hope. I think there are two more volumes and it's over. Next on is the collection of the one-shots that I'm happy is being made into one volume and I believe it's all ending at v...
  • Adam
    With this series slowly coming to its conclusion, the story and character are ramping up for the end. I just hope that the finale is as amazing as I know what this series can deliver. Because if the last three volumes are any indication of what's to come, I'm going to be disappointed with how this series turned out. Fingers crossed.
  • Dany
    I can feel the end coming soon...
  • Liesl
    I thought WicDiv couldn't get any better. Kieron Gillen and the rest of the WicDiv team keep insisting on proving me wrong. We're starting to get more hints at the deeper mystery here and while I wouldn't say I've solved everything, it's fun trying to guess the next twist that's coming in the plot. Once again, they've outdone themselves with clever framing. Never thought a series of black pages would feel so desolate. I loved the passage of time ...
  • Fox
    This is one of the better volumes of The Wicked + The Divine as it finally begins bringing forth the answers and making sense of this wonderful mess of a comic. Things are falling into place and the cycle is starting to be better possible to be understood. Things that seemed ham-fisted earlier and now making sense, characters are making very different choices, and the entirety of the comic seems to be ramping up to a large finale.Why the deaths?...
  • João Calafate
    3.5Read the issues individually. As always, this comic was beautiful and interesting, and I loved the characters. The originality and full-on mindfuckery is like nothing I've ever read. The only problem is, I didn't understand most of it. Very excited for the final volume though.
  • René Herrera
    No estoy seguro de que está pasando en 80% del tiempo, pero seguiré leyendo jajaja.
  • Angela
    I’m not okay...😭😭🥺
  • Lenny
    note about this review: I drop the f bomb more than normal. If you're reading WicDiv, I assume you're okay with it. But if you have sensitive ears, here's your warning. It isn’t often that you find a panel in a comic book that expresses EXACTLY how you feel about said comic book. But that happened in WicDiv, and I am not shocked at all. Well, here it is:Thank you, Woden. I said this lovely word several times during this arc. All deserved.Becaus...
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    I can’t believe that The Wicked + The Divine is already on its seventh volume. It feels like just a few months ago that I picked it up. Oh right, I found it when it was a few volumes in and binged the whole series. Still, we’ve come a long way in a very short period of time. So here’s the good news/bad news about having us already at seven volumes. The series was intended to only last for about eight volumes, nine if you count the extra vol...
  • Logan
    We have a lot to talk about with this one! This is probably the most confusing volume I've read in this series so far, I won't lie, I read this on the plane the other day, I sort of knew what was going on but just barely! I had to go back and flip through the older volumes so I could remember certain plot points and how they linked to this volume, only to come back and reread this one, and now I finally get it! So the book opens to the beginning ...
  • Rolando Marono
    Todo lo que leo es para tratar de igualar la emoción que me produjo Watchmen, la primera vez que lo leí hace algunos años. Decir eso es simple y sencillo. Sé exactamente por qué leo tanto cómics. Lo que no es tan claro es describir la sensación que Watchmen me produjo, pero es igual de importante porque sino ¿Cómo encontramos algo que no sé exactamente qué es?Lo que me asombró de Watchmen es la manera en la que historia se entreteje e...