That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper

That Month in Tuscany

That Month in Tuscany . . .Ren Sawyer and Lizzy Harper live completely different lives. He’s a rock star with a secret he can no longer live with. She’s a regular person whose husband stood her up for a long planned anniversary trip. On a flight across the Atlantic headed for Italy, a drunken pity party and untimely turbulence literally drop Lizzy into Ren’s lap. It is the last thing she can imagine ever happening to someone like her. But d...

Details That Month in Tuscany

TitleThat Month in Tuscany
Release DateSep 19th, 2014
PublisherFence Free Entertainment
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Music

Reviews That Month in Tuscany

  • Anne OK
    2.0 - 2.5 disappointing starsShort and sweet; very light reading with kisses and a small dose of spice at the very end. The story was written in first person diary-like entries from four different POVs, which I found to be spiritless and lacking vitality. Both the story and the main characters had real potential in my opinion but were lacking depth. Neither was given enough defined attention to get the job done. There was one part of the story th...
  • Isabel
    I read this book under the title That Month In Tuscany. I probably wouldn’t have bought it under the title Rock Her because it looks too supermarket romance cheesy. That being said under whatever title this was a really good read. With the exception of the daughters situation i liked all of the story lines and especially the relationship between Lizzy and Ren. Definitely a brownie bite for the brain!
  • Marleen
    Much to my surprise, I enjoyed this book. I especially liked the non-pretentious characters. Both Ren Sawyer and Lizzy Harper are endearing people, their wealth notwithstanding. They both embark on a trip to Italy with plenty of self-reflection to go through. Both feel let down, feel that they are at a turning point, and for Ren, it feels more bleak than for Lizzy. Actually, it's clear that they both benefit of their chance-encounter and of this ...
  • Michelle °O°
    I loved her other books but this one just fell short. I read this free on Kindle Library but I hate when reading a story and it ends at 75%. The rest was just filler for another one of the authors other books.The writing was great and it was told in 4 POVs which I didn't mind. But we never really got much character development and her slime-ball husband needing a lashing, but he never did get one.This book would have been better if it was just a ...
  • Tina
    3.5 starsAlthough a lot of things happened in this story, it was solved a bit too easy to be believable. Nice enough.
  • Katie (Leave Me Alone I Am Reading)
    I wish I could give 1/2 Stars because I feel this deserves more than just 3 stars.Overall I loved the romance and how Ren and Lizzy met. The unlikely timing of their meeting at he exact time and place they needed each other is serendipitous.I did have an issue with how Ty and Kiley’s portions of the book were written. I didn’t understand how it was in 3rd person at that point. I also felt that the abduction of Kiley was not completely necessa...
  • Michelle
    A fun winter weather read Predictable, yet, entertaining. I feel this book could have been great if not for the daughter’s “issue” (don’t want to spoil that part”. I loved the various points of view. And, how the husbands was written almost essay-like ... I think it added an element of looking from the outside to the story line.
  • Sharon Vinderine
    sweet easy beach read -highly recommendMy first Inglath Cooper book but will be downloading many more for beach reads. Clean enough that you would let your teenage daughter read it but characters richly written enough to get swept up in fantasy. Finished it in one day and off to search for more of her books!
  • Jean
    I really enjoyed this book. It's a lightweight romance, and you know how it will end, but the journey there was fun!
  • Linda
    Courage comes in many FormsHow many marriages are portraits of indifference and tolerance ? How many mother-child relationships reflect misunderstanding and miscommunication? How to measure the courage required to accept courage under Tuscan skies. Lizzy’s story will frustrate and encourage as she gets her courage on. A nice read.
  • Arlene
    ***SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT***I been a fan of Ms. Cooper since I read her wonderful amazing series "Nashville" and personally for me, Ms. Cooper couldn't do no wrongs with her gift of words...TILL "Rock her", what a disappointment...I felt cheated in so many levels, I felt no closure, when it came to Lizzy and her no good husband Ty, I was expecting a least a b*tch slap or something along those lines but nothing, nada, zero, zi...
  • Amy
    Non sexually explicit stories are not my usual choice of reading material of late. I seem to read mostly new adult type stories. I like angsty, and passionate. Rock Her is a classic contemporary romance. It's a good contemporary romance, but if you like steamy, hot-enough-to-melt-the-sheets sex scenes, you're not going to find them here. I found this book via a Facebook ad, and hadn't done more than read the blurb when I downloaded it as a Kindle...
  • Chris Ruefer
    Was there even an editor?This book was flat and uninspired. And there were factual errors that should have been one just walks in and gets a ticket to the Uffizi, Italy is 6 hours ahead of the East Coast, not behind. Characters were predictable and boring...look for a different book!
  • Kieraanne
    I started this book expecting it to be a silly romance novel. It wasn't. Lizzy and Ren had depth and backstories and emotions and motivations and everything to convince you they could actually be people. Their conversations and thoughts were introspective and deep and great for helping you take a look at yourself and the world around you. I fully expected after the first 30% of the book for it to be an Eat, Pray, Love thing where the main charact...
  • Sheila
    Horrible writer . Almost couldn't finish it . Predictable . UGH
  • Ashley
    Awful POVsThis book was a complete disaster. Okay first off, this book went between too many point of views (POVs). There was the heroine, her husband, her daughter, and her rock star lover. It gets even messed when they are all written in different styles. The heroine and the rock star are written in first person (I, me, etc). The daughters pov was written in third person (he, she, it) and then the oddest of them all, the husband, was written in...
  • Cynthia (Bingeing On Books)
    This was an okay book, but also disappointing in a few ways. First of all, I wanted more from the setting. I didn't really feel like this was a book set in Italy, which was disappointing. Yes, there was some description, but the descriptions felt thrown in and not vivid enough. I also thought there were too many POV's. I thought the author should have focused on Ren and Lizzy. We didn't need chapters on Ty and Kylie. Kylie's chapters were extreme...
  • Deb
    I read this book over one weekend. It is a charming tale of a woman who is stood up for her twentieth anniversary trip and a rock star who wants a new beginning. They meet by accident on a plane to Italy and, through a series of inevitable moments, form a soul healing friendship. The descriptions of Florence, San Gimignano and the Tuscan countryside are worth the trip all by themselves. As Lizzy rediscovers her passion for photography and begins ...
  • Susie
    I would say I loved this story, but the fact that it made me cry several times and feel a bit depressed, causes me to only give 3 stars. I know some people love to cry and so this one is for you. I don't like to cry or feel sad and I usually avoid at all cost but this one sneaked up on me. I didn't realize it until I was so into it, I couldn't put it down. Yes, one of those love/hate things.As a middle-aged woman, our heroine's life felt a bit fa...
  • Nicci George
    This was an easy read, but really good! I loved all of the different parts of Italy and Tuscany that were described so beautifully in this book. Lizzy is a 38 year old mom and wife. Her daughter is away at college and her husband, Ty, is a lawyer and works as much as possible. They had planned this trip to Florence for a full month to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They never do stuff like this and Lizzy has wanted to forever. Last minute, her...
  • kelly hayes
    Only kept reading because I kept thinking it's got to get better...Only it didn't. It's a cheap book, poor characters, terrible story line and when you get to the end you will question why did you continue reading it when it was so bad.
  • Christie Pepper
    The distraction of her grown daughter getting kidnapped, the never having resolution with the other missing girl, the fact that she is marrying a man her daughter crushed on, and the cheating husband finds happiness first, JUSt AWFUL!!!!!
  • Adelle
    While reading this book, I kept thinking of ways I would change it & make it different. I didn't like it.
  • Three Chicks
    Review by Lisa KaneVery good read-wish the ending had been a little longer-would love a follow up on them.
  • Mary Been
    Disappointed This was a stupid book. The characters were unbelievable especially Ty. The only this is I finished believing that it would get better. It never did.
  • Susan Curp
    Or a weekSo for one the David is not in the Uffizi. Also they only spent a week in Tuscany and so much about this book is either predictable or over the top.
  • Jamie Leigh
    a good story. however I feel there was too much going on and not enough details.
  • Emma
    Read this book under its new title "That Month in Tuscany". The book started off with potential, but as I read more I felt the story became very rushed and lacked depth. Overall, it was a disappointing read. First, the book has too many POVs (the wife, her daughter, her husband, and the rock star). There is no consistency in writing style either - some POVs are written in first person while others are written in third and second person. This comb...
  • Zann
    This was a quick, light read with a happy ending and even a cute dog in the mix. Normally I don't like multiple points of view, and this book had four. However, in this case I didn't mind it at alll. The POV switches were clearly marked and that really helped. There were some inconsistencies however. #1 Ren knows Lizzy's name, but she never told him her name. #2 Ren knows Lizzy's hotel room number, but she never told him her room number. #3 Ren k...
  • Jen N
    Great Book, Recommend!!That Month in Tuscany was my first read by Inglath Cooper and one I truly enjoyed reading. Drawn by the title and wonderful memories of time my husband & have spent in the Tuscan region, I quickly saw good ratings & downloaded it. Great read and also an easy read too! I loved the background details of Tuscany and the lure of reading abt two individuals from vastly different worlds meeting and truly enjoying their time toget...