The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

A life-affirming anthem to kindness and self-sacrifice, The Travelling Cat Chronicles shows how the smallest things can provide the greatest joy.We take journeys to explore exotic new places and to return to the comforts of home, to visit old acquaintances and to make new friends. But the most important journey is the one that shows us how to follow our hearts . . . An instant international bestseller, The Travelling Cat Chronicles has charmed re...

Details The Travelling Cat Chronicles

TitleThe Travelling Cat Chronicles
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreFiction, Cultural, Japan, Contemporary, Animals, Cats, Asian Literature, Japanese Literature

Reviews The Travelling Cat Chronicles

  • Miranda Reads
    Humans who think we don't understand them are the stupid ones. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.Hiro Arikawa is a masterful storyteller. I loved every word. I laughed, I cried, I was an emotional whirlwind in the best way possible. Satoru, a young businessman, attempts to befriend a young feral cat with a crooked tail. After a few weeks, the two work towards a mutual understanding - Satoru leaves "crunchies" for Nana and sometimes (only sometimes) Na...
  • Amalia Gavea
    ‘’Human beings are basically huge monkeys that walk upright, but they can be pretty full of themselves.’’Confession alert: each time I see a cat- and I literally mean EACH time- I shout ‘’Kitty!’’ at the top of my lungs like a 5-year-old who has never seen a cat before or like a 33-year-old cat idiot, which is precisely what I am. Unashamedly. I adore all animals but cats are one of my major weaknesses. Furthermore, Greeks love ca...
  • Adina
    I decided to read this small novel because I recently adopted a lovely kitten and the blurb promised a “tender feel-good story of a man's journey around Japan with a streetcat. ” As I feel nothing but love for my fur ball, I thought this was going to be the perfect companion for the moments Arya decides to sleep in my lap and I have to keep still 2 hours so I do not disturb the princess. It started as promised, a funny story from the cat’s ...
  • Paromjit
    This is a quirky, poignant and heartbreaking novel translated from the Japanese. There are the odd occasions at the beginning of this novel that you may think it is a trifle simplistic, but bear with it, as it will draw you in. It is related from the perspective of Satoru Miyawaki, and his beloved Nana, a stray cat, so named because his tail resembles the Japanese character for the number seven. Nana loved settling on Satoru's silver van, and fou...
  • Susanne Strong
    5 Stars.Bittersweet, Lovely & Poignant.Somethings in life are Kismet. Nana, meeting Saturo is exactly that. Nana, is a street cat - completely happy with his life: his favorite place to chill is under the hood of a silver van. Saturo’s van. When he was a boy, Saturo had a cat that looked just like Nana - that cat’s name was Hachi and Saturo loved him very much. Nana of course, wants nothing to do with Saturo - though he sure does like the cru...
  • Cheri
    ”Time, I've been passing timeWatching trains go by.All of my life, Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly.Wishing there would beSomeone waiting home for me.“Something's telling me it might be youIt's telling me it might be youAll of my life...”--”It Might Be You,” Stephen Bishop, Songwriters: Alan Bergman / Dave Grusin / Marilyn Bergman or (Tootsie - 1982)W...
  • Dorie - Traveling Sister :)
    This is a bit of a slow starter but by the first 100 pages the beautiful prose had me in it’s hands. Being a cat lover and owner I jumped at the chance to read and review this beautiful little book, I was not disappointed.This is not a book to be rushed. It is best read when you have time to savor the story and the sentiment that is being relayed. The novel is told in alternating perspectives by Satoru Miyawaki and his much loved cat, Nana. Alt...
  • Phrynne
    This little book is one to own in hardcover. The cover is just perfect but then I have always had a thing for black cats:)The travelling cat is not black but white with patches and he really does travel around Japan with his owner Satoru. Much of the dialogue belongs to this cat and for the early part of the book I was not sure how it was going to go. It was a little slow and a little too simple but as it progressed things improved. The cat calle...
  • Emma
    Translated from the Japanese, this tale of the relationship between Satoru Miyawaki and Nana, the injured stray cat he nurses back to health, is both heartwarming and achingly sad. Told from both perspectives, it was somewhat disconcerting at first, but very soon pulled me even more deeply into the story. Nana can be a particularly snarky animal when the situation calls for it and his commentary provides some much needed humour, especially as the...
  •  Li'l Owl
    Description Nana, a cat, is devoted to Satoru, his owner. So when Satoru decides to go on a roadtrip one day to find him a new home, Nana is perplexed. They visit Satoru's old friends from his school days and early youth. His friends may have untidy emotional lives but they are all animal lovers, and they also wonder why Satoru is trying to give his beloved cat away. Until the day Nana suddenly understands a long-held secret about his much-loved ...
  • Julie
    English is my native language, but I grew up in the Miami area, so when it came time to choose a second language, I went with Spanish.I loved learning Spanish, and I was especially thrilled that it helped me become an expert at ordering my most favorite indulgence: Cuban coffee.But, my moment of crowning achievement with the language was the day when I was handed Sr. Marquez's El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba, and I read it.I read it. And, li...
  • Nat K
    Sometimes the gentler stories have the biggest impact. My heart has melted!A beautiful jewel of story, a delightful gem.A heartwarming tale of the relationship between a young man Sukoru, and his cat Nana (a stray that he rescues after being run over). But this is over simplifying a story which has so many layers to it.”And so began our new life together, Satoru was the perfect roommate for a cat, and I was the perfect roommate for a human.”S...
  • Jo (An Unexpected Bookish Geek)
    As a fellow cat lover, I actually feel a pang of guilt, for giving this book a low rating. This was just not what I expected and it was just such a tiresome read. In a nutshell, this is a rather twee story about a man and his cat. We get taken on a road trip, travel around a bit, but overall, it all got a bit predictable for my liking. I mean, I had already guessed what was going to happen in the first few chapters. This was apparently a tear-jer...
  • Carolyn
    Although I bought this book for the cover - a painting of a little black cat that looks so like my current sweet cat - it is also turned out to be a most delightful read as well.Nana, the cat in the story is white with black splotches and a tail bent like a number seven (nana in Japanese). He starts life growing up on the streets and makes friends with Satoru when he starts to leave him food under his silver van. When Nana is hurt in an accident ...
  • Judy
    A very charming book written by the point of view of a cat called Nana. Nana was adopted by Satoru after he was hit by a car and they had a very close relationship. After years of being together, Nana and Satoru begin a journey to visit several of Satoru's old friends from school. This is a bittersweet story of love, dedication, and friendship. I fell in love with Satoru in the course of the story and would like to have such a wonderful person as...
  • Bianca
    The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a bittersweet Japanese novel about a young man, Satoru, and his cat, Nana.Man and cat take to travelling in a van. You see, Satoru is trying to find someone to look after Nana. So he goes back to friends he made when as a child and teenager. And so, we find out a little bit about Satoru's life and how he came to be in the life of different people.Satoru visits several of his old friends trying to find a suitable c...
  • umberto
    3.50 starsHaving read Soseki Natsume's I Am a Cat (Tuttle 2002), Junichiro Tanizaki's A Cat, a Man, and Two Women (New Directions 2015) and Takashi Hiraide's The Guest Cat (New Directions 2014), I read this book as the fourth Japanese feline novel and I cannot help admiring the authors who have penned their imaginings in their fictitious tales as cat lovers. In other words, they have naturally revealed their loving care by means of bondage, intim...
  • leslie hamod
    Nana was a cat. A stray cat who narrates this beautifully simple story about his travels around Japan with his master Satoru. Satoru is searching for someone to take and care for his beloved cat. As they travel from place to place we are presented with vivid scenic details of Japan. In Satoru 's silver van, they visit Satoru's friends and at each visit, Nana returns to travel in the grey van. No place is acceptable to Nana. No place but beside Sa...
  • Marjorie
    Nana is living the life of a stray cat in Tokyo. He’s claimed the top of a van as his home. He’s doing just fine, thank you, until one day when he’s hit by a car and injured quite badly. Satoru, the cat lover who owns the van and who has been leaving Nana food, takes Nana to the vet and brings him into his home to recuperate. Nana reminds Satoru of a cat he had as a child that he had to give up. That cat’s name was Hachi and Satoru still ...
  • Rebecca Foster
    I’d hoped this would make up for the disappointment that was The Guest Cat, but alas, it was not to be. Instead, I found A.J. Fikry levels of schmaltz. This is the fable-like story of Satoru, a single man in his early thirties, and his cat, Nana (named for the shape of his tail, which resembles a Japanese 7). Satoru adopted Nana about five years ago when the cat, then a local stray, was hit by a car. Now he needs to find a new owner for his bel...
  • Quang Khuê
    Cuốn này hẳn đã tạo nên chút kỷ niệm trong tôi đây.Kỷ niệm gì ấy à, ấy là thiên danh tác bị thu hồi (nghe đâu thế) "Tôi là con mèo" của Soseki là một thiên tuyệt chán. Phải, tuyệt chán trăm phần trăm.Sau khi vật lộn với nửa cuốn "Tôi là con mèo", tôi thầm nhủ: Thôi tớ vái cậu cả nón. Bây giờ cậu có là con người hay con gái thì tớ cũng bái thôi,...
  • ♥ Sandi ❣
    3.75 stars Thank you to Penguin's First to Read and Berkley for a chance to read and review this book. Editions published between November 2, 2017 and October 23, 2018. Such a great little read - light, but with so much moxie. You can read this and see a light little humorous cat loving novella or you can read it as strengthful, inspiring, message-giving prose. Narrated in part by Nana, the cat, we see life from both Satoru's view and also from t...
  • Winna
    I have to admit i’m not a cat lover, but i do love Japanese novels. This one gets me teary eyed, the kind of slice of life stories i only get from Japanese writers, so simple yet packed with emotions. It also feels like a character study somehow, of the people Satoru and Nana meet along the way. I feel like i could learn a lot from Satoru, who is always kind and graceful. That is why the people around him are so drawn to him.Japanese novels ten...
  • Eva
    This book is a surprising little gem, told by a cat. The cat lives as a stray when he meets Satoru. They become friends. Satoru feeds him and the cat lets Satoru stroke him. When the cat is hit by a car and is injured Satoru takes care of him. The cat stays and receives a name: Nana.It's not a simple endearing story about love for a pet. It turns out to be a story about love, loss and friendship. At first the language annoyed me. It seemed crude ...
  • Meli
    Muy lindo. Súper dulce, ameno, inocente y triste.Por.qué.siem.pre.tie.nen.que.ser.tris.tes.
  • Alja Katuin
    Wanneer je een -somewhat- sarcastische kat het woord laat doen en mee neemt op je laatste reis, kun je er van uit gaan dat het er eentje wordt om niet te vergeten. Wat een fantastisch mens is Satoru en wat een geweldige kat is Nana. De manier waarop ze met elkaar om gaan, hoe ze op elkaar ingespeeld zijn.. ik werd er een beetje jaloers van. En ze zijn beide zo wijs! Ik ga later een uitgebreid review schrijven, maar voor nu ga ik even nagenieten.
  • Jane
    This is a beautifully crafted story about Nana (formerly a stray cat) and his beloved owner Satoru. They embark on a road trip visiting three old friends, but why they are taking the trip Satoru won't say!It's simply one of the best books I have read in a long time and really tugs at your heartstrings..
  • Dawn
    As is usual for me I started this book with hardly any prior knowledge, all I knew was that it was told from the point of view of a cat. I was therefore not expecting it when halfway through the tone changed, and the subject of (view spoiler)[ terminal cancer (hide spoiler)] reared its head. It's impossible for me to write about this book - how and why it affected me, without spoilers.(view spoiler)[I find it hard to read or watch anything remote...
  • Helena
    Sencilla pero eficaz, la escritura de Arikawa parece resistir bien los embates de la traducción al castellano. Si bien Lumen es una editorial que cuida mucho sus traducciones, el japonés se resiente bastante frente a un idioma como el castelllano que maneja una lógica absolutamente diferente. La sobriedad de la narrativa japonesa, se hace presente en esta novela. Amena y agradable de leer, es una compañía tan grata y silenciosa como la de un...
  • Faroukh Naseem
    Special Thanks to @penguinukbooks for sending me this masterpiece for review!.There are some books which you finish reading and think to yourself, 'this will make a good reread a few years from now'.And then you have The Travelling Cat Chronicles, you finish it and the first thing you want to do is start reading it again, right away..#theguywiththebookreview presents The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa.I swear I was thinking of ending m...