The Sentence is Death (Hawthorne, #2) by Anthony Horowitz

The Sentence is Death (Hawthorne, #2)

Death, deception, and a detective with quite a lot to hide stalk the pages of Anthony Horowitz's brilliant new murder mystery, the second in the bestselling series starring Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne. _________________________ ‘You shouldn’t be here. It’s too late… ’ These, heard over the phone, were the last recorded words of successful celebrity-divorce lawyer Richard Pryce, found bludgeoned to death in his ba...

Details The Sentence is Death (Hawthorne, #2)

TitleThe Sentence is Death (Hawthorne, #2)
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
PublisherCornerstone Digital
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, European Literature, British Literature, Suspense, Detective, Whodunit, Contemporary

Reviews The Sentence is Death (Hawthorne, #2)

  • Ova - Excuse My Reading
    Full review hereSentence is Death starts with the murder of a divorce lawyer and Horowitz sets to write a second book of this case alongside working with Hawthorne. The victim had been threatened by a well-known, award winning and fiercely literary writer and his husband seems to be hiding things… Of course, there are also issues from the past that bubbles up in surface of the case. Who visited the victim before he died, and why is there a numb...
  • Umut Reviews
    Another witty crime book from Horowitz. If you liked The Word Is Murder, you will enjoy this one too. I thought it was better than the first, the case being more cohesive.There were convenient coincidences after all, but still an enjoyable read.
  • NZLisaM
    Anthony Horowitz never disappoints!Richard Pryce, a high profile divorce attorney, is murdered in his home, bludgeoned to death with a two thousand quid bottle of wine, which is strange in itself as the victim didn’t drink alcohol. Even stranger, written on the wall near the body are the numerals 182. What does the message mean? Hawthorne and Horowitz are called to investigate. As per usual I was hooked from the onset, and couldn’t put the bo...
  • Emma
    3.5 stars rounded up.I very much enjoyed the first book and this one was also a good read. His style in this series is very chatty, like he is actually in the room telling you about his day. I’m still confused about how much of this is true.. thanks to Netgalley for an arc of this book.
  • Lou
    The Sentence is Death, the second novel to feature ex-policeman and Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne, has an old-school, authentic atmosphere to it much like the crime classics of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. Horowitz focusses on mystery, suspense, intrigue and keeping it clean, rather than gratuitous violence or profanity, so if you like your reads clean, then this is a fantastic choice!Here, the author pairs up with Hawthorne to...
  • Marc Bougharios
    4.5 stars Once again (again), Horowitz does not disappoint. I can honestly say that I will read whatever this man writes because he has a way of writing that is so hard not to love. It’s impossible. Both Horowitz and Hawthorne are in this novel, and I just want to say that their partnership is a very weird one. I wouldn’t call them friends, but they aren’t so much acquaintances? It’s so hard to describe what they are but that’s the fun ...
  • Susan
    I adored, “The Word is Murder,” the first in the Daniel Hawthorne series, and was delighted to receive the second, “The Silence is Death,” for review. As before, Anthony Horowitz, or ‘Tony,’ as Hawthorne calls him, is very much telling the story as himself. Horowitz is working on a television series when the book begins, and Hawthorne’s reappearance is cleverly introduced – his arrival causing unintentional mayhem and annoyance. A...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I've not read THE WORD IS MURDER, book one in this series, but I definitely want to after reading this one! To be honest didn't I know a damn thing about the story before I started to read/listen to this book (yes I tend to mix it when I have the chance, listen at work, read and listen at home). And to find that Anthony Horowitz has written two books with himself as a character was a great joy (such a fun idea). He's like Private Investigator Dan...
  • Ingstje
    If you a) like a baffling mystery and b) you’re a fan of Hercule Poirot then c) it is dead certain this novel will please you.I didn’t know at first but The Sentence is Death is actually the second in a series following PI Daniel Hawthorne and the writer, Anthony. That’s exactly right, the author of this novel is also acting as a main character, following the PI around in order to write a book (this book) about him. This infusion of some ve...
  • Laura
    Book reviews on The Sentence is Death is another brilliant novel from one of my favourite authors, Anthony Horowitz. I particularly enjoy this series as it's definitely different from most other 'crime' novels; I love the self-aware style of writing. Anthony Horowitz writes as himself, having been employed to write three books about ex-Detective Hawthorne. This is the second - the first one being The Word is Murder, another gr...
  • Kate
    For my full review click on the link below:https://crossexaminingcrime.wordpress...
  • Ann Girdharry
    I like Anthony Horowitz books and this one was pretty different to the others I've read. Basically it's more of a slow-burn mystery. More of an Agatha Christie or Sherlock, old-style detective story.The core mystery seems to be based on a true story, though it was difficult to understand whether the elements (letters, historical articles etc.) which were added in to the story, were actually 'real' or part of the fictional book (I found this lack ...
  • Bill Lynas
    Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne returns in the sequel to The Word Is Murder. Once again he teams up with sidekick Anthony Horowitz (the author himself) and once again they are on the trail of a murderer.As with their previous adventure there is plenty of humour, most of it at the author's expense! I love the eloquent plotting & the nice mixture of what I feel must be the "real" Anthony Horowitz & the "fictional" one. However, what I like mo...
  • Thebooktrail
    Visit the London locations in the novelI remember the feeling I had when I read the first of the novels where Anthony H appears as a character in his own novel. Wow I thought, did that just happen? Well it did and this is a second one just as good as the first with a twisty tale of intrigue.It's a fascinating angle for a book as Horowitz writes of his issues of waiting around on film sets, how writers might be on a film set . As the book opens he...
  • Campbell
    I wanted to like this more than I actually did as I think Mr Horowitz is a fine author. Sadly this felt like a rehash of the previous book in the series. Having said that, if you'd come to this book cold and read it as a standalone, it would be perfectly fine so perhaps I'm being overly critical.The whole DI Grunshaw subplot, however, was unnecessary and a bit ridiculous.
  • Kate
    Immensely enjoyable and very clever crime thriller in which the author plays a most unusual role. Every bit as good as The Word Is Murder. Roll on book 3. Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.
  • Nicki
    I read this book through The Pigeonhole, a free online book club and read it with other readers on the web. It was split into 10 parts, called staves, that I read through the nifty Pigeonhole App. I was able to leave comments throughout and interact with the other readers.Even though this is the second book in the Daniel Hawthorne series, this was my first outing with the author and his detective acquaintance, and I really enjoyed it.I’d recent...
  • Sid Nuncius
    I enjoyed The Sentence Is Death – probably rather more than its predecessor The Word Is Murder. It can be read as a stand-alone book, but it may help to set the background if you read The Word Is Murder first.Anthony Horowitz, narrating as though these events really did happen to him, is again roped in to “help” and write the story of the enigmatic ex-detective Hawthorne as the police call him in to assist with the investigation of the murd...
  • Jo
    Horowitz and his detective muse Hawthorne investigate the murder of a divorce lawyer. I love this series and it's rather reminiscent of Conan Doyle. Hawthorne is at times both infuriating and intriguing and the mystery soon sweeps you into the middle of it.
  • Trelawn
    I really am enjoying these stories. I have to keep reminding myself it's not real. And I have to stop myself calling Hawthorne an ass hole every 2-3 pages. I love how the story unfolds and I actually managed to figure out who the killer was this time (although not until quite close to the end). Looking forward to continuing with this series and finding out more about Hawthorne in the hope that he may have a few redeeming qualities.
  • Maine Colonial
    This is the second book in Horowitz’s Hawthorne series. It’s not absolutely necessary to read the first book, The Word Is Murder, before this one, but I would strongly recommend it. That’s in part because this series has an unusual premise that’s explained in more detail in the first book. The premise is that Anthony Horowitz, the author, is writing a fictional series in which Hawthorne is a sort of a downmarket Sherlock Holmes-ish genius...
  • Marjorie
    This is my first Anthony Horowitz book and what a peculiar little tome it is. The perspective is skewed in a way that is fresh to this reader and I have to grudgingly admit I think it was this very quirkiness that appealed so much to me. The murder mystery itself is actually quite pedestrian and follows the usual tried and tested pathways of the genre - all very Agatha Christie and VERY Arthur Conan Doyle. The fact is that whilst this is ostensib...
  • Melisende d'Outremer
    For someone who "... had no wish to turn myself into a character, a secondary one at that; the perennial sidekick .." that is exactly what Horowitz has done, quite possibly for the second time, if one reads between the lines correctly.Anyway, whilst in the midst of filming an episode of "Foyle's War", Dorian Gray like detective, Daniel Hawthorn whisks Horowitz away to investigate the murder of high profile divorce lawyer, Richard Pryce. With some...
  • TheRavenking
    I have mixed feelings about The Sentence Is Death. While I enjoyed the book and it moved along at a brisk enough pace to be almost classified as a page-turner, there were certain things which annoyed me.First of all the blurb on the back-cover makes the plot sound far more exciting than it actually is:As the death toll rises, Hawthorne confronts a tangle of secrets while at the same time doing everything to conceal his own past. – It says there...
  • Lisa Bergin
    4.5 * I really enjoyed this book read via Pigeonhole. The author placing himself within the story takes a little getting used to, but I clearly like Anthony Horowitz ‘s writing as this is the second book of his that I have read this year and liked both a lot. I didn’t work out who had done it which for me is a good thing with this type of book.
  • Grimm
    Ultimately I really enjoyed this second book, but there were more moments in this one where the case felt like it wasn’t the main plot in the story. Which made it feel a little slower but still good. And it came together quite beautifully at the end. :) Sincerely hoping there will be a third book.
  • Angi Plant
    I read this via Anthony Horowitz/Pigeonhole and thoroughly enjoyed the way the plot twisted and turned. The relationship between the two men investigating was complex but interesting. I’d definitely recommend this as a good read.