Rush (Gods, #2) by Samantha Towle

Rush (Gods, #2)

From Samantha Towle, New York Times bestselling author of Breaking Hollywood and Ruin, comes a new powerful, passionate and dramatic contemporary romance.“With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select…”It’s been three years since quarterback Ares Kincaid’s NFL dream came true, and he’s living the high life. The days of cleaning up after his drunk of a father are long gone, and he has no intention of going back....

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TitleRush (Gods, #2)
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherHeadline Eternal
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Rush (Gods, #2)

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****FIVE STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}It’s amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye. One blink, and my hedonistic lifestyle—the one I was so sure that I loved—came crashing down around me, bringing me to a new reality. A clean, sober reality. But also a lonely, empty reality. Then, one person came along and changed everything so very completely again. One kiss changed everything.RUSH, the second installment from S...
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    5 Stars!(ARC provided by author) Ares Kincaid has played in the NFL for the past three years, and is living his dream as the star quarterback for the New York Giants. He's nicknamed the missile because of his accuracy at getting the ball to his target, and is currently living the life. He's known for being an all around good guy who has a great reputation.Arianna Petrelli has had some touch breaks, been in some trouble, and is now trying to get h...
  • Alex ♈
    2.5 starsI clicked 3 ONLY because of the heroine and as respect for people, who fight addiction!Heroine – 4 stars‘hero’ – 1 star and only because he was a good brotherI liked the girl a lot, and I felt sorry for her. Her dad clearly abandoned her and she unfortunately had a bad taste in men, which also applied to the so called ‘hero’.Damn, he permanently ‘reduced’, he did it all the time! Jailbird? Jailbird, you asshole? GFY!!!The...
  • Jeannine Allison
    *** LIVE!! ***4.5 stars!This series is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites. It's so easy for me to get lost in a Samantha Towle novel. The storyline is always engaging and I fall for the characters fast and hard.I'm a big fan of characters who make mistakes. And not the kind of mistakes that get explained away, but honest-to-god mistakes that make them wake up and reevaluate what they're doing with their life. Ari was that type of chara...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UK
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    I’m a sucker for Enemies to Lovers story and this story made me smile with happiness. Filled with sass and quick banter, Ares Kinkaid and Arianna Petrelli showed how peeling layers from their preconceived notions can turn into love. The journey was filled with angst, emotions, sexual tension and sexy times. It made for a feisty and charming read.Ares, the hot sexy jock has it all. The star of the NY Giants. But his past has had heartbreak and h...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    WARNING! If you're mega-scared of spoilers - don't read my review! I tried not to spoil too much, but I guess I couldn't avoid some spoilishings. Some things had to be said. ☺ Arianne has been through a few very bad months. But now she's feeling much better. She's starting her new job! Her dad kinda created a position for her at the Giants' football team. Which he coaches.She's been fired at her gallery job because she drunk-drove her cheating ...
  • Jessica (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)
    Ares Kincaid is such an asshole. Like, the actual worst. The things he says to Arianna, the way he treats her in this book, it's difficult not to loathe him. I'm a reader that LOOOOOOOVES a good jerk. I love an alpha male whose sharp barbs and condescending attitude inevitably evolve into sexual tension and fierce attraction, whatever that says about me. But I have to admit, Ares made it really difficult to get on board with him at first because ...
  • Eliza
    ★4.5 STARS★Arianna Petrelli’s new job comes with the chance of a fresh start. Never mind the fact she’s the disgraced daughter of NFL head coach of the New York Giants, her father has pulled some strings and secured a role for her as the teams assistant, whatever that means. She’s insightful enough to realise the position has been created by way of means for her father to keep a close eye on her. But after hitting rock bottom with a DUI...
  • Michelle
    *ARC provided by the author for an honest review*Wow just wow I 've been dying for this book since I finished Ruin, Which seems like so long ago. Any way I 've been dying for more of the Kincaid family. Rush is Ares book the second oldest in the family. Ares is Giants star quarterback he's had his dream job now for 3 years and is luvin life. Things haven't alway been easy for Ares and his brothers and sister. There father has had a drinking probl...
  • Serena
    LOVED! LOVED! LOVED this book!!!I adore Samantha's stories and was super stoked when I found out Ares was getting a book! I basically read this book from start to finish! I knew I was going to love this story, but it was so much MORE than what I expected and I couldn't be happier!!!THE. FEELS. Oh god my heart! So many emotions! This girl is so alone, my heart broke. I cried for her. I just wanted to reach through my kindle and hug her. The hot an...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewI have been looking forward to this second book in the Gods series since I finished Ruin. I am not a fan of American football at all, but I knew I was going to adore Ares book.And that I did. I was not expecting Ares and Arianna's story to be quite so emotional. I would be reading and BAM - my eyes would start leaking!Ares and Ari are both a little broken, both with baggage, both emotionally dragged down.I freakin...
  • Dee Montoya
    4 Stars****Nothing better than a super hot athlete and a sassy heroine, written by the talented Samantha Towle to keep me entertained and make my heart dance. Ari’s life is very complicated. She got fired from her job, recently got a DUI and is fresh out of rehab. It’s been hard finding a new job once you have a police record, but lucky for her, her father is the coach for the New York Giants football team and has given her a job. Ari is an ...
  • Chloe reads
    4,5 Full Disclosure stars “Relationships are not something I'm interested in. Staying sober is.” Rush is the second book in the Gods series by one of my favourite authors ever, Samantha Towle. It is a complete standalone, but you should definitely read Zeus and Cam 's story in Ruin. I've been a massive fan of Samantha ever since ever since I fell completely in love with Jake Wethers (be still my beating heart) in The Mighty Storm. I lo...
  • Yvette (Booksandbandanas)
    I swear I’m such a Samantha Towle fan. Her books always give me all the FEELS. Rush is a story about a big time quarterback and the teams new assistant of sort. Arianna is set up with a job thanks to her dad who happens to be the teams coach. Her life is a mess and she’s just trying to put one foot in front of the other. Ares, from the moment the quarter back and assistant meet its trouble. He treats her like trash when he knows nothing about...
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    "My stupid heart is whispering foolishness to my brain, and I need to put a stop to it." I'm writing this review with a #BookHangover, I just could not put it down. I tried to stop reading and sleep, but my mind couldn't turn it off so I picked it back up and kept reading... all night long. These characters, Ares & Ari...sigh. They are both broken and loaded down with baggage too heavy to bear. Their painful pasts have written the script for t...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Totally enjoyed this one. Can’t wait for the next one! Ares was INCREDIBLE! Both him and Ari stole my heart. Teaching each other what second chances can look like and what deserving them feels like. Ms Towle serves up another winning romance...
  • Jennifer
    * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. * ~ 5 Stars ~ As I have said before….the more books I read by Samantha Towle the better they get.I absolutely LOVED Rush!!! This story hit me in spots I didn’t expect it to. This was an emotional love story dealing with a tough subject of Alcohol substance abuse and how the people who have this disease and those around them deal with it.Samantha’s writing is AMAZI...
  • Three Chicks
    4.5 Stars!Review by Lisa KaneArianna Petrelli is the daughter of Eddie Petrelli, the head coach of the Giants football team. She's trying to get her act together. After driving drunk, wrecking the car and a stint in rehab she's slowly making that climb from hitting rock bottom.The push to rehab came because a little over six months ago, I was arrested for driving under the influence after I caught my ex-boyfriend, Kyle, in a compromising position...
  • Richelle Robinson
    Man this book. I don’t even know how to write a review that will do this book justice but I will do my best. We met Ares in “Ruin” and I had a feeling he would be a tough shell to crack. Right off the bat he made his mind up when it came to Ari due to her past and her struggles with alcohol. That’s one of the issues I had with Ares in the story. As a child of an alcoholic I get where he is coming from but to be so judgmental really struck...
  • Excessive~Reader
    I really enjoyed this book so much I read it in 1 day. It was a smooth read but dealt with some very hard things. It is the second in the series however If you didn’t read the first book (Ruin) you don’t need to in order to read this one. But I still suggest you do because it’s a good story too. Once again Samantha writes a story that will make you fall in love with her characters, laugh with them and cry with them. I can’t wait for the n...
  • Flo Grugel
    Enjoyable read and great addition to the series. Be prepared for lots of pushing and pulling from Ares.
  • The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog
    If you're after a quick read that doesn't fall short of all the magical ingredients that make up a good romance, then look no further then Samantha Towle's "Rush." Honestly, this author didn't compromise on the quality of this story despite this being a pretty short book. Instead she packed quite the punch when delivering Ares' story and surprised me a little too in the sense that I wasn't expecting quite so much angst and heart ache. Ladies and ...
  • Bindi Boo
    4.5 starsSO GOOD! Strong heroine despite her baggage, my favourite kind.
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    Another winner from Samantha Towle. Ares and Arianna are in such different places in their lives professionally when they meet - yet - they're both damaged and alone. This was the quintessential enemies to lovers but it was more than that. The subjects handled and the way the characters lives are impacted by them are very honest and raw. I loved the banter between these two, the dialogue was fantastic and don't get me started on the chemistry. Wo...
  • Mary at USAT's HEA
    Rush knocked my glasses off, which is a bookworm’s version of having my socks knocked off. Samantha Towle has outdone herself with this sexy, feel-good sports romance that packs an emotional punch. Ari is a recovering alcoholic, and Ares hates alcoholics. When they meet, it is an explosion of sparks that is equal parts chemistry and animosity. Ares does not want to be attracted to Ari, or even like her, but a few twists of fate allow him to see...