Boy Toy (Man Hands, #3) by Sarina Bowen

Boy Toy (Man Hands, #3)

A brand new romantic comedy from your favorite snort-laughing duo!LiamThe moment Sadie Matthews walks through the daycare center door, I feel my world tilt in her direction. Again. I fell for her when I was fourteen, and I'm still not over her. Problem: she still thinks of me as a teen she used to babysit. But I've learned a few things about pleasing a woman in the last fifteen years. I can't wait to show her how good it could be. I need to move ...

Details Boy Toy (Man Hands, #3)

TitleBoy Toy (Man Hands, #3)
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
PublisherBlunderwoman Productions
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Humor, Funny

Reviews Boy Toy (Man Hands, #3)

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳A man with love and care towards kids, a single mother of two twins... what more can I ask for in this sexy, raw and passionate romance novel filled with laughter and joy... ➳My lack of rom-coms is always present since every time I read one, it has to just be PERFECT for me to properly enjoy it. Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby are two of the most unique authors I have read in such a long time, because no matter what type of romance they write, the ...
  • Christy
    4 stars!!! Boy Toy was a rom com for sure, but it was so much more than that! Unlike the first two books in the series, this wasn’t quite as LOL slap stick funny, but more funny, sweet, and just more. By far my favorite of this series! Sadie is a single mom putting her twin girls in daycare for the first time after some bad luck with a string of nannies. It’s a hard decision for her, but it’s what's best. At the daycare, she sees a man who ...
  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    ***Now Available***I absolutely love this author. She can totally get me with every book she writes, every trope, every character. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series so I knew I couldn’t wait to get to this one. And it definitely wasn’t a disappointment, at all. Out of the three books so far in this series, this may be my favorite. Why you ask, it features the two previous couples, and second we get Liam & Sadie. Definitely a favorite book...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Authors}I kiss her once before heading back out to the deck. She tastes like crisp wine and a hint of spice. She tastes like everything I ever wanted.BOY TOY, the third installment of the ”Man Hands” series was filled with numerous laugh out loud moments, steam, and even some heart-aching angst. The pace of the story flowed smoothly, so much that never once did I feel that I wasn’t completely e...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    ***IT'S ALIVE!!!*** Age really doesn't matter...I absolutely LOVED THIS STORY!!! It was so relatable and made me feel so connected to the characters. I blubbered like a baby at one stage. Any reader who has had kids and feels a smidge of self-consciousness from their post-baby bodies will get it. Poor hubby walked in as I was wiping the tears from my eyes. He then faced the *Do you still love me?* emotional and hormonal interrogation. I got the e...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UK3.5 StarsFull disclosure, I requested this book before there was a blurb because I've enjoyed the previous books in the series so much. So when I actually got the book and realized it was an older-woman-younger-man type of story I became really nervous about it since it's not a trope I'm too crazy about. But now that I've read it I'm actually glad that I didn't know the trope or else I might have missed out on readin...
  • ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰
    4.5 Second Chance StarsSadie is a single mum divorcee with two adorable twin 2yr old girls, Kate and Amy. After having nothing but trouble using nannies she decides to put the girls into day care. When she drops them off for their first day the man who signs them in just happens to be someone from Sadie's past who has grown into a sex god!Here's the thing, I have never been a huge fan of the older woman younger man thing in books but it didn't bo...
  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    4.5 starsBoy Toy is rom com at its finest.I barely even made it to 20% and I had already cackled, chortled and chuckled. Sadie is final member of this little sisterhood to find her HEA and the one I identified the most with. She's kind of a hippie chick, loves pillows and works in the mental health field. She's getting her life back together after her butt lick of a husband left her shortly after she gave birth to their twin daughters. Decker is ...
  • Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth
    READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG3.5 STARSI think most of my friends know by now how much I love Sarina Bowen. I've come to love Tanya Eby in equal measures. When they team up the result of their collaboration is always fabulous. Their writing style meshes so well and is so homogeneous that as a reader you don't know where one ends and the other begins. It's pretty awesome.Anyhoo...Boy Toy is the third of their laugh-out-loud, thigh-slapping series. Whi...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    5 Be Still My Heart Stars* * * * * Spoiler FreeOMG... I just needed to take a breath...This book was everything I love...You had just the right amount of humor, concern, curiosity, hope and so many Swoon-Worthy Moments....I lost count. Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby created a couple which made me disappear from my everyday life and slip into Liam's and Sadie's....We had the idea of older woman younger man...yet even though there were about six years ...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We already met Sadie in the first two books. (But you can totally read this book as a standalone though - but you should also definitely read the amazingly hilarious first 2!!)Sadie used to be married - more or less happily. Now she's a single mom to her two adorable 2-year-old twin girls Kate and Amy.Enter Liam - he's working at the day care center where Sadie has to park her girls every morning.Liam used to be madly in love with Sadie. 15 years...
  • Tara
    I loved everything about this book! It was sweet, hot and LOL funny #hiddenvalley. There’s nothing sexier than a man who loves kids, which pretty much makes Liam the sexiest book boyfriend around.
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    BOY TOY! You know, this series is so fun. RomCom isn’t my usual but this whole series is hilarious without being ridiculous, just right in the sweet spot for me.. Sadie is best friends with Brynn and Ash from the previous books in this series. They are all very different characters but seem to bring out the best in each other. Their friendship is both supportive, and galvanizing. Sadie was married in the first book and a new mom to twin girls. ...
  • Shayna
    “I’ll go home if you want me to. But I’d rather explore every inch of your body. With my tongue.” Boy Toy by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby is a laugh out loud romantic comedy that will have you blushing, swooning, and giggling in no time! Liam and Sadie were PERFECT together! I loved their flirtatious dynamic. I loved how Liam wouldn’t give up on the stubborn and beautiful single mother of adorable twin girls. My heart broke for the hit th...
  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)
    Nothing is sweeter than a single parent romance – unless you up the ante by making the single parent a mom of twin toddlers. You’d better brace yourself for cuteness overload in Boy Toy, the third standalone rom-com in the wildly entertaining Man Hands series.Sadie is raising her two-year-old twin girls alone with virtually no help from her loser ex-husband. Like many women, she’s trying to balance motherhood with a career and is left feeli...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    4.5 Second Chance StarsSadie is a single mum divorcee with two adorable twin 2yr old girls, Kate and Amy. After having nothing but trouble using nannies she decides to put the girls into day care. When she drops them off for their first day the man who signs them in just happens to be someone from Sadie's past who has grown into a sex god!Here's the thing, I have never been a huge fan of the older woman younger man thing in books but it didn't bo...
  • seton
    Genre: Rom-comRating: 4.5Adorbs.That is the only word for this bk. The hot and nerdy 29 yr old H who never got over his crush on the h when younger was adorbs. The 35 yr old therapist divorcee h was sympathetic. Her 2 yr old twins were also adorbs.Loved it!P.S. I am going to steal “He wants to put ranch dressing on your Hidden Valley” from now on. Because I'm twelve.P.P.S. I didnt read the two previous bks and it was a-okay. I will get to the...
  • JewelsyGoolsy
    3.5 stars
  • FMABookReviews
    ❝She smells like flowers. She smells like moonlight and secrets and wishes.❞ I love this duo. Bowen and Eby write as one brain, their collaboration is seamless and deceptively simple, and their stories are hilariously funny, yet tender-hearted. I am a fan for life, and pray they never stop!Liam fell in love with Sadie when she spent the summer babysitting him and his siblings. Fifteen years later when she walks into the daycare center where ...
  • Kini
    This was a quick and mostly fun read. Boy Toy was probably my favorite in the series. I love a good story about a divorcee finding love again and even better if it is with the nanny :) IN this case, the nanny is even younger than the heroine, so I was all for it.Sadie is an overworked mother of twins and her ex is basically trash. Liam is working at the child care center that Sadie's girls go to. Sadie used to be Liam's babysitter and he always h...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: August 14, 2018 Genre: Romantic Comedy Actual Rating: 4 stars Recommended Read Boy Toy is a sweet and sexy romance with laugh out loud moments and superb characters! I loved the idea behind the book and devoured it word for word. Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby make a great team when it comes to writing and I look forward to many more books the two write together. This book, while being the third in the Man Hands series, is a complete...
  • Ivy Deluca
    Sadie Matthews is picking up her twin girls from daycare, when she realizes the gorgeous man working there is none other than Liam McAllister, the boy she used to babysit when she was 20 and he was fifteen(ish). He’s grown up in the most delightful way. And yes, romance happens.I’m going to make this quick (ha! so, you know, a normal length review like everyone else), since I’ll be reviewing it for the blog, but general thoughts?The Good-Li...
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    4 Single Mama StarsMan Hands series will get you laughing out loud and put a smile on your face. What’s not to love with a single mom to two-year-old twins! I know cuteness overload. Also the Hero is five years younger than the Heroine. I don’t usually like it when the Hero is younger, but you know what? It worked for this book and five years isn’t that big of a deal.Sadie is a busy mom and is going through a divorce. She’s trying to find...
  • Liber_Lady
    ***ARC GENEROUSLY PROVIDED BY AUTHORS IN EXCHANGE OF AN HONEST REVIEW***Absolutely loved it..!! Review to come soon..!!
  • AC Book Blog (Anne Christine)
    Wowza!! Another sizzling forbidden/childhood romance you don’t want to miss. I love these two authors together. This is the third book of the Man Hand series and you will not be disappointed. Boy Toy is about Sadie and Liam. Sadie is a single mom to twin girls. The first day she brought the girls to daycare she did expect to meet their teacher, a handsome attractive young man. Right off the bat, Sadie has butterflies from a short conversation w...
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Full review can be found HERE -->*ARC provided for a voluntary honest review.* ~Sonal
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Making me laugh is no easy feat these days. I feel like romcoms are all written the same and they all struggle to keep my attention.Except this one.This is some bit of sorcery right here. Not only did it make me giggle – out loud – more than once (and in public), but I had this peculiar feeling of being excited to read the book while I was actually reading the book. This sort of breathless anticipation to see what was coming next, and a sort ...
  • bookbruin
    I absolutely LOVED this hilarious romcom! I'm *still* swooning for Liam! Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby had me laughing out loud so much that I swear I had to stop, wipe the tears from my eyes, and catch my breath a few times! Boy Toy is the 3rd book in the interconnected stand alone Man Hands series, but you don't have to read any of the other books to enjoy this one (though I HIGHLY recommend that you do since they're equally hilarious!)Liam. Sigh....
  • Jess
    Sarina Bowen, you are on fire!!! BOY TOY might just be one of my all time faves!Liam is everything. He is the perfect man. Brilliant and deep, caring and accepting. He has been in love with Sadie, who used to be his baby-sitter... (who I also adore) for fifteen-freaking-years!!! Liam’s core being has never changed. He has loved, does love, and will always love Sadie. Bowen made that perfectly clear while she pulled at all my heart strings and p...