The Seclusion by Jacqui Castle

The Seclusion

In the year 2090, America has walled itself off from the rest of the world. When her father is arrested by the totalitarian Board, a young woman sets out to escape the only country she’s ever known.While on a routine assignment scouting the viability of dwindling natural resources outside the massive urban centers most American citizens call home, Patricia ’Patch’ and her co-worker Rexx discover a relic from the past containing dangerous co...

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TitleThe Seclusion
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult

Reviews The Seclusion

  • Bella
    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review: Wow what a ride! The Seclusion was a mixture of The Giver, 1984 and V for Vendetta all rolled into a nice package with a little touch of Trump thrown in. WOW again.The Characters: Patch: What an amazingly strong female lead character. We need more strong females like this in books. She was intelligent, questioned things on her own and didn't have to depend on others to rescue her in every situ...
  • Cheryl
    This book was so scarily wonderful. I will be asking every teen and fan of YA to read this book when it comes out. While not intended as a cautionary tale, its premise is so plausible in today’s world that the dystopian setting does not seem that far in the future. The premise is engaging, the characters are wonderful and well developed and the writing flows. As soon as I finished reading it, I wanted to start it again, I cannot wait until othe...
  • Audrey
    This was dystopian sci-fi with a 1984 type totalitarian government. The basic premise is that the United States has built walls on all of its boarders and now The Board monitors and controls every aspect of everyone’s lives. As an American, it made me think, “what if we really did start building walls?”I liked that this book is set in a near enough future that there is still some history in the minds of a few citizens. The main characters a...
  • Kevin Walker
    "The Seclusion" is a thought-provoking novel that offers a possible future for America if leadership is left unchecked and the people fail to exercise their democratic authority over their government.Echoes of "1984", "Atlas Shrugged", "The Hunger Games", and "Divergent" can be heard in its pages.The final chapters left me wanting more. Don't pass up Ms. Castle's new book!
  • Michelle
    My full review can be found on the Epilie Aspie Chick blog! This story starts out strong and quickly turns into a very frightening tale of how protection can easily be distorted into complete control and manipulation of a people. The world created by the author is so real you can taste it as its painted as this lovely, equality based society where everyone has a place to be, health coverage, and a job. It doesn't take long before that mirage is ...
  • Robert Batten
    The Seclusion is the debut novel from journalist Jacqui Castle and it’s a ripper. The story is set in a dystopian future America that has been twisted into an isolationist authoritarian nation, separated from the rest of the world by the enormous Northern and Southern Security Borders. All history predating the walls is banned and information is tightly controlled. In this new America, the people are ruled by a faceless board and mindless patri...
  • Michelle
    In real life, the idea of building a wall to keep people out illegally sounds like a good idea to some people. But what if they built a wall that kept you in? Everyone in a place of authority lied the same lie, only let you know what you needed to know to do your job, and you couldn't speak of it outside of work? And then you find evidence of the real truth...I need the next book! This was amazing, easy to relate to reality.
  • Isabel
    I recieved an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I thought this was kinda be a bad or shittier Matched. Like, the love aspect is there in the book and I didn't really believe it but it was nothing like Matched at all. When I first read Matched, it was a favorite. I devoured the books but it hasn't really stood the test of time. I'm sure a lot of us can relate to that. I don't know why I did think it was gonna be like Matched ...
  • Becky
    This was everything I want in a post apocalypse book. The world was as we know it is gone and the one Particia or "patch" is living in is a world where everyone and everything they do is monitored the place she lives is surrounded by a giant wall and they are told by the "board" (government as we know it is gone) that everything on the other side of the wall is bad and will kill them. To say during this time we are in this book is a possible futu...
  • Dave Milbrandt
    I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of its merits.As we are living in a time where we are discussing the height and depth of a wall separating America from its southern neighbors, and we have a president focused on putting America First, there is definitely some timeliness to this piece. The story was well told and engaging, serving as a dystopian warning that if certain trends continue, the result may be...
  • Diego Sanchez
    I received this ARC in exchange of my honest opinion, which does not affect any of my comments."Daddy? Will you shoot me if I say something I'm not supposed to?".:Imagine a world where you cannot read, watch tv shows, travel, work and be who you are because you are being controlled by the government. Not very good, right?. The Seclusion is your perfect book if you love stories related to dystopian worlds. As you know, I have always wanted to go b...
  • Kerys
    Note: I was offered an arc through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinions. These options are my own and no one else’s. Also, this is a slightly different review based on my thoughts WHILE reading the book. I will publish a more in-depth (not bullet pointed !) review on my blog, nearer the time of publication. This book was really good! Here are some of my thoughts on the book! It has spoilers so sorry but not like major spoilers. * So it ...
  • Jenny Yergin
    This was a quick read for me because once I started it, I couldn't put it down! With the political themes it hit very close to home. I think it will be successful, I worry though since it isn't set very far into the future if it will be outdated in 5/10 years. I believe teens and adults that enjoy dystopian story lines will enjoy this book and those that see the comparisons with the current political climate in our country right now. I highly rec...
  • Nprice84
    I couldn't stop turning pages because I loved how a bit more of The Seclusion's interesting world was revealed each chapter. Some of the plot elements were extremely relevant to the modern era and made a big impact. Much of the details were scarily plausible and I couldn't help but imagine my own child living in this world. It was a really fun book to read, and I hope there is a sequel.
  • The Nerd Daily
    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Blake Smith"Our entire nation had been lied to for decades. Millions murdered to fit a narrative. We had no idea what was taking place outside the Walls. Whether we were being protected as we were told, or caged. We lived lives guided primarily by fear."I was given The Seclusion in exchange for an honest review! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to read and review Jacqui Castle’s debut ...
  • Cari
    When I first found Jacqui Castle on Inkshares, I was immediately intrigued by the premise of this book. I knew I had to have it right away, backed it, and then I was lucky to get an early copy from NetGalley.Patricia Collins lives in a world surrounded by walls. In this future, where America is run by a Board of Directors, she has lived her entire life knowing she is safe. The country has been protected ever since The Seclusion, when society retr...
  • Tonja Drecker
    This is a book for fans of books like Divergent or The Giver as it goes deep into the life of one young woman as she slowly awakens to a greater world around her.Patricia is satisfied with life. She's got a better job than most with more freedoms than many and has a caring family. The Board, the ruling group, won't tolerate anything beyond their rules, but she's okay with that. Until her and her best friend, Rexx, make a discovery which turns eve...
  • Pibrocher
    America unified and secure - what price would you be willing to pay? The Seclusion provides a great vehicle for exploring this question and leaves the reader hoping that this all too possible tale remains a work of fiction. The nation's citizens are cared for, protected, and entertained - all of this in exchange for their unerring obedience and disclosure - So what should a smart, obedient scientist do when she discovers something they don't want...
  • Fernando
    The Seclusion is a fascinating and frightening YA book about what the United States could look like in the near future if border walls were built and an oppressive government took power. Jacqui Castle created a timely story, acutely relevant to current events and our current governmental situation. My word cloud about this book: border walls, isolationism, oppression, evil, oligarchy, authoritarian nationalism, total control. These are heavy them...
  • Kerri
    This book is eerily prophetic. First they built the southern wall. They built the northern wall. Then America gave up every freedom for it's own "safety". Although sometimes heavy handed, with a bit of uninspired dialogue, this book was a horror story of the worst kind. Surely the beginning of a series, I am afraid of where it (and we) might end up in this narrative.
  • Emma
    I really enjoyed this book, I just felt that the ending was rather abrupt. I think there could have been at least another 100 pages. But other than that, it was a great fast paced story that was really interesting to read.
  • Elli Andrews
    Patricia lives to work for the Board, a totalitarian government that rules a futuristic version of America surrounded by a giant wall. When she and her friend Rexx make a discovery from the past however, she starts to question everything she has ever believed…The Seclusion for me is very reminiscent of 1984 or Equilibrium - not that that is particularly a bad thing as I enjoyed both of those stories, it just makes it a little predictable in pla...
  • Bob Lyle
    I received this ARC from the Author (After I did some pestering)Brief SynopsisThe year is 2090, and the walls are closing in.While on a routine assignment scouting the viability of dwindling natural resources outside the massive urban centres most American citizens call home, Patricia ’Patch’ and her co-worker Rexx discover a relic from the past containing dangerous contraband—unedited books from before The Seclusion. These texts will spark...
  • Liz Kerin
    If you're anything like me, you were fascinated by books like "The Giver" growing up, and later on, grounded dystopias like "1984." If that's you, then "The Seclusion" is VERY MUCH for you. Dystopia has blown up in recent years, but this is a more nuanced, intellectually detailed adventure than those stories about kids in spandex jumpsuits hunting each other for sport. Castle has constructed a remarkably chilling world and leaves no stone unturne...
  • Ralph J
    Suspenseful dystopian novel about American future where corporations have taken over and limited freedom for everyone's safety. The ending left me gasping for the sequel with a powerful woman taking on the powers that be.
  • Sue R
    I love author's first books and this one is amazing. Can't wait to read the next one.
  • Melissa (YA Book Shelf)
    Between 3.5 and 4 Stars. Honestly, The Seclusion was an intense ride of a book. From the first few pages, I was hooked on the story, and the clearly delineated dystopian world that Patch finds herself in once the blinders come off. The creepy board members can’t be emphasized enough. The ability of the author to offer tension exactly when the story needs it is masterful. Clearly there’s a lot to love about this book. While I was reading the A...
  • Koeur
    Publishing Date: September 2018Publisher: InksharesISBN: 9781947848511Genre: DystopianRating: 3.3/5Publisher’s Description: In the year 2090, America has walled itself off from the rest of the world. When her father is arrested by the totalitarian Board, a young woman sets out to escape the only country she’s ever known. While on a routine assignment scouting the country’s dwindling natural resources, Patricia “Patch” and her coworker a...
  • D Gillis
    "In the year 2090, America has walled itself off from the rest of the world. When her father is arrested by the totalitarian Board, a young woman sets out to escape the only country she's ever known."In the future America information is strictly rationed. Everything is filtered through the Board before the public has access to it. There is no history before the walls were built. Everyone is chipped within moments of birth and children from ages 5...
  • Gmr
    Once upon a time, there was a United States of America...strong, powerful, willing to help others, and welcome those looking for a better life. Once upon a time, this was a reality...until it wasn't. All it took was the wrong person in the right position for the powers that be to take control from Johnny Q. Public. All it took was an act of terrorism on such a grand scale that those with the means to fund full scale restoration could gain the upp...