Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, #9) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, #9)

As a Rock Chick, Shirleen Jackson lived through all the kidnappings and explosions. Along the way, she also watched the dramatic love stories that came with those rides unfold. But long ago, Shirleen made her choice. It affected who she was and would always be. She decided to settle for what she had and not want more. She had good friends. She was raising two fine young men who weren’t hers, but she loved them anyway. She was good. And then Mos...

Details Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, #9)

TitleRock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, #9)
Release DateApr 2nd, 2018
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Novella

Reviews Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, #9)

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    I just about broke my finger 1-clicking this bad boy. Then I pretty much broke my personal best time speed reading it (lol). It is NO secret the ROCK CHICK series is pretty much my favorite series EVER. I have reread every book (except Ally's) a gazzilion times. So when I saw that KA had written a happily ever after for Shirleen...well let us just say I was SO there.So did I enjoy it? Yes. Will I reread it? Probably not. That said, it was undoubt...
  • Bev
    Who are you and what have you done with Shirleen? That's what was going through my head on a loop whilst reading this. Then .... cue Lee and the Hot Bunch worrying about colour coordinated planners and stickers and I REALLY wanted to know who the hell they were and what they did with the badasses of old. It's like they all had to morph into someone else for Shirleen to find her happy. What??Add to that poor Moses and Shirleen were totally short ...
  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Oowee Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐I didn't even realize that KA was releasing this book so soon until Nita aka The Bookchick enlightened me (thank you Nita!), within minutes I purchased the kindle version, a few hrs later when the audio was released, I purchased the audio (different narrator for this one, which was a bit disappointing, but, Nicole Small did an okay job), and my paperback should be arriving any add to my KA Rock...
  • Fatimama
    What a pleasant surprise as I did not like the Rock Chick books that I’ve readWhat I liked:- H/h were both older, in fact heroine is older by 2 yrd as she is 53 and Hero is 51- Low drama and no hijinx. The focus was on their romance and basically the Hero pursuing the hWhat I didn’t like:- the appearance of other Rock Chicks as the other women were annoyingGot a question though: of her 2 sons, Roam and Sniff, which one is black and which one ...
  • Raine
    Oweee! Love me some Shirleen!!!I didn't even realize that KA was writing this book. For some reason I thought Marcus and Daisy was the last book in thus series. Imagine my surprise when I read KA's email that this book was out. Not even 10 seconds later I purchased. Unfortunately I had to finish another book first, but I started this one today.I'm so happy Shirleen gets her HEA with a hot, ex-military, juvenile corrections officer. Moses himself ...
  • Holly
    Thank god I had this afternoon of work, it would have driven me insane to wait for this!!! I loved it, Shirleen and Moses were perfect together although my favourite bits were Roam and Sniff appearances. That ending though... I really miss old school KA. I don’t want any more honey. Any standalones or new series... I want rock chick LA and Chaos. Sigh.
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    First off I’m going to thank Kristen Ashley for writing a couple over the age of 50; I applaud you woman! On that note, if you are expecting a typical Rock Chick book, this isn’t the book for you but if you appreciate a sweet romance between two people who both deserve a second chance at finding love then you are in luck. Readers of this series have always loved Shirleen Jackson as they watched her go from drug dealing, illegal gambling wrong...
  • ~Steph K~
    Freaking Perfection!!!!
  • Paula
    What a fun ride! I had a smile on my face the whole time.
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    Rock Chick Reborn blew my mind! Not only did I finally get Shirleen's story, I got a truly mature couple, and I loved every single word of it!
  • Abby McCarthy
    OOWWEEE!Shirleen got her HEA!!! Moses crashed into Shirleen, quite literally, to get her attention. Sometimes there are small scenes in books that just stay with me. It might be a first kiss, or it might be something funny, sometimes its as simple as a supermarket staredown. This book has that unforgettable meeting, the kind you will think about. I love this.If you have never read a Kristen Ashley book...First...what planet have you been on!Secon...
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    Although in more recent years I haven't enjoyed Kristen Ashley's books as much I did previously, I still absolutely adore her Rock Chick series. So, it was a fantastic surprise to have Shirleen's story told in Rock Chick Reborn, she certainly deserves her own HEA. I loved every word of this novella, not only was it a sweet romance with a hint of redemption, you also got to revisit some of your favourite Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch characters. We al...
  • Mette
    Pure Shirleen goodness.I can't even.... I have cried to many times to count reading through this story.I'm thanking the powers that may be that Kristen finally gave us Shirleen's story. Classic Rock Chick fabulousness.
  • Autumn
    Shirleen Jackson has turned her life around and now all she wants to do is make things good for her foster sons – Roam and Sniff. She’s content to take care of the Hot Bunch at Nightingale Investigations and try (in vain!) to keep their women out of trouble. She thinks that’s all she deserves after everything that happened in her past. That is until the most beautiful man she’s ever seen rams into her shopping cart. His head tipped to the...
  • Laura
    I could take or leave the Rock Chick series...there were only a few books I enjoyed. I wasn't much of a fan of Shirleen in these novels as she reminded me of the equally annoying Elvira in another KA series.This was Novella length but I quickly became bored. All of the Rock Chick books are insta love which is not my favourite thing but in this book Shirleen and Moses meet in a Supermarket and he comes on heavy almost as if they're getting married...
  • Kristie
    This book was a surprise for me on so many levels. A surprise because it even came out today, for one. I had no idea! I mean, I think I pay attention to Kristen's news letter and stuff, but I think I missed this info until today's came out and I promptly one-clicked. This was also a surprise for me because it's not like any other Rock Chick book... well, it is, but it isn't. The Rock Chicks kind of have this formula. Chick has issue, there is a g...
  • Ellen at Book Bellas
    “We gotta be in our nows, … Not in the future, which we don’t know what’s gonna happen and we got no control over it anyway. The now. Right now. Where it’s good.” YAY! Shirleen Jackson finally gets her own story. AND a HEA, too!!Fans of the Rock Chick series know that Shirleen shows up early on, actually as a criminal boss but as someone who really bonds with the other women and has a heart of gold. She and Darius later gave up their ...
  • Ciru
    Done! Review to come in a few.Okay. I lied. Review came after me sleeping, waking up, going to work...and then almost sleeping again...but my thoughts just wouldn't let me fall asleep a second time.That being said, I love that K.A. decided to release this as part of her 50th birthday gift to her fans...but I had some issues with the book..and I shall now give MY PERSONAL opinion on them.First off, major numero uno issue that I had with this book....
  • Pam Nelson
    5 Rock Chick Reborn Stars - ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤Oh, my word! To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought about getting Shirleen’s story. I would have that Darius or Rome or Sniff. So this not only blew me away but then when I started to listen I was sucked in. Shirleen was always there for all the other rock chick’s so getting inside her head was a trip to say the very least. I kne...
  • Amy
    Shirleen finally gets her man! I loved Shirleen and all that she finally did to pull herself up by her bootstraps. She was down trodden for so long and I'm so, so glad she was finally able to break free of the last few ghosts holding on from her past. I loved how the Hot Bunch made sure the guy was right for Shirleen....because they absolutely would do exactly what they did.Roam and Sniff....dang, I've hoped for these two the find their way since...
  • Kelly
    Love the epilogue This book had just enough of all my favourite people to make me very happy - the hot bunch - love how they all show their love for Shirleen by getting involved in her business, the Rock Chicks, lots of Roam and Sniff. I love Roam and Sniff - my favourite part of this book was seeing more of the relationship between Shirleen and her boys, and how much they love her. Shirleen and Moses, what a great couple they were. It was awesom...
  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    Reviewed by [email protected] Stars ReviewsShirleen has two teenage boys, and she's lived through all the excitement of the Rock Chicks. Now, she's just trying to make sure her boys make it when they are gone. However, a chance meeting makes it seem like there is a man for Shirleen, but she isn't sure she can deal with this now. This book was really good. I enjoyed getting to learn more about Shirleen and her life. It was a bit sad at times as wel...
  • Page
    This book is full to the brim with 5 star characters. Shirleen was written to perfection, I was thrilled Lee had quite a bit of quality page time, enjoyed the Rock Chick powwow, really really enjoyed getting to know Roam and Sniff better, and Moses was great.But...the meat of this book was little more than one long winded conversation between Shirleen and Moses. This was such a downer, as chapters 1-4 were very good and reminded me of the origina...
  • Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews)
    Rock Chick Reborn is the novella I didn't know I needed until Kristen Ashley gifted us with all of the Shirleen goodness I could handle! I mean, Moses is nothing short of perfection, Roam and Sniff, just good gravy AND Shirleen. Not only does Shirleen finally get her HEA with a could be a Hot Bunch guy if he wanted to...she organizes my Mace with a pink pen. Classic Kristen Ashley and I love it...and her. Happy Birthday weekGo to Scandalicious Bo...
  • Jenn
    Kristen Ashley can do no wrong. This novella was the perfect addition to this series. Sweet, funny, hot and emotional. It was so nice to see all our friends again and to see the hot bunch in a different light. Absolutely hilarious. And so very sweet. Those guys are just too sweet, in a bad a$$ kinda way. This book definitely tugged on my heart. Shirleen is of if the family and she deserved a HEA like everyone else. I’m so glad she got one. And ...
  • Alison
    Seriously its the Queens birthday week & she is giving us the gifts.I've missed the rock chicks & hot bunch so much. We got a glimpse at all of them but got to see Shirleen getting hey hot GUY!! - Moses his name is just hot !!Loved every single word/minute being at home with the rock chicks!!
  • D.D. Prince
    What an awesome surprise. I cried 3x. Absolutely loved it!