Player by Sean Ashcroft


“I want you to be my boyfriend. For like three weeks.”Tennis player Isaac Husdon isn’t gay, but when a photograph of him kissing another man makes its way to social media, he doesn’t have the heart to correct the speculation and disappoint all the people it means so much to. Still recovering from a shoulder injury, he decides to play the part and enlists the help of his childhood best friend to be his temporary boyfriend.Julian has been i...

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Release DateMay 5th, 2018
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary

Reviews Player

  • Alex
  • Melissa Rae
    “I’m gay,” Julian said. “Right, and I’m straight, so between us we make one bisexual.” I’m going, to be honest here, this book wasn’t great. But it also wasn’t horrid. It was just “okay”. There was nothing too amazing about the actual story or about the characters themselves. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. You do not have to share my opinion, and I respect you for that. However, respect my opinion as well....
  • namericanwordcat
    As a sucker for both friends to lover and pretend dating, I picked this right up.And its a nice quick read. Julian is wonderful and Isaac...well he isn't very self reflective. He is also a kind of crap friend but he does evolve and come to understandings about himself and what matters.Julian is too good for him though but Isaac is what he wants so I am happy for him.
  • Nic
    CuteThis was just absolutely as sweet as can be. Both main characters were adorable in their own way. Isaac was trying to come to terms with a few things he refused to acknowledge and Julian was just as patient as can be!
  • Wendy Moore
    A sweet,feel good, friends to lovers read!!
  • Katherine
    Not bad to be biA story of sexual experimentation (after a lie) and falling for your best friend, this was pleasantly low angst and instead a sweet story of love.Julian has the curse of being stuck, having fallen in love with his best friend years ago and never quite moving on. When said best friend, Isaac, comes out as bisexual, Julian is a bit hurt he wasn't told first, but mostly just proud. It turns out Isaac doesn't actually think he's bisex...
  • Lisa Cullinan
    Julian and Isaac are perfect togetherLove this story about two childhood best friends who wind up back in each other’s lives after Julian sees a pic all over his Twitter feed of his “straight” friend kissing a guy at a bar.Although they were the best of friends growing up, somewhere along the way they’d lost contact with one another. Isaac has been pursuing a successful tennis career, so anyone could agree that the amount of practice, ded...
  • Valerie
    Isaac and Julian were great together, but it was Isaac's journey into finding out who he is, with and without Julian, that really set this story apart. When Isaac is kissed by a man and it was splashed all over the press, Isaac takes advantage of the opportunity by posing as bisexual for three weeks before a tennis tournament so he could show kids that it's okay to be who you are. In order to do this, he asks his best friend, Julian, who has been...
  • Chanty
    Finally, another hit for Sean. Lately he and I were a miss. But I really liked this one. Simple, not too complicated and low on angst. I did feel like Julian was a bit of a doormat. He's been in love with Isaac forever, accepts every crumb he can get and is insecure as hell (Julian could have been a Julia). Still...the MC's were lovable and it was sweet and charming.By the way: I don't think any professional tennis player eats as much crap as Isa...
  • Dawn B
    It's a familiar trope to those who read m/m books; a guy finds himself in a situation where pretending he's not straight could be beneficial, asks his gay friend to play along, then realises he's really NOT as straight as he thought he was.Sean Ashcroft has even written it himself before, but that doesn't take anything away from this book. I freely admit I love his writing style, the depth he puts into his characters, and the emotions leaping off...
  • Esther Alayeto
    Love this beautiful friends to lovers story. Extremely well written and developed storyline that captivated me from the start and low angst but enough to keep you going. Julian and Isaac are wonderfully sweet and loving characters who are totally perfect together. I really love that above everything else they are the best of friends and always have been and are always there for each other. I really like this author's style of writing and I can't ...
  • Alexleo
    This was a very sweet love story, almost a second chance, between two old friends with little angst and quite a few hot scenes, but I would have loved to get more description of their life outside of their home and their bed. Isaac is a tennis player but the author does not dedicate one scene to the game, except when the two MC’s practice together. So my rating is not a full 4*
  • Linda
    Loved it!Finding a true and lasting love is worth the wait. Loving your best friend and having that love returned is life affirming. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince. Waiting can be hard but, the prize at the end (beginning?!) is more than worth the wait.
  • Heather Rawlins
    I thought Player was a sweet romance with friends to lovers and please be my fake ‘boyfriend’. I liked that the story really focused on their relationship and the whys and wherefores were just an impetus. It was fast paced, sexy and cute read. I totally enjoyed this story and would recommend it.
  • Wendy Gibbs
    Cute story.I like reading cute and romantic stories. This one was so sweet with just the right amount of angst. To realize you've known your soulmate most of your life but not until later on in life!
  • Natasha Lynn Harris
    GoodI usually pass on sports books, but I'm glad I didn't on this one. From friends to lover's, Isaac and Julian make the cutest couple. But with Isaac actually being straight and an ex-girlfriend who keeps showing up can their relationship survive.
  • Annie E
    Friends to lovers This is a sweet friends to lovers book. I loved Isaac and Julian together and the way Isaac discovers the way he really feels about Julian.What I didn't like was Isaacs ex and her hate.
  • Sonja Helies
    Wonderful I love happy endings with friends to lovers. From childhood to adults with a few years in between they meet again and after pretending to be boyfriends it became real. Another wonderful book by a great author
  • J
    never got past the problematic premise - a political and moral bad judgment call.felt like it need more angsty friction to offset the sachharine moments along a predictable, but watery will-they-won't-they plotline. eh.
  • Krinessa
    A really sweet taleI really enjoyed reading about Julian and Isaac. It was really sweet how devoted Julian was to his best friend and amazing that he was able to have all his wishes come true.
  • Jennifer
    This was a nice, sweet love story. There was a spot or two I felt as though it jumped from one thing to the next and I'd ask, what'd I miss. Was enjoyable to read anyway though.
  • TrickLolly
    2.5 Stars
  • Marguerite Long
    Sweet, cute, friends to lovers is my absolute favorite!!!
  • Tina
    I normally love Sean Ashcroft‘s books but I couldn’t really connect with this one. The plot was dine but it felt like this should‘ve been a much shorter and was very repetitive.
  • Kadden
    For me it was missing something. Without the scenery and community that features in the authors other stories this felt flat and two dimensional. Sure it was cute, but it seemed very cookie cutter.
  • Tara Guyne
    It was slow but good once u get into itSlow but it was interesting after u get into it. I guess it goes to show if u want to be straight don't pretend to be something your not
  • Interrupted Reader
    Isaac and Julian. Short, sweet, lighthearted best friends to lovers story. Not too sappy or melodramatic. B, maybe reread
  • Suzy
    Cute friends to lovers with a smidge of fake boyfriends 👬💕