Wonder Woman, Volume 6 by James Robinson

Wonder Woman, Volume 6

Spinning out of the pages of DC Universe Rebirth and Justice League: Darkseid War, legendary writer James Robinson (JSA: The Golden Age, Starman) comes on board to answer one of the biggest questions of the year: Who is Wonder Woman's brother?Taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night, the mysterious Jason has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men...but his life and Wonder Woman's are about to intersect in a terrifying way...

Details Wonder Woman, Volume 6

TitleWonder Woman, Volume 6
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Wonder Woman

Reviews Wonder Woman, Volume 6

  • Chad
    Robinson picks up the threads laid by Geoff Johns in Justice League: Darkseid War and runs with them. I like that Robinson has a larger plan for the book besides just this arc. Even though Jason has an entire issue devoted to him in Robinson's patented Times Past issues, he has all the character of a box of rocks. He isn't given any motivation for the stupid things he does other than Robinson is trying to generate conflict. This may be an effect ...
  • Wing Kee
    3.5 Woh and meh at the same time. World: The art was solid, it was emotive and kinetic when needed. The colors were a bit flat but oh well. The world building on the ortherhand was pretty solid. I thought Fontana would have a longer run but oh well James Robinson is a good choice and he starts building the world towards magic and also for the greater DCU. I love it when big huge things that matter happen in small books, it allows for better story...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]In the wake of the Darkseid War, Wonder Woman learned that she was not an only child. Now, it’s time for her to finally meet her long lost brother, but Jason isn’t quite as happy to see her as she is to see him. And he’s not the only one returning to her life – Darkseid is back, reborn as a child in the wake of his battle with the Anti-Monitor. But what do he and his daughter Grail have to do with the rash of killin...
  • Malum
    An OK Wonder Woman story. What I liked:Darkseid is finally getting some love in the Rebirth era.The art-while kind of cartoony-was good.What didn't work for me as much:Steve Trevor (Diana's lost puppy for all intents and purposes) calling WW "Angel" literally every other panel. Has he always done this? What a tool.Jason's motivations made zero sense and he has the personality of a tree stump.After the New 52 run and the beginning of the Rebirth r...
  • Dr Rashmit Mishra
    Mediocrity , Wonder Woman Vol. 6 , be thou name .I think as a whole this issue might impress people , but considering the awesomeness that preceded with Rucka's Wonder woman run , it's very dissappointing.The thing I hated the most was Mr. Generic from Town Amazon , Jason . Not only is his character and motivation generic , he even looks generic and I swear if I see another disjointed family feud in comics I am going to smash a hammer on my head ...
  • Robert
    Radically rewriting the past, dependent upon having read a completely separate mini-series, and filled out with a repetitive one-shot that doesn't even include WW and only rehashes the made-up crap they already relayed in the preceding volumes, this hits a trifecta of reasons not to bother reading.
  • Imogene
    I’m liking Grail as a character, but I do find the cross over stories a little less enjoyable. It’s less fun if you’re not up to date with JL
  • Kristin
    Is Wonder Woman so hard to right that even James Robinson can't handle her? Or is editorial so strict that there's no longer time for stories to evolve naturally? In just 7 issues WW discovers her long long brother, finds him, bonds with him (view spoiler)[ is betrayed by him and saved by him (hide spoiler)] all while barely appearing in her own comic. Jason is a one-dimensional mook, despite all the pages devoted to his backstory and Steve Trevo...
  • Dakota Morgan
    The exhausting revolving door of Wonder Woman authors now falls to James Robinson...and he's fine. Better than the previous volume, at the very least. The plot is straightforward: WW discovers she has a brother, Jason. Meanwhile, Darkseid and Grail harvest Zeus's children to rejuvenate his powers. In some ways it's nice to see a Gods-level story for Wonder Woman because the stakes are that much higher and the battles that much bigger (great art h...
  • Jamie Connolly
    Really good. I miss ruckas writing but this one was great anyway. Also maybe they could tone down wonder woman’s massive boobs a little. Don’t get me wrong, I love big boobs but they are literally blocking my view! I can’t see what’s going on in the frames! Haha. Anyway really cool story involving some of the Greek pantheon and darkseid! 4 stars.
  • Erica McGillivray
    Robinson: "What if this Wonder Woman book was about... wait for it... a man?"DC: "Great idea, bro!"You know it's quality when in the last issue, it takes 2 pencillers, 3 inkers, 1 colorist, and 1 letterer to finish it.
  • Rod Brown
    I guess it is fair game in the DC Universe Rebirth reboot, but I hate the introduction of secret siblings to long-standing characters. Throw in the ridiculous Darkseid-as-toddler storyline, and I'm not going to be able to give a crap about anything that happens between the covers of your book.
  • TheYALibrarian
    Eh liked the earlier volumes better got so bored I just ended up skimming the whole thing.
  • Will Robinson Jr.
    After Greg Rucka left this series I stopped keeping up with the book. I felt that he had a genuine direction he wanted to take Diana and since then everything after just appeared to be filler to me until DC Comics could find a team to build on Rucka's epic run. I have come to believe that at its core Wonder Woman is an adventure fantasy book and to not write it as such kind of takes away from what makes the character fun and exciting. Sure you ca...
  • Jan-Erik
    A superficial story amounting to a series of uninspired, predictable fight scenes, flat characters, inane dialogue: this book is easily one of the dullest, most uninspired Wonder Woman installments I have read in ages. A pity!
  • Kat
    Basic plot: Darkseid is murdering the children of Zeus to regain power and Diana finds out that she has a twin brother in danger.I don't know how I feel about Diana having a hidden brother just yet. He doesn't have much character development, yet, so it's hard to say what he will be like as a character. I definitely do not want to see him starting to dominate rhe storyline. That would suck. The return of Darkseid makes things interesting. That is...
  • Adam Fisher
    It is said that there are many 'Children of the Gods', all over the world. Wonder Woman herself is a Daughter of Zeus. So far....at least to my knowledge... we have never met any of Diana's siblings. Here we meet two. Grail, daughter of Darkseid (see Justice League Vol 7 and 8: Darkseid War for her last appearance) comes back to Earth with her own form of justice in mind. She is questing for the life energy of children of old gods, wanting to fee...
  • Max Van Dyke
    3.5/5 –– at times it's great at others it's a bit dull. Overall this is a solid volume and I enjoyed it a lot. Wonder Woman has been one of my favourite rebirth titles thus far and this is a welcomed addition to the already fantastic series. When I heard the title 'Children of the Gods' I was immediately excited. I'm a sucker for greek myth and loved the Azzarello run from N52 and hoped this would be somewhat like that. Admittedly, in terms o...
  • Stephanie Ross
    Jason--Diana's twin brother! I was getting ready for a predictable plot twist where Jason and Diana would meet, he'd be cool at first, and then some mix-up betrayal would turn him bad. They didn't do that...exactly. I'll not spoil what they did do, but at first I was surprised (not pleased, but surprised) by what they did with Jason's introduction. His backstory/flashback pages I liked. It's always cool to see Heracles interpreted in comics. Tad ...
  • Fraser Sherman
    1.5. If I hadn't read a lot of negative press in advance, it might have made 2 stars. Maybe. The art is good and when Diana's in action, she's pretty awesome. Arrayed against that we have: the New 52 version of the New Gods, which is never a plus; Grail, an uninteresting daughter of Darkseid; Jason, Wonder Woman's uninteresting twin (why does he need an entire issue devoted to himself?); and an uninteresting dynamic between the siblings. Plus Gre...
  • Iris Nevers
    [Read in single issues]Wonder Woman was starting to drag to me but when her brother was added to the fold things started to get more and more interesting. Having a brother who is inexperienced and is just all around a screw up adds some extra drama to Diana's life and gives her something else to worry about other than constantly saving the world and always being a badass. And then now has to fight Darkseid [the farmer's nemisis] AGAIN and now his...
  • José
    70/100.Este volumen solo tiene una línea argumental y aunque la premisa no es del todo original, entretiene bastante. El guión es sólido y construye unos personajes de una forma bastante correcta. Steve Trevor me parece un poco mal guionizado, pero es cuestión de percepción. Lo que más me ha distraído es que haya cuatro dibujantes (tres números están dibujados por Carlo Pagulayan, dos por Sergio Davila y otros dos por Emanuela Lupacchino...
  • Jess
    Solid Wonder Woman book but I'm a little annoyed they spent all of the beginning of rebirth going back to pre-new 52 origins of Wonder Woman and then just to disregard it all and go back the her being a demigod. Kind of annoying but that's comics, continuity is just a word to toss around when you feel like it. I thought the story was interesting. Grail is interesting and I'm interested to see where the story and Diana's relationship with Jason go...
  • Leanne Schneider
    This has been the most exciting Wonder Woman since Greg Rucka - Rebirth and and Brian Azzarello - the New 52. I just loved it!!! So many twists and turns, compelling story line. Couldn’t put it down! And the artwork....absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait for the next book!! This is what Wonder Woman is all about! :)
  • Emmanuel Nevers
    Wonder Woman just keeps getting better and better!! Since Rebirth began Wonder Woman's run is the most Ive ever gotten to read about Diana of Themyscara and Im whole heartedly enjoying it!
  • Hillary
    I didn't mind this story as much as I thought I would, but I was wishing for more depth. 3.5 stars.
  • Daniel Butcher
    I really enjoyed this. Really some of the best Wonder Woman brings the world of myth into current day. Really enjoyed this.
  • Ido
    One of the best Wonder Woman Stories ever!Sequel to JL Darkseid war from the new 52!With the Darkseid reborn!READ THAT!
  • J.R.
    Loved the Zeus reveal, everything else was ok.
  • Sesana
    Not sure how I feel about everything that happened here, especially Diana's twin, but Robinson can write a pretty good Wonder Woman.