Vodka and Apple Juice by Jay Martin

Vodka and Apple Juice

When Jay’s husband lands a diplomatic job in Warsaw, she jumps at the opportunity to escape her predictable life in Canberra for a three-year adventure in the heart of central Europe.Jay shelves her corporate wardrobe and throws herself into life as a diplomatic wife. Between glamorous cocktail parties and ambassadorial shenanigans, Jay sets out to get to know quirky, difficult, fascinating Poland, with its impenetrable language and sometimes u...

Details Vodka and Apple Juice

TitleVodka and Apple Juice
Release DateSep 1st, 2018
PublisherFremantle Press
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Travel, Biography

Reviews Vodka and Apple Juice

  • Candace
    3.5 starsI enjoyed this travel memoir from Australian Jay Martin documenting her three year stay in Poland. Her husband Tom, who was Australian’s diplomat in Warsaw was supremely busy why Martin struggled with her years “not working”, traveling, learning Polish, and keeping their marriage together. Martin has a good sense of humor and this was a quick read. Recommended for travel and language lovers; Polish and Australians and diplomats. Pu...
  • Karo
    As a Pole, it's always interesting to read about Poland through the eyes of a Westerner. I greatly enjoyed reading the author's reflections on being a diplomat and the Polish psyche; however, I found the portion of the book dealing with her relationship with her husband to be the weakest by far. The marital discord portions of the book were not interwoven into the whole particularly well, and I felt that storyline would have been better served by...
  • Ilana
    It happened often lately to have on my reading list memoirs written by wives of diplomats, sharing their impressions, frustrations and challenges of their life abroad. Trying - often unsuccessfully - to cope with the liguistic barriers, the sadness of being taken away from their jobs and former social and family responsibilities, with their marriage in a limbo. Maybe it should be created soon a new literary category of 'diplomatic wives memoirs'....
  • Ann
    A copy of this book was given to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Vodka and Apple Juice is the fun, fascinating memoir by Jay Martin, who lived in Poland for three years on a diplomatic posting from her native Australia. Now, I’ve never been particularly interested in Poland, per se, but having been an expat for a (very small) amount of time, I do have a thirst for expat memoirs, and this one really hit the spot. Martin’s voi...
  • Cynthia
    I enjoyed this book quite a lot! In fact, it was the best travel books I've read in a long time. When I read a travel book, I want something intelligent, interesting, a little adventurous, thoughtful but not too critical or controversial. This book hit the mark.The book gave a realistic tour around the former Eastern Bloc country of Poland, along with side trips to Prague, London, and Kaliningrad. The author painted nice pictures of the charm of ...
  • Jenny
    This is a solid 5 star read! Not in the sense of a generational lifetime classic, but certainly in the sense of a very well-written book about a situation most do not experience and how this author gets through it and comes out the other side. As someone who has considered moving to another country, albeit not in the diplomatic corps, I found Martin's tale to be entertaining, enlightening, and at times frightening and frustrating. Highly recommen...
  • Lana
    I really enjoyed this memoir. I have never been to Poland and the author's experiences were really interesting. I also was interested in her transition from having a successful career to being the supportive non-working spouse. Not sure how I would do in that role and her experience was very thought provoking.
  • Lisa
    Despite the dark moments when the marriage is under grave strain, this is a hugely enjoyable memoir of embassy life and an illuminating insight into Polish culture.Recommended for expats, tourists and anyone who enjoys a good chuckle.PS This MS was the first creative non-fiction manuscript to win the TAG Hungerford Award.To see my review please visit
  • Rose
    Vodka and Apple Juice by Jay Martin is her memoir of her three years she lived in Poland because her husband an Australian Diplomat was sent to live there. This book was an interesting look at a country that isn't usually touched upon in travel memoirs. I enjoyed this fact. I loved learning about life in Poland and reading how they felt in this country as well as their struggle to learn the Polish language. If you want a travel memoir about a cou...
  • Angela
    Author Jay Martin documents her three years in Poland as an ambassodor’s Wife in this extremely detailed memoir. I definitely felt for her as she struggled to learn the language, familiarize herself with the city, and learn the customs of a new country. In addition to all of that, she had to attend formal events and support her husband, the Australian ambassador to Poland, in whatever ways that were required. She did all this after giving up he...
  • D Jackson
    Poland is a country I have never visited but, having a number of Polish friends, and having partaken of the odd Vodka and Apple Juice or two, I was keen to read this.Martin's style of writing is not one that encourages thigh-slapping merriment but it is an engaging and honest account of her life in Poland and .the characters she meets. My one regret from my reading is that I am now totally convinced I will never be able to learn the language but,...