Can You Learn to Be Lucky? by Karla Starr

Can You Learn to Be Lucky?

"I don't know when I've been so wowed by a new author" -Chip Health, co-author of The Power of Moments and Switch A talented journalist reveals the hidden patterns behind what we call "luck" -- and shows us how we can all improve outcomes despite life's inevitable randomness."Do you believe in luck?" is a polarizing question, one you might ask on a first date. Some of us believe that we make our own luck. Others see inequality everywhere and thin...

Details Can You Learn to Be Lucky?

TitleCan You Learn to Be Lucky?
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Self Help

Reviews Can You Learn to Be Lucky?

  • Delia Turner
    A well-researched and readable motivational book which, though it repeatedly acknowledges the role of privilege and happenstance in finding success, makes some suggestions for improving the odds--that is, how you can go about counteracting the influence of bad luck and adopting the positive (if unearned) attitude of the privileged. Ultimately, it's a "power of positive thinking" approach with some good general suggestions, but it has a heck of a ...
  • Nessy Dimitrova
    I read this book thanks to Blinkist.This book contains advice I’ve already read before, as well as some very interesting new bits. It gave me a new perspective about old truths.The key message in these blinks:Life often feels random, as though luck is what separates the best from the rest. And it’s true that many events are outside of our control. But when we start to understand how our brains work, and how invisible biases and patterns influ...
  • Mark Manderson
    Sociability is a predictor of opportunity. Proximity is a predictor of acquaintanceship. Appearing last could help your chances of being lucky.Humans like familiar things, so looking the part and being in the right place will increase your luck.Humans are predisposed to favor attractive people, meaning beautiful people get lots of luck.Confidence creates opportunities for lucky breaks. Students who wrote for 15 minutes about one of their stren...
  • Sandy
    This is just such a great read. Informative, motivating, humorous and soooooo helpful. I can kind of relate to being in such a funk, just laying on the couch and binging on netflix, and struggling to get my shit together. But in each chapter Starr gives concise, well researched and even science based neuro stuff, which helps you understand the why. At the end of each chapter there are bullet points, which I think I will paste on my refrigerator!!...
  • Davide
    No. You cannot learn to be lucky.If you don’t have genes, resources and location, no matter how much hard you’ll work, you won’t achieve that. At least according to this book.But the good news is that you can maximize your lucky opportunities with curiosity to learn/try new things, self-control and networking.