The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

The Laws of Human Nature

Robert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy into essential texts for seekers of power, understanding and mastery. Now he turns to the most important subject of all - understanding people's drives and motivations, even when they are unconscious of them themselves.We are social animals. Our very lives depend on our relationships with people. Knowing why people do what they do is the most importa...

Details The Laws of Human Nature

TitleThe Laws of Human Nature
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
GenrePsychology, Nonfiction, Philosophy, Self Help, History, Business

Reviews The Laws of Human Nature

  • Ryan Boissonneault
    Pros: a great primer on the psychological tendencies that pull us all in certain directions, mostly to the detriment of our rational goals. Robert Greene identifies 18 such “laws,” providing historical and biographical sketches that demonstrate each law in practice. He then provides strategies for turning each law—with its inherent self-destructive tendencies—into an advantage. The author draws on a vast storehouse of examples, and his em...
  • Fabian Il.
    Very solid book on the topic. I would call them tendencies instead of strict laws especially because some are not really universal. Also there could have been more evolutionary psychology for there is nothing more fundamental to our nature plus the cognitive biases could have been added (some are mentioned like the most fundamental pain avoidance/ pleasure seeking). But all in all really enjoyable book.
  • Gary Moreau
    So much of discovery is a search for patterns. What links to what? Which variables are related? But patterns aren’t always signs of connection or influence. They can be causal or merely coincidental. And they are seldom universal.Which is exactly why such a high percentage of scientific discovery turns out to be incorrect, or at least not complete. There is a pattern, but it’s not THE pattern – or at least not the only pattern. And, of cour...
  • Akhil Jain
    My fav quotes (not a review):-Page 29 |"In his conception, the human mind has to worship something, has to have its attention directed to something it values above all else. For most people, it is their ego; for some it is their family, their clan, their god, or their nation. For Pericles it would be nous, the ancient Greek word for “mind” or “intelligence.” Nous is a force that permeates the universe, creating meaning and order. The huma...
  • ScienceOfSuccess
    Robert Greene again looks at everything from distance. He mentions a lot of names, so his story can hold to something, but in fact, his research is awful.When he mentions Disney park in Paris, he mentions that the park wasn't a success because people in France "don't like to stay in lanes. They also expect beer and wine in theme parks, and there was a lack of such a beverage. I recently read another book, also mentioning this park. The author saw...
  • Dustan Woodhouse
    Just hit repeat once you’re finished it. And again. And again. This content is the stuff of life, business, love, etc. Robert Greene will be looked back on hundreds of years from now as one of the great thinkers of our time.
  • Sambasivan
    The latest book of Robert Greene is bound to become a classic. The author of 48 laws of power, Seduction, Mastery and Power has brought out a near comprehensive study of the human dimensions. These are complex at the same time contradictory and changing as well. The author delves deep into the life story of select individuals who had reached the pinnacle of their careers. Distils the essence of their human nature. And also summarises the actions ...
  • Mehrsa
    Robert Greene is a great collector of information and a great writer. His snippets of history are interesting and his lessons are also good ones and when you first read it, it feels very insightful. But with just a little reflection, the connection sort of falls apart. The lessons don't really match the stories--and the lessons aren't all that new. I read it not in one sitting--just here and there when I was in the mood and that was not a bad way...
  • Jonathan Metze
    must read if you have to interact with... anyone
  • Andy
    Maybe Greene's whole oeuvre has been an elaborate plot to decrease chaos in the world. He has written some of the most popular apologies for cynicism since Machiavelli, but then his last book was a brilliant manual for competent creative people on how to be productive despite all the unethical jerks out there. This newest book, while still full of interesting historical anecdotes, is something of a mess. Some of the comments Greene makes indicat...
  • Oleg
    Another great work by one of my favourite authors. Honestly, the book could finished on page 400, what follows is a fascinating narrative told through many seemingly random stories to prove certain points of human nature. Never have I expected to find an elaborate biography of Chekhov or a 40-page French Revolution 101 course in this book. A must read for all the fans of 48 Laws of Power.
  • Natalia
    I don't think I've ever highlighted as much in a book as in this one. It gave me answers to probably 90% of questions concerning humans that I have floating around my mind.
  • TofurkyVectrex64
    I got mine on the 18th from Chapters Indigo! I was worried they would deliver it late but I got mine before release!I do miss the layout style of his other classic books however I can see this as a move to make them even more timeless. I do sense the typical Hollywood Anti Trump anger at times, which betrays the wisdom of the book, not because I stand on either side but the principles of power, war, and seduction are fact, not opinion. Why editor...
  • Geoff Bartakovics
    My favorite kind of self-help read. The Robert Greene books are like Plutarch's Lives of famous people for the modern age: each "law" of human nature is demonstrated by an anecdote from history or literature. Not as good as Law of Power or Laws of Seduction, because this is much broader and therefore more rambling. But a lot of fun.
  • Alexander Rivas
    Wow, what a masterpiece that almost killed the author. If you have any interest in human nature, this is the go-to book. I love how he uses key social figures as examples of the particular law of human nature being played out. It goes to show the human nature that is embedded in all of us and this book should be used to recognize your flaws. To operate at a conscious level that recognizes your human nature and of others to make your life experien...
  • Matt Cannon
    This is a book that is meant to be studied. It explores the nuances of human nature in such a way that is very easy to understand, and very multifaceted and deep at the same time. The stories He uses as illustrations are quite memorable and show the lesson very well. He covers stories about people like Martin Luther King Jr, Queen Elizabeth and John D. Rockefeller to name a few. He uses real, historical stories then breaks down the law of human n...
  • Cindy
    I liked the topic of Human Behavior in this book comparatively better than to the book on power. Both books are insightful. This book had more relatable stories and analogies.
  • Arina Davydova
    The select man, the excellent man is urged, by interior necessity, to appeal from himself to some standard beyond himself, superior to himself, whose service he freely accepts. . . . We distinguished the excellent man from the common man by saying that the former is one who makes great demands on himself, and the latter the one who makes no demands on himself, but contents himself with what he is, and is delighted with himself. Contrary to what i...
  • Muddassir Ilyas
    Not as good as his other books. May be I have read a lot on this topic, I didn’t find much that I didn’t know already. 😊
  • Tawfiq Arif
    #ReadByTawfiq #BooksRead2019 #OneBookPerWeek2019Buku pertama yang dibaca dalam tahun 2019.The Laws of Human Nature tulisan Robert Greene.Human nature atau sifat manusia adalah kedua-dua ringkas tetapi dalam masa yang sama rumit. The Laws of Human Nature menyenaraikan 18 sifat-sifat manusia yang utama, antaranya adalah empati, kompulsif, emosi, keinginan dan lain-lain lagi.Setiap bab membuatkan aku berfikir secara introspéksi, tentang diri sendir...
  • Reginald
    Overall Impression: Robert Greene, with The Laws of Human Nature, crafted his finest work to date by summarizing the insights he elucidates in his previous books about the inescapable irrationality of human nature and illustrating them with refreshing historical examples gleaned from various domains of interest. The greatest strength of this book lies in Greene's skill at re-articulating facets about human nature in ways that make these otherwise...
  • T.A. Uner
    Another winner from Greene, who has firmly cemented himself as an expert on human nature. The book is written in a highly enjoyable format. Going through various epochs of history utilizing examples from many public figures from the past and present.In my humble opinion, Greene's books should be required reading at the University-Level. Perhaps, if more people read his books, and applied the information provided within, then society might have le...
  • fewpagesmore
    I've enjoyed Robert Greene's previous books immensely. The 48 Laws of Power was my introduction to the Machiavellian world of power and intrigue. Each page of the book was filled with useful ways to create an aura of power and become a more powerful social creature. His later book, Mastery focused more on an improvement of the self. In this book Greene explored the ways one can learn from the various Masters who have lived before us and have made...
  • Udhara De Silva
    Love Robert Greene’s work. Human Nature was incredibly well researched, diverse and goes deep. The one thing I struggle with when reading any of his work (except the book he did with 50 cent) is the format of them is so dense that I can’t really read them at a stretch for too long. Perhaps this is on purpose 🤷🏾♂ amor fati! Love Robert Greene’s work. Human Nature was incredibly well researched, diverse and goes deep. The one thing ...
  • Jeremey Duvall
    This is an incredibly dense book filled with a ton of valuable lessons. I earmarked probably 40-50 pages that I’ll come back and reference time and time again.Each of the 48 laws follows a predictable pattern:- Description of the law- Transgression or observance pulled from history- Interpretation- Any chance for reversalThe examples are pulled from all over history, and it really speaks to the amount of research Greene did while putting togeth...
  • Matthew
    A great read !!!
  • Synthia Salomon
    You can improve your life by understanding human nature. Let the sublime motivate you.
  • Michelle Jarc
    Couldn’t get in to this book. Too many long, drawn out stories. If the author could just get to the point, this book would be half as long.
  • Malou
    If you want to survive, treat this as a textbook and make the best out of it. By the way, this time it’s less machiavelian. :)