In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs, #2) by Ruby Dixon

In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs, #2)

As a pirate, I tend to hang out with unsavory outcasts at the edges of the known universe. I’m used to running into thieves, assassins and fugitives. It shouldn’t surprise me to see a forbidden human female for sale in the tunnels of the space station, but I hate it. When I see she’s near death, I have to act. I buy her. She spits in my face. It’s love at first sight. At least, it’s love at first sight on my end. I know it can never be,...

Details In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs, #2)

TitleIn The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs, #2)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
GenreRomance, Science Fiction, Aliens, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Sociology, Abuse, Fiction, Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Novella

Reviews In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs, #2)

  • Mei
    This is a sweet re-enacting of the old Beauty and the Beast.An ugly hero with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint.An abused heroine with a steel-will to live.Cute and endearing this books doesn't have any action i it, but it is only a falling in love and healing story.
  • ♛ Garima ♛
    Ugly looking cute hero - checkDamaged on verge of dying heroine with feisty attitude - checkThe said 'ugly looking cute hero' is medic - checkThe said 'verge of dying heroine with feisty attitude' is survivor but doesn't like to be in any physical relationship - check The said 'ugly looking cute hero who is also a medic' is very patient and supportive - checkYou know where I am going with this, right? So, go get your copy and enjoy. Did I enjoy t...
  • Whitney
    I love this book. I love this series. Let's be honest - I love Ruby Dixon. Yas Queen! Once again, she has taken the same concept and turned it into something totally different and refreshing. While I could rave about her talent all day, I will spare you from my fangirling. You're welcome.Tarek, the beastly medic of the ship, comes across a beautifully broken female slave for sale. He feels drawn to her so he buys her with hopes to set her free. I...
  • T00zday
    Ruby Dixon is the literary equivalent of a hot cup of tea and a warm soft blanket on a winter night. Its just never bad.This is another total SCORE in her aliens series.This is separate from the Ice Planet Barbarians series, but same species of blue aliens with kidnapped humans.Warm fuzzy rescue of a down but not out heroine by a big sweet teddy bear of an alien.HFN endingRecommended
  • Amy Butler
    Keffing awesome!I think I'm a Ruby Dixon junkie...I know I am! Each new month I start getting excited because I know she's got a new book coming!! And Corsair's Bed? Loved it! I want a big blue guy of my own!! LOL
  • Tricia Len
    4.5 Stars.... only because the story is just too short.... It's sweet and the hero is just to die for! Big Blue Horned Alien Hero ... checkWounded Heroine.... CheckSweet tenderness.....CheckHEA.... CheckBut the story is just too short! That is my only complaint! Ruby Rocks!
  • alicat ♡➹♡
    I love Ruby Dixon's Corsairs series! It is a fun view of life in space focused around the romances of (so far) human women and blue alien men (the same species as her Blue Barbarians but these are the ones that live in modern space). This book focuses on Tarek, the medic and sometimes muscle of the Dancing Fool and overall softie. When he sees a female human slave, Catrin, in distress he cannot stand it - he buys her (and kicks the crap out of th...
  •  B.E.Love
    3 1/2 stars I really enjoyed this book, I loved the heroine and hero but I felt like the end was rushed a little. I wish the book had been little longer so we could have had more towards the end of the book
  • Gökçe
    Surprisingly good book. At first, the cover and the blurb looked so weird but then I told myself that I've read the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole, and this just a blue version of her demons LOLTarekh is an alien and he is a medic in a space pirate ship. Since Earth is a primitive planet, humans are forbidden from intergalactic communication. Also, humans are a pet to them. They just enslave them. Tarekh sees one these slave humans a...
  • Kimberlee
    4.5 Brilliant Blue StarsThe only thing from making this a 5 star is the fact the book was to dang short. I'm loving the crew of the Dancing Fool or whatever foolish name that pirate ship carries. This is such a great funny series to read.
  • Angela ~Mother Hen~
    How Tom and Jerry. Not disappointing in the slightest. And immensely fun!Meet, Cat. Yes. That is her is name. And yes. I am comparing her to Tom. So fucking fitting. Me love!We start off intially feeling bad for her. The things the poor girl endured was heart wrenching. It made me sick. The only silver linning being our brute of a blue alien, Tarekh. Sexy, incredibly kind, brute, that is. Now meet, Tarekh. He's insanely sweet and patient with a h...
  • Kelly
    MAN, I love these big blue aliens. Tarekh isn't just big and blue, he's a total protective sweetheart. Well, wait. Most of the Mesakkah are pretty protective. Okay, okay. VERY protective. Tarekh isn't just protective, he's sweet and patient and unflinchingly careful with Cat. Because, you know, being a slave and forced to do some pretty awful things to stay alive takes a toll on a girl.Cat's strong, though. Once she pushes past her suspicions abo...
  • AvidReader
    Heroine was a spitfire! And I love it.This series is getting better and better. Catrin was kidnapped from earth and sold to a wh*re master. After months of suffering and fighting she was finally bought by our very scarred hero Tarek. He was a Medic and couldn’t ignore a badly injured Human. And he was in awe of her courage and fighting spirit. Tarek was huge and heavily scarred which everyone points out at him all the time. Women completely ign...
  • phoebess
    In the Corsair's Bed featured the cutest and gentlest male character I've ever read. He stole my heart in the first paragraph. Coupled with the playful mood that was going on between Tarekh and Cat, I devoured their sweet story like a starved tiger.
  • Ann Hupe
    OMG! A day-in-the-life of the Dancing Fool! Big, blue, horny (literally) aliens are back!Okay. I confess. I’m hooked on really big and tall, blue-skinned aliens with thick horns, sexy tails, and interesting… uh…. entertainment accoutrements. But I really do love this universe that Ruby Dixon has created with her multiple spinoffs that have been working far better than I’ve expected. I also appreciate that she isn’t banging out novel/la ...
  • Tiblu
    More of a novella than a full story... short and sweet...More of a novella than a full story... short and sweet...Good characters, as nice at it is there really wasn’t much here...Heroine gets rescued,spins the story getting settled in and making friends, learning to trust again after her ordeal and heal and slow starts to fall the hero...By the time they get together the next chapter after they are done is the epilogue ....This is a nice story...
  • K.M. Montemayor
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder stars Tarekh's a medic on a pirate ship. One day, he comes across a female slave who's been almost beaten to death. He buys her and takes her back to his ship to bandage her wounds. Cat's had an awful life as a slave. She's had to fight for her life. She doesn't trust this medic, believing he bought her just to use her. It takes time, but eventually Tarekh earns her trust. I loved this story. I tore through th...
  • Elisabeth Lane
    Nice guy fuzzy blue space alien pirateThough not as intensely compelling as the first offering in this series, The Corsair's Captive, this book was a nice way to spend a couple light-hearted hours. While the heroine has been subjected to some pretty intense trauma, this is neither dwelt on not precisely ignored. It might not be right for anyone triggered by mentions of sexual assault, however. The heroine is fierce, the hero is a complete sweetie...
  • Lisa books
    Alien He finds human Cat at the slave market and brings her to the ship in this newest book in this fun series. Looking forward to see whose next
  • Shasha
    Don't be afraid of the titleThis was so sweet! And sexy. The heroine was abused(off the page), the h saves her, and she recovers under his sincere interest. The friendship grows into more with a tease of a happy ending.Mature contentRead in KU
  • Sarah Armstrong
    Perfect I just love anything by ruby. You can get right into the story & become invested in the characters. Can’t wait for more from the entire crew.
  • Michelle R
    Another awesome story, I can't get enough of these lovable blue guys! I love a good scarred/beast hero and Tarekh is a such a sweet one. I can't wait for Alyvos's story and Sentorr's story!
  • Whitney
    Just a quick read.
  • Melissa
    In BedVery sweet story. I would describe this book as a sweet and sexy alien romance. I love Ruby Dixon and her Big blue aliens.
  • Susie
    Amazing Tarehk!!!Absolutely keffing brilliant as Tarehk would say lol. To say I loved this book would be a severe understatement. I was blown away by this sweet and endearing take on beauty and the beast, so much so that once I started it I couldn’t put it down and was actually saying out loud ‘No no no that’s it’!!! Yes that’s right I was actually telling off my kindle for Ruby’s wonderful new installment being too short lol. I just ...
  • Badh
    This book is IBP adjacent. It's in the same 'verse, and the guys are roughly the same species, at least a few generations back they were. The human women are still being abducted and stolen for slaves. However, it's different from our favorite barbarians because it takes place in a technologically advanced society. Tarekh is a member of the crew of the Dancing Fool. He and all the rest of the crew are taking a break while the captain and his new ...
  • Virginia
    I don't even know how I came across this book on Amazon and I laughed when I saw the cover and the title but then I saw that it actually had good reviews and was really cheap. I thought what the hell, let's do this. There was a blizzard and I was bored. I have to say it was better than I expected. Our main alien love interest, Tarekh is genuinely a nice alien guy. He's respectful and kind and I liked him and the entire crew. There is some talk of...
  • Jan
    When Tarekh find a human all bruised and battered being sold, he could not say no. After all when you have a friend who is human, you have to help. He takes her onboard the ship and nurses her back to health. Catrin doesn’t trust anyone. She has been used and abused. She has to be strong and keep fighting. When she is taken aboard an alien ship with a blue hulking alien carrying her, she does not know what to expect. She did not expect kindness...
  • Lora Borzelleca
    I no...I NEED more of Tarekh and Cat. I adored these two. I loved Tarekh because he was this big "ugly" guy who was a a big freaking marshmallow. He was so lovable because he had such low self esteem but honestly he truly took it in stride. Yes, he was insecure, but he was ok about it and I think that is what made me love him even more. Cat...ohhhh Cat. I loved her spunk in the beginning. She had fight even though she should have had n...
  • Book Snob Sue
    Absolutely floved this book. I am a huge Ruby Dixon fan and this may have been one of my favorite books. Catrin is a human kept as a slave and sold continuously. Tarehk is the gentle giant medic of the ship. When he sees her, he buys her to save her. She’s a little spitfire that he absolutely adores. As with all Ruby Dixon books it has a great storyline and well developed characters. We get to see how their relationship develops and she learns ...