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Book Girl

When you hear a riveting story, does it thrill your heart and stir your soul? Do you hunger for truth and goodness? Do you secretly relate to Belle's delight in the library in Beauty and the Beast?If so, you may be on your way to being a book girl.Books were always Sarah Clarkson's delight. Raised in the company of the lively Anne of Green Gables, the brave Pevensie children of Narnia, and the wise Austen heroines, she discovered reading early on...

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TitleBook Girl
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherTyndale Momentum
GenreNonfiction, Writing, Books About Books, Autobiography, Memoir, Christian

Reviews Book Girl

  • Amy
    I loved Clarkson's emphasis on women and the pure treasure reading is for our emotional, physical, and mental well-being. I think what I most took away from this book was more for me as a mother. That the little seeds we are sowing everyday of beauty and good literature are crucial. Even if we don't see the harvest or we don't see anything "measurable" EVER, we still keep faithfully sowing into our children and those around us by faith. If you ar...
  • Megan
    I don’t review a lot of non-fiction books on my blog, but when I saw there was a book about books, the reading life and bookworms, I knew I needed to read and share it! This book is not only a wonderful read, but an amazing resource, filled with book lists for different seasons of a reader’s life! In Book Girl: A Journey Through the Treasures and Transforming Power of a Reading Life by Sarah Clarkson, Clarkson begins each section with a littl...
  • Jami Balmet
    I immensely enjoyed certain parts of this book and didn’t love a few other parts. Overall it was an enjoyable read and will be a reference books for years to come! I added over 100 titles to a new Goodreads list I started (you can go see it as “book girl recommendations” and there are dozens of books on that list I’m really excited to read (and several that I know I should read at some point)! I would rate this book higher, but I disagree...
  • Crystal Hurd
    I LOVED this book. Sarah Clarkson is such a treasure. My full review will be posted at Englewood Review of Books within the next few weeks.
  • Monica
    Like many book bloggers, reading is one of my biggest hobbies. Talking about my latest read or your favorite book is one of my favorite pastimes. Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson is all about her love of books and reading.In Book Girl, Sarah Clarkson starts about by sharing how she got her love of reading and books. She then shares how books have shaped her life and how she created book lists. She then shares some of her book list categories: books th...
  • Ginger
    I’ll be returning to this as a resource time and time again through the years, I’m certain.A delightful combination of personal essays and reading recommendations.
  • Elliott
    Before I was ever born, my mother read to me. While in her womb, she would read from classics by Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne, and, of course, one of her favorite books Anne of Green Gables. Is it any wonder then that I was a born reader? For as long as I can remember, I have adored books. Before I could read them on my own, my mother would read to me. I would sit in her lap and look at the pictures as she read. Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, T...
  • Jan
    3.5 Stars I'm a sucker for books about books so I enjoyed this, although it didn't bump my top five such books. I'd probably include it in my top ten or fifteen, but I'll have to think about it awhile and then hopefully come back and write a real review later. However I do know that since I'm not Roman Catholic, I strongly disagree about reading many (if not most) of the religious books she recommends. I loved most of her other booklists though, ...
  • AnnaScott
    Y'all. I've only gotten to read the first four chapters of this book as a part of its launch team, but I am in love. Sarah's writing style is gorgeous, but more than that this book feels like coming home. Sarah has beautifully expressed so many of the thoughts and feelings that I have had about books, plots, and characters. She has renewed the love of reading that often gets pressed down in the busyness of day-to-day life. She recommends countles...
  • Danielle
    With chapter titles like "Books Can Stir You to Action" and "Books Can Foster Community" Sarah Clarkson's Book Girl is a joyful manifesto of all the good that books bring to our lives. Almost every chapter has a booklist too, so lots more titles to consider adding to your reading list!
  • Katie
    I have been able to preview the first four chapters of this book before the release and absolutely devoured them. Honestly, I knew I would love the subject matter as a book girl myself and mother of book girls, but I didn't know if I would like the prose. In the past Sarah Clarkson's style has not always been my cup of tea. In this particular book her writing is a little more spare than usual and I found the style as pleasant as the content. And ...
  • Kelly Bridgewater
    Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson's synopsis sounded right up my alley. I define myself as an avid bookworm. I mean, who else besides bookworms finish 200 books every year. It is a lot of books, but I love reading. So the description sounded just like me. I really couldn't wait to get my hands on the book. Right away, the book filled me with good feelings as it appeared to be describing me as someone who discovered reading at a young age. I remember tr...
  • Lisa Suit
    I was blessed to be able to read the first four chapters of this book in advance, and I cannot wait to read the rest! Not only does Sarah provide you with amazing booklists (my TBR pile is already growing) but she has written a delightful manifesto for the reading life that makes you feel like you're sitting right across from her with a cup of tea, chatting about the wonders of books and how they shape our very souls! Sarah is much more eloquent ...
  • Ginny
    Clarkson begins by discussing discernment in reading, how to find time to read, and where to get started. Later chapters include book lists sorted by topic. I found many of my favorites in her lists and many to add to my to-be-read list. Her book lists make me feel like we are talking books over a cup of tea—simply delightful!Clarkson’s previous books on reading inspired me in helping my children’s reading life, and Book Girl inspires me in...
  • Juls
    I was right, I loved it. Book Girl was exactly what I thought it would be and exactly what I wanted it to be. Thanks once again to Netgalley, I was able to read a review copy on my Kindle, but Book Girl is going on my list of printed books that I would like to own. It will be a pleasure to have this on my shelf.Part memoir and part list, Sarah Clarkson tells us the story of her reading life, childhood days to Oxford days, cataloguing the books th...
  • Katherine Jones
    Now here’s a book for readers who are serious about reading. Book Girl is both a companion and continuing resource for, well, book girls. In other words, for book lovers and lovers of book lists (of which I am both) — as well as those who aspire to be either.The depth and breadth of Book Girl is impressive, to say the least, and — for me, anyway — extremely resonant. Which is to say that any reasonably seasoned reader can compile a book l...
  • Heather
    This book added many other books to my to-read list. It was fun to see old favorites on Sarah's lists and be introduced to many others. The format is a little different than other book list books I've read before. Instead of all the recommendations at the end, they are interspersed between chapters, somewhat grouped by theme. Sometimes there are duplicates of recommendations in multiple categories, which is confusing when going to add them to Goo...
  • Carey
    I have read an excerpt, the first four chapters and a few of her included reading lists. What a friend I have found already in Sarah Clarkson. Her reminder to my weary soul of the vital importance of reading is a gift I didn't know I so desperately needed. The need to learn, the capacity I have to do so, the joy in sharing what I am reading with others, the chance I have before me to not only continually broaden my own knowledge, but create a lov...
  • Becky Avella
    I have no idea how to express my love for this book. When friends and family saw me reading it, they kept asking, "What's that about?" and I didn't know how to answer them. I tried to explain it was a book about books and a celebration of reading. I told them it had recommended reading lists for different seasons of life, and I could see their eyes glaze over with boredom. I failed to put into words how much reading this book moved me. I carried ...
  • Natalie Print
    A beautiful and unique exploration of the blessings that come from reading for living a life of faith, hope, and love. The interweaving of chapters that explore aspects of a reading life, such as imparting hope, stirring to action, and cultivating wonder, along with recommendations of books to read creates a wonderful experience. Sarah Clarkson has become aware of the power of reading through deep pondering, and her own life experiences, which sh...
  • Katheryn
    I received an advance copy of an excerpt of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The honesty and transparency from which Sarah approaches all of her writings is refreshing and rejuvenating. Her story about Tolkien and how writings inspire her to live her life courageously because of having seen brave and valiant characters live through dark circumstances is a great word and call for all of us to read more. I hope many will read this book and take...
  • Amy
    Turns out (no spoiler here!) I am a book girl too. Sarah Clarkson is so earnest and sweet in her love for books. I love that she really appreciates her book-centric upbringing. She provides many lists for different circumstances, and it dawned on me that because I have read and enjoyed many of her recommendations, I would probably enjoy or benefit from her other recommendations. For that, I am grateful, and grateful also for her sincerity and hon...
  • Melissa
    This was quite a read! Not quite what I expected but I enjoyed most of it. She is definitely more of a "scholar" reader than I will ever be(my tastes are much lighter most of the time) but she definitely hit several books already on my to-read list and I will be adding a few more of her recommendations. I will revisit this book again.
  • Christina Hubbard
    A book for any woman who wants to rediscover her bookishness, intellect, and imagination. In the chapters I've previewed, I am struck by how important books are to who we become. Sarah has helped me to reflect on my own love affairs with certain books and ask how they have shaped me (and continue to). Reading matters. It develops empathy and understanding, which are marks of true greatness. The book is full of great reading suggestions for any wo...
  • Chyrll
    I had the privilege of reading the first four chapters of “Book Girl.” I can hardly contain my excitement for receiving my very own copy of Sarah’s delightful book tomorrow (September 4, 2018), on its release day!!Sarah has poured so much love into the writing of “Book Girl”, and I can’t wait to share it with my granddaughters, my own little Book Girls!!
  • Amber
    I absolutely love this book. I inhaled it and filled it with sticky notes. I will definitely be reading this again and again. The book lists are amazing!
  • Rachel
    I liked & appreciated all her suggestions, but wasn't a huge fan of the other chapters. Some had great points... I did end up skimming a bit.
  • Jennie Nelson
    Oh my word. As if I needed more encouragement to read, this book did it! If you need some direction for your reading or encouragement to branch out, this book will help you find that. (I have only read the first third or so, but I am sure the rest will be the same.) Sarah Clarkson is an amazing writer and has only gotten better as she's studied at Oxford and added Mother to her resume. :)
  • AD
    Here is a book by a kindred spirit - a lover of books and a believer in their ability to shape your life in so many ways - "I want your heart to be stocked with beauty... I want you to be strong for the battle... I want you to know you're not alone". Clarkson suggests ideas to cultivate a reading life for yourself and for those around you, including habits to draw us back to reading in the midst of a busy life.Many of the ideas Clarkson shares th...