Not Until You by Corinne Michaels

Not Until You

From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a new Standalone Contemporary Romance.I have two rules in life:1. No relationships, falling in love or attachments.2. No sleeping with clients of my interior design firm.Since the last guy turned out to be married, they’ve been easy to follow.Until him.Callum Huxley is a ridiculously sexy Brit, and the connection we have the moment our eyes lock scares the ever-loving hell out of me. Thank...

Details Not Until You

TitleNot Until You
Release DateOct 1st, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Not Until You

  • Christy
    4 stars!!! Rules were meant to be broken. Not Until You can most definitely be read as a stand alone, but if you’ve read ‘We Own Tonight’ and/or ‘One Last Time’, you’ve met Nicole. We all have that ‘one friend’. I am not a Nicole, but I appreciate the Nicole’s of the world. Nicole is fun, spunky, and the wild one in her group of friends. One thing that is very apparent about Nicole is that she doesn’t do relationships. It wo...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    ❤5 stars ❤Such a beautiful story, I loved every minute of Not Until You.It was fast paced,sweet,sexy,lighthearted,fun and flirty.I adored Nicole and Callum, they are perfect for each other.Nicole is one of my top favorite heroines, she is strong,fun,stubborn and sassy.Callum is sexy,cocky and possessive.One of the things I loved the most in this story is their banter, they have such an amazing connection.Full of tension,they are flirty,and th...
  • Michelle
    Not Until You is the story of Nicole Dupree and Callum Huxley. For fans of Corinne Michaels’ you’ve met Nicole over the span of the Heather’s book (We Own Tonight) and Kristen’s book (One Last Time); you know she’s the crazy one out of the foursome of best friends. There was just always something about Nicole that I related to the most. She was this crazy character that often was the loudest voice in the room. I couldn’t want to get h...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    “Rules were meant to be broken.” One thing I know for sure is that I love and adore Corinne Michaels and all the journeys she has taken me on thus far. I was extremely excited to delve headfirst into Not Until You to discover what was next and I absolutely adored it from the very first word right up until the last. If you are yet to discover what Corinne can offer with her profound and thoughtful storytelling then you need to check her out. ...
  • Berry•Nice
    #OfficeRomance #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit  HAPPY!!! That's how I felt while reading this book. I had this permanent smile on my face. I don't think I've ever read a story that made me feel how this one did. I actually laughed-out-loud with tears in my eyes! 😂😂😂 Even as I write this I'm smiling. #RomCom Yes Please!Nicole and Callum ❤ I love them soo much. Their chemistry and banter is perfect. 1- Nicole is freaken amazing in all ways one...
  • Jennifer Kyle
    Loved the heroine!!
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    4 “Made Me Smile” StarsNot Until You is a wonderful Second Chance Romance. Letting someone into your heart when it’s been severely broken can be hard as is learning to trust once again. This is a stand-alone book but involves other characters from We Own Tonight and One Last Time. A group of 4 girlfriends who are thick as thieves and are there for each other.Nicole is a sexy spitfire. She owns her own design firm, speaks her mind and is a f...
  • Christy P
    It's LIVE!● Amazon ➙● iBooks ➙● Nook ➙● Kobo ➙● Amazon Paperback ➙● Audible ➙ #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit #AvailableNowOMG! This book was so funny! I literally laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath. Callum is a sexy, irresistible Brit and Nicol...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    I loved it! Every single little thing. Seriously, what's not to love.*Sexy British hero*Sassy and Sexy heroine*To die for Secondary Characters*Great writing *Engaging PlotThe heroine, Nicole, in Not Until You is hands down one of my favorites of the year!! She is a fierce, fun, and a certified #girlboss! She's was so much fun to read!! Her relationship with her friends was flipping hilarious. I want to hang out with these girls! They had me crack...
  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    'Not Until You,' is a standalone romance that ticks all the sweet romantic boxes and features glimpses of characters who feature in previous stories from this series of standalones. Nicole has learnt that trusting a man does not work for her. She's been hurt and is now fully focused on her interior design business. Enter sexy Brit Callum Huxley, he's super rich and Nicole's latest client so firmly off romantic limits for her. She wants his busine...
  • Shayna
    “What if that man would give you more than you knew you could have? What if his touch made you faint in the knees? His love made you stronger instead of weaker? What if he protected you, keeping you from any pain because his life’s mission was just to make you smile?” Get ready to worship at the shrine that is called Callum Huxley! That man! That man is EVERYTHING! One of the best romance heroes I’ve come across this year…and I’m not ...
  • Michele
    This book was Fabulous!!!! Nicole is a sassy, hot mess who tells it like it is. I loved her character. Nicole has three best friends: Kristin, Heather, and Hadley, and the witty banter between them had me laughing often. Callum is a sexy British businessman who has hired Nicole's design firm to decorate luxury units in a building he owns. Even though they are attracted to each other, Nicole has a hard and fast rule. She doesn't sleep with clients...
  • MiDouradoP
    It's LIVE! #OneClick * Amazon ➙ * iBooks ➙ * Nook ➙ * Kobo ➙ * Amazon Paperback ➙ * Audible ➙ #OfficeRomance #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit #AvailableNow You don't know unconditional romantic love....Not Until You find The One.This is a standalone about Nicole and Callum, altho...
  • Sarah/DragonflyReads
    “Love is a fairy tale inside you. It lives there, telling the story of all that’s to come if you can just remember the words. Love is a living thing that we have to nurture when times are bad.I see that now.Because with Callum, it’s true love.” —Not Until You was a breath of fresh air! I was so excited to read a book for Nicole and Corinne Michaels did not disappoint! She gave Nicole the story and HEA she deserved, and it was a fantasti...
  • Melissa
    It's LIVE! #OneClick * Amazon ➙ * iBooks ➙ * Nook ➙ * Kobo ➙ * Amazon Paperback ➙ * Audible ➙ #OfficeRomance #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit #AvailableNowNicole is my Spirit Animal. Feisty, smart , sarcastic with a side of killer sex appeal! Callum Huxley you had me at British ,...
  • Joy
    There was no way I could have not loved this story. Nicole is a favorite of mine and Callum well he was damn near impossible not to love. Nicole's defiance and Callum's tenacity were fun to watch. Nicole is determined to follow her rules until Callum is set on finding a loophole. It's a fair assessment to say that she has met her match. This is fast and sweet with a little drama and lots of swoon. And a British accent as a bonus! Just one more ch...
  • Ashley
    It's LIVE! #OneClick     * Amazon ➙     * iBooks ➙     * Nook ➙     * Kobo ➙     * Amazon Paperback ➙     * Audible ➙ #OfficeRomance #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit  #AvailableNowThis man has sin, sex, and power exuding from him. I could drown...
  • Carla Bulian
    3,7. Gostei do enredo, apesar de ser mais do mesmo ( o que não vem ao caso, pois existem vários outros livros que conseguem prender atenção), porem o que não me agradou foi a personagem principal, que pela idade, deveria se mostrar mais madura. Patética.
  • Imani (Enamored Reads)
    ”Callum is the answer to every prayer I’ve ever sent, but he could also bring the darkness if he leaves.” Okay but on a quick and serious note, CAN I BE NICOLE WHEN I GROW UP?! This book was EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a quick and hot rom com! Not Until You was just as great as the first two in this set of standalone! Callum Huxley is hot as sin and sweet like honey. I seriously need one of him in my life. But Nicole, she is legit...
  • Quinn's Quippy Quotes
    I'm the girl that wants to live life to its absolute fullest.I'm the girl who wants to be happy, no matter what that looks like.I'm the girl who's is seeking something but can't seem to find it.I'm the girl who just wants to be loved.I'm the girl who will never let anyone know that I'm a bit broken.Damn, Nicole, you got issues girl. And we all love you for it! I have been dying to creep into the mind of Nicole Dupree. She is feisty, strong willed...
  • Louise Roach
    It's LIVE! #OneClick * Amazon ➙ * iBooks ➙ * Nook ➙ * Kobo ➙ * Amazon Paperback ➙ * Audible ➙ #OfficeRomance #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit #AvailableNow I really enjoyed this book. If you've read either of the other books in this series (they're standalones so don't have to be...
  • RentasticReads
    Love is a fairy tale inside you. It lives there, telling the story of all that’s to come if you can just remember the words. I’m so in love with this book! There’s no doubt that this group of friends has stolen my heart since I’ve read We Own Tonight, and it only continues to grow even more with every book that we get. Out of the four girls, I think Nicole’s story is the one I anticipated the most—mostly because of how nuts and hilar...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***5 CROWNSCorinne Michaels has penned my favorite novel from the this series of standalones, and it is solely because of Nicole. There are few times when a heroine makes me fall in love with a book, but this one did. Nicole is the best friend I want to have. She is crazy and has zero filter, but, oh, how she made me laugh. I never knew what she would say or do, but that is the fun part. That is what kept me on my to...
  • Amy
    4.5 Stars!!“This man has sin, sex, and power exuding from him. I could drown in it and still want more.”“He’s broken me. The stupid asshole broke my vagina without even touching it.”“I craved being near him. It was like my body was being pulled toward his and I couldn’t stop it. He looked at me as though he couldn’t make himself either.”“I’m so sure this man will wreck me, but I’m walking the plank anyway, pulling him alon...
  • Robin Brister
    It's LIVE! #OneClick * Amazon ➙ * iBooks ➙ * Nook ➙ * Kobo ➙ * Amazon Paperback ➙ * Audible ➙ #OfficeRomance #FeistyHeroine #SexyBrit #AvailableNow I absolutely LOVED this book! Callum is so freaking hot, and oh that accent. I wish I had half of Nicole’s personality, sh...
  • AJ
    4 starsAnother great read from Corinne Michaels! A fiery, fast-moving love story that is full of chemistry and a whole lot of heart. This book is a standalone, but it does tie in with Corinne’s latest contemporary releases, We Own Tonight and One Last Time, centered around a group of four best friends. So while you can read this one on its own, it will probably mean more to you if you’ve read the other two books first – and of course beware...
  • Kim
    4.5 starsNicole Dupree is a woman focused on her career as an interior designer. She has been hurt in the past, so she is guarded, untrusting, and has no use for attachments or relationships. She just likes to have a good time. Some people may think she is too promiscuous or adventurous, but she does not care. She is strong, sassy, feisty, and fun. She is a good friend and Aunt to her friend's kids so she thinks that will satisfy her . Callum Hux...
  • Steph's Rom Book Talk
    Yes, Yes, SO MANY YESES!! Nicole is that free, sassy, independent friend that you love to live vicariously though. She doesn't want kids or a husband but treats your kids in the best way possible. Because you are besties you know that this is all a front when she finally meets a guy that is going to challenge her. Callum is that sexy, British yumminess but there is one glitch....he is also a potential client. Nicole deals with her issues, Callum ...