Street Freaks by Terry Brooks

Street Freaks

It begins with a dire call—right before his father disappears and his skyscraper home’s doors explode inward. It is the kind of thrilling futuristic story only New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks can tell. “Go into the Red Zone. Go to Street Freaks.” his father directs Ashton Collins before the vid feed goes suddenly silent. The Red Zone is the dangerous heart of the mega-city of Los Angeles; it is a world Ash is forbidden from...

Details Street Freaks

TitleStreet Freaks
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherGrim Oak Press
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy

Reviews Street Freaks

  • Robin Hobb
    As always, my honesty post: I received an advance reading copy of Street Freaks from the publisher. I’ve known Terry Brooks for years and I consider him a friend. I don’t think either of those things affect how I reacted to this book. Terry Brooks is best known for his Shannara books. When we see his name on the cover, we expect a good high-fantasy tale from him, and he always delivers a solid, readable story with great magical elements and c...
  • Dave
    Street Freaks is a fast-moving, really fun standalone novel set in a futuristic world divided between technologically advanced but controlled cities and free-wheeling lawless areas called Red Zones. The star of this book is a teenager on the run from the authorities for reasons he doesn’t understand. He befriends a group of mutated rejects, kind of like super powered X-Men who are street orphans and freakishly redesigned, sometimes more cyborg ...
  • Chris
    *eARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.I enjoyed this. It was certainly different than any Terry Brooks that I’d read before, and I’ve read a lot of Terry Brooks. Loyal fans will probably like this as his storytelling quality is there, even if we’re looking at a dystopian future instead of epic fantasy. It appeals to all age groups, being friendly in tone to younger readers, but mature enough in content for older ones as well. Be...
  • *Thea 'Wookiee'sMama' Wilson*
    Well, Mr Brooks, if you were trying to prove that you aren't a one trick pony with the fantasy Shannara novels by sidestepping into the world of YA Science Fiction then you have done a fine, fine job sir!I wasn't sure what to expect with Street Freaks but it wasn't the stonking dystopian adventure tale that I have just read! This book is basically a sci-fi based murder mystery after a fashion with a handful of corporate espionage mixed in and I f...
  • Bandit
    The reason I’ve not read Terry Brooks before was because he seems to be specializing in fantasy and series, two things I don’t care for. This book is the reason I might not be reading Terry Brooks in the future. Because nowhere..nowhere is this one classified as a YA book as it so obviously is. WTF. And because my OCD demands I finish every book I start, ended up being stuck with a YA book for nearly 400 pages. Almost all of the characters ar...
  • Nancy
    I have never read any of Terry Brooks’s books so I didn’t really have any expectations going in to reading the book. Street Freaks takes place 200 years into the future with a totalitarian world government and big bio tech companies leading the way. The blog starts of with a bang but then I quickly start to notice the writing seems more on par with a young adult book (even though I can’t find anything anywhere that this book is a young adul...
  • Patrick St-Denis
    Although I used to be a big Terry Brooks fan back in the day, it's been over a decade since I last read anything by the author. I'm too far behind in the Shannara saga to give new installments a shot, so I've been waiting for him to write something new that I could sink my teeth into. When I received an advance reading copy of the forthcoming Street Freaks, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with Brooks. I was excited to ...
  • Carol
    Entertaining look at a possible near future America. Believable characters, if somewhat unlikely with interesting dynamics. Unfortunately the romance angle didn’t ring true for me but it didn’t particularly spoil the story.
  • Lauren
    Thanks to Netgalley for the chance to review this. I bailed on this 52% in. The premise was brilliant. It was like Fast and the Furious with espionage and biogenetics. But I just didn't care enough about the characters to continue. For such a seasoned author as Terry Brooks, they were sappy and 2 dimensional. The main character spent 50% of his time fawning over one of the other characters, and the other 50% worrying about everything else. I real...
  • J.D. Grimm
    When I first read the title “Street Freaks” I must admit, I giggled like an adolescent schoolboy hearing a dirty word for the very first time. To say that Sci-fi is not my usual cup of tea would be a profound understatement. However, with my first encounter with Terry Brooks I must admit… I was hooked relatively quickly. I could literally smell the jet fuel pouring from the pages as I read each word and if you're not seeing neon chrome in y...
  • Karen’s Library
    Set 200 years in the future, Ash is a sheltered teen who receives a frantic call from his father telling him to Get. Out. Now!! He manages to escape his apartment just as a swat like team storms in destroying everything in their path. Ash's father tells him to go to the Street Freaks. In a very unsavory part of the City where rules don't really apply, the Street Freaks, a group of modified teens, takes Ash in. Soon after, Ash finds that his fathe...
  • Phil Parker
    I struggled with this novel, which is such a shame because I really wanted it to work. I’m a long-time fan of the legend that is Terry Brooks but the story itself is a good one and worthy of a higher rating than 3 stars.It’s the narrative style that didn’t work for me. Written in a third person, present tense is fine but it is the decision to use so much Passive Voice that robs the story of the drama that should be there. It means that, as ...
  • Charlotte
    A GoodReads giveaway win.This book was NOT for me. It didn't hold my interest.I would say it's for a younger audience, probably 12 to 15 years olds.I felt the characters were under developed.It was repetitious. Some of the action scene and races that were written in, didn't feel necessary.The ending was predictable.
  • Paul
    Yet, Brooks’s Street Freaks has some very good surprises and a certain edge to some of the twists, and there’s definitely room for a sequel. Its best parts are the coming-of-age moments for its characters. The times when growth is forced, when change is a necessity.For my full review: all my reviews:
  • Patrick
    In a future Los Angeles, Ash Collins has led a rather sheltered life. Sure, he’s been around the globe, and seen some pretty cool stuff, but he’s a serious fish out of water in the REAL real world. When out of the blue he gets a call from his dad telling him to get the hell out of Dodge and into the Red Zone, he’s at a loss. And what the hell’s this STREET FREAKS he’s supposed to go to? Still, our boy’s got a few skills and he manages...
  • Jenn
    I received a digital ARC of this title from Edelweiss for an honest review.Street Freaks takes place in the not too distant future when the United States has become the United Territories. Ash Collins has a comfortable life with his Dad in a high rise apartment, until he gets a frantic message from him telling him to run to the Red Zone and head for Street Freaks. Ash is bewildered since he doesn't know what Street Freaks even is. However, a few ...
  • Belle
    Alright y'all, who's surprised that I read yet another sci-fi dystopian novel? Not me! For some reason I always get drawn to the novels about our broken future in which technology is crazy cool and the people are flawed. Luckily for me, Street Freaks by Terry  Brooks had just that.Here are the things I loved about this novel:1. It jumps into the storyline very quickly. Sometimes I pick up a novel and I spend a good couple chapters stuck readin...
  • Crittermom
    Terry Brooks is well known for his beloved Shannara novels.  Classic fantasy is his specialty. Street Freaks is his first science fiction novel, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was astounded. Street Freaks is as innovative as Sword of Shannara was, giving readers a story that will appeal to teens and adults alike.  On one level it is a story about growing up and finding where you fit. On another it is an action adventure pitting corrupt ...
  • Sarai Henderson
    See the full review at Confessions of an ExBallerinaA wild ride that will keep you on your toes. This book was pretty dang cool. I'm used to Terry Brooks writing epic fantasies, so this was a new adventure for me. True to Brooks fashion, there was a deep character filled world that seemed real and wild. I loved the whole premise about the street racing and the world around it. I was excited to read that part and see what was going to happen. I ha...
  • Casey Wheeler
    I received a free Kindle copy of Street Freaks by Terry Brooks courtesy of Net Galley  and Grim Oak Press, the publisher. It was with the understanding that I would post a review on Net Galley, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my fiction book review blog. I also posted it to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus pages.I requested this book as I am a fan of the author's Shanarra fantasy series.This book is very much more science...
  • Jan farnworth
    If your a fan of Terry Brooks you know he best know for his talents as fantasy writer.  I love that Terry has delved into a new genre for him and he really shown his talent for being an author.  This is being marketed as a stand alone novel but i think their more story that can be told if the audience wants it.  This novel is gripping, exciting and takes elements from different movies and tv shows that i love.  I see a glimpse of fast and the...
  • Melissa
    Very YA. An easy weekend read packed with action in a futuristic US where the government controls the population by developing mood enhancing drugs. How are these drugs are developed- testing on street kids. The result: Throw away discards, hybrids, cyborgs - tweaked humans, Street Freaks -disdained by the general population. When Ash Collins is forced to flee his home after a frantic message from his father, he runs to the Red Zone to a group of...
  • April Castillo
    I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and the story line grabbed me in within the first chapter. I had a hard time putting this book down and I was never bored. I loved the main character, Ash, but I enjoyed all of the side characters as well. I liked the world that the author created and I hope to have more installments into this world in the future. This book is a little different from the fantasy books that Terry Brooks usually write...
  • Lauren HOuston
    It started off with action and then slowed down. This story is very tell instead of show. It spent more time explaining things and backstories than actually doing anything. The premise was good, but the execution was just not something that appealed to me.
  • Daniela (DB) Beley
    Still deciding on actual rating. But Ash will definitely bring my rating down...
  • Breane Ross
    Absolutely loved this book! Way to go Mr Brooks! Can't say much more at this point other than you will want this book!
  • Beth
    ARC from Net GalleyReally didn’t like the point of view of the narrator; felt so removed that I never felt anything for characters