The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments

The second installment of the graphic novel adaptation of Cassandra Clare's bestselling fantasy series The Mortal Instruments!Having her best friend, Simon, kidnapped and being attacked by the vampires already seemed too much for Clary to handle. But when she realizes her hidden power and that leads her to what she has been searching for, the truth exposed might be something that she absolutely cannot accept...Cassandra Jean's fluid art brings th...

Details The Mortal Instruments

TitleThe Mortal Instruments
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherYen Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Young Adult, Manga

Reviews The Mortal Instruments

  • Drewthereader19
    I just read this graphic novel in one sitting and it was really good! 4/5 stars, can't wait for the third installment!(:
  • Arin ⭐
    I liked this a lot better than the last one! Also, the way Valentine was drawn is exactly how I picture him in my head.
  • melissafandomworld
    Another awesome graphic novel in the Mortal Instruments series. A terrific addition to the Shadowhunter collection in general and definitely something every shadowhunter fan needs in their own personal collection! Cassandra Jean's artwork is so good and these graphic novels really capture what the books are all about; just love it! Can't wait until Volume 3 publishes!
  • Vita Giannoccaro
    Anche questo secondo volume, così come il primo, mi è piaciuto tantissimo.Immagino quanto possa essere complicato inserire mezzo libro in una manciata di pagine a fumetti, per questo apprezzo molto il lavoro di Cassandra Jean. Ovviamente la storia non è completamente fedele a quella originale e si svolge tutto molto più in fretta, ma amo lo stile della Jean ed è sempre bellissimo immergersi nuovamente in questo mondo.
  • havisha
    Though I’m sure people will say there have been better graphic novels - I enjoyed this one the most; probably because of Magnus but this was an enjoyable read for me
  • Cat
    3.5 stars.This is completely subjective but I wasn't a huge fan of some of the illustrations. Raphael looked way off - where were his curls? - and Clary too young.I also would have included more scenes and/or information.And my final critique: there were some continuity errors which I think could have been avoided.I'm nevertheless looking forward to volume three because it's nice to see such a different version of The Mortal Instruments.
  • Angela Magic Art
    Again, very enjoyable. Great art. But things are cut out/changed, and I prefer the original way. But still enjoyed it! love getting the nostalgia and refresher with such a quick read.
  • TJ
    This continues to be a great adaption of the novels! I can’t wait to see how Jean adapts the following books! 5/5 stars
  • Holly Hughes
    Again, as always, I feel the need to mention that yes, I am heavily biased because I love absolutely everything about Cassandra Jean's style so I would have bought this even if I disliked The Mortal Instruments. But, I love the series, so obviously I bought it for both reasons.Flipping back between the first volume and this one, I feel like Cassandra upped her game here, which excites and elates me. I loved all the dynamic panels when it came to ...
  • Cali Teer
    It's a graphic novel of one of my all time favorite series, what more can I say?... ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT!!I wish it was longer, I flew through that so fast ( I was even holding myself back!) So when can I expect to receive the next one?
  • kerrycat
    Oh, how I love Cassandra Jean. This is just beautiful. And the kiss in the greenhouse . . . I'm not usually a big Clace fan (except after they're grown, so yes, in TDA, definitely Clace) but damn, this kiss. And Church's expression when Magnus is talking to him is just classic Church. and Magnus' closing statement - yes, we all hope so, too.
  • Clare Carter
    Good thing I read this in 2 seconds and have to wait a year for more! God bless Simon Lewis!!!! (These also really get me in the mood to re-read the actual books lol)
  • Marker
    Me quedé con ganas de más. Ahora a esperar el volumen 3. Qué agradable ha sido volver a vivir esta historia que tanto me gusta. El trabajo de ambas Cassandra es fenomenal.
  • Rebecca Akins
  • Ave Binks
    Sigh... I'm not sure how to reviewed these books to be honest. I feel the same way with this second installment of the series as I did with the first. It is a wonderfully faithful adaptation from the novel to a graphic novel style. However the artistry leaves A LOT to be desired. It's almost like Miss Jean is trying to mimic a manga style but trying is the optimum word here. Her attempts at well-rounded thought out depictions of the story just co...
  • B
    Let’s write a review guys, it’s been forever.I’ve been following this artist for a very long time because I love her work so much. She does the original books justice (and I can say I actually prefer these than the original counterparts). Seeing any negative reviews, kinda high key makes me sad, so I’m throwing a positive thought out there for my gal Jean. *Gives all the hugs and all the candy in the world.*
  • Sheila
    I will not buy nor read this graphic novel. I've read the novels and enjoyed them very much. I would give the BOOKS 5 stars. The graphic novel edition has horrible horrible art, and I've been reading comic books for 35 years (not counting the years of my youth). There is manga that I do like, but not this. Horrible. Simply horrible.
  • Nahla
    Such a blast to revisit an old time favorite story! I can't wait to have all 6 novels in graphic novel forms! Although I wish they'd come faster than 1 per year. Cassandra Jean's drawings are stunning.
  • Jessica Williamson
    3.75I've said it before, and I'll say it again. These are not perfect, but they're a great way to refresh your mind of what happens in the books without having to take the time to read the whole thing.
  • Naby ♥
    It couldn't be less than awesome right? 😍🤩👏🏻
  • Christina
    Beautiful! Loved it! I cannot wait for the third volume, even though the second only just came out!! Both volumes so far have not disappointed me!
  • Max
    A must-have and must-read for any TMI fan!
  • Austėja
    I finished this in one go. Right after I finished the first book in one go. It's absolutely gorgeous and I don't want it to end. Ever.
  • Mara
    Loved it as much as the first one.
  • jemthegem
    The story is 100% better in novel form but I’m b-i-a-s-e-d when it comes to Cassie soooo
  • julienid 🛰
    These graphic novels are co cute! I love the art style; the height difference between Jace and Clary in the novels are beautifully done.
  • Lucy in the Sky
    I think I like more the graphic novel than the original
  • Meredith
    It’s so gorgeously done, as was the first volume.
  • Maddie
    beautiful artwork with characters I’ll always love more than anything
  • heavenlybibliophile
    i love the art in this book so much and i can’t wait for volume 3/ City of Ashes!!♥🙌🏽✨ i love the art in this book so much and i can’t wait for volume 3/ City of Ashes!!♥️🙌🏽✨