The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates

The Carrow Haunt

"The dead are restless here..." Remy is a tour guide for Carrow House, a notoriously haunted building. When she's asked to host seven guests for a week-long stay to research Carrow's phenomena, she hopes to finally experience some of the sightings that made the house famous. At first, it's everything they hoped for. Then a storm moves in, cutting off their contact with the outside world, and things quickly become twisted. Doors open on their own...

Details The Carrow Haunt

TitleThe Carrow Haunt
Release DateMar 26th, 2018
PublisherBlack Owl Books
GenreHorror, Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews The Carrow Haunt

  • Mehsi
    The newest Darcy Coates and I was so so so excited to start reading this one. I just had all the right elements and I just couldn't wait. Darcy Coates always knows how to write a great horror/haunted story, and this one also featured a group of people going to stay at a very very haunted place. What could go wrong? I couldn't wait for them to go exploring, for them to delve deeper into the mystery.And there were exciting parts, but sadly at times...
  • Mindy
    This story was a deliciously creepy slow burn, with lots of history of the house being discussed - which was plenty scary enough all by itself to keep me turning pages. Then we are teased a little longer with minor incidents happening that leave us with more questions than answers, and just when I thought I might be a little bored (gasp!) - the action really kicks into high gear and things go very, very wrong. I was actually wondering at one poin...
  • Emily
    Wow, where to begin with this book? I went to bed last night just intending to read a chapter or two and finished the entire second half in a single sitting- always a good sign, though not for my sleeping patterns.Most texts by this author follow a quite familiar pattern and contain similar plot-based ingredients: 1. There is a spooky house 2. The main character because isolated and unable to leave the property due to financial/emotional/physical...
  • Johanna
    I do love a good haunted house, and Carrow house has a grisly reputation. Unfortunately, the novel is executed more like a Nancy Drew book than a horror novel and "The Carrow Haunt" often has an upbeat feel despite the Gothic setting. This may be because Remy is such a positive and endearing protagonist. I never believed that the author would let any real harm come to Remy, hence I never really feared for the safety of the characters. One thing I...
  • Cheri Schaefer
    Now this is what I call a serious ghost story!!From the first word to the last this ghost story will gripyou and won't let go. So many twists and turns. This wasan extremely entertaining and enjoyable ghost story. Icouldn't put this down for any length of time. Even gettingup in the middle of the night to see what happens next.The characters are great and the story was mesmerizing,riveting, and spell binding. I have to place this at the top ofmy ...
  • Christina Torretta
    I love horror books that have haunted houses. Houses can be eerie even without all the background, but walk into a house with a lot of background information, or deaths, and you have a horror just waiting to happen.This book actually reminded me of a mixture between Rose Red by Stephen King and The Poltergeist. It was very well done!Full review coming soon to
  • Margaret
    Got the email, got the book and read it right away and, Boy, was it a good read! Over 2 nights and 1 day, I read it through unable to put it down. It proved to be well worth it. The characters, Remy, Mark, April, Lucille, Marjorie etc, were so well rounded out it made it easy to picture the scenes created but I would have lost my way in that house!
  • Stacey
    A haunted house tour guide joins with a group of 7 to investigate Carrow House. This books reminds me a little of The Haunting and a little of The Shining mixed with a murder mystery. I loved it. The story sucks you in and you think you know where it’s going until you realize you don’t. Kudos to Darcy for another great story!
  • Lora Edwards
    I love all of Darcy's books but this one was by far my favorite. It had great characters was super creepy and had a bit of a love story in the background. I really like how she did the epilogue and being able to visit the characters a little bit in the future and see how they are doing. Fantastic read.
  • Amy
    Great storyAnother great thrilling story!Edgar was one evil man, doppelganger, and spirit.There were twists and turns all through this book, I loved it!If you have read any of Darcy's books, the ending is sure to surprise you!
  • Andrea
    This was a FANTASTIC BOOK!!!!!!!!! I have yet to read a book of this genre that held my attention so thoroughly the entire book! This would make for such a smash movie. I highly recommend this book and am eager to read more of this author, Darcy Coates work!
  • Fatimah Gunn
    Great Read......As Usual I really enjoyed this book. It had a lot of twists and turns. Very action filled and enough spookiness to keep you in suspense. Loved the ending as well. Can't wait for the next one from this author!
  • Liz Deakin
    I love Darcy's books, she knows how to write a good atmospheric horror. The Carrow Haunt doesn't disappoint, I was glued to this story and couldn't put it down, (although I did get a bit spooked reading late at night and I wasn't even alone)! I thoroughly recommend, it's so good.
  • Conny
    I loved this book.This was the best book from Darcy Coates so far.It would be a great movie.Onces started reading I could not stop, and the book stays in your head the whole time.Just awsome, thanks Darcy for such a great read.
  • Star Charmer
    Like Rose Red, but better and without the blatant pandering. Definitely a little predictable at times, but honestly it's a really fun romp through a haunted house. If you like a good ghost story, this is an excellent way to kill a few hours.
  • Yvonne
    Awesome bookIt's a pretty intense book. You have troubles putting it down because so much crazy stuff is happening! (Spoiler alert) I just wonder if they ever found Taj body?
  • Cathy Gudger
    Loved it!!
  • Mary
    Good ReadEnjoyable read-not up to her best. A little slow in spots, but entertaining for the most part. I would recommend for a quick, fun read.
  • Daniel Stainback
    This has to be one of my favorite Darcy Coates novels. Great setting, great characters....just a great book.
  • Angie Bishop
    Great book! I love all of Darcy's books! They're so well written and very detailed. I can't wait for the next one!