Unfit to Print by K.J. Charles

Unfit to Print

When crusading lawyer Vikram Pandey sets out in search of a missing youth, his investigations take him to Holywell Street, London’s most notorious address. He expects to find a disgraceful array of sordid bookshops. He doesn’t expect one of them to be run by the long-lost friend whose disappearance and presumed death he’s been mourning for thirteen years. Gil Lawless became a Holywell Street bookseller for his own reasons, and he’s damned...

Details Unfit to Print

TitleUnfit to Print
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
PublisherKJC Books
GenreHistorical, Romance, M M Romance, Historical Fiction, Novella, Lgbt

Reviews Unfit to Print

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    In a nutshell: brilliant writing as per usual for K.J. Charles, a second-chance romance, and a rather interesting mystery culminating in a HFN. I love diversity in romance novels and was happy to read about two MCs who weren't cookie-cutter white boys.I wanted more closure, but the story was well rounded for a novella. My rating: closer to 3.5 stars; not my favorite work of this author's by a long shot, but a fairly satisfying read.
  • Moony Eliver
    4.5 stars. I’ve read an embarrassment of riches lately, an average rating much higher than my norm. But this one had something that the others didn’t, at least not to this degree. It made me outright cackle dozens of times in its short length.A damn lot of skill and intelligence goes into writing humorously like this. Not like a stand-up comedy type thing, but rather... exposition and inner monologue presented in a way that makes you chuckle....
  • Kate
    ”You’ve really got a problem with the pictures?” “Of course I do,” Vikram snapped. “They’re illegal, immoral, and obscene.” “Right, but what’s bad about them?” This novella is, to borrow a phrase from the vernacular, supes adorbs. Vikram is a repressed, do-gooding solicitor; Gil is a seller and author of dirty books who’s never met a diem he didn’t carpe. They haven’t seen each other for years, until (very movie traile...
  • Roxana-Mălina Chirilă
    Unfortunately, Victorian pornography wasn't covered in our university's curriculum, something which I consider to be a bit of a letdown. On the other hand, it didn't cover pulps, Sherlock Holmes, or Mayhew's "London Labour and the London Poor", either, so I consider my education to be comprehensively disappointing, especially since I'm a geek and I want to know *everything*, please.I guess that's part of the reason I'm so excited whenever I read ...
  • Kaje Harper
    This book gives us a different slice of historical context -Gil is getting by as a smut-purveyor in the porn industry of 1875 London (books and photos, although only books have been his wares), and Vik is a crusading lawyer who fights for underdogs, particularly Indian servants who have been done wrong. That Vik is a POC character in a very color-conscious society also adds a lot of interest, although racism is a side note not the main focus. As ...
  • Lost in a Book
    3.5maybeish? starsThis was a just for fun read with my buddy (one of these days we are gonna get it together) Adam. I'm not going to write up a full review on this one. My love for KJC writes isn't a secret. This isn't my favorite book in her catalog but it holds many of the elements I love about how she writes a historical M/M romance. Unfortunately, this one dragged for the first 1/3 and then the last 1/3 seemed too rushed. But man, the middle ...
  • Ami
    When Lawyer Vikram Pandey went to Holywell Street -- known as the centre for the sale of pornography in Victorian London -- in attempt to find information about a missing Indian teenager, he never thought that he would reconnect with his childhood best friend, Gilbert Lawless, who now an owner of book store with obscene publications. Vikram always presumed that Gil passed away, after he was suddenly gone from their school...Gilbert Lawless had li...
  • Laura
    Thank you very much to KJ Charles for providing a copy of her novel in exchange for an honest review.I didn’t realise how much I needed a romance novella about Victorian pornography until I was reading one.Unfit to Print, KJ Charles’ newest novella, features a crusading Indian lawyer, fighting for the rights of Indian people who were taken advantage of by the British; and a nonchalant pornographic bookseller, who, after being abandoned by his...
  • Teal
    One of the benefits of having a favorite author from whom I can preorder books is that by the time the book comes out, I've forgotten what it's supposed to be about. So I read this without remembering anything about the blurb -- except, maybe, dirty books? And in that blessed state of ignorance, there was a perfect turn to the story, at about 20%, that literally gave me goosebumps. Familiarity with the blurb would have denied me that awesome mome...
  • Caz
    I've given this an A- at AAR, so that's 4.5 stars rounded up.K.J. Charles always finds fresh, new angles to pursue in her stories and peoples them with characters in unusual walks of life - and her new novella, Unfit to Print, is no exception.  Set in late Victorian London, one of the protagonists is a purveyor of naughty books and has a shop in Holywell Street, which was, at that time, the centre of London’s porn trade; while the other is a s...
  • Volha
    ** 3.5 stars **This is a very amusing historical novel full of naughty humor and second chances. I would call it PG-15 range. It's funny and filled with historical references, plenty sarcasm and a little bit of virginity. I loved Gil Lawless. He is unrepentant and enjoys his life to the fullest. He is vivacious and smart, a survivor. Vikram Pandey is very hard to warm up to. I actually actively disliked him almost up to 60% of the book. His sanct...
  • Ariana
    Excellent novella written brilliantly.Vikram and Gil are total opposites, and yet like two magnets that can’t help attracting each other.The mystery involved in the plot is fun, but secondary to the relationship development. And yes to that!Great read!
  • Sofia
    After a couple of shaky Charles' experience, I was happy to read this. Restored my faith.
  • Adam
    2.5 starsKudos to Lost in a Book and I for actually starting and finishing a BR around the same time for once.I'm a big fan of KJ Charles. She's my go-to author for MM historical romance. And I'm incredibly happy that she shows an often unseen side of Regency/Victorian Britain - regular non-aristocratic people of colour. Unfortunately, 'Unfit to Print' didn't quite live up to my expectations.I loved Gil. He's unapologetic and brash. But Vik got o...
  • Chris, the Dalek King
    Vikram Pandey, a lawyer set on righting the wrongs of the world–especially those against the Indian immigrants who have made their new homes in London–has been asked by a client to help find their missing son. Vikram knows that the chances of the boy being found are small, considering that the young man had most likely been selling himself to help the family get by after his father was injured, but at the very least he can maybe give the fami...
  • Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsI am a big K.J. Charles fan and would read pretty much anything she writes, but I was particularly excited to see her latest story featuring two men of color, something almost unheard of in historicals. Charles does a nice job establishing the background for both of these men and showing how their race and their culture have impacted them in numerous ways. But at the same time, race isn’t the focus of the story, an...
  • Lotta
    I always do love books by Charles, and this is not an exception. It's a little short for my taste, because I'm greedy and always want more. I like the friends-to-lovers and second chances themes, and of course the KJ Charles' classic of redeeming an apparent villain.
  • Rebecca ♥ Warner, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    I loved these two cinnamon rolls! 😍 And I usually hate intrigue getting in the way of my romance by KJ is the only one who can manage to actually grab my interest with a great mystery. Although I wish we had learned more about Matthew and why he had such a varied collection. Maybe it wasn’t only his.
  • namericanwordcat
    Books? Dirty Books? Regency? Inter racial? Yes, please.I liked this romance very much. It is pretty fast paced as it is a second chance romance between two men who first met in school and then now. I like Vikram much better than Gil. And its not just because he is noble and good and Gil is more practical. I adore practical but Gil is reactive and for all his claims of being emotionially controlled pretty high drama.And yes he changes but I needed...
  • Anna Kļaviņa
    3.5Personally, I found the main plot and sub plot to be dissonant.
  • Aldi
    A quick and fun read - a little too quick perhaps, but that's novellas for you. I enjoyed the Victorian pornography angle and it was nice to have two POC main characters. My main problem is I really want to read Theo's gay Victorian Gothic romance novel, lol. It sounds delightful.
  • DF
    Now this is the K.J. Charles I love!I didn't like The Henchmen of Zenda as much as I expected to, but characters like those in Unfit to Print are the reason why I think this author writes about topics and people not many other authors do. Vik stole my heart and I hope there will be a continuation / side story?
  • Ellie
    This is a m/m novella with one Indian MC and the other one is Black. One is a respected lawyer, the other sells book, including ones with pornographic content. It's a second chance romance of childhood friends/teenager lovers reunited later in life. There is an interesting suspense plot that brought them together. It was a lovely story in the usual masterful and engaging writing style of KJ Charles. Still, it was too short and a rather intriguing...
  • Skirmish
    Book Reaction: http://neverhollowed.tumblr.com/tagge...Soundtrack: http://neverhollowed.tumblr.com/tagge...Rating: 4 Stars - minor quibbles but I loved it to bits
  • Neil Plakcy
    Another great entry from KJ Charles, one of my very favorite authors in any genre. She creates a real, detailed world with fascinating, complex characters and some very hot romance. This one isn't as complex as some of her other series, so it seemed a bit short-- but maybe that's just because I hated to see it end.
  • Em
    Unfit to Print is a wonderful second chance love story that features two principal characters who loved each other as boys and then suddenly find themselves reunited thirteen years later. They still care for each other, but their lives have diverged in substantial ways and they struggle to bridge the new gaps between them. I liked both men very much and the plot mechanism that brings them together, however, the mystery subplot is a tad underdevel...
  • Didi
    4.5 StarsThere are books that drove you to find out more over accounts you read within pages. “Unfit to Print” fell into that category for me. I looked up a bit on mid 19th century London, especially Holywell Street where the story set - the majority of it - to learn further, especially the reputation [or disreputation] during that period. “Unfit to Print” itself centered around the search of a missing teen by two long lost friends, a [Ho...
  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review. Years ago, Gil Lawless was pulled from his boarding school and cast out of his home to the streets of London, all because his father passed away and his uncle wanted no part of a biracial family member. Denied his inheritance, Gil was forced to do anything to survive and it wasn’t until he reached adulthood that he found out his father ...
  • Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    This was a bit darker than most of K.J. Charles’ works. It’s probably came down to the subject matter. I did like both characters and yes, even they were a tad harder than normal. I love that there were people of color throughout the story like in the real world. It’s just such a dark subject matter. Now don’t get me wrong Unfit to Print’s not a bad read it’s just different.