My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

My Sister, the Serial Killer

Satire meets slasher in this short, darkly funny hand grenade of a novel about a Nigerian woman whose younger sister has a very inconvenient habit of killing her boyfriends."Femi makes three, you know. Three and they label you a serial killer."Korede is bitter. How could she not be? Her sister, Ayoola, is many things: the favorite child, the beautiful one, possibly sociopathic. And now Ayoola's third boyfriend in a row is dead. Korede's practical...

Details My Sister, the Serial Killer

TitleMy Sister, the Serial Killer
Release DateNov 20th, 2018
PublisherDoubleday Books
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Cultural, Africa, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews My Sister, the Serial Killer

  • Roxane
    Clever novel about two sisters, one of whom is a serial killer, the other the resentful, yearning enabler. The satirical bent works really well here because it walks that fine line of being, given the contretemps, entirely plausible. Interesting observations about social media, men and what they want, and women who see right through them. Well worth a read.
  • Christina - Traveling Sister
    4, the sisterhood of the traveling...serial killer stars!!!Full review featured on my blog Recipe & a Read!I finished this quite a bit ago, so I’m going to do my best to remember everything I thought about this book. This is at it’s heart a story about two sisters, Korede and Ayoola. Korede is pragmatic, level headed and sensible. Her sister Ayoola, is none of these things. Ayoola is rash, beautiful, vibrant, the favored child and deeply irre...
  • Navidad Thélamour
    Femi makes three, you know. Three, and they label you a serial killer. In case you haven't noticed, Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer has been taking the social media scene by storm the past few weeks. And I get it; the cover art is (pardon my pun) killer and the title exudes a certain titillation that will make a reader quickly reach for the book on the shelf. For me, My Sister, the Serial Killer, was an easy, brisk read that ...
  • Larry H
    "I can't pinpoint the exact moment I realized that Ayoola was beautiful and I was...not. But what I do know is that I was aware of my own inadequacies long before."Korede is a nurse in Nigeria, dedicated to her patients and well-respected by her superiors. But no matter what her achievements are, she knows she'll always play second fiddle to her younger sister, Ayoola. Ayoola is the pretty one, the favorite—and she's a psychotic murderer.One ni...
  • JanB
    If you appreciate dark humor with a side of social commentary this is the book for you! The novel is set in the author’s birthplace of Nigeria, and follows two sisters, Ayoola and Korede. Ayoola is beautiful, irresponsible, and has a habit of killing off her boyfriends. Korede is the older, less attractive sister who literally cleans up the messes her sister makes and protects her at all costs. Ayoola lacks self-awareness and goes about her lif...
  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]
    FIVE STARS I LOVE THIS!!“Femi makes three, you know. Three and they label you a serial killer.”Ok, truth here--this is not a suspenseful thriller, despite the enticing title. It IS a novel about family dynamics, love between sisters and loyalty to the ones that matter in your life. The minute I started this short, richly dark and funny book, I was HOOKED! It is elegant and lovely, all gorgeous words on a page. Set in Nigeria, very up-to-the-m...
  • megs_bookrack
    **3.5-stars rounded up**My Sister, the Serial Killer is a unique novella following the perspective of a young woman, Korede, living in Lagos, Nigeria. Korede is a nurse and seems to lead a fairly normal life; she is on the straight and narrow, if you will. 'Normal' until you discover that Korede's younger sister, Ayoola, kills all of her boyfriends and then calls on Korede to help clean up the mess!"You're a big sister now, Korede. And big sister...
  • Robin
    This book reads like a bowl of popcorn. Fresh, light, hot and salty. Each very short chapter going down with a crunch, my hand already reaching greedily into the bowl for the next. It's so very easy to read - but it contains complexity that satisfies. All at once it is mysterious, funny, disturbing. The current of feminism-gone-awry runs through it. Family ties that strangle. Korede is the responsible sister. Ayoola is the serial killer. She's th...
  • Michelle
    This book is a complete gem and I enjoyed every moment I spent with Korede and Ayoola! Firstly, I have never read a book that took place in Africa...Lagos Nigeria to be precise and it made this book much more interesting for me. Korede and Ayoola are sisters. Korede is the sensible one that makes her living as a nurse and also cleaning up after her sister Ayoola. Ayoola is flighty, addicted to social media, but mostly Ayoola is beautiful. No man ...
  • Holly B
    Campy, weird, and off-beat I've struggled with how to review this oddly addictive book. I listened to the Audible version and the narrator was really enjoyable.  Her Nigerian accent added to the allure of the sister bond that was built into the plot and I loved how she pronounced their names, Korede and Ayoola.It isn't so much about Ayoola's little problem of killing her boyfriends, but more about the relationship of the two sisters and how she ...
  • Dianne
    Nifty debut novel for Braithwaite - and love that crazy book cover!Korede and Ayoola are sisters in Lagos, Nigeria. Korede is the older sister; sensible, practical, plain. Ayoola is the younger sister; flighty, charming, spectacularly beautiful. Ayoola has an unfortunate habit of murdering her admirers and depends on Korede to help her conceal her crimes. Only Ayoola doesn’t think of them as crimes, because Ayoola is a narcissistic sociopath. W...
  • Marialyce
    3.5 starsHonestly, this book immediately drew me in, and has been rolling around in my head since its completion. Yes, it deals with two sisters, and yes, one of them is a serial killer. However, there is something alluring, something so sinister, and something that draws you through this short book to a conclusion that was totally bizarre, perhaps not understandable, and yet seemed to utterly fit.Ayoola, the younger sister has a penchant for kil...
  • PorshaJo
    How could you not be interested in this one? The title, the cover, the subject matter. I was sold immediately. I got the audio, rather quickly too from my library, and jumped right in.Two sisters. One a nurse, one a psychopathic serial killer. Korede works hard as a nurse. She is very frustrated, to say the least, with her sister. Her sister, Ayoola, is beautiful, she stops men in their tracks. Though, she is quite aloof. Men practically throw th...
  • Rachel
    This was tremendous fun from start to finish. Sure, certain elements could have withstood a bit more depth and detail, and it's destined to disappoint anyone expecting a proper thriller, but for a quick and pacy character study it was extremely satisfying. Braithwaite toes the line between satire and realism so deftly that you manage to get properly invested in these sisters even as their actions shock and horrify.
  • Jaidee
    1 star !I found this mostly repulsive. In what kind of world is serial killing and psychopathy funny ?A feminist arse ! The one star is for the very interesting cultural and social setting.
  • Kendall
    "On their one month anniversary, she stabbed him in the bathroom of his apartment. She didn't mean to, of course." Braithwaite has written an exquisite dark tale about murder that bind two sisters together. I loved Braithwaite's sense of humor and sass in this mix of murder! Korede has always come to her younger sister Ayoola's side when she needs her even when it involves dead bodies upon dead bodies. The story starts out with a bang.... as we s...
  • Rincey
    4.5 stars This was so much better than I expected. See me talk about it briefly in my May wrap up:
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: “Three, and they label you a serial killer.” Korede has always felt it was her responsibility to look after her younger sister Ayoola. Not only is Korede older, but she’s also the sensible one, the one with the good job. And while she may not be the “pretty” one – at least she doesn’t have a habit of murdering her boyfriends.Thus is the plot behind this compact little sl...
  • Miriam Smith
    I wasn't quite sure what to expect with "My Sister, the Serial Killer" by Oyinkan Braithwaite but once I'd started to flick through it and read a couple of pages I was hooked and before I knew it, I was a third of the way through!Thoroughly modern and set in Lagos, Nigeria, this is a quick, enjoyable read that is dark, humorous and shows the bond between two sisters that stays strong no matter what....including murder.Every man falls in love with...
  • Lark Benobi
    Update: Powells Books has listed this novel in their "Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Graphic Novels of 2018". So Powell's evidently thinks this novel is "Horror." Not farce. Not feminist satire. I agree with Powell's. The lightness of the novel, physically and semantically, makes it easy to forget that it is fundamentally a horror story, and the tension between the lighthearted writing style and the horrific story is what made this su...
  • Melki
    Ayoola summons me with these words - Korede, I killed him.I had hoped I would never hear those words again.The most important word in the above sentences is again. Three times now Ayoola has "killed him." And, three times now, Korede has helped clean up the mess. Korede and Ayoola are about as different as two sisters can be. As Korede puts it, . . . Ayoola looks like a Bratz doll and I resemble a voodoo figurine. Everything about Korede smacks o...
  • Lisa
    My thanks to Doubleday Books, and Netgalley for this arc.I really thought I'd love this book. It had some fantastic reviews on Goodreads. Turns out I hated it. I'm one of those people who have to have somebody to like and root for. I couldn't abide the sister's in this book. One bemoans her fate, and the other is a selfish, spoiled serial killer. One cleans up her sister's messes...ach! To hell with it. The book sucked. The writing was well done,...
  • Susan
    “Ayoola summons me with these words – Korede, I killed him.”Korede is a nurse, who is obsessed with cleanliness. That is quite useful where her beautiful, younger sister, Ayoola is concerned, as she has now killed her third boyfriend. Indeed, Korede has become adept at cleaning up after such crimes, and disposing of bodies. So begins this enticing, deliciously dark, novel. As the story progresses, we learn more about the characters, and why...
  • Sana
    'Let's not just assume that a woman isn't capable of doing certain things, because perhaps she is, and perhaps we should watch out for her.'THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE BOOK. (Also that whole article by the author is all kinds of amazing and you should read it. Preferably after you've read the book.)LIKE I CAN'T BELIEVE I READ A 228 PAGES LONG BOOK, A DEBUT, AND FUCKING LOVED ITMy Sister, the Serial Killer is a bit of a mindfuck of a book with the only ...
  • Valerity (Val)
    My Sister, the Serial KillerI thought I might try a change of pace and something new for me with this FICTIONAL  thriller titled, My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. Set in Lagos, Nigeria... Ayoola keeps knocking off boyfriends and calling her sister Korede in the night for help. It’s totally getting out of hand and becoming a real problem. Korede is a great problem solver in this instance, because of her job working in a hosp...
  • Barry Pierce
    ‘Ayoola summons me with these words — Korede, I killed him. I had hoped I would never hear those words again.’Thus begins Oyinkan Braithwaite’s debut novel My Sister, The Serial Killer. The book has had an interesting history. It first appeared as an ebook in 2017 under the title Thicker Than Water. Publishing rights were then quickly snapped up by Atlantic and it was published, physically, with its new eye-catching title, at the end of 2...
  • Bobbieshiann
    The lengths one woman will go through to protect her sister. I call it enabling but in this story, it is so well put together that I understand it fully. I understand Korede’s need to make sure everything around her is clean because in reality, her life is a mess. The lengths she goes to protect her sister takes away from all she wanted in life. “Victim? Is it mere coincidence that Ayoola has never had a mark on her, from any of these inciden...
  • Michelle
    3.5 starsKorede and Ayoola are sisters yet they could not be any more different. Korede is a dedicated nurse who puts others needs before her own. "Ayoola lives in a world where things must go her way. It's a law as certain as the law of gravity." Her selfishness is only eclipsed by her beauty. But Ayoola has a problem. Despite her charming ways with men her last three boyfriends have died by her hand. She has only gotten away with it because Kor...
  • Blair
    Korede is a nurse whose beautiful sister, Ayoola, has an unfortunate habit of getting bored of her boyfriends and dispatching them with a large knife. Korede acts as her one-woman cleanup team. Whenever she questions Ayoola's explanations, she buries her doubts – blood is thicker than water, after all. But the stakes change when Ayoola starts dating Tade, the doctor Korede is infatuated with. My Sister, the Serial Killer is a fast, fun novel; i...
  • Jessica Woodbury
    A slim, slow-burn of a suspense novel. It took me a little while to get into it, but once I did it moves quickly and you can read it in a day without much trouble. This is one of those crime novels that starts with the clean up, but the big question isn't whether the sisters will get caught. It's not even whether beautiful, careless Ayoola will kill again. The question is why Korede cleans up after her. Of course, the book considers these other q...