P.S. I Hate You by Winter Renshaw

P.S. I Hate You

Dear Isaiah, Eight months ago, you were just a soldier about to be deployed and I was just a waitress, sneaking you a free pancake and hoping you wouldn’t notice that my gaze was lingering a little too long. But you did notice. We spent one life-changing week together before you left, and we said goodbye on day eight, exchanging addresses at the last minute. I saved every letter you wrote me, your words quickly becoming my religion. But you wen...

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TitleP.S. I Hate You
Release DateMar 26th, 2018
GenreRomance, War, Military Fiction, Did Not Finish, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews P.S. I Hate You

  • Maddie
    This book is only $1.14 for a limited time link below: https://www.amazon.com/P-S-Hate-You-W...Maritza meets Isaiah in the dinner where she works, he is not nice to her and although the diner has a strict one pancake policy she gets him another pancake, that she was not fired that day was just a miracle, later that day Maritza literally bumps into his Porsche 911, his car cannot start and she drives him home! Then they go to a concert where Isiah...
  • ✿Penny
    Man these two gave me a headache, Maritza (24) was obnoxious af and Isaiah (27) was an ass.They met at the diner where she was working as a waitress, he was a jerk to her and obviously their first meeting wasn't very memorable because later that day he was already planning on going to a bar to get drunk and find a woman to fuck, but his plans didn't go as expected because he ran into Maritza and after that he just couldn't get rid of her. She bas...
  • Snow
    First time reading this author...Picked it out on a whim...I liked the first half of the book...But then smth clicked wrong and the other half of the book (inspite of the 'twist') felt a bit flat and kinda 'sped up' so yada yada yada, so they could have a HEA...I liked the main character Isaiah Torres but the heroine was annoyingly chirppy 😕 and falsly sassy, if there is smth like that...lol but whatever...I can't even place it under a strict ...
  • Claire Robinson
    2.5 - You only had one shot… Stars.My first read by this author, is what I would describe as an opportunity missed. I pre-ordered this one for two reasons; the intriguing blurb, and the ridiculously low price (bearing in mind two other of the authors titles were included). I had medium hopes that it would be a winner after seeing a long list of bloggers raving about how marvelous P. S. I Hate You was. Once again I find myself either; reading ...
  • Pick a Book
    English / Português4 starsThis was my first book by Winter Renshaw and I found it so cute. As I didn't know her, I didn't know what to expect, but I loved the cover and the synopsis and wanted to get to know her work. I'm glad I did it. She has a light, and fluid writing that is very nice to read. The story had a drama, a pinch of comedy and a it was a gradual romance that make us end up wanting a love like that.Isaiah and Maritza didn't like ea...
  • Kimberly Givan
    Fatal Attraction?So here's another case of the synopsis being great, but the full story falling flat. I liked the Maritza we got in the first few pages, she was so normal. What we get after that is a pushy, you're going to love me or I'm going to boil your bunny in a pot crazy person. Who falls for a guy that is being a jerk to you?!The girl pushed herself on this guy, she got pissed of he didn't want to spend his every day before deployment with...
  • Andrea Fleury
    For such a strange title this is a wonderful book. I loved Isaiah as soon as he wanted another pancake. I felt bad when his car was hot and I hated him when he stopped writing. But then I simply loved him. This is a great read. Don't let the name confuse you.
  • Mercedes
    3.5 StarsMaritza Claiborne is a waitress at Brentwood Pancake and Coffee; one day while slinging pancakes, Corporal Isaiah Torres takes a seat in her section...and he's so rude. Their first meeting is nothing worthy of a repeat, but when Maritza runs into Isaiah later they find the smallest bit of common ground and end up spending the rest of Isaiah's leave together.Maritza is very bubbly. She's a positive girl who's embracing new experiences and...
  • Myla
    It was another fantastic read from one of my favorite author Winter Renshaw. The way she wrote P.S. I Hate You, it will make you smile, swoon, it's a feel-good story with a twist towards the end you'll either love it or hate it? When well-written characters and unique plotlines are combined you've got yourself a good book. I devoured this in one sitting. I just can't put it down. If you haven't read a book by this author, I greatly recommend this...
  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡ I am
    Having read several books by this author so far I knew what kind of writing I would most probably find when I choose to read PS I HATE YOU by Winter Renshaw. But on the other hand my ratings for her books are about as diversely as her plotlines. Because she never quite writes a plotline like the general, reader would suspect it. Which is good and bad depending what the plotline was. PS I HATE YOU is the story about two strangers that spend a week...
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    Before going in, I thought I knew how this book would go, but the author took every expectation I had and blew it out of the water with every page that i read. This is the third book I've read by the author and each and every one has been an easy to read, captivating read that I couldn't put down.Despite the title and the blurb, this was a quick and easy fun read and not all filled with hate. Maritza was fun and quirky with a heart of gold and Is...
  • Anne Milne
    Before going in I thought I knew what I’d be reading but the author took my expectations and surprised me. Despite the title I thought this book was a fun read it’s not at all hate filled. Maritza was fun and quirky with a tender vulnerable heart. Isaiah is the gruff damaged military man but we as the reader see his tender side. I’m a sucker for the strong silent type throw in the military element and I’m sold. The letters between them we...
  • PointedlyBlunt
    Miserable a-hole, Isaiah, is home for nine days before he’s set to deploy to the Middle East, again. Maritza is a perpetually happy, outgoing kind of girl until she gets saddled with serving Isaiah at the restaurant where she works. He’s rude. He’s mean. He’s demanding. He’s a great tipper. And Maritza hopes to never see him again. Too bad it’s only hours before they run into each other again, and Isaiah is even more of a douche to he...
  • April Symes
    Winter Renshaw has done it again and the “it” is P.S. I HATE YOU, her latest book. I have to say, the cover is deliciously hot and beautifully done. I loved the cast of characters and found myself drawn in immediately. PS I HATE YOU is the story about two strangers that spend a week of Saturdays with each other. A week where they end up in bed together, where they decide if they will become friends or friends with benefits… and at the end o...
  • Ana Matucec
    Sorry but there’s absolutely no reason for her to sleep with OM.The H is at war for gods sake he’s not with OW I mean give him a damn chance to come back healthy and alive.Hero is ok the heroine is stupid
  • Lucina
    3.0 starsMaritza was annoying in her 'I'm not letting you explain anything' behaviour, she is angry first and thinks second or rather believes a stranger over the person she says she cares for. 😒 Why!? What's so hard in letting another person speak his side of the story? But no, not Miss Perfect and Miss I-know-it-all!And there is cheating in the 'romance world' sense. They aren't in an relationship, but slept together and developed feelings w...
  • Mandy
    Loved this book! (view spoiler)[ it's about time I get to read a book where the heroine doesn't remain celibate while waiting around for the hero. Why female authors find the need to write heroines who stay celibate while the hero sleeps around is beyond me but I'm so glad that isn't the path this author took. Maritza does sleep with someone else when Isaiah somewhat jokingly tells her she probably needs to get laid. I loved that he was the one t...
  • Irma
    I lost myself in your smile and I found myself in your kiss. You were the one. If only I'd told you sooner, you'd still be mine.I.Am.In.Love.This was my first Winter Renshaw book, but I can honestly tell you that it won't be my last! I enjoyed her writing so much and this story was soooo good.I have a soft spot for jerks, even until and when they aren't jerks anymore.One of my favourite reads so far in 2018.
  • Tracy Comerford
    loved it full review to come
  • Michelle
    I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary review. This was my very first winter Renshaw book, and I also have others by her that now I can't wait to read. P.S. I hate you was not like expected it to be it was so much better! It was honest, straight forward no bs and it was damn good. I was very Impressed with her work.
  • Rachel
    If first impressions are anything to go on, Isaiah doesn’t win any points with Maritza with his rude behavior as a customer at the diner where she works. Maritza is a genuinely nice, kind, upbeat person and doesn’t have time in her life for stoic, cold, abrupt Isaiah. But there's a chance that there’s more to each of them than what is apparent at first glance, if they make the effort to look deeper.I haven’t read a lot by this author but ...
  • Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)
    I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own. I couldn't wait to embark on a new journey with a “new to me author”, so when I read the blurb to P.S. I Hate You, I was beyond intrigued and ready to step into this new fictional world by Winter Renshaw. From the moment I was introduced to Maritza and Isaiah, I was captivated by their whirlwind “no strings attached” romance and anxious to see what the future hel...
  • Danielle
    This was a good one but I wish I loved it more than I did. I liked Maritza but she was just a little to much for me. I don't really care for characters that push themselves into someones life. In the end it was a good thing though. I liked Isaiah even though he was very closed off. He loved his Ma and I get why he is the way he was, even more so finding out other things towards the end of the book. My like for Maritza started waning a little towa...
  • Robin M
    “PS. I hate you” by Winter Renshaw is a terrific book. I want to share so much about this book but I hate spoilers so I’m going to hold myself back. The two main characters Isaiah and Maritza, are both amazing well developed characters. You can’t help but fall in love with each of them. Isaiah is an Army corporal being deployed back to Afghanistan in 9 days when he meets Maritza who is a waitress at a pancake restaurant. Isaiah and Maritz...