Secret Admirer by Cynthia Eden

Secret Admirer

His mission: Get close to Alice May. Learn her secrets. Expose her lies. And if she's guilty...lock her up.Undercover FBI Agent Zander Todd typically spends his days and his nights tracking killers. But, lately, he's been pretending that he's a different man. He's been working his way into the life of beautiful but reserved Alice May. He's supposed to make her trust him completely. Alice is the key to a serial murder case that the FBI has been wo...

Details Secret Admirer

TitleSecret Admirer
Release DateMay 30th, 2018
PublisherHocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews Secret Admirer

  • Leonor
    I enjoyed this one a lot. Zander was a great hero and Alice was a strong heroine. This is nothing new because this author always gives me a good pair of MCs. I only wished it was longer.
  • Alex ♈
    Not my favourite by CE, but compared to the average romance/suspense it was still good.I used to better twists/suspense by this author. Don't get me wrong, or do *lol*, but some FBI 'tricks' didn't make much sense to me and were amateurish. It pissed me off that they killed female FBI agent. Common guys, why didn't she wear bp-vest?!? Overall too many unnecessary victims. Spoiler for Leonor!(view spoiler)[Love you, girl, always! 😘#InsiderJoke ...
  • Marta Cox
    Three and a half What should be the happiest day of Alice’s life turns into a nightmare when her fiancé is killed and his murderous spree as the ‘Secret Admirer ‘ is discovered. Alice has tried to come to terms with the shocks and revelations but nothing was the same and so here just one year later Alice is trying to rebuild her life far from the town where everyone knows her. Zander is undercover trying to discover the truth behind the ...
  • Just Lily
    2.75 stars I didn’t enjoy this one as much as her other books. From what I’ve read in her LOST series she always has this elaborate story, full of action and mystery. Maybe because this one is short it didn’t play as well. I guessed who the killer was from the start (view spoiler)[ right after the prologue (hide spoiler)], but there was one surprise that I didn’t anticipate though. I guess, what really spoiled it for me was the heroine. N...
  • BleuBelle
    This was a quick and safe read. Cynthia Eden is one of my favorite authors. I love her LOST Series.Sadly I couldn't connect to the characters. Everything happened so fast (falling in love, solving the crime) and the couple just spent the time together in the cabin/police station. The story was very focused on the Secret Admirer and any other aspects were cut out.I don't even know what the Heroine did for a living, if she had a job or any other fa...
  • Ash
    The only saving grace was the climax scene of heroine saving herself and one small twist otherwise this book has the dumbest agents and the heroine getting over the betrayal in few hours and living happily ever after and a predictable villain.
  • Michele
    Another book by Ms Eden that I was not able to put down till I finished it!! This storyline was suspenseful, intense at times, action packed and the romance, well that was off the charts! As soon as you start reading, this book takes off.... Alice May is getting married or is she? When the groom dies in a crash on his way to the wedding and a dead body is found, Alice May realizes her soon to be husband is the Secret Admirer that has killed 5 wom...
  • Victoria
    Really great read. As I've mentioned several times before Cynthia is the nicest person yet she can write some really ugly bad guys :).Here we have a woman about to be married only to have her wedding day destroyed by the death of her intended who also turns out to be a serial killer. The FBI think she had knowledge of the murders or was even part of the action. Fast forward a year and Alice is trying to rebuild her life and is pretty much a loane...
  • Whispers From
    Alice was getting married when her fiancé was killed and had a woman’s dead body in the vehicle with him. He was known as the Secret Admirer, a serial killer who killed women that looked like Alice. She moves into a cabin in the mountains. Zander is an undercover FBI agent and he is supposed to get close to Alice and find out if she was the partner of her dead boyfriend. He falls for her and then she starts getting stalked. When she finds out ...
  • Marie Brown (Marie's Tempting Reads)
    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:The Secret Admirer is a romantic suspense's dream! It was full of passion, fast paced action, chilling suspense, one strong and amazing heroine and a hero who made my own heart leap with excitement! Whether or not, Miss Cynthia Eden is writing paranormal romance or her romantic suspense, you KNOW you are going to get a story that will leave you BEGGING, PLEADING, and CRYING for more! Secret Admirer was SO SOOOO S...
  • Adaiah
    What a thrill ride!This was a nice return to a Mystery, and Suspense genre. Alice May, the bride left at the altar finds out that Hugh, her fiancee is a serial killer called "The Secret Admirer", and that the women killed look just like her. Alice May, moved to a small town hoping to start her life again, where no one knows her. Unfortunately the killings begin again, and the FBI believe Alice May is a partner in crime of the original serial kill...
  • Julia
    Yikes. Two Cynthia Eden books I didn’t like IN A ROW?!? What is wrong with me? I couldn’t stand the heroine. I found her to be this pathetic whimpering flower. Constantly asking why the hero “wants be with her and her emotional baggage.” I truly hate that line. Has anyone ever actually said that out loud to another person before? If you have, you really need to re evaluate your life. The martyr heroine just doesn’t do it for me. When I ...
  • Jordana Bastos
    Review In English I am a little disappointed with this book. After reading the Killer Instinct series, I expected way more. She was too understanding for my liking, and that totally ruined the book for me. At the end, I just didn't care about the caracters anymore. What a shame, what a waste. Resenha Em Português Eu estou um pouco desapontada com esse livro, depois de ler a série Instinto Assassino, eu esperava bem mais. Ela foi muito compreens...
  • Shirley Linn
    Alice almost married a serial killer. He was killed on his way to marry her. There is a cloud of suspicion hanging over her head which only gets worse when the killings start again. Zander goes undercover to try to trap her but, when her life is in danger he will do anything to protect her. This is a fast paced, suspenseful read with plenty of twists and turns. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • Sandra R
    This longer romantic/suspense novella was easy to read, well written and quite interesting. I thought the character development of Zander and Alice however was pretty sparse, as I knew nothing about them apart from the scenes in the book and that made me not care about them as much as I should have. I did guess the murderer (which is very unlike me) but not the small twist at the end which was a surprise. A pleasant way to spend an evening.
  • Karen Greybill
    Great bookI have always liked Eden's books. I also enjoy books about serial killers. This one was very good. Suspenseful and good background of the killer. You do not find many books today about serial killers, they seem to have fallen out of favor with authors, unfortunately. I was delighted when I found this one. There are not many authors today who can write a good story, most are more sex than plot or they are pure fluff. Ms Eden please keep ...
  • Christine Jalili
    I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in hours. Then I reread it as soon as I finished, it’s that good! FBI agent Zander is supposed to get close to Alice. But is he falling for her? Is she guilty or innocent? My heart really ached for him as he realizes he messed up and will she forgive him? Who’s really The Secret Admirer? There’s a twist ( of course!) and I was shocked at who it really was. I love when I feel the emotions of the c...
  • Mags
    Secret Admirer was a quick, suspenseful story. That pulled me in from the start. As it had just enough twists and turns to hold my interest and keep me guessing. Not to mention a sweet romance. That was enjoyable to read and I would happily recommend it to others.
  • Doris
    War ganz okay, aber nicht mein Lieblingsbuch von Cynthia Eden. ***Was okay, but not my favorite from her.
  • Teresa R.Fieck
    Good Book!Wow what a nerve racking book. You never knew who was the killer. And the romance between these two was smoking hot. Loved all the twists and turns.