Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels

Upgrade Soul

For their 45th anniversary, Hank and Molly Nonnar decide to undergo an experimental rejuvenation procedure, but their hopes for youth are dashed when the couple is faced with the results: severely disfigured yet intellectually and physically superior duplicates of themselves. Can the original Hank and Molly coexist in the same world as their clones? In Upgrade Soul, McDuffie Award-winning creator Ezra Claytan Daniels asks probing questions about ...

Details Upgrade Soul

TitleUpgrade Soul
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherLion Forge
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Science Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Upgrade Soul

  • Jane
    Updated (Sept. 19/18) Apparently this book has now been optioned to be turned into a film. I would definitely check that out -- I think it's likely that the things I found confusing could be better explained in a film version.Upgrade Soul has an interesting premise: an elderly couple decide to undergo an experimental treatment but it goes very wrong, leaving them disfigured and questioning whether they made the right decision.I'm not entirely sur...
  • Ana
    Upgrade Soul is a thought-provoking take on risky ‘medical’ experimenting, on being your ‘best,’ strongest self, and the search for eternal youth via some key ethical issues in a way that I haven’t seen done before. For someone who studies identity, selfhood, and the comics medium, this graphic novel was nothing short of impressive. Molly and Hank. Manuela and Henry. Originals and clones, more different than they are alike. The afterma...
  • Laura
    What is life? What is a soul? What is a clone?All of these questions and more are asked in this book about a couple trying to gain another go-round on the wheel of life, by having their souls put into new bodies, that in theory, will be better, younger, and stronger than their current ones.However, it doesn't quite work out that way.Not only do their new bodies not grow the way they are supposed to, but their old bodies are still alive and kickin...
  • Barbara (The Bibliophage)
    Ezra Claytan Daniels is both author and illustrator of the new graphic novel, Upgrade Soul. In it, Hank and Molly decide to undergo an experimental procedure to regain their youth.Daniels tells how this long-married couple makes such a momentous decision. He shows what kind of people they are, and also how they came to have the money to invest in such a thing. To do so, he uses both present-day images and flashbacks.As you might imagine, the proc...
  • Samantha Colwell
    This is, without a doubt, the best graphic novel I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It was sharp, intelligent, horrifying and graphic. The phrase "I couldn't put it down" hardly does it justice. I'm a sucker for any media which doesn't pander to an audience; books that presume the audience is intelligent, rather than treating us like spoon to mouth consumers. Ruminating on the implications of Daniels work is going to be my favorite part of fi...
  • Melanie (Perpetually Reading)
    Daniel's graphic novel, "Upgrade Soul" uses beautiful graphics and dialogue to create an engaging story that's hard not to talk about. This story features an elderly couple, Molly and Hank, who undergo a advanced, untested procedure to get new, younger bodies. However, they soon learn that the whole operation is not what it seems. It begs the question, if our consciousness was a collection of our thoughts, memories, and experiences, can we just "...
  • Diane Hernandez
    Upgrade Soul is a thought-provoking new graphic novel about the nature of humanity and the dangers of technology.Hank and Molly are rich and elderly. They decide to do an experimental medical treatment that promises to make them young and healthy again. Problems occur. Ethical questions arise. What does it mean to be human? Is it the mind or the body that defines humanity? What is the impact of the changes brought on by aging? The unexpected turn...
  • Rebecca
    Poised somewhere between science fiction and horror, this is a terrific graphic novel about an interracial elderly couple – Molly, a research scientist, and Hank, who longs to revive his father’s comic book series featuring a black hero, Slane – who offer themselves up as benefactors and guinea pigs for an experimental procedure to upload their memories to physically improved clones. Things go awry, of course, forcing everyone involved to r...
  • Kathrin
    This book was provided to me by NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors. All opinions are my own. Pub Date 18th Sep 2018.A cell rejuvenation experiment has unanticipated consequences and leaves us with quite a moral dilemma. Too be honest, the art work here was not very appealing to me, but I thought the premises of the story was really innovative and smart. Especially the different behavior of the two clones relative to their originals was very ...
  • Katherine
    Upgrade Soul is a thought-provoking and delightfully disturbing graphic novel. As someone who considers themselves a science fiction layman, I'm always on the lookout for unique premises to grab my attention. This dark story did just that, and more. Elderly couple Hank and Molly opt to participate in an experimental treatment that promises renewed youth and health. There's no going back, but what could go wrong? Lots of things, it turns out! Upgr...
  • Melinda
    I struggled to really get into this graphic novel and I feared that my reading slump would hit again but once I got past chapter 5 or so, I didn't want to put the book down! I am really fascinated about all the dilemmas that are brought up in this story and i will definitely be thinking about them for a while. I really am fascinated by how the characters and their clones interacted and how their personalities were showcased.I definitely plan to r...
  • Mary
    This is a quick, yet important read. It follows the decision between an aging couple to clone themselves into their younger counterparts. The problem is that the cloning goes wrong. The clones do not get to the age that the couple wanted. Instead, they end up horrifically disfigured, but still with the majority of the memories of the original couple. The two sets of couples find each other and begin to interact, against the advice of the doctor. ...
  • Stephanie
    Bizarre in an existential crisis sort of way. I love the concept, the main characters (Both Hank and Molly and Henry and Manuela) are incredibly complex and well developed, as it were. The only drawback was the nonlinear timeline-- the frequent flashbacks to different points in time were a bit confusing, and sometimes jarring. I think I would have been completely lost if I had read this across more than two sittings. The art is excellent, and fit...
  • Marianna
    I enjoyed the coloring but not the traits of the drawings. The story is OK but nothing original and nothing I didn't really like, it didn't grab my attention. Besides, it's super sad, and I don't really want sadness in my life at the moment.Not my cup of tea.
  • Peter
    This hooked me until I finished it. A brilliant story that raises important questions and clothes them in characters you’ll never forget.
  • Elaine
    Thank you to NetGalley for a Kindle ARC of Upgrade Soul. I was excited to receive an early copy because the premise was so fascinating, a timely topic with a creepy twist in our vanity obsessed society. ** Minor spoilers ahead ** Hank and Molly Nonnar have been happily married for 45 years. As an anniversary present, they decide to undergo an experimental rejuvenation procedure that will enhance their longevity, intelligence, and physical prowes...
  • Dominic
    There have been countless in science fiction using advances in cloning technology to ask questions about human identity. Science fiction has also used different forms of humanoids or aliens to explore race and racial identity. Upgrade Soul merges these two with a unique take on this subgenere of science fiction. The author, Ezra Claytan Daniels, won the Dwayne McDuffie Award for diverse representation in the comics medium.The book starts with Ha...
  • Emmy
    I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. So, perhaps I'll comment on the stuff that I liked first. The artwork was excellent, and the pacing was nice and suspenseful. But, I did have some issues with the story itself.So, elderly couple Molly and Hank decide to fund a risky experimental procedure that's supposed to make you younger, stronger, and smarter than before, on the caveat that they can be the first human test subjects. What their d...
  • David Edmonds
    To be honest, I'm not sure exactly how I feel about Ezra Claytan Daniels' Upgrade Soul; on the one hand it's a brilliant, challenging, and dark cautionary tale about the dangers of immorality in science, and on the other it's a slow and sometimes confusing study of individuality and what makes a person a person, the body, soul, or mind. I think some could categorize this as a science fiction story, while others could see it as horror; it does mee...
  • Elizabeth
    Upgrade Soul is a book that reminds me of lots of different books I've read, but it's like nothing I've read at the same time. Molly and Hank are an elderly couple who go through an experimental anti-aging process. Hank is enthusiastic, having invested money in the company performing the procedures, while Molly needs some convincing, but eventually agrees. The procedure does not go as planned, and soon they are faced with Manuela and Henry, blob ...
  • Arden Belrose
    3.5/5 starsI liked the topics dealt in this graphic novel. Lots of questions on morality, immortality, cloning, disfigurement, identity and the fight for racism. Now that I put it like that I'm a bit awed as to how Ezra Daniels managed to include all of those themes and still tell a story. It's a tragic story with a bittersweet ending. (view spoiler)[Some things are resolved but some actions go unpunished. (hide spoiler)] I didn't take to the fon...
  • Wayne McCoy
    'Upgrade Soul' by Ezra Claytan Daniels is a wild ride of a graphic novel. It also manages to address some interesting issues along the way like identity, aging, and what makes us human.Hank and Molly Nonnar are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Hank buys them an unusual present. A chance to be on the ground floor for a medical procedure that could rejuvenate them and extend their lives. What happens instead is that they wake up in hideo...
  • Laura Newsholme
    I thought this was a really thoughtful exploration of what it means to be you, the realities of getting old and the importance of family. It tells the story of Molly and Hank, an ageing couple who opt to undergo a revolutionary procedure to 'upgrade' their bodies to gain extra years of life and youth. The ramifications of this decision are wide-reaching and incredibly well explored through the novel, which follows the couple as they come to terms...
  • Theediscerning
    A really impactful, sensitive and intelligent sci-fi drama. Two elderly people, long married but with regrets about what might have been, sign up for an exclusive, secretive and illegal science experiment, where cell regeneration technologies are supposed to make them fitter/happier than ever. What comes out the other end is not quite as anyone hoped – and certainly not what the 'mad scientist' type (for want of a better phrase) seeking remedia...
  • Sean Kottke
    It's the classic Philosophy 101 epistemological thought experiment on identity rendered in graphica: if you were found to be a clone, with access to the full memory bank and phenomenological experience of another, who would you be? You? The original? Must identity be considered the sole province of an individual? The Doppelganger Syndrome explored here as a result of a botched experiment to achieve total transmigration of the soul into a fresh bo...
  • Hectaizani
    Everyone ages, but one elderly couple learns of an experimental procedure that could restore their youth. A massive donation secures them the right to be the human test subjects. Naturally, there is a problem and the results are wildly different from what they expected. Instead of their physical bodies being rejuvenated they end up with cloned copies. Cloned copies that were halted early in the developmental process so they are unfinished and dis...
  • Kristine
    Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read in mid-July.Molly Nonnar and her husband Hank choose to undergo an intensive medical procedure under the banner of the Upgrade Cell Project in order to reset their genetic/molecular makeup to work at a prime, optimal, more youthful level. Prior to this, they are somewhat elderly, highly intelligent, sardonic, really into experimental biology, and brought on as the pr...
  • Elia
    Everyone's positive reviews for this had me very hopeful but I just couldn't get into it. The premise is pretty cool - an elderly couple signs on for an experimental treatment that promises to send them back to their youth, only better - they will be healthier, stronger, wiser and just BETTER than they were before in every way. Of course that's not what actually happens - they end up essentially split in two: one version of them old and on the ve...
  • Erik Carl son
    Upgrade Soul is a reminder that the comic medium doesn’t have to be pigeon-holed into the ‘fun’ or ‘adventure’ or even ‘painful real life story’ mold. It’s a science fiction tale along the lines of Bradbury, Sturgeon, and even Ellison.It’s a dark tale of who we are and what makes us tick. It’s an examination of the subtle darkness inside us and the inadvertently terrible things people do in the spirit of improvement. Overall, ...
  • Sara Thompson
    Honestly, I'm not sure I liked this one or not. The book as a whole is okay. The animation is decent and colorful. The characters are distinct enough that I didn't feel confused as to who was who.What has me torn is the theme of this story. It's not bad, I should clarify. It's hard to like something with such a powerful message when the truth is painful. Upgrade Soul explores our use of science to change our existence. We want to live longer, be ...