Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich

Dear Evan Hansen

From the show's creators comes the groundbreaking novel inspired by the Broadway smash hit Dear Evan Hansen.Dear Evan Hansen,Today's going to be an amazing day and here's why...When a letter that was never meant to be seen by anyone draws high school senior Evan Hansen into a family's grief over the loss of their son, he is given the chance of a lifetime: to belong. He just has to stick to a lie he never meant to tell, that the notoriously troubl...

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TitleDear Evan Hansen
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Health, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Young Adult Contemporary, Audiobook, Coming Of Age, Plays

Reviews Dear Evan Hansen

  • chandler ainsley ❁
    i'm gonna be real with you: this really was not for mei think books like these all depend on what kinds of characters and people you relate to. i have suffered with anxiety before, so i thought that i would "get" evan... but i so did not.i'm not sure what i expected from this book but i really didn't expect a severely lonely, awkward, anxious kid with no hobbies essentially lying to a grieving family. i mean i should have known from the synopsis ...
  • Clara
    Today is going to be a good day and here's why: IT'S COMING OUT A FEW DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. IT'S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED.26/08/18I don’t know how to rate this book yet, and my review is coming. I’m so thankful Penguin decided to send me an ARC of it as it was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. Let’s just say I sobbed a lot. Still am.26/11/18Finally decided to give it 3.5 stars!
  • leslie hamod
    "Today is going to be an amazing day and here's why" It begins with a letter never meant for him to see. It is finally a boy's chance for acceptance. A chance to be accepted!On the other hand, a family grieves over the loss of a son. Evan tells a lie. A big lie. He says he was the boys best friend.Suddenly, he is acceptable, accepted.But with this acceptance, he is drawn into a range of emotions. His lies cause him confusion, and lead him into mo...
  • Phils Osophie
    Es ist perfekt. Das Broadway Musical ist ja schon großartig, der soundtrack der absolute Wahnsinn... Aber diese Story als Roman zu erleben, ist ein Geniestreich. Emotional und herzergreifend wie kaum ein Zweites Buch, hat sich diese Geschichte direkt in mein Herz geschlichen. Ich finde keine Worte.
  • Taylor
    Happiest of Pub Day's to DEH! I'll fully admit that my rating for this book will be slightly skewed due to my love of the show and soundtrack, which I admit are better than this book. However, I still enjoyed getting a deeper insight and perspective into the characters that could only be provided via this medium. And while there are parts of this book this book that I'm certain readers are going to have issues with I still think the overall messa...
  • Jennifer Girard
    I felt in love with the musical a few months ago. It always been an emotional story for me ! I cried a lot while reading the novel. I laughed too of course cause Jared is hilarious (very bad but hilarious). I loved the part about Connor and the lyrics found in the book. I want to listen to the soundtrack once again and to see the musical!
  • Danielle
    I'm such a huge fan of the musical Dear Evan Hansen and I was so excited when I learned that they were coming out with a YA novelization of the story. The story sticks pretty close to the story line in the musical but is able to expand where the musical is limited. I think that readers will connect with Evan even more than they already do.Overall, I really liked this novel. I think that most readers will be able to relate to Evan and/or Connor. W...
  • Stacee
    I wasn’t familiar with the show or the soundtrack when this was sent by the publisher as a “read it now”. It seems safe to say that if I wouldn’t have gotten that email, I probably wouldn’t have read it, even if I was intrigued by the synopsis. I liked Evan well enough. He’s struggling and wants someone to know him and it almost made sense why he did what he did. I wish I could say something about the other characters, but everyone se...
  • Shahirah Loqman
    As usual, DEH brought me to tears. Review to come soon.--Full review up on my blog: you Times Reads for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!
  • Adele Shea
    I have seen this book numerous times and didn't really give it much thought. I am now so glad a did.It brings to light the mixture of different people and emotions that are around when you are a teenager trying to make it through school. When Evan hears of the suicide of fellow loner Connor, he discovers Connor had in his possession a letter Evan wrote to himself as a part of the project his therapist set him. Connor's family then believe he was ...
  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)
    Probably more of a 3.5? In all honesty this is a great book, well-paced with a good message, but I just wasn’t all that invested in it. Maybe if I had read it sometime else, the outcome would’ve been different.
  • Jessica
    Somewhere between a three and a four. More to come.
  • - ̗̀ DANY ̖́- (danyreads)
    . : ☾⋆ — 1 ★ READ THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG!!!, the broadway show is overwhelmingly better. in a very confusing turn of events, though, i’m listening to de Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack as i write this review. i can’t reconcile my intense love for the musical with the utter, totally staggering MESS that this book was. i really can’t believe this is supposed to be the ‘official’ novelization of the ...
  • Lauren Parrott
    Dear Evan Hansen,Today is going to be a good day and here’s why. Because today, no matter what else, you’re you. No hiding. No lying. Just you. I feel like I should start off this review in mentioning that I’m currently listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack. And, upon finishing the book a few days back, I wanted to play it every free second I got. This story is so important for today’s world, and I absolutely cannot wait for it to ...
  • Cori Reed
    As much as I enjoyed this book, it felt a bit lacking. I'm a big fan of the musical, but I think that if I were not I probably would have got very little from this. A fan of Dear Evan Hansen? Read it. Not a fan? Maybe skip.
  • Sarah
    Prior to cracking open this book I had no knowledge about its subject matter. I, of course, knew it was a Broadway musical but it had somehow never occurred to me to wonder about the subject matter. I like Broadway musicals therefore I grabbed the advance copy off the shelf, end of story.In a way, Dear Evan Hansen begins at the end of the story. I'm going to let the cat out of the bag here folks, Connor Murphy, a central character, dies. Not a sp...
  • Swetlana
    This review was originally published on The Caffeinated Bookworm Life. PacingFor the most part, I really enjoyed the pacing of Dear Evan Hansen. The only major complaint I have is the way the ending was handled.It felt like we spend about 90% of the book building up to the big reveal and for things to come crumbling down which happened for the last 10% of the book. That’s something I personally don’t enjoy at all. Something similar happened i...
  • Kate (GirlReading)
    I think I’m going to have to spend some time processing all my feelings about this story. Right now, I’m unsure of how I feel about it as a whole and considering how much I adore the soundtrack, my heart and head can’t take the possibility that I might not have loved it as much as I’d hoped. For the moment, I’ll just say that whilst there were definitely good points, there were also aspects of the plot that made me somewhat uncomfortabl...
  • Farhina ↯↯ The Wanderer Of Inked Adventures
    Dear Evan Hansen,Today is going to be a good day and here’s why. “A Letter He never Meant to write. A lie never meant to tell. A life he never dreamed he could have.” Inspired by the Tony Award winning Broadway Musical, Dear Evan Hanson is a story about Evan, a senior at high school. Evan is a kid who suffers from extreme anxiety and is basically a loner without any friends. And his therapist has given him an assignment to write a letters...
  • Kath (Read Forevermore)
    An arc of this book was sent to me by LBYR/The NOVL in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.rating: 4.75 / 5 “Dear Evan Hansen,Today is going to be a good day and here’s why. Because today, no matter what else, you’re you. No hiding. No lying. Just you.” Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel is based on the award winning Broadway musical. I found myself quickly devouring this book while listening to the musical (becau...
  • Melanie (bookswritinghappiness)
    07-06-18 | I’ve been meaning to post this since BookCon but never got around to it so better late than never I guess. The book’s release is still two months away, so this information is still relevant. Here is everything I learned about the Dear Evan Hansen novel adaptation from the BookCon panel with Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, Steven Levenson, and Val Emmich!!• The book is narrated by Evan and Connor in first person POV• We will learn a lo...
  • Tom (T.J. Reads the Stars)
    “Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day...”
  • Amy
    ARC provided by NOVL in exchange for an honest review.I'll be honest with you: I wasn't totally in love with the this book, and it wasn't because of the writing. The writing was phenomenal, the characters were well developed, and the overall story was fast paced and easy to read. I loved that it brought so many mental health topics to the table, but there were a few things that made me feel uncomfortable, which I will talk about here in a bit.Fir...
  • Amelia Oswald
    Dear Evan Hansen should just stay being a musical instead of a novel. Yes you can see some of the insights from Connor's point of view. But most of the time I couldn't stand his narrator. And Evan and Zoe. It's a meh for me really.
  • sophie
    Woah woah mixed feelings. Def not as good as the musical but it wasn’t horrible. I actually thought it was really good until I got to the end. They carried out the story line wayyyy too long in my opinion and the ending definitely ruined it. And that last chapter at the end with Connor walking around his house? Idk that chapter ruined it all for me