The Little Unicorn Gift Shop by Kellie Hailes

The Little Unicorn Gift Shop

Life’s always better with a little bit of sparkle. Poppy and Ben have been best friends forever and now they’re embarking on a new adventure together – opening a joint unicorn gift shop and cafe. Ben has one rule; no unicorn paraphernalia is to cross into his tea shop. But Poppy has other ideas…They’ve always been there for each other, at least until Poppy went travelling around the world – without Ben. But now she’s back and she’...

Details The Little Unicorn Gift Shop

TitleThe Little Unicorn Gift Shop
Release DateAug 2nd, 2018
PublisherHQ Digital
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews The Little Unicorn Gift Shop

  • Claire Robinson
    4 - "It's meant to be." Stars!It always feels like it's been too long since I have read anything by Kellie Hailes, when I start a new book by her, so it was with a certain level of excitement that I started The Little Unicorn Gift Shop, and once again the author didn’t disappoint."No sharing, no boundary crossing, you understand..?" Ben and Poppy’s story is one of friends reconnecting after Poppy has spent twelve years travelling the world. B...
  • Julia Wilson
    The Little Unicorn Gift Shop by Kellie Hailes is a delightful, warm, tender and fun contemporary novel. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The infectious joie de vivre is definitely catching. It is a book of high energy. "You run on pure enthusiasm."The main themes are of friendship and love. Some friendships are just made for life. The years and miles cannot diminish them.A belief that a character is unlovable will just break your hea...
  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    3'5 estrellitas. Una lectura muy dulce y bonita, perfecto ejemplo de libro nadista y monoplatillesco, con el añadido de ser un friends to lovers cuqui (si es que eso te gusta, claro). No pasa nada, na-da, lo importante aquí son los personajes y su relación sentimental, nada más. Eso no quiere decir que sea un mal libro, es perfecto para cuando quieres leer algo sin dramas (bueno, algo de dramita tiene que haber, claro, pero muy poca cosa), un...
  • Kim
    I loved this book.It was so warm and cosy , filled with great friendships, a romance trying to blossom and wonderful unicorns everywhere! You could feel Poppy's enthusiasm in making her shop a success.Poppy and Ben were childhood friends and she comes back from travelling the world and plans share shop premises with Ben. He's opening a lovely tea shop with delicious flavours and she is taking over the other side of the shop with everything Unicor...
  • Kaisha (The Writing Garnet)
    All reviews can be found on my blog at https://thewritinggarnet.wordpress.comI'm going to sound a bit bad here, but there was a little part of me that couldn't help thinking that I wasn't going to like this book, all because I don't see the fascination with unicorns. However, before anyone asks me why I chose to read the book with that thought in my head, it was also the unicorns and the fact that they were going to be living in a gift shop (the ...
  • Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues)
    Hands up if you love unicorns *puts both hands in the air*There is just something magical about them, isn’t there? All that sparkly, glittery, rainbow-coloured lushness. And age is of no significance *shakes head* No comment from the gallery please *frowns*So, as you can imagine, I was all grabby hands with this book. It looked like a hoot, and boy, could I do with a laugh. Ben Evans is a man with a plan. Only the return of his childhood best f...
  • Amanda
    I have a confession to make (this is fast becoming a habit). I have to admit that I have never read any of Kellie’s previous books. I do like discovering a new author and I always love starting a new book. So it was with some excitement that I picked this book up and began to read. I really enjoyed reading this book but more about that in a bit.I have to be honest and say that I didn’t immediately take to the characters of Poppy and Ben, as t...
  • Mandy
    Poppy and Ben grew up together living in neighbouring houses, but as school finished and University beckoned for Ben, Poppy ups and leaves the country. 12 years and a handful of emails later, Poppy is back and determined to open her own Unicorn Gift shop. Ben has spent the interim years training as a Solicitor and rising to be a partner in the firm, however he isn't happy, he wants to follow his dream and open a artisanal tea and cake shop. All t...
  • Noemi Proietti
    Ben and Polly have been best friends all their lives. As neighbours they spent all their time together. In Ben and his parents, Polly had the family she didn’t have at home where her single mother was too busy with her art, parties, and friends to even find time to buy her clothes and food. For Ben, Polly was an air of vitality, the person who pushed him to go over the limits. But right after they finished school, Polly left to travel around th...
  • Helen Edwards
    First book by Kellie Hailes I have read and it won't be the last. If you're looking for a light-read, some escapism, and bucket-loads of romance, this is the book for you. I do question how Poppy and Ben got so close so quickly again after over a decade apart (and apparently little contact), but I'll let that go. Kellie writes an excellent romance - this book focuses on Poppy and Ben, with only a few other characters. I do think that perhaps more...
  • Beccy Thompson
    Currently sunning myself in the Dominican Republic and we all know nothing completes a holiday better than a genuine feel good novel. The little unicorn gift shop was this and so much more. From page one I was enthralled, rooting for Poppy and Ben hoping that the author would weave her magic to complete the story in a way that the reader supports. It’s been a while since I’ve chosen to pick up a gentle read and I’m so pleased thiss was my c...
  • Mrs Helen
    Love the unicorn theme - love them or hate them! I think it was a quirky idea to put a cafe and unicorns together and it made me smile. The loved the vivacity of the main character and her desire to grab things and run with them, even if the rest of the world think you're barmy. It was a lovely story and I enjoyed seeing them come together.
  • Kathy Kugelman
    Two good friends open up a business together- he a tea shop and she a unicorn gift shop. The setting is London. There is a slow burning romance brewing between the two of them. Feelings have been there since they were teens. The predictable happily ever after is evident, though it is cute how it comes about and the roles that the unicorn merchandise plays.
  • Carol Beasley
    This was a fun, sweet read that surprised me a lot. I can't say I am the biggest Unicorn fan but I could not help but adore this story. The relationship between the main characters was engaging and felt so honest. I loved the story and the setting and am looking forward to reading more by this author.I was sent this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Melinda Anders
    Poppy has been traveling the world for twelve years. She comes back to open a shop featuring unicorns and she finds out Ben is opening a shop featuring teas. They go in together and open a shop called Sparkle and Steep. Of course there is an attraction between them. However Poppy doesn't think she can love or be loved. If you are a fan of romance than you will enjoy this book.
  • Valerie
    I found this to be a light-hearted book. It flows easily even through some intense emotional issues. I found it enjoyable & was happy that all turned out alright in the end. #TheLittleUnicornGiftShop #NetGalley
  • Kelly
    Fun, frothy and sparkly!Ben and Poppy were childhood friends. Can Ben forgive Poppy’s abrupt exit to travel the world? Can Poppy open her heart? A sparkly heartwarming romance set in a tea shop/unicorn gift shop. Sounds bizarre but it really works. Loved this book!
  • Clara
    A fab story based on the characters of Poppy and Ben and their lovely little gift shop. I must admit I was sold once I saw unicorn in the title. The perfect summery read.