Rough Edge (The Edge, #1) by C.D. Reiss

Rough Edge (The Edge, #1)

New York Times Bestseller CD Reiss goes back to her roots with a dark, intense tale that breaks boundaries and shatters expectations.Who do you love?The decent man you married?The surgeon shattered during the war?The emotionless Dominant who appears in his eyes more and more often?All of them?Even when he breaks you?Even when he makes you beg?Is there no pain or pleasure he cannot deliver?What will you sacrifice to heal him?Will he sacrifice his ...

Details Rough Edge (The Edge, #1)

TitleRough Edge (The Edge, #1)
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherFlip City Media
GenreErotica, Bdsm, Dark, Adult Fiction, Adult, Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Rough Edge (The Edge, #1)

  • SimplyƝì₭
    I was so excited at the start of this book. C.D. was back and she was keeping it dark. Then I experienced the rough edge. She literally takes you to the edge of anticipation, love , angst and oaths. You will challenge what you believe love and understanding truly means when you marry someone. As a wife I could relate to Greyson. Deep down we all want to be everything our husbands want, need and desire. But her journey will just rock you. Out of y...
  • Michelle
    This. Book. Was. Everything.Layered, intense, intimate and all sorts of mind fuckery. Depth. And scorching heat. Holy shit. CD Reiss kicks off The Edge series with book one and it is an explosive installment. We meet our main characters Greyson and her husband, Caden The story kicks off with Greyson’s return home and to civilian life. Having met during their time in the military, their life is about to begin without deployments and sand keeping...
  • Brandi
    Just one hot as hell excerpt to whet your appetite for the new series from CD Reiss: "Would you be less afraid of hurting me if we tried to focus more on giving you control?"He looked at my arm, his mouth twisted with consideration, as if he was holding his thoughts back."Well?" I asked."We could try it. But I'm warning you." He put an upraised finger between us. "You'd better be controllable, or we're going back to pain." You need to prepare yo...
  • Jean
    SWEET BABY JESUS. I can't wait for you to be as stunned and breathless as I am right now. It's going to take me a bit to compose my thoughts about this epic, brilliant bit of mind fuckery. In the mean time, I leave you with this hot AF excerpt, courtesy of the Queen:EXCERPTI spun her and grabbed her from behind, pressing my erection against her. I hooked my fingers in her underwear and snapped it. She got them down to her knees with me still hold...
  • Alessandra Torre
    OMG, I loved this book. But I love all of CD's novels, so that's no surprise. Twisted and sexy, this story grabbed me from the VERY FIRST WORD and never let me go. 6 STARS!
  • Dana aka ♥Belladonna♥
    Have some wine and a fan handy because the ride you are about to take is hot and twisty.Excerpt: "Don't flinch." He tapped the loop of the belt in his palm, looking between my legs. My breath picked up, getting shallower and faster. [...]He slapped the inside of my thigh with the leather, and I flinched before it struck, then gritted my teeth from the raw sting, twisting with my knees together."Open your legs." He pulled them apart. "What are yo...
  • Michelle Rodriguez
    I received a VERY early ARC from Ms. Reiss. Thank you Christine! I am not going to give you much about book #1, yes I said book #1. Before you get your panties in a twist, if you have been living under a rock, this is a 4 book series. Each book will release three weeks apart. I don't want to read or hear any grumblings about cliffhangers. You've been warned and you all should be happy we're not waiting three months per book. Okay I feel so much b...
  • Am4u ❀ ~ AprilMarie4u ~ ❀
    Rating:4 Stars Main Genres:Contemporary Romance, BDSM Brief Synopsis:The story begins getting to know a newly married couple. They both are ex-military, doctors, and have high ambitions in life. However, problems start for the couple that begin affecting their marriage, and causing a rough edge to their sex life. "He was a son of a bitch, a cold-hearted compartmentalizer with a heart of solid stone. His hands were instruments of brutal precision...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    Hmm... I gotta think about my review for this one. Not sure how I can describe this mind trip I just went on.
  • Karen
    I’m a little bit gobsmacked. Shell shocked even. Christine Reiss what have you done? You’ve only gone and left me mind fucked again. When I read Marriage Games I didn’t sleep for weeks. I worried about Diana. My lovely Huntress. I already know I won’t sleep tonight. Caden! Captain, my captain. It is unusual for a book of this genre to begin with a couple already married and a couple who are so utterly, bonkersley in love. Jeez, the love b...
  • Kayla
    “We’re going to build an entire life out of a war.” Wow! I just finished one of my best reads in 2018. This book was seriously EVERYTHING! I am still speechless and struggling to form a coherent sentence after finishing this book. The Edge series is off to a absolutely EXPLOSIVE start! Rough Edge was intense. Dark. Purely erotic. Mind blowing. I was obsessed. I devoured this book like it was my last breath. That ending will leave you floore...
  • Amo Thomson
    What the what !!!! I’ve read CD Reiss for a few years now and have loved everything she’s written. This is no different the Suspense the WTF & OMG is off the charts. Caden- he definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat, and even at that your not sitting on there comfortably.... the wait... the anticipation holt Jesus !! Hot AF Grayson- sweet lord woman you have your work cut out for you but my god the “rewards” nearly had me in a puddl...
  • Athena Stephenson
    Umm, a WOW! I don’t even have words for what I just experienced reading this! It’s so dark, twisted and erotic but also sad and disturbing while keeping you on the edge! That ending left my mind blown and my brain all mixed up! CD Reiss is on fire and toying with us hardcore! Awesome job!
  • Sigourney
    Full review to come but I HAVE to say this-CD Reiss is back. The queen has written another masterpiece that deserves to be devoured. Caden ripped out my heart and messed me up so good and he. Didn’t. Give. A. Shit.
  • Torie
    Will have the review up sometime tomorrow