The Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan

The Cafe by the Sea

The beloved author of The Bookshop on the Corner returns with a sparkling, sunny, soulful new novel perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand. Years ago, Flora fled the quiet Scottish island where she grew up -- and she hasn't looked back. What would she have done on Mure? It's a place where everyone has known her all her life, where no one will let her forget the past. In bright, bustling London, she can be anonymous, ambitious... and hopeleslly in...

Details The Cafe by the Sea

TitleThe Cafe by the Sea
Release DateJun 27th, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary, Cultural, Scotland

Reviews The Cafe by the Sea

  • Karen Whittard
    I always love a book by Jenny Colgan. She always knows how to make me smile and I always loose track of time reading her books. So when I found out she had a new book coming out. I immediately preordered it and it feels like I've been waiting for it for AGES!!So in this book we meet Flora who is born and breed in Muir. A beautiful, rustic, Scottish Isle. However she has moved to London to live out her dream to be a lawyer. Although at the moment ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Flora swore she would never go back home to Mure, the little Scottish island where she grew up. Instead, she settled in London, working and enjoys the life there. Well, enjoy is a bit far-fetched, but she has a great friend, Kai, at work and a crush on her boss, Joel. However, he is definitely out of her league. Then, she has to go back, thanks to a millionaire with big plans for the island. So, now she has to face her past, her father, and the b...
  • Malia
    This was a lovely book about family, expectations, relationships and yummy baked goods:-) Just whatI was looking for after finishing a particularly grim mystery!Find more reviews and bookish fun at
  • Gina
    Meh. Definitely not as good as Bookshop on the Corner. Loved the descriptions of Scotland and the quirkiness of the town and its people, and Colton, despite his less than stellar first impression, but the ending was annoyingly predictable, at least the romance part, and I wasn't thrilled with that at all! Fintan's storyline was cute and I was rooting for him, but Flora, not so much. Updated to add: now that I'm on a computer and can hide spoilers...
  • Rebecca Carter
    Jenny Colgan books have become a go to fave of mine when I want to read something warm and cozy, something that makes you feel fuzzy and safe. Like wrapping yourself up in a blanket on the sofa in front of the fire, with a warm cup of tea or coffee on a winters night. She's always been a dependable go to author for me, when I don't want to read anything too heavy, but still want a fab read. Initially I didn't find this with the The Summer Seaside...
  • Deanna
    This was a major disappointment after the bestseller, Bookshop on the Corner, that I discovered by this author earlier this year. After Bookshop I thought I had a new author. Now I'm thinking Bookshop was an outlier. Bookshop was quite bookish, as you might expect, which was a big draw for that book. But even more, that story was about a young woman who had a driving life passion (not a life-driving passion for a man, which was pretty much the ya...
  • Ian
    As she was growing up, Flora dreamed of escaping her life as a farmer's daughter in a small village on Mure Island. Then when her mother died she railed against her well meaning neighbors and well and truly burnt all her bridges. Three years later she is working as a paralegal for a prestigious law firm in London.But life in the city is anything but perfect. Her job is a grind, her coworkers are hard and don't get her and she is secretly in love ...
  • Brittain *The Baddest Female*
    Apparently, I am easy to please when it comes to books. There seems to be a checklist that I was previously unaware of that will almost guarantee that, if followed, I will enjoy the book.1) If there is a dog, especially one with a big personality.Pets in general shape our lives to an enormous extent. I cannot leave my house without giving scritchies to two dogs that aren't even mine. My own dog is spoiled to such an extent by my father that she l...
  • Odette Knappers
    Wat was dit een heerlijke chicklit!Ik dacht dat ik was uitgekeken op dit genre. Vandaar dat dit leesexemplaar een beetje bleef liggen, en toen verscheen het boek en oeps haha. Nouja ik had zin in iets lichts en luchtigs, dus ik gaf het een kans. Wat bleek: ik ben niet uitgekeken op het genre, ik ben uitgekeken op schrijfsters als Mansell en Kinsella. Nou zijn zij erg toonaangevend en is het dus logisch dat hun voorbeeld veel wordt gevolgd, maar e...
  • Angie
    Originally reviewed here @ AngievilleI was not expecting this. I was simply not expecting just what was to come when I picked up this deceptively pleasant-looking novel. My mom gifted me a copy of Jenny Colgan's The Café by the Sea awhile ago, but it took until the other night while I was browsing my shelves after starting and stopping no fewer than four different books for me to snatch it up off my TBR shelf and give it a go. And I'm not remot...
  • Laura
    3.75 stars. This was pretty predictable at times but it was exactly what I was looking for: a light, romance-y escape read that takes place on a (fictional) Scottish island. I've requested the next one in the series. When you're in the mood for a smile in a beautiful location, I've found this author fits the bill.
  • Mandi Schreiner
    This book. What an absolutely lovely, lovely book. The heroine - her brothers, her father, her best friend, Agot! :) :) The entire family/town makes this book. And yes there is a romance, and a HEA (although def a little more fictiony)It made me smile sooooo much. I laughed out loud at times. I want to eat fresh-made cheese and butter, and steak pies. Damn it.I will fondly regard this book and I can't wait to reread it.
  • Kathryn
    4.5 stars. Review to follow
  • Obsidian
    Sorry, the main reason I cannot give this above three stars is that I can never cheer for a woman (fictional or not) being the reason that a man who is an asshole changes his ways. It never feels realistic and it just ends up making me annoyed the author writes a guy that you end up not liking and wish would just disappear from the book. I liked the character of Flora and her family (her three brothers and father are great) but thought she was se...
  • QNPoohBear
    Colorless, mousy Flora Mackenzie from the island of Mure in Scotland has failed to make much of an impression at the prestigious law firm in London where she works as a paralegal. She spends her days hoping her boss will notice her and fall in love with her and her nights lonely and alone. When her boss suddenly asks her to do a big job for an important client, Flora is elated, until she realizes this job will take her back to Mure, a place she f...
  • Marieke
    Een uitgebreidere recensie is te vinden op: Marieke's Books Wat een heerlijke feelgood! Ik heb er echt enorm van genoten :) De schrijfstijl was enorm prettig. Er was wel 1 dingetje waar ik me aan ergerde. Wat dat is? Dat kun je op mijn blog lezen.
  • Aura
    Flora left her Northern Scottish town of Mure after her mother died. She went to London where she became a regular city girl. She returns to Mure for work after a few years. Coming home to the remote Scottish isles, Flora finds that she is needed and that this is what she needs. I loved this Jenny Colgan novel probably more than all her past novels. This author has a talent for creating likable characters, interesting story lines and bringing out...
  • Mel
    Jenny Colgan is a wonderful writer and The Bookshop Around the Corner is one of my favorite books of 2016. The Cafe By the Sea didn't do it for me. It lacked charm and likable characters. I just couldn't warm to Flora and Joel was a very one-dimensional "hero". The setting was lovely, but the attempt to bring the magical element into the story failed. It seemed forced. I also found myself scoffing at the premise which seemed a bit unrealistic. Th...
  • Mary
    This was my first book by this author, and I picked it strictly for the cover and title. I'm a sucker for cafes and seaside towns. That said, I am glad I found it. While the plot and love story are pretty formulaic, the way Colgan weaves in the magic and wonder of Mure, the legends of the selkies and was lovely.
  • Kendra
    I told myself I wasn't going to finish if I disliked this one as much as I did The Bookshop On The Corner. Unfortunately, I kept giving it the benefit of the doubt. And I didn't realize how much I disliked it until far enough in that I just couldn't have all that reading time go to waste. Overall, Colgan's writing is just not for me. I don't find any of her characters likable or believable. The character development is lacking, the plot is predic...
  • Amber ☾♥
    It has become impossible for me to not completely fall in love with every word Jenny Colgan writes in her stories. Even with this book, even though I told myself at the start "Eh, you don't like this that much. Your tastes have changed in the last three years so you will probably be disappointed." Not much has changed.So, at the beginning of this story I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to get. I didn't like the main character all that much ...
  • Julie
    A heartwarming easy read about a young gal who leaves her small island home in Scotland to head to London where she works as a paralegal. Her mother has passed and many hurt feelings between she, her brothers and father have kept her in London. A case arises that requires she return to Mure (her home island) Things play out in a way that are funny, touching and a little romantic.
  • Sue
    This is another delightful book by Jenny Colgan. If you enjoy light-hearted stories with easy to like characters, give her books a read. The Cafe by the Sea is a good book to read as your first book by this author. It has family issues, acceptance problems, love and a wonderful story of learning to be who you are meant to be and not who others want you to be. Along with that there are beautiful descriptions of the islands in Scotland and to top i...
  • Rosanna Threakall
    Colgan can do no wrong.
  • Kristīne
    4.5 patiesībā, un tikai tāpēc, ka es zinu, ir turpinājums, bet neredzu vajadzību.Brīnos, kā Kontinents vēl šai autorei nav pieķēries. Šo pat Zvaigzne varētu pacelt ar kādiem spēcīgiem citātiem un puķainu vāku.
  • Mandy Radley
    You can always rely on Jenny Colgan. This time we meet paralegal Flora who has fled from the highlands of Mure the very very north of Scotland (fictional island) and works in London and is love with her boss Joel. When a potential new client for the law firm wants someone to get the locals of Mure on his side against a new wind farm Flora is his person. Very reluctantly Flora returns to her childhood home and family where she hasn't been since he...
  • Nicola Clough
    Another good book by Jenny Colgan and lovely as based on an island off Scotland. Flora left her home on the island of Mure and moved to London when she lost her mother but she is forced back to the island and and she finds her mothers recipe book can she enjoy cooking and reconnecting with her family and enjoy island life or is she desperate to go back to London. Must read this and such an easy read as well.
  • Jaclyn
    This was a delight to read/listen to. If you get a chance to listen to it on audio, the narrator, Sarah Barron, is absolutely wonderful. This is the perfect summer read, and I only wish that I had book two in my hands right this minute.
  • Deb
    Jenny Colgan's books are perfect for when you need to escape and get away with likable quirky characters, into small town life and feel-good stories and The Cafe By the Sea is just that. Although one thing off my chest, I don't get the "retelling of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" blurb about the book at all. About the only thing that seemed similar is that the MC has brothers (three) and they are all a bit backward and rough-around-the-edges bu...
  • Cassidy (Cassidys.Bookshelf)
    I always feel really weird giving chick lit books anything over a 4🌟 rating, but at the end of the day, I adored The Cafe by the Sea. It didn't have as likeable characters as The Little Beach Street Bakery series, but I fell in love with the atmospheric setting, the food, and the sense of community. This won't be the book for everyone, but if you're looking for something to get lost in and that makes you feel cozy when you open the book up, gi...