Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg

Night of Miracles

A delightful novel about surprising friendships, community, and the way small acts of kindness can change a life, from the bestselling author of The Story of Arthur TruluvLucille Howard is getting on in years, but she stays busy. Thanks to the inspiration of her dearly departed friend Arthur Truluv, she has begun to teach baking classes, sharing the secrets to her delicious classic Southern yellow cake, the perfect pinwheel cookies, and other swe...

Details Night of Miracles

TitleNight of Miracles
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherRandom House
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews Night of Miracles

  • Debra
    4.5 starsAbsolutely Charming!I highly recommend reading “The Story of Arthur Truluv” before reading this book. It is the book where many of these characters are introduced and their stories continue from that book. Could this book work as a stand-alone? Possibly, but I don't think one can truly appreciate this book without reading its predecessor first."That is the gift of love, not only that you have somebody but that you are changed by some...
  • Cheri
    "There's a full moon up and rising,And there's a whisper of a breeze.Blowing through the tangled silver,Hanging from the cypress trees.There's a river made of moonlight,Flowing clear across the lake.And there's a million stars just waitin',To fall for any wish we make. "Why don't we get caught in this moment?Be victims of sweet circumstance?Tonight I feel like all creation,Is asking us to dance. " -- Asking Us to Dance, Kathy Mattea, Songwriters:...
  • Liz
    4.5 stars, rounded upI was a huge fan of The Story of Arthur Truluv. This one took longer to draw me in. I think part of the problem was the large cast of characters and how each chapter switches from one to another. It just takes awhile to get them all straight in your head. This is a lovely, sweet story, about the people who live in a small town and how intertwined their lives are. In style, it reminded me a bit of Elizabeth Strout’s Anything...
  • Judy
    A sweet and charming read. This is one that takes you back to a simpler time in a small town where neighbors know each other and take care of one another. It makes me wish I lived in Mason, Missouri with these characters as my neighbors. The book touched my heart and made me fall in love with the characters.I have not read The Story of Arthur Truluv and I understand that many of the characters in this book were introduced in this previous work. I...
  • Holly
    Night of Miracles is a charming story about the inhabitants of a small town. While it is billed as a sequel to The Story of Arthur Truluv, it is a completely standalone book. But reading them in order will give you a little bit more enjoyment when reading the second one, because of the additional backstory knowledge of a couple of characters. There are a lot more characters in Night of Miracles compared to The Story of Arthur Truluv which centere...
  • Aura
    This book comes out in November and I received an ARC from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review. I will be purchasing this book and Arthur Truluv for a few of my loved ones to read. I luvvvvvvvvvvvd this book. I cried for Lucille. I wept for Iris. I bawled for Tiny and Monica. I was a complete mess for Abby and her son Lincoln. This book hit me in a place I havent been affected in a long time. All I can say is that Elizabeth Berg i...
  • Kendall
    Wow Elizabeth Berg you truly blew me out of the water with your talent. I truly will always remember this novel and it will be leaving such a special place in my heart. Those final words at the end left me in tears and awe of your talent.I have not read The Story of Arthur Truluv but have heard nothing BUT spectacular things about it. After finishing this novel... I will definitely be getting the audio for the first novel to get the background of...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    Elizabeth Berg you are a MASTER of creating characters that forever leave an imprint in my heart and tears on the pages long after I read the final words. The Story of Arthur Truluv made my Top 10 of 2017 list and when I heard a sequel of sorts was coming and would be centered around Lucille, I knew it was going to be amazing but also have some large shoes to fill. And this book totally exceeded my expectations. I loved meeting a new cast of char...
  • Tami
    Once again, Elizabeth Berg has given readers a heartwarming story coming just in time for the holiday season. Those who have read The Story of Arthur Truluv will enjoy learning what happened to the wonderful characters from that story and will be introduced to a few new faces.Lucille Howard is the main focus for this novel. What’s not to love about Lucille? She’s a wonderful baker and has so much love to give to others. Lucille teaches baking...
  • Neanderthal
    NIGHT OF MIRACLES returns us to Mason, Missouri, home of THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV and many of the familiar characters from that story as well as several new, and equally interesting new ones.(I received pre-publication access thanks to NetGalley.)
  • Jayme
    Excerpt: Surely you’ve had this happen. You are seated by choice or misfortune in a window seat on an airplane. You look out as the plane takes off, rises up higher and higher, levels off. If you have a chance to glance down, you see a particular kind of order not realized on earth. You might feel a kind of hopefulness at the sight of the houses clustered together....Now imagine, that you are looking down at a small town called Mason, Missouri....
  • Toni
    4.5 Feel Good Stars Lucille Howard, Arthur “Truluv’s” neighbor, is the glue that holds the town of Mason together. She doesn’t realize that and would deny it if you ever suggested it, but her open and honest ways are the town’s guiding light.Currently, Lucille is living in Arthur’s old house, the one he left to Maddy, the pregnant teenager he met in the cemetery where his wife, Nora is buried and now him right next to her. Maddy’s t...
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    Elizabeth Berg is my favourite author. I have read everything she has written, and this book is only one of the reasons why. She has such a way with words and seems to know what goes on in people's minds, from the very young to the elderly. I sat down with the book this afternoon and finished it in one sitting. Never underestimate the joy of being the one who is cared for. I loved the quirkiness of this book, the writing will make you smile, but ...
  • Susan Johnson
    I did not realize this was the second book of the series and it would probably have helped to have read the first one. It took awhile to get all the characters straight and get into the flow of the book. Once I got everyone straight in my head, it became a delightful story about people living their lives to the fullest.Lucille is 93 and running cooking classes and baking cakes for the local restaurant. She also becomes a babysitter for young Linc...
  • Zoe
    Honest, pensive, and affecting.A beautiful story that I absolutely loved.Full review to follow shortly.
  • Nancy
    Maybe even 2.5Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg revisits characters from The Story of Arthur Truluv. I enjoyed Truluv very much and looked forward to this novel.In Truluv, the elderly Arthur mourns his wife but carries on by investing in others, a truly loving man who rescues a lonely teenager and a cantankerous older neighbor lady. Arthur dies but leaves his home to the teenager, who rents it to the neighbor Lucille who now teaches baking clas...
  • Kati Berman
    Night of Miracles by Elizabeth BergI received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Let me start by saying that I loved Elizabeth Berg’s early books and that was one of the reasons I requested this book. Night of Miracles is kind of a sequel to The Story of Arthur Truluv starting a few years after the first book ends. It is definitely a quick read, sweet story of Lucille, a 93 year old woman, who gives cooking and baking cl...
  • Mary Lins
    I love reading thoughtful and weighty, contemporary literature, but between tomes, sometimes it’s nice to have a light “palate cleanser” to refresh one’s heart and soul. Elizabeth Berg’s latest confection is “Night of Miracles”, which revisits Mason, Missouri and its denizens which were featured in “The Story of Arthur Truluv”. In fact, Berg plans a series of novels about this lovely little town in the Midwest! And I’m all in!...
  • Dianne
    NIGHT OF MIRACLES by Elizabeth Berg is a sweet slice of life and the best of humanity living each day to its fullest with kindness and caring! Small town charm with warm and sometimes quirky characters brought a smile to my face and heart.Even as we read about life’s problems, we are invited to be part of the pitfalls, the joys, the sorrows and the hopes for an even better future. Ms. Berg’s smooth and relaxed style flows from page to page a ...
  • Cynthia
    When I read descriptions of Berg’s books I tend to shy away from them because they seem too heartrending but twice I’ve given in and twice I’ve loved her work. This one takes place in a small town called Mason in Missouri which seems to be populated by lots of people fleeing big cities. They enjoy Mason because of the caring people they meet. That doesn’t spare them from facing some difficulties in their lives and it almost demands that t...
  • Jill Anderson
    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of this book.I haven't read an Elizabeth Berg for a few years and forgot how welcoming and heartwarming her characters are! I need to read The Story of Arthur Truluv now as I think it may have made the beginning of this book a little easier for me to understand and know. After the first chapter or two, I got into these lively characters and understand how they are all interacting. E...
  • Kim
    Elizabeth Berg has long been one of my very favorite authors, so when I saw a copy of her latest available through Net Galley in exchange for a review, I did not hesitate to request it. This book did not disappoint. It's the story of life in a small town in Missouri, and all the characters lives are intertwined or touch each other in some small way. Berg's writing, to me, is magical. Her characters are so well rounded I wish I could meet each and...
  • Carol
    What a nice small town full of ordinary people who are just trying to live their lives. No major catastrophes, nothing earth shattering, but wholesome and entertaining. It makes you want to live in a town like this, far from the insanity we found in larger communities. The story is told from a different person each chapter to show what is happening in that person's life, but we see how the lives intertwine, how a stranger can fit in nicely with t...
  • Ellen
    Elizabeth Berg has done it again, written a beautiful story of unique characters that reflect life and love in their daily lives. Many of the characters from Arthur Truluv come back in this book, with Lucille, a straight talking, woman coming to the end of her life but having so much to give. I loved the story of Tiny and Monica, misreading cues and working their way towards each other. Each character is so full of life, and of course, hope. Exce...
  • Shari
    I received an advance copy of this book from NetGallery in exchange for an honest review. I am an Elizabeth Berg fan. I've read all of her books since Oprah recommended OPEN HOUSE. This is not one of her best. It was the sequel to Arthur Truluv. There were too many characters, so none of the new characters were fully developed. The characters from the first book did not develop or change in this book. They were like place markers. The problems we...
  • Donna Hines
    This is the 2nd of the series with Arthur Truluv .Lucille Howard is our beloved teacher who sets up a new endeavor with her already popular baking classes. So popular she's in need of new assistants and finds one with IRIS.Lucille looks out for her son Lincoln.Mason is one fun loving community is all I can tell you.Check out Night of Miracles perhaps you'll grow to love it.Thank you to Elizabeth Berg, her publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this...
  • Susan
    I have read a lot of books by Elizabeth Berg and enjoyed them all - this was no exception! First off, I was unaware that while this is read beautifully as a standalone book, it's actually a continuation of a previous book by Ms Berg called "The Story of Arthur Truluv". Many of the same characters make appearances here, in a small fictional town in rural Missouri. We meet friends and neighbors of our likable main character, Lucille, who loves to b...
  • Literary Soirée
    NIGHT OF MIRACLES by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Berg, is a total delight! This is a sequel to the wonderful THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV, although it’s not necessary to read ARTHUR first.I love the characters Berg has created and the sense of community she gives us in small town Mason, Missouri. Octogenarian Lucille Howard teaches popular baking classes (ooooh what delights ... I want to be in that class!) and shares love as well as re...
  • Claudia Silk
    A follow-up but not a sequel to The Story of Arthur Truluv but just as delightful. There are some recurring characters from Truluv but you will meet many more. Very reminiscent of Jan Karon's stories. Heart-warming and a perfect anecdote in these turbulent times.
  • Sharon
    I am a sucker for quirky characters and this book gave me a whole group of them! Easily one of my favorite books in a while.Night of Miracles returns the reader to the town of Mason, Missouri, where we pick back up with some of the characters from The Story of Arthur Truluv and meet some new friends. Lucille Howard keeps busy teaching her baking classes during the day, babysitting her young neighbor, Link, in the evening, and dodging the Angel of...