Depth of Winter (Walt Longmire, #14) by Craig Johnson

Depth of Winter (Walt Longmire, #14)

The new novel in Craig Johnson's beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series.Welcome to Walt Longmire's worst nightmare. In Craig Johnson's latest mystery, Depth of Winter, an international hit man and the head of one of the most vicious drug cartels in Mexico has kidnapped Walt's beloved daughter, Cady, to auction her off to his worst enemies, of which there are many. The American government is of limited help and the Mexican one even les...

Details Depth of Winter (Walt Longmire, #14)

TitleDepth of Winter (Walt Longmire, #14)
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
GenreMystery, Fiction, Westerns, Thriller, Audiobook, Suspense, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Depth of Winter (Walt Longmire, #14)

  • Tucker
    I’ve been a long-time fan of Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series and was delighted to be able to read an advance copy of “Depth of Winter.” It is a stellar addition to this noteworthy series. In this installment, Walt heads to Mexico to find and rescue his daughter Cady who was kidnapped by Tomas Bodarte, a heartless and notorious Mexican drug lord. Because Walt anticipates the potentially deadly risks he may face, he refuses to take any...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I pretty much threw myself into DEPTH OF WINTER, the latest Longmire book, when I got a copy of it. The best time of the year is when a new Walt Longmire book is released. I was thrilled that this book returns to the vendetta story arch. Walt Longmire is once again facing off the man that has caused him and his family lots of grievances over the years. If you have read the previous book do you already know this since the man in question kidnappe...
  • Dave
    Sheriff Walter Longmire has now been featured in fourteen novels and six television seasons. However, this was my introduction to the feisty Wyoming Sheriff. This particular novel takes Longmire far from his native country and deep into narco-cartel controlled Mexico in search of his kidnapped daughter Cady with a force of a thousand trained mercenaries behind him. Well, not exactly. Maybe, more like his own wits, an ostentatious Cadillac, and a ...
  • Barb in Maryland
    Boy howdy!! This is the book long-time readers have been waiting for and the author does not disappoint.I shall say nothing more beyond I was very satisfied when I closed the book.Well done!!
  • Diane Hernandez
    This time it’s personal in Depth of Winter, the 14th entry in the Longmire series.Sheriff Longmire is a long way from his Wyoming home in Mexico. He is looking for his daughter Cady who was kidnapped by the head of a Mexican drug cartel, Tomas Bidarte. His only help is the infamous US Border Patrolman Buck Guzman, a blind Seer, driver Alonzo and tattoo artist Bianca. Posing as a famous football player and being chauffered around in a bright pin...
  • George P.
    Depth of Winter is Craig Johnson’s fourteenth novel featuring lawman Walt Longmire, and to be honest, it is a disappointment. I say this with regret because I am a fan of the Longmire series, having read all thirteen previous novels as well as the two novellas and collection of short stories. My basic rule for fiction is whether it keeps me turning pages. On that account, the novel failed. I had to force myself to keep reading.This surprised me...
  • David C Ward
    An extended chase into and out of Mexico as Longmire goes after Bidarte the drug dealer, his nemesis, who has kidnapped his daughter as bait. A lot of people get killed including most of the Mexicans who help Longmire which raises a moral question that isn’t really addressed. It’s well constructed but conventional and familiar as Longmire keeps getting caught and then escaping. And as he fights the bad guys THEY keep getting away to come back...
  • Liz
    Classic Longmire. Witty, violent, heroic. Full review coming next week on publication day.
  • Ry Brooks
    Review of “Depth of Winter”, Walt Longmire series, book 14— Ry BrooksCraig Johnson’s previous novel, “The Western Star”, ends with a cliffhanger. A foe from Walt Longmire’s early days as a deputy with the Absaroka Sheriff’s Department abets a more contemporary nemesis, Tomas Bidarte, in the abduction of Walt’s daughter Cady as a means of luring him to an ultimate confrontation, but more on that later.“Depth of Winter” takes ...
  • Kyle
    I have never been disappointed and I do not suspect that I ever will be reading Walt Longmire books. I have read all the previous 13 books and when I hear that a new book is out, I am full of anticipation and excitement to discover what kind of trouble and adventure Sheriff Longmire is going to get into this time and how he going to get out of it.This is why we read (or at least one of the reasons I do). The Walt Longmire series is not about lear...
  • Jud Hanson
    Sheriff Walt Longmire has made a lot of enemies during his career. He’s known as a no-nonsense lawman who looks after the little guy and pursues the bad guys until he catches them. But something has happened that has turned his life own its head: the abduction of his daughter Cady by a Mexican Cartel. This is a sticky situation, since he cannot count on help from his friends in law enforcement on either side of the border and going after her on...
  • Leslie
    I have read all of the Walt Longmire installments. I've been a fan since the beginning. Disappointed with this one.Not in Wyoming anymore. Cady kidnapped and being "carefully" held in Mexico. Questionable. Body count too high. Graphic violence. While I understand what Walt's dealing with in Mexico, I feel good writing can go without the graphic violence details. Cast of characters beyond plausible. Walt comes across as some kind of superhuman bec...
  • Linda
    I’ve read all of the Longmire novels and this one is very different (and much darker) than the others. In the previous book, Walt’s daughter was kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, the Mexican drug dealer and all-around bad guy, Bidarte. Walt goes to Mexico and, aided by some locals, starts the search for Cady. The action is intense; it’s amazing that Walt, who is a Vietnam veteran and therefore no longer young, has the stamina to keep up with a...
  • Anne Egbert
    Well, first of all, I am confused about the title. I was expecting snow and ice in Montana, instead it is the brutal heat and killing thirst of the Mexican desert. And, I know it was important to finish off the story arc of Bidarte, the cartel, and Cady's kidnapping, but I missed the Wyoming cast of characters. Almost no Henry, and absolutely no Ruby, Ferg, even Vic was almost non existent. So a bit of a disappointment, but still a good read. Hop...
  • Thomas L Nygren
    The Worst Longmire-SuperHero Walt wanders around a Mexican DesertThe most disappointing Longmire from Mr Johnson.... no Vic, no Henry, no flavor of Absaroka Co...And totally unrealistic.... the new supporting characters are simply caricatures........this would make a great SuperHero action movie but it isn’t a great Longmire book.... I’ve read and loved them all and looked forward to this one.... Walt needs to get back to Wyoming and get back...
  • Anieta Enlgand
    What?From the very beginning this book ventures into the unknown. Unknown territory, culture, justice and expectations. One scene did feel formilar when Walt was following the tire tracks through the hot blinding desert, brought to mind his time in the dead of a winter storm trailing a suspect through the mountains. Both scenes invoked flashbacks and visions. I recommend this read to all who like the surprise of the unexpected.
  • David Beck
    Walt is on a mission to save his daughter Cady from a merciless killer who has been causing trouble for years. Walt ends up pursuing his nemesis into Mexico and assembles a most unlikely group of heroes to help with his quest, a blind and hunchbacked wise man, a mute Apache sniper, and a whole bunch of other unlikely characters are his only hope to save Cady. I missed the normal banter with Henry and Vic but Walt's new posse is just as interestin...
  • Reforming
    I hated it. I was angry enough when the last book was a cliffhanger, but I grabbed this eagerly. Only to find that Longmire has become foolish, letting many people be killed because of his heroic Western devotion to being a "good guy." You aren't a good guy when you sacrifice your friends and allies needlessly.
  • Bob Brazeau
    Like a number of the books in the series, this one is a good read. Not a great read but a good one. I use Robert Parker as a yardstick, and this book compares favorably. Fairly short, it is well paced and thoughtful, although I found myself wishing Walt had just a bit of Jack Reacher in him at a few critical moments. Well done Craig, well done.
  • Pamela Hutchins
    I really enjoyed this book, which I read for having Craig on my podcast Wine Women & Writing. I'm a big fan of the Longmire series, and while this one was darker than most of the mysteries, it was darker in an epic way that still showcased Walt's warmth and humor. I loved the running gag about Bob Lily and I liked the descriptive comparisons of the Mexico desert to the Wyoming high plains.
  • Marie E. Bubelenyi
    Another good oneWhile this installment in the life of Walt Longmire takes him away from his normal setting and comrades, it still retains what makes his story interesting: suspense, drama, and heart. Craig Johnson stays true to his characters. My only “complaint” is that he always leaves me wanting more.
  • Sharon Bogen
    The hot, the dirty, the insaneAlthough I missed most of the main characters in the series, I still very much enjoyed the new ones....and the history tidbits woven thruout. I kept waiting, will he escape now? Or is this it, and if now?.... on and on... And what a parent won't do for a child....thanks, Walt.
  • Kathleen
    As always an awesome Walt story. I wonder tho if a person who hadn't read any of the previous Walt Longmire books (particularly The Western Star) would be confused by some of the things that happen in this story.
  • Greg Trosclair
    Whew finally got to the end of this story arc. I am relieved. This was probably the least Longmire book to date but boy was it good. It moves at a fairly breakneck pace and does not stop until it is over. It was damn good.
  • Billy Gould
    .The main story has been a sub plot for the last few books and comes satisfying end. The addition of new cast of characters and the sidelining our favorite characters makes for an interesting and exciting read.
  • Dlmrose
  • Marion
    Wild ride with ambiguous ending.
  • Tony
    Another installment of the same thing. Walt magically wins again.
  • Stacey Lunsford
    Not a mystery but rather a suspense novel as Walt is in Mexico to rescue his daughter Cady from the sociopath Tomas Bidarte.
  • Susan J. Zach
    The Absaroka Co. sheriff needs to return to Absaroka County...his adventures in Mexico bordered on the preposterous