Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12 by Joss Whedon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12

Joss Whedon's Buffy and crew are confronted by a future Big Bad who has travelled to the present, intent on stealing the power of the Slayers, becoming all-powerful, and destroying the world as we know it!The lives of Buffy and the Scoobies haven't been too eventful for a while--at least as far as fighting demons and the forces of darkness are concerned. But that all changes when Angel brings news of an amassing a force that must be reckoned with...

Details Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12

TitleBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12
Release DateDec 24th, 2018
PublisherDark Horse Books
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Paranormal, Vampires, Graphic Novels Comics, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12

  • Artemy
    Okay, there’s too much to unpack here. Let’s talk about how this comic broke my heart in too many ways.Heartbreak #1: It's all overBuffy has been living in the Dark Horse comics for 11 years. That's four whole years more than the TV show got. It wasn't just a continuation of the show at this point, it was just a space where Buffy lived.And now she's gone.I don't know if it's the Disney/Fox merger that is to blame for Dark Horse losing their B...
  • TJ
    This was a sudden and rushed ending to the Buffy comics seasons, which the writers have been open about because of behind the scenes things, and it definitely reads that way. It also has the misfortune of following up some of the worst runs in the series history, Angel and Giles Season 11; so it also had to incorporate some of those horrible plots. That said, overall, this was as good an ending as we could have gotten, given the circumstances. It...
  • Suvi
    Wow. Not the ending Dark Horse's Buffyverse needed or deserved. I agree with others that everything felt way too rushed. It seems like in his cockiness Whedon brought characters back and changed character relationships without rhyme or reason and slapped a completely lackluster plot on the whole thing to get some kind of a conclusion, and all because he wanted to be the one to finish the series. It honestly felt like he either didn't care about h...
  • Ryan
    Loved the official Buffy canon comics, but this felt wayyyy too rushed. It was great they addressed the flashback in Fray, but this battle was anything but epic. Illyria seriously could've beat a small army of second rate demons on her own, the same way she cleaned house with Wolfram & Harts in the alley during After the Fall without pushing herself into a portal, especially when she can make her own. So much was wrong with this, but its still a ...
  • Ivy
    5 🌟Nice to see how Buffy and the game have been doing. Sad that Buffy and Spike broke up again. Interesting that Dawn and Xander now have a baby. Hope that they will be able to stop Harth.
  • Christoph
    Es war absehbar, va wurde wir durch die Ereignisse in Staffel 10 & Staffel 11 ja schon schrittweise darauf vorbereitet. Das Ende der Buffy-Scooby-Gang scheint zum Greifen nahe. Im Gegensatz zur letzten Staffel treffen wir hier gleich in der ersten Ausgabe auf nahezu alle Wegbegleiter der letzten Jahre - da kommt gleich der erste Eindruck einer Abschiedsparty Deluxe.Der diesmalige Bösewicht ist kein unbekannter, wenn man sich in der Welt der Buff...
  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
    It's all coming together! Giles is back to his old self, Buffy and Spike are finally over, sadly Angel and Illyria aren't... and Joss threw in a baby a la Angel season three... and of course Fray!
  • Jamie
    Honestly, Buffy and the Scoobies deserve better. The post-television comic seasons have certainly had their ups and downs, but the last couple were pretty great. I don’t know what happened to Georges Jeanty’s art since he was last on the book, but something certainly did. I loved his earlier work and even though I’ve adored Rebekah Isaac’s take on the characters, I wasn’t against him returning for the final season. However, the art in t...
  • Whitney
    Read in comic book form. So happy with Season 12, especially after the Giles miniseries debaucle. Season 12 had everything I love about the Buffy comics: fun cameos, the gang all together again, a happy ending...? (Well, about as happy as it can get for now in the Buffyverse.) Only one problem...(view spoiler)[WHY can't Joss Whedon and the writers just let Spuffy be? I was so happy after they got together again in Season 11 and Buffy told Spike "...
  • Kristin Kern
    Really, that's how you end things Joss?
  • Lamadia
    At first, I thought that the plot was moving way too fast and too much was skipped in order to jam in the big ending arc, due to Dark Horse canceling all its comics, but the last issue gave me lots of feels and made it back to a four star story for me. They left it open for the possibility of more stories, now that the license has moved to Boom, but it also works as an ending point. It was still a little fast for me, and honestly, I'm a little sa...
  • Holly
    Overall, the comics’ finale was a bit like the comics themselves, a mixed bag. There’s a sense of being underwhelmed, because there’s just no match to the cinematic sense of hope and change “Chosen” had, or even the dramatic heartbreak and sacrifice of “The Gift”.But, the way season 12 was heading, with a dude taking all the Slayer powers, it could have gone a lot worse. I do love the details in the ending tableau.
  • Lara
    Well, unlike apparently everyone else on here, I had not realized this was the end. Boo!My thoughts:Yeah. This thing was suuuuper rushed. Fred. Seriously? What a bunch of jerks!Argh, the art is SO BAD sometimes! This ending just feels...lame. And not like Buffy much at all. I dunno. I’m disappointed.I will still try future Buffy things, I guess, but sighhhhh.
  • Olivia
    Reading this was a labor of love. I knew it was the "end" of this iteration of Buffy and I wanted to see it through, but it wasn't as good as previous seasons. I'm a sucker for Buffy + Spike so their breakup probably effected my experience some. Moreso, the art wasn't as good and the story felt very rushed. Glad we at least had a few good seasons!
  • Nom Chompsky
    A bit rushed, the way final seasons and their exposition bombs to set the scene always feel rushed. Lots of good stakes. Maybe jumped the shark on one of the small bads but we’ll see how it plays out.
  • Nikki
    Everything converges! Loving where this is going.
  • Jeff Moran
    A fun continuation of the series, that feels like it sets things up for more stories going forward. Neat to see all the characters though. Miss this universe
  • Al Capwned
    I have mixed feelings about this and where it's going to lead.