The Accidentals by Sarina Bowen

The Accidentals

Never ask a question unless you’re sure you want the truth.I’ve been listening to my father sing for my whole life. I carry him in my pocket on my mp3 player. It’s just that we’ve never met face to face.My mother would never tell me how I came to be, or why my rock star father and I have never met. I thought it was her only secret. I was wrong. When she dies, he finally appears. Suddenly I have a first class ticket into my father’s excl...

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TitleThe Accidentals
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Music

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  • Christy
    4 stars!!! There are a few authors who I will read any book they write. Sarina Bowen is one of those authors for me. The Accidentals was different than many of the other books of hers I have read, but I loved it all the same. Rachel grew up with a single mother who was a nurse. All she knew about her father is what she read in magazines such as Spin. You see, Rachel's father is a famous rock star who she's never met. When her mother dies of can...
  • Katerina
    Contentment: (n.) A feeling of quiet happiness and satisfaction.The key word is quiet. It’s not the happiness that makes you scream until your lungs combust or tremble with the pent-up energy that has to be diffused by running and sharing this joy with the world. It’s the type of happiness that resembles those moments when you bask in the sun; listen to the melody of a violin; feel the wind rustle your hair. That’s the warm feeling that blo...
  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    Going into this book, I thought Sarina Bowen, hell yes, of course I am reading this even though I've struggled with Young Adult before, its Sarina Bowen for goodness sakes. So afterwards, I can honestly say this book is exactly what I needed, HELL YES, probably one of the most easiest books I have read this year! It’s emotional, it’s sweet, it captures you from the start and keeps you locked tight throughout. I absolutely loved this book, han...
  • Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth
    READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGOK OK. Hold the press..I have an announcement to make: This is one of the best books I've read this year. Leave it to Sarina Bowen to shatter my heart and put it back together, piece by piece. This book will stay with me for a very long time and I think it's my most favorite by this author so far. The Accidentals is not your usual YA romance. It introduces us to a set of characters who sneak into your heart. You will fal...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****FOUR STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Under the lavender sky, I feel transported to someone else’ life. As if I’ve stumbled here in a dream.I’m thinking I need to make it a point to read some more YA novels. I forgot how angsty and entertaining they can be. THE ACCIDENTALS is a story about a teenager whose world is rocked to its core when her mother dies of cancer and she comes face to face with her father for the first tim...
  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog: KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS THE ACCIDENTALS: Is a full length, by Sarina Bowen her first YA fiction debut novel. About Love, Loss and New Adventures. An accidental is a note in the piece that departs from the stated key signature. But there's nothing accidental about an accidental, in spite of it's name. The use of accidentals ads colour and depth to the music effectively allowing the composure a exp...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UKIt's not usually a good thing when I say that a story pulls readers in two different directions. Typically that would be followed by me saying the story didn't have a clear direction and that it was confusing. But I'm going to say it about The Accidentals and actually mean it in a good way. Because a huge part of this book was focused on the heroine navigating her new life with a father she's only just meeting at sev...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    ***IT'S ALIVE!!!*** I’d be happy if this book went on forever…It’s been a bloody long time since I’ve freaked out to look at the bottom of my Kindle and see 4 minutes – 99% left in my book. I really didn’t want this story to end. I was even kind of hoping that Sarina left us a little message hinting at a The Accidentals #2. I’m slightly overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted and so giddily happy that I practically ran to my study to sta...
  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)
    I am proudly sporting dark smudges and Samsonite bags under my eyes. They are the battle scars of a reader who was compelled to pull an all-nighter to read The Accidentals in one sitting. I have long been a fan of Sarina Bowen’s writing, but I think this is her best work yet. It is her first Young Adult novel and she nails it! The story is breathtakingly haunting in the most wonderful way. Even my feels have feels, and I don’t know what to do...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    4.5 starsReading this book was one of the easiest things I've ever done.The Accidentals was so much more than just a YA novel. But it was also so very different from what I came to expect form the YA trope.Sarina Bowen's first YA novel was emotional, touching in an understated way but that didn't hold back the punches.Like I mentioned before, reading this book was easy. It's the epitome of a feel good novel that should be on anyone's reading list...
  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    3.75 stars! I ended up really enjoying this book! I get apprehensive when authors known for romance decide to tackle the YA genre, because 9 times out of 10 they write a romance novel and just make the characters in their teens. I was very much impressed that Sarina Bowen gave us a true young adult novel and she did an excellent job. In fact, I would hesitate to even label this book as a romance. Yes there is a romantic storyline in it, but tha...
  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    Title: The AccidentalsSeries: StandaloneAuthor: Sarina BowenRelease date: July 10, 2018Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]I'm a big YA fan, so I was thrilled when I heard that Sarina Bowen was venturing into one of my favorite genres. She's one of my auto-read/auto-buy authors in contemporary romance, and has been for some time. What I especially loved about this book was that she really went outside of her norm by placing the f...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    5 Real Life Truths Stars* * * * * Spoiler FreeSarina Bowen has written a lot of books. She has covered so many topics and done them in ways that is relatable and with compassion. I truly believe she could tackle any type of genre or topic and make it work well. Her latest book, The Accidentals, is her first YA entry and in my opinion, she hit it out of the park. With a remarkable insight to all of the normal emotions of those years, she didn't s...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    OK! I'm gonna make this quick. I'll write 2 reviews. This first one will be short and not spoil at all. And the second one will be a bit longer - scroll past the Shouty Caps for that!THIS BOOK WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL.I'M THE BIGGEST ROCK-STAR-ROMANCE LOVER AND THIS WAS NOT REALLY A ROCK STAR ROMANCE BUT IT HAD SOME PERFECT ROCK STAR MOMENTS!I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS STORY AND NOW I'M SITTING IN FRONT OF MY TV WAITING FOR NETFLIX TO MAKE A SHOW OUT ...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.This was such a good story! I was really excited to see how Sarina Bowen would do with a Young Adult novel. Honestly, she blew me away with this story. Once I started reading this one, I didn't want to stop. I needed to know how things would work out for Rachel. I was hanging onto every word and felt like I knew this group of characters. This was one of those books that was just a joy...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    3.5 Stars!
  • Eliza
    ★5  STARS★The Accidentals is the emotionally poignant story of seventeen year old Rachel Kress, and the upheaval of her life after her mothers tragic passing. Although her father has been absent throughout her life, she’s never been in any doubt of who he is. The “he" in question is grammy nominated and multi award winning rock star, Freddy Ricks. His musical presence has been the soundtrack to her childhood, but the reality of his enig...
  • Quinn's Quippy Quotes
    Usually when I review an ARC, I take my time doing it. I review all my highlights, go over the multiple pages of notes, then I sit down the next day to write my review. Not with this book.This review is going to be a cathartic act for me. Because I have so much emotion inside me right now, and I'm dying to let them free. Sarina Bowen is a top favorite author of mine. She does gut punch like nobody's business, but when I found out that she was goi...
  • Ari
    *I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.* Having already made a name for herself in Romancelandia, Sarina Bowen is crossing genres and releasing her first YA fiction debut, The Accidentals. The Accidentals is a coming of age story about loss, love and new beginnings. Just shy a few weeks of her eighteenth birthday, Rachel Kress' life fell apart. She lost her mother, met her estranged father for t...
  • Talia (Red Hot Ink)
    This book was a toough one. I got into it blind, since I love the author, but with a general idea of what the YA genre implied. I was expecting a cute coming of age story, but this book was way heavier than that. I am not saying it in a negative way. I liked how this book played my heart strings. It was intense, and Bowen did a great job letting the characters' actions speak louder than internal monologues ever could. That being said, I did found...
  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    “Have you found what you were looking for here?”Have I? I still don’t know…”I’m working on it,” I say. The Accidentals is a wonderfully emotional YA from Sarina Bowen, one of our much-loved Authors. A coming of age story where a seventeen year old girl is facing a tragedy whilst at the same time having to face a confusing and much-needed confrontation with the past thereby exposing vulnerability and her childlike need for love and a...
  • *The Angry Reader*
    ***ARC received for an honest review***”Music has always been my drug of choice.”We all know Sarina Bowen is my drug of choice. And that I’m a total bitch about YA books. Common sense would dictate that maybe I hesitate when I hear SB has written her first YA. What if I hate it? What if it ruins (the completely one-sided) love affair we’ve got goin on? When you put your heart out there it can get stomped. But I’m glad I took this risk. ...
  • ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    Sarina Bowen’s first YA novel left me on a high note! Throughout the story, Rachel, a shy eighteen years young woman grew on me. Her life has drastically changed when her mother died. Never knowing her famous rockstar dad is her tragedy. Alone and with no one left, Frederic finally does the right thing by taking care of her daughter. I’m not a YA reader but for Sarina I was willing to try because I lover her writing, how she put her story tog...
  • Meg
    I'm not sure where to start with this book. There were so many facets to it, and so much to admire. First of all, I enjoy Sarina Bowens' other books. She has a way of roping in a reader on page one and keeping you tied up until the last page. Both nuanced and immersive, her contemporary YA debut sparkles just as brightly.The Accidentals begins with Rachel, a teen who has just lost her mother, and without family to take her, she's put in the custo...
  • Grace
    4.25 starsThis story follows the common themes in the Young Adult genre, discovering one's self, taking chances and finding a path for the future. Within those themes is the more emotional theme of finding love and acceptance from the man who ignored the heroine for seventeen years, yes 17.Rachel Kress grew up raised by a single parent, all the while knowing her Dad was living the good life as a popular rock star. And despite never meeting the ma...
  • Janine Ballard
    4.2 starsIt’s the summer before senior year and seventeen-year-old Rachel Kress should be concentrating on grades, friends, and having fun. Instead, Rachel is grieving for her mom.Rachel’s mother never spoke of her father at all. Rachel was in third grade when she realized that the man who sent the child support checks must be Frederick Richards, aka Freddy Ricks, whose songs caused her mom to turn off the radio. Rachel has long been her fath...
  • bookbruin
    This was such a heartfelt and poignant coming of age story. It packs a huge emotional punch and I didn't want it to end. This is Sarina Bowen's first YA novel and I hope this is the start of many more to come.The Accidentals is such a relatable story. The situations and challenges may not be the same, but the emotions and feelings will resonate with readers. Haven't we all felt lost and confused? Angry and overwhelmed? Wanting all the answers, bu...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Oof. This book packed a punch, and not exactly in the way I expected it to. If you're familiar with Sarina Bowen's writing, you'll be happy to know that the compelling storytelling and engaging writing style is present here. The Accidentals was an easy book to fall into, and it kept me hooked throughout its entirety. What's a little different here is that, while there is a romance in this story, it's not the main focus. The real star of the show ...