To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1) by Amanda Lovelace

To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)

"What happens when the man of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare with sharp teeth and claws?"Winner of the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Poetry, amanda lovelace presents her new illustrated duology, “things that h(a)unt.” In this first installment, to make monsters out of girls, lovelace explores the memory of being in an abusive relationship. She poses the eternal question: Can you heal once you’ve been marked by a monster, or ...

Details To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)

TitleTo Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenrePoetry, Nonfiction, Feminism

Reviews To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt, #1)

  • Liv (Stories For Coffee)
    ACTUAL RATING: 4.5 STARSIf you’re going through a break up or have been through one, you must read this collection of poetry. This collection has the power to help people heal from the wounds others have caused, and it also can nudge others to stand up for themselves when they are treated wrongly. I’m so proud of Amanda for speaking out about her past and her relationships, and I know it will help people feel seen in ways they have never felt...
  • Julia Sapphire
  • Cyrus Parker
    I first read this when Amanda published it on Wattpad a couple of years ago as a thank you to her readers for supporting her debut, the princess saves herself in this one, and even then, I knew this was something special. Now, it has been revised, expanded upon, and given a new life with accompanying artwork, and I'm so very excited to see it put back out in the world. This is definitely a contender for my personal favorite Amanda Lovelace book, ...
  • Mortisha Cassavetes
    This book reminded me of a person that I know and how she felt and dealt with a man she was in an unhealthy relationship with. There is no way to rate or judge someone's life and what they went through but I was glad I got to read the emotions that went into the words in this book. This book is a poetry book about growing past an unhealthy relationship and moving on, finding yourself again. I highly recommend this book to everyone. You may not be...
  • Rian *fire and blood*
    The pain, the agony, they’re all there, on each page, ready to be read, by the right person. You. Read when you’re ready to move on. Read when you’re ready to accept you’re toxic too. Read when you need to know you’re not alone. Thank you again Amanda.
  • Ekene
    Am I the only person who has to think carefully instead of immediately slapping on an automatic 5-stars for the newest work done by your favs? I had to think carefully. I love Amanda Lovelace. She is one of my favorite modern poets, and considering the fact I usually don't care much for poetry, that says plenty but I love hers. But this one....I feel like I was so enchanted and in love with the 1st book, I will forever be comparing every book aft...
  • Jessica Ciarcz
    I think this just became my favorite poetry collection by Amanda. Her writing has been extremely important to me, ever since she self-published Princess!This one just really, really spoke to me though. It was raw and hard-hitting. I felt each and every word hit me. There isn't much more I can say about her writing that I haven't already said in my reviews of her other poetry collections. Just go read them- all of them. You won't regret it.
  • Amanda Butler
    A collection of beautiful, raw poems that cover the themes of toxicity (of the self and others) and the healing that comes after. The author’s personal experiences are wonderfully intertwined with metaphors of various fairytale monsters.
  • Luna Margo Valentine
    as usual like all of amanda lovelace's work this book was fantastic. worth the wait and worth the read. (team jess!!!). so beautiful and so deep and so dark and so enlightening and so riveting.
  • Brandi
    4.5* , this wasn’t as moving for me as some of her other books. But something tells me that I’m the future I will need this book and it will perhaps help me save myself (just a prediction). Amanda is so talented and even tho like I said, this didn’t move me the same as her other works I can still recognize she’s so so so talented and this was another piece of her heart, soul and past put into a book ❤ 4.5* , this wasn’t as moving fo...
  • Brandon Forsyth
    This one didn't hit as hard for me as her previous two books, but it's a deeply personal book and therefore maybe a little less universal in that regard.
  • Meghan
    This is another spellbinding collection of Amanda Lovelace's poetry. She takes on a journey through a toxic relationship, the heartbreak and self-loathing that come with such, and then the breakthrough, healing, and subsequent true love. She and her hubby obviously have a really special relationship and history. As always, her words sink right down into my heart and I recognize the story as my own. It doesn't have to actually be my story, but the...
  • Stephanie Grosse
    3.5/5 from mePersonally I think this is a step up from the last series (the princess saves herself in this one, the witch doesn't burn in this one). The quality of the content was definitely better however it didn't steer away from the usual repetitiveness of Lovelace. As for the publishing itself, the paper used is that glossy paper that you would often find in textbooks. I know this is super picky of me but I just hated the feeling of the paper...
  • Amanda
    This is another great collection from this author. I loved a lot of the poetry/prose, very short yet has a high impact emotionally. Here's some of my favorites:"tell me-are youbreaking herlikeyou broke me, or am i just thatspecial?""the monstermade himselfanother monsterbecause hecouldn't standbeing a monsterall byhimself.- & yet that weight grows heavier still.""don't trustanyonewith a cross hangingfromtheir neck& hate buriedinside their chest.-...
  • Summer (buttermybooks)
    “With this hauntingly poignant and provocative collection, amanda lovelace has once again cemented her place as one of the top poets of our time. Shaking off old memories of heartbreak and love gone wrong, lovelace is showing young women how to arm themselves against the pain of past relationships. Never have I felt a more unshakable sense of warmth and empowerment than while reading this book. monsters has burrowed under my skin and made its h...
  • C
    SO GOOD. I got through it more quickly than I get through some other books lately, but that's because Amanda's writing is so easy to read. I could definitely feel the pain she must have gone through while writing some of the poems because she made it so easy to feel connected to her while reading it. I mean, I didn't *plan* on crying before bed last night, but that's what ended up happening, since I read all three of her current books in a row...
  • Kait
    My 3 Stars are for the 3 poems that I liked and the fact that the writing is not bad. I actually really enjoy her style of writing, the subject matter just wasn’t for me. I’ve realized I personally just need to stop trying to read poetry, because I can’t find anything as good as Poe. So to sum up, Amanda Lovelace is a great poet and if love and relationships are your cup of tea then pick this up. Personally it’s just not for me, but that...
  • Bridget Conway
    Though there were some poems that felt derivative and unoriginal, there were many more that packed a significant and raw emotional punch. Overall, it is clear that Lovelace poured her heart into the creation of this collection and, in the process, was able to continue healing past wounds-- something that may assist readers who have experienced similar romantic hardships to begin or continue with their own healing processes. And for that, "To Make...
  • Shannon O'Connor
    Wow. Amazed once again by Lovelace’s beautiful writing. Heartbreaking. Many of the poems deal with abuse. As someone who has lived an abusive relationship, it was very relatable and beautiful to see how she took her abuse and grew from it. Her poems after meeting her spouse are beautiful, the way he changes her writing to something positive and full of light is amazing. You can feel the love and purity of her new relationship in the way she wri...
  • Ashley Elliott
    I couldn’t really connect with this poetry collection like I have Lovelace’s other ones. Princess is my favorite out of all poetry books and this one mainly focuses on one relationship and all the poems ran together. It’s good, the illustrations are great and the outside is beautiful I just wasn’t thrilled with the inside.
  • W. Scott
    Just bought this amazing work today. Already loving every bit of it. Amanda's use of metaphors, past love and relationships as monsters and nightmares, are enthralling. She knows how to grab your attention and take you on a haunting and wonderful journey. I would not expect anything less from this fantastic writer.
  • Amber
    Gorgeous. I really like how some of her poems have "parts".
  • Jessie Jones Wilbanks
    Beautifully written and arranged. I love each and every verse, and the illustrations are just icing on the cake. I love cake, and I loved this book. I will read and reread again and again.
  • Renee M. P. T. Kray
    I thought that this was Lovelace's best collection to date. It felt more honest, more focused, and more polished than her previous ones.
  • Jess
    Deeply personal, always relatable. Thank you, amanda.Goodreads 2018: 63/100Free Choice 2018: 16/36
  • Stassie
    meh just okay i liked the princess saves herself in this one way better. all the others have been downhill for me but i do like this one more than witch blahblah
  • Katie
    I’m saving this for a middle school heart break recommendation. Love her other two more, but still found it lovely.
  • Johanne