Down Beat (Dark Tide, #1) by Max Henry

Down Beat (Dark Tide, #1)

Some call him a rock god. Others a celebrity bad boy. Me? I call him the arrogant bastard who stole my concert venue. His apology? To take me and my violin on tour with the band. It’s an offer I can’t refuse, even if it does come with strings attached. Because Rey Thomas isn’t who he seems. Life isn’t pretty behind the deviant frontman’s facade. It’s raw, ugly, and at times downright painful. But it’s real. And far better than the l...

Details Down Beat (Dark Tide, #1)

TitleDown Beat (Dark Tide, #1)
Release DateMay 18th, 2018
GenreMusic, Romance

Reviews Down Beat (Dark Tide, #1)

  • Nina Levine
    This book blew me away.I was drawn to this book because I love a good rocker with an attitude and went into it knowing the topic it covered. I did not expect the book I got. Down Beat is so much more than its genre or its topic. It's an exquisite journey through love and hate, hope and despair. It's about characters who showed me their heart and soul, layer by painful layer. It's about a man with flaws that most wouldn't survive. And a woman who ...
  • Eden Summers
    It's not often that I read the work of a friend. I'm a harsh critic, which can make for an uncomfortable situation.And Max is a friend.She's an awesomely close friend who I speak to daily. So yes, this review could be considered biased but I'm not writing it as a reader to another potential reader. I'm writing as an author to my author friend.I'm writing because I've been moved by this book. My foundation has been rocked, my soul has been touched...
  • Kirsty Dallas
    Max Freaking Henry, girl…just…no words…. JOKING! I’m an author, I’ve always got words.Firstly, I applaud any author brave enough to take a sensitive subject, like mental illness, and be real with it. That’s exactly what Max delivered with Down Beat. She didn’t shy away from the hard truths, she breathed real, raw, gritty, flawed emotions into these characters. Max showed the world just how much of a battle mental illness can be, and...
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    Erase everything you have read when it comes to a Rockstar Romance, because Max Henry just changed the game, in the best of ways. With a dash of depth and a sprinkle of unique characters, and just a pinch of imperfectly perfect Lead Vocalist, whose name is Rey.Rey and Tabitha are two total opposites. Rey, Rock God, celebrity Bad Boy and Tabitha broke up and coming violinist. Tabitha loses her concert venue when Dark Tide Publicist Rick, pays doub...
  • Lisa Hill
    It's taken me a while to process this book and get my thoughts into some semblance of order. The first thing to say is that this book features mental health struggles as its main theme. There are warnings aplenty from the author at the start of the book, so if it's a trigger, then this is not the book for you.That said, this is a masterpiece of a book. The story centres around Rey, lead singer of an up and coming rock band, Dark Tide. A schedulin...
  • Amanda
    When a book is this intense, when it affects me as much as this one did, I usually like to take a few days before writing my review, so I can sort out my feelings and be objective about the book as a whole, and not just how it made me feel. That won’t work here. I am writing this literally minutes after finishing the last page. I want my review to be raw, to show just how well Max Henry captured and portrayed these emotions. So often we read bo...
  • Kathy Aronoff
    Thought ProvokingMost of us read Rock Star books for the escape or fantasy of the bigger than life profession, oh to be adored and have your words be immortalized. This book looks at the downside, the pressure to live up to the hype, the expectations to always be "ON", pair that with feelings of being the black sheep in the family, that seems "normal" which can only mean that you are the problem, so you do everything to prove that theory correct....
  • Crystal N
    I loved it, I really did. This would be a perfect 5 for me if not for a couple of rather banal things. 1) This work is highly personal, you can tell, to great effect, but unfortunately our American characters don't sound all together American. They sound British, or Australian, or like New Zealanders, just by the way they word things. It took me out of the action occasionally. and 2) I'm a bit of a music snob and some of the choices for the begin...
  • Heather andrews
    Rey holds no punches, “eff, kitty.” I wrap a hand around the back of her head and pull her in for a better kiss, a more heated kiss. The kind that tells her I really like her too. “You make me feel like a h**ny effing teenager all over again: awkward and a little bit insane.” There are times I think Tabby and Rey's 'open book' have different meanings, "...I catch a glimpse of his naked butt in the mirror when he steps in the shower. “I...
  • Marnie
    Can she save his dying heart? Well this book captured mine!How can I write a review that will even give justice to this story about Rey and Tabitha? Well, I know I’m not the only one to ask that!Max Henry has written a book that readers will be talking about for a long time - once we get over out stunned mullet silence at the heavy content written is such a way as to be brave and inspiring. It is raw and energetic, and right from the first chap...
  • Katiria
    *** I received this e-arc by the author through Give Me Promotion blog tour in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much to Give Me Promotion blog tour and Max Henry for the opportunity to read and review Down Beat. ***When I first heard that Max Henry has written a new series and it was about a rock star that had a mental illness, I quickly jumped and joined the blog tour for Down Beat. Because first I love Max Henry books second I absolu...
  • Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)
    “My moment where I realize that this fairy tale? This sweet love? It’s never been anything but an illusion, a show put on by one of the industry’s best performers. I merely had to stop believing to see it.”Distorted and twisted; like a reflection on the surface of still water, a thrown pebble sends ripples through the reality making it hard to decipher, our eyes trying to convince our minds that what you know isn’t the truth and that’...
  • Britt Red Hatter Book Blog
    I went into this after reading the blurb thinking “ooooh, angsty brooding rockstar! GIMMIE” and I will say there is most definitely angsty brooding rockstar, but that just scratches the surfaces of what Down Beat truly is. Yes, you still get an epic romance. Yes, you still get steamy deliciousness. But I want to say the most important thing you get out of Rey and Tabby’s story is the raw, true, powerfully emotional look at living with menta...
  • MJ
    My first from this author and overall this was a decent enough book. I liked the premise of an out of control upcoming rock star who needs someone in his life to be his stability when his thoughts of suicide and/or self-destruction become too great for him to handle.Rey finds his balm in the form of Tabitha and from the moment they meet, they are truly fire and ice. However, as we watch as Rey stumbles and falls more than once with Tabitha there ...
  • Donna Wright
    I really don't know where to begin with this review. I don't know how to express the feeling that it provoked and just how to put it all down on paper. But I need for people to realise what a fantastic thought provoking book this is. Some say we all have our demons and we do but some of us have a disease that we can never escape from. One that plays with us in the worst ways, these diseases are ones that have more access to us than any other. Esp...
  • Qubra Mageman
    Never, have I ever had to take a few minutes to compose myself after a reading a book! I always get to a point in a book where I think “finally, I relate to you”. Stranger for me on this one is, it’s not Tabitha. Rey! I saw so much of myself in Rey. Even the trigger warning was not going to stop me from reading this.Rey is a broken soul and latches onto you after he feels you offer a little of bit love and affection. He loves you whole hear...
  • Julie
    Rey is the singer of the successful rock band Dark Tide. His persona is the selfish, rude, bad boy “rock god” that gets everything he wants, when he wants it. But when his management arrange his band to play in a surprise venue, after canceling the previous artists booking, Rey’s discovers his life is about to change.Tabitha Reeves is a classical violinist. She’s ready for her second concert, the venue has been booked....then it is cancel...
  • Reckless Readers
    This is my first novel from this author and I can officially say I have a new favorite author!!! The music... Just wow, it's awe inspiring...The characters and the message that this storyline sends, sucks the reader in, so much so you are invested in their lives. 'Unaware of what she can do to save this dying heart.' Rey is going through the motions and is lost until a chance encounter with Tabitha blows everything he ever knew, up. Tabitha is fa...
  • Chelsey
    What an incredible journey this book took me on. I have never read anything quite like it!!!!Raw emotion at its finest. If you plan on reading this book, make sure you download the music playlist that comes with it, it’s a must and takes your whole reading experience to an entire new level. Listen to the song that is set for each chapter, it puts you in the characters emotional and psychological mind set, for-warning – it’s not always a goo...
  • Nance
    A very powerful and thought-provoking book. Not subjects that I know much about - bipolar, depression and suicide. The things that these characters experience, both as a couple and the hero’s family and band members, are so heartbreaking and debilitating. This was one emotional roller coaster as the author portrays Rey and Tabitha’s love story with heartfelt honesty and beautiful writing. Wow! There’s not much more I can say other than to r...
  • Patricia Rohrs (words we love by blog)
    I love Max’s willingness to tackle topics in her books that most stay away from! She takes them head on and constructs the most beautiful, gut wrenching but truthful stories I have ever read! Tabitha and Rey! Two people who just opposites in many way but both love music! It’s through that music that Tabitha sees beneath Rey’s front and peels away the layers of the man but can she handle what she finds? I loved Tabithas strength and Rey’s ...
  • Emma Causer
    I'm never sure what to write in reviews, I would hate to accidentally add a spoiler. So where do I start? I've read rockersany times but never like this, Max took a well know genre and turned it on it's head!This book does contain mental health issues and if it could be a trigger then I would think twice about reading it. That said the way Max has approached and dealt with the subject matter is incredible and real. Max hasn't added this for the s...
  • Natalie Miernicki
    Who doesn't love a good rock star book! Well this is a great rock star book and then some!! I was so blown away with the content and how Max dealt with a delicate and taboo subject in such a respectful way... she went no holes bared and showed mental illness in all it's ugly glory! This story was a dark and beautiful love story about a man with demons and the lady who accepted him for who he was demons and all. Max has a real talent for thought p...
  • Amy Crull
    It's not very often that I say this about a rock star book but this one just bored me. There was nothing that really stood out or drew me into this story, which was disappointing for me. I really wanted to like the story and I was impressed that a cellist could play with a rock band. That was a great mix but I just couldn't connect with the characters.
  • She's a Lip Biter
    Multiple Reviews Belows5StarsI really don't know where to begin with this review. I don't know how to express the feeling that it provoked and just how to put it all down on paper. But I need for people to realise what a fantastic thought-provoking book this is. Some say we all have our demons and we do but some of us have a disease that we can never escape from. One that plays with us in the worst ways, these diseases are ones that have more acc...
  • Anna
    Tabitha:“I don’t like Rey, the lead singer of Dark Tide. He’s arrogant, loud, and careless.I like Rey, the guy who loves to play his guitar and sing about the things that torture him the most.I like Rey the artist.Now I want to know Rey the man.”I do not even know where to begin. I always love a good bad boy rockstar romance, but this book not at all what I expected and I mean that in a good way. This is my first book by Max Henry and I a...
  • ReadingKnitter
    An honest look at the realities of living with mental health issuesI going to say right off the bat that this is not an easy and light hearted frothy romance about a rock star and his love interest who also happens to be an undiscovered musician.This is a story about a rock musician who has bipolar disorder and depression. This are hard topics to read about. That does not mean the book is not worthwhile reading, because it’s a really good book ...
  • Sonal
    Rey Thomas - the rock God, the problematic adult, addict, broken and utterly beautiful. He has no care for anything especially his being. His issues run deeper than anyone can see but his behaviour makes it seems everything about him is way past help.But Tabitha sees his destructive tendencies for what they are, a cry for help. She'll do all she can to help this broken shell of a man. Even if it means breaking her heart in the process.First of al...
  • Lani
    First off, I have to give major props to Max Henry on once again writing about mental health with a detailed and respectful way that is equally heartbreaking as the story is breathtaking!!!! Who doesn't want to be noticed by a rock star?! Well that's not so much the case for Tabitha, when up and coming rock band 'Dark Tide', ruin a concert she has had planned for ages and she won't take that lying down. When she meets Rey the lead singer, she get...
  • B. C. Booklover
    Dark Tide, Dark side First time reading this author, the rockstar blurb of the book caught my eye. I especially thought the classical violinist vs. the hard rock frontman sounded like a great foundation for a story. The background of Rey, the lead singer having bipolar disorder yet touring with his band was something I was curious about. How does he handle always being 'on' when his mental illness would probably not allow for any slip ups.Tabitha...