Superman, Vol. 7 by Peter J. Tomasi

Superman, Vol. 7

We know all about Bizarro, but what about Boyzarro? Superboy meets his opposite, the son of the Man of Steel's most peculiar rival, Bizarro, in the conclusion to Peter J. Tomasi's incredible Superman run.It's a bizarre, Boyzarro world--and we just live in it! When Superboy comes face-to-face with Boyzarro, the Son of Bizarro, a strange transformation begins to take place. But that's not all that the Kents have knocking on their door! Superman ver...

Details Superman, Vol. 7

TitleSuperman, Vol. 7
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Graphic Novels, Superman, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews Superman, Vol. 7

  • Wing Kee
    Unique and brave.World: The art is a bit all over the place. When Tomasi is drawing it’s gorgeous when he’s not it’s not so good. Especially the last issue of Bizarroverse where you see the art on some panels just being scribbles cause they ran out of time. The world building here is interesting, it’s the end of the Tomasi/Gleason run and the final issue does give us a farewell to Hamilton where this Superman and this family first started...
  • Norman Cook
    This is a bit of a mild mannered conclusion to the Rebirth run of Superman. But it's actually typical of most of this run. Tomasi and Gleason have focused on Superman's family life and showing Superman being a good dad, rather than fighting the unstoppable alien of the week. Bizarro is a difficult character to write convincingly, and they basically just put the word "not" in front of every word to indicate Bizarro's mirrorness. The original Bizar...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason return to bring their seminal Rebirth Superman run to a close, and they’re bringing the Bizarros with them. When Bizarroboy arrives in our universe, his father isn’t far behind him, and our two worlds collide in ways even Superman couldn’t conceive of. Then it’s time to say goodbye to Hamilton as the Kents move to Metropolis full time, but there are a few unresolved issues that need ...
  • Sarah
    I love the family themes with the Kent family. I love Bizarro. So... yeah, I loved this graphic. If I had one complaint, it's that trying to keep up with the Bizarro speak was a little (okay, A LOT) confusing, but that's kind of expected whenever you have a story arc with that character. A part from that, though, the family themes in this one practically leapt off the pages. The title of one of the issues--"Truth. Justice. Family."--is the exact ...
  • M
    Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi jump into the Bizarroverse with the seventh volume of Superman. The collection opens with Action Comics 1000, which utilizes Hypertime and Vandal Savage as excuses for gorgeous splash pages of Superman across the years. The main storyline deals with Superboy accidentally making a long-distance connection to his own Bizarro counterpart. The feedback transports Bizarroboy to Earth, causing classic confusion and m...
  • Angelo
    Peter Tomasi's fantastic run on Superman unfortunately ends here and we're left trading down with Bendis and his trunks fetish. Bizarro and the like where never my favourite aspect, but between here and the other Bizarro in Red Hood & The Outlaws, the concept has been given a strong reinvention, with Tomasi's stuff especially having a real sense of poignancy and ultimately showing how tragic it is to be one of those things. Eager to check out Tom...
  • Sesana
    I hate Bizarro comics, and I especially hate trying to read Bizarro dialog. Still, Tomasi deserves a lot of credit for tackling an ambitious story, for largely keeping the correct Bizarro syntax, and for actually making an emotionally effective story with one of my most disliked comic characters. That aside, there's a decent anniversary story for Action Comic's 1000 issue, a nicely sentimental story about the Kent family leaving their small town ...
  • Kat
    Basic Plot: Bizarro World is falling apart, so Superman and son (and a few others) are called to help deal with it.The Bizarro story was odd and a bit disjointed, even for a Bizarro story. All the backwards talk makes for difficult reading in the first place, and a jumpy plot doesnt help there. The one shot dealing with the Kents selling their old house was well done, as were the shorts in the Special issue.
  • Michael
    Tomasi and Gleason wrap up their run as they spent most of it, focusing on the Kents as a family. Their tack is the right balance of action and sweetness, the art's very good mostly, but the Bizarro arc is too messy and too long to quite work. And Bizarro-speak remains more aggravating than entertaining.
  • Lizz
    Three issues of reading Bizzaro-speak is exhausting, honestly, which is why this got 3 stars instead of 4. I love all the Kent family stuff, as always - it’s my favorite part of this whole run, frankly, and I’m pretty sure I mention it in every review - and I was glad to see Clark and Jon head back to Dinosaur Island. A fun read, and a nice book to hit my GoodReads goal on.
  • B
    Bizarro is usually a fun character. I'm not sure I'm into Bizarro, abusive father.All the additional Bizarros -- I'm not sure they're consistent -- especially not Robzarro. There were some high points here, but I think there simply wasn't a need to do all of this to create a second Jon.
  • Heather
    The backwards speak of Bizzaro World is so much fun!
  • Iris Nevers
    (Read in single issues) Me Iris and me hate this comic.
  • Victor Ahumada
    Buena, bien desarrollada. No entiendo porqué cortaron la serie Rebirth, tiene buenas historias y dibujos correctos.
  • Jamie Sigal
    I was all prepared to give this three stars, but the Losers wrap-up at the end bumped it up.
  • Shawn
    Knocked off a star for the baffling and obnoxious Bizarro storyline, but Tomasi and Gleason's final issue is one of the best in Superman's history.
  • José
    20/100.Horrible. Qué poco me ha gustado la etapa de Tomasi frente a Superman. Espero que la de Bendis sea mil veces mejor, por favor.
  • Emmanuel Nevers
    Tomasi's final outing with the man of steel and it was amazing! Also a nice throwback to issue 7!