The Lost Man by Jane Harper

The Lost Man

Two brothers meet at the border of their vast cattle properties under the unrelenting sun of outback Queensland, in this stunning new standalone novel from New York Times bestseller Jane HarperThey are at the stockman’s grave, a landmark so old, no one can remember who is buried there. But today, the scant shadow it casts was the last hope for their middle brother, Cameron. The Bright family’s quiet existence is thrown into grief and anguish....

Details The Lost Man

TitleThe Lost Man
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherFlatiron Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Lost Man

  • Diane S ☔
    "He couldn't simply leave, for a lot of reasons. Financial. Practical. And not least because sometimes, quite a lot of the time, he felt connected to the outback in a way that he loved. There was something about the brutal heat, when the sun was high in the sky and he was watching the slow meandering movement of the herds. Looking out over the wide-open plains and seeing the changing colors. It was the only time he felt something close to happine...
  • Phrynne
    Jane Harper is an author with real talent and a genuine knowledge of Australia and its landscape. In this, her third book, she takes us into outback Queensland with its unimaginably huge cattle stations and its devastating dryness and heat.One major aspect of living in such a place is that the people must be independent as services we take for granted living in a city are not as available. In this story, after Nathan and Bub find their brother de...
  • Tammy
    Desolate, dangerous, remote and vast; the Australian outback is a place I’d bet I will never see. Those who make it their home live a hard life coping with the savage heat of a vicious and unforgiving climate. One mistake means death and preparation is essential. The inhabitants know this so it makes no sense when two brothers find their middle brother dead in a godforsaken location and it appears he intentionally wandered off to his death. A d...
  • Brenda
    When Bub and Nathan came together at the edge of their two properties where the stockman’s grave was located, they were both shocked to see the body of their brother Cameron lying in the shadow of the tombstone. But why was he there? He knew the countryside like the back of his hand. He knew never to leave his vehicle, or to be without water – but there was no evidence of either. When the lone policeman plus the medical officer arrived, the v...
  • Zoeytron
    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.A remote cattle station in Queensland, worked by three brothers.  The land is sere, and the heat is relentless, dangerous.  The wind is full of red dust and grit that lodges into everything.  The story begins with the discovery of the body of one of the brothers.  The questions are just beginning.  With no sign of foul play, is it a suicide or just a terrible error in judgment?     ...
  • Krystal
    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.Jane Harper is a gifted writer. She has the ability to evoke that dusty, dry, Australian countryside and use its atmosphere to build tension underneath an intriguing murder mystery that keeps you glued to the story from page one. This book I found to be particularly clever, as there's no detective figuring things out - there's just the Bright family, who are struggling to come to terms with the horrific death of brother/son/h...
  • Emma
    4.5 starsWith The Lost Man, Jane Harper returns to the blinding form of The Dry, creating a tense and powerfully atmospheric read that spirals ever inwards, a path that narrows with every revelation until there is only one possible perfectly formed conclusion. It starts with a seemingly unexplainable death, one of three brothers found lifeless by the old stockman's grave, alone and a long, long way from help. As a rancher, he knew better than to ...
  • NZLisaM
    Phenomenal! Her best book to date! We open to a dying Cameron Bright, crawling desperately through the Australian outback, the unforgiving desert sun beating down on him, before collapsing. Next we see his two brothers standing over his dead body, perplexed by why on earth he had been out in the middle of nowhere, with no supplies, as having grown up in the area, he was deadly familiar with the harsh climate, and how quickly one can succumb to it...
  • Sally Hepworth
  • Natasha
    Wow! Dare I say this is her best yet? As in The Dry, Jane Harper is so good at conveying that stifling, oppressive feel of the Australian outback. The mystery kept me guessing throughout the novel, I was so sure I knew what happened, only to change my mind again and again. I couldn't put it down.
  • DeAnn
    5 spectacular Outback stars for this newest book from Jane HarperShe continues to be a fantastic writer, one of my favorites. This is a stand-alone book and I'm stunned by the ending. Makes perfect sense, but I never saw it coming.full review to come . . . .
  • Pauline
    Review to be posted later as requested by the publisher.
  • Hannah
    They say third book's a charm (do they? I just made that up), and Jane Harper does not disappoint. To say she's done it again is an understatement. The Lost Man is every bit the page turner you expect and more.The way Jane captures the landscape of the outback is like a character in itself - you can feel the dust permeating your skin and clothing, the searing heat of the dry Queensland sun that seeps through every last corner. The characters are ...
  • Jill
    The Lost Man starts with a simmer and then gradually ignites and becomes unputdownable. The premise has instant promise: the middle of a trio of brothers, Cameron Bright, has died under an unforgiving Aussie desert sun, not far from a functioning car stacked with supplies. His two brothers, Nathan and Bub, feel compelled to piece together what went wrong. They don’t believe for a minute that Cameron, seasoned in the art of survival, is dead by ...
  • Anete
    Grāmata tevi pārceļ vientulīgajos Austrālijas plašumos, kur dzīvo tikai sīksti cilvēki, nav lietus, bet ir plūdi, ganāmpulki praktiski dzīvo savvaļā, cilvēkiem tuvākais kaimiņš vien dažu stundu brauciena attālumā, cilvēki ir maz, bet tiem, kas apmetušies šī vieta ir dziļi asinīs. Harpere šo tuksnesi spēj padarīt par fascinējošu, bet biedējošu vietu. Nevar nolikt grāmatu malā, un jo tālāk esi ticis, jo grūtā...
  • Austra
    Lai izteiktos par šo grāmatu tā, lai nepateiktu kaut ko lieku un maiteklīgu, ir jāpiedomā. Īsumā - Hārpere prot pāris lappusēs uzzīmēt ļoti pārliecinošu ainu. Un ne tikai tuksnesīgo un sarkani smilšaino Austrālijas “outback”, bet arī cilvēkus, kas ir izvēlējušies to apdzīvot. Viņa atkal mani momentā emocionāli ievilka stāstā, lika pārdzīvot un dusmoties. Aaaaaah, viņa ir tik laba! Šitais bija brīžiem tik dr...
  • Britta Böhler
    A bit of a slow-burner but worth it.
  • Jackie Robinson
    Oh laaawd please don’t hate me for this.I love Jane Harper. I think she’s a brilliant author. I think she writes amazing novels and has great twists. But this one just didn’t do it for me like the other two did. I found it hard to get into, and while I think her description of the outback and the scorching heat is such a trademark to her writing, I found it a little bit too much and it became detrimental to me actually imagining the book an...
  • Kat
    Despite my misgivings that this wasn't another Falk book, I'm happy to say this is probably Jane's best book to date.Yet again, she's taken to the harsh Australian landscape, and not only evokes the feeling of our dry, incredibly difficult and harsh summer outback, but also captures how difficult it is for the people that live there.Drawing on so many current issues, such as male and farmer suicide, domestic violence, and rape, The Lost Man swing...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for an advance copy of The Lost Man, a stand alone novel set in the Queensland outback.When Cameron Bright dies of exposure neat the stockman’s grave in the middle of the outback, miles from anywhere his two brothers don’t know what to think - why he was there when he was supposed to be somewhere else and what or who brought him there.Wow, what a read. I must admit that this is t...
  • Anke
    Finished and I'm speechless. Perhaps I'll write something tomorrow:)
  • Lou
    I’d rate this her best book so far.
  • Cass Moriarty
    Australian author Jane Harper captivated our attention in 2016 with the publication of her debut novel The Dry, and then eager fans were rewarded with her second novel, Force of Nature. Her latest crime fiction, The Lost Man (Pan Macmillan 2018), is another well-plotted and tense psychological thriller with well-developed characters and an immersive sense of place. It is perhaps worth noting some of the similarities – and the differences – be...
  • Thebooktrail
    Want to visit the setting of this brilliant new read?Out 23rd October on ebook and next year in HB and PB...Jane Harper is the Queen of the remote and raw and visceral landscape though, that's for sure.Visit remote Queensland "Balamara" Review: I have loved both Jane Harper novels so far and this, the third is right up there.She is the Queen of the remote, raw and visceral Australian setting. You’re plunged into the dry, the heat and the lack o...
  • Heidi
    As I am sitting here, open-mouthed and still reeling from the emotional impact Jane Harper’s latest novel has made on me, I can only stutter: “Blimey, this book is good!” It not only contained everything I love in a mystery, but I would also be hard-pressed to name another mystery that so vividly evoked the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the Australian outback for me. This truly is armchair travel of the best kind! I can still taste the...
  • Julie Lacey
    This is an intricate mystery thriller that slowly unravels to real how Cam really died. The book begins with the discovery of his body, left out in the open by an old gravestone. People think he either killed himself or found himself stranded, but his family suspect there was someone else involved. Cam’s two brothers, Nathan and Bub are helping out at the house as Cam used to run everything, and his wife and children are struggling to come to t...
  • Kim McGee
    Wow! When someone goes out alone in the Australian Outback there are survival rules in place - you never have your radio off, you always have more than you need of water and food and you always tell someone where you are going. Even when you follow these rules, bad things can happen and they do for Cam, the middle brother of a second generation ranching family. Just a few days before Christmas, one of the warmest times of the year, Cam goes off t...
  • Craig Sisterson
    How do you follow up one of the most successful and acclaimed debuts of recent memory? A tricky challenge that's seen several authors stumble, but Melbourne author Jane Harper showed she was no one-hit wonder when she switched from drought-stricken farmland in the CWA Gold Dagger-winning THE DRY to rain-swept, wintry bushland in FORCE OF NATURE, her second Aaron Falk thriller. Third time round, Harper lures readers back to the arid landscapes of ...
  • Ellen
    Smart, deceptively sparse writing that winds its way into your subconscious. The characters are few, the setting barren and the action thin – and yet this is crime writing at its finest.