To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1) by Amanda Lovelace

To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)

"What happens when the man of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare with sharp teeth and claws?"Winner of the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Poetry, amanda lovelace presents her new illustrated duology, “things that h(a)unt.” In this first installment, to make monsters out of girls, lovelace explores the memory of being in an abusive relationship. She poses the eternal question: Can you heal once you’ve been marked by a monster, or ...

Details To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)

TitleTo Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenrePoetry, Feminism

Reviews To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)

  • Dannii Elle
    This is the third of Amanda Lovelace's anthologies that I have read and I am convinced that she is incapable of ever penning a badly phrased or unstructured thought. Like her other two collections, there is an extraordinary amount of personal pain relayed to the reader as this opens up the details of poet's own past. It takes such bravery to be as raw and honest as Lovelace is and every reader has much to gain from this soul laid bare in literary...
  • Cyrus Parker
    I first read this when Amanda published it on Wattpad a couple of years ago as a thank you to her readers for supporting her debut, the princess saves herself in this one, and even then, I knew this was something special. Now, it has been revised, expanded upon, and given a new life with accompanying artwork, and I'm so very excited to see it put back out in the world. This is definitely a contender for my personal favorite Amanda Lovelace book, ...
  • Liv (Stories For Coffee)
    ACTUAL RATING: 4.5 STARSIf you’re going through a break up or have been through one, you must read this collection of poetry. This collection has the power to help people heal from the wounds others have caused, and it also can nudge others to stand up for themselves when they are treated wrongly. I’m so proud of Amanda for speaking out about her past and her relationships, and I know it will help people feel seen in ways they have never felt...
  • Azrah
    the monster made himselfanother monsterbecause he couldn’t standbeing a monsterall byhimself.- & yet that weight grows heavier still.This collection of poems is about being in a relationship with someone you know is bad for you and realising you deserve better and finding that someone who will help you grow. These poems were all so beautiful. The third part of poetry in this book is called sun-heart, it is about Amanda's spouse Cyrus Parker wh...
  • Julia Sapphire
  • Chelsea
    I feel weird rating a book of personal poetry because I feel like I’m 3 starring this girl’s love life...But I didn’t connect to this collection as much as her others, though I still tabbed and bookmarked a few stellar poems.
  • Gelisvb
    Amanda, please, stop milking the dead cow! This is the third book and I am starting to feel bad for your husband.Can you please start talking about how the princess saved herself and moved on for good? Because it does feel like the princess keeps talking about self awareness but made the new prince do all the heavy lifting while she thinks about her ex.Dear girl, please stop waiting for men to make you happy and change therapist.By this point I w...
  • Rian *fire and books*
    The pain, the agony, they’re all there, on each page, ready to be read, by the right person. You. Read when you’re ready to move on. Read when you’re ready to accept you’re toxic too. Read when you need to know you’re not alone. Thank you again Amanda.
  • Mortisha Cassavetes
    This book reminded me of a person that I know and how she felt and dealt with a man she was in an unhealthy relationship with. There is no way to rate or judge someone's life and what they went through but I was glad I got to read the emotions that went into the words in this book. This book is a poetry book about growing past an unhealthy relationship and moving on, finding yourself again. I highly recommend this book to everyone. You may not be...
  • Antonia
    "either take everything i have or drop it all & walk away. both are no longer an option i'm allowing. you see, it's not exactly in this girl's nature to be torn in two."2,5 stars.I feel pretty horrible for rating a poetry book about an abusive relationship less than 3 stars but these just didn't touch me at all. I liked maybe 3 of the 150 poems and that's just not enough for me. Just not my cup of tea.
  • Robin Bonne
    A powerful and moving poem. 5/5
  • Ekene
    9/24/18:So I reread the collection and took my time with it, finding that I enjoy it more than I did the first time around. However I still wished there was more. The title, To Make Monsters Out of Girls, made me think it would be a twisted fairytale. Like Red Riding Hood being taken in by the Big Bad Wolf and seeing her grow from a frail, delicate girl into a fierce huntress with claws and teeth. But it was still good. Original review-9/18/18Am ...
  • Azbaqiyah
    Plot - 🌟🌟🌟Character - 🌟🌟🌟World Building - 🌟🌟🌟Writing Style - 🌟🌟🌟🌟Cover - 🌟🌟🌟🌟Art - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Overall Rating - 3.7 🌟 / 5 🌟
  • Hizatul Akmah
    i.... failed to relate with this one. maybe it's just me though.
  • Kate ♡
    4.5I wish this was longer!
  • .Louise.☽
    My review available here:
  • Jessica Ciarcz
    I think this just became my favorite poetry collection by Amanda. Her writing has been extremely important to me, ever since she self-published Princess!This one just really, really spoke to me though. It was raw and hard-hitting. I felt each and every word hit me. There isn't much more I can say about her writing that I haven't already said in my reviews of her other poetry collections. Just go read them- all of them. You won't regret it.
  • Andreea Diana
    a very beautiful book about healing 💕
  • Lesseth Monteith
    This just wasn’t for me 🤷🏻♀ This just wasn’t for me 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Luna Margo Valentine
    as usual like all of amanda lovelace's work this book was fantastic. worth the wait and worth the read. (team jess!!!). so beautiful and so deep and so dark and so enlightening and so riveting.
  • Clinton Read
    Amanda just has a way with words that just simply hit home in a way I don't think anyone, but her would truly understand. She truly captures the feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, and depression better then anyone I have ever seen. I def want everything she has ever/ will ever write! I love her!
  • Amanda Butler
    A collection of beautiful, raw poems that cover the themes of toxicity (of the self and others) and the healing that comes after. The author’s personal experiences are wonderfully intertwined with metaphors of various fairytale monsters.
  • Jess
    The last section is so uplifting, raw and beautiful.
  • Stephanie Gillespie
    “Darling, you are worthy.”This is Amanda’s newest poetry collection, and I swear her writing just keeps getting better. This book is about moving on from unhealthy relationships and healing. Her words are beautiful and so powerful. I think this is my favourite if her books.
  • Jennifer
    “... & this/ this is how/ i will finally bury you.- it’s much too late to repent, sweetheart”Amanda Lovelace is a gift and I love every word she writes.
  • Kirsten Tattersall
    Amanda Lovelace never ceases to amaze me with her poetry.
  • Soraia Ferreira
    I really like the format of Amanda’s books, I just don’t really relate to the topic on this one. Still lovely thou, a very fast read
  • jenice
  • Elen