On the Shoulders of Titans (Arcane Ascension, #2) by Andrew Rowe

On the Shoulders of Titans (Arcane Ascension, #2)

Corin Cadence finally has a firm reason to believe his brother, Tristan, is still alive. Unfortunately, finding more information isn’t going to be easy. Tristan appears to be entangled with a clandestine organization that calls themselves Whispers. And Corin’s last brush with the Whispers didn’t exactly end well. As much as he wants to follow that lead, Corin has more pressing problems to deal with. Sera is still suffering from a mysterious...

Details On the Shoulders of Titans (Arcane Ascension, #2)

TitleOn the Shoulders of Titans (Arcane Ascension, #2)
Release DateMay 14th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews On the Shoulders of Titans (Arcane Ascension, #2)

  • Petrik
    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewIf you loved Sufficiently Advanced Magic, I really don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this sequel.On the Shoulders of Titans is the sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic (SAM) and it's also the second book in the Arcane Ascension series. For those of you who don’t know, SAM—along with the Grey Bastards by Jonathan French—was the biggest surprise in the SPFBO competition for me, an...
  • Esmerelda Weatherwax
    HOLY SHIT I GOT AN ARC OF THIS! This is one of those books where I would have stopped everything to read it the day it came out – I love the first book and I was finishing up a re-read of it via audiobook when I was contacted by Andrew Rowe about the ARC and I was so excciitteeedd!If you haven’t read the first book, I’d go read the review for the first book instead, as this review is going to have major spoilers from the first book. I’ll ...
  • Kaitlin
    This is a book I was highly anticipating as the first book in the series instantly became a firm favourite for me, and I really enjoyed getting to experience a new style of writing I'd not encountered before. I also think that this series has a lot of great sexuality and mental health awareness and I believe this only serves to enhance the magic, action and thrill of the story, and make it all seem more genuine and immersive. In this book we foll...
  • Rebecca
    Much like Sufficiently Advanced Magic for me this hit just about all the right notes, though I think it definitely has a very defined audience, this one splendidly catered to it's niche audience instead of trying to be more generic. People that didn't like the first probably really won't like this one, meanwhile for people who did enjoy the first this really digs in a lot deeper into the main narrative points of the previous. I also had enjoyed t...
  • Jon Adams
    This just started too slow for me to give it 5 stars. I appreciate the amount of work the author has put into his magic system, but I found myself glazing over sections of explanation.
  • Sharkie
    Reshing amazing. I love this book so damn much, it's just so great.I feel like Corin is my spirit Character. Which may say something about me.... ah well. The plot is fast and fun, there's serious bits, there's other just learning bits I bloody love... I'm trying to think of bad things, but I'm just gushing. I like gushing about good books.Looks like it's about time to read the Broken Mirrors novels!
  • Evelyn Park
    I’m so excited this came out, and I honestly can’t believe it’s self published.On the Shoulders of Titans retains the same wry charm as the first, and maintains most of its strengths. The book begins with a recap of the last, which is handy. The well explained magic system continues, although sometimes broaches overexplained. However, the logical and well thought out systems are one of the book’s greatest strengths in my opinion, because ...
  • Natalie
    Resh. Gotta wait for 2020.After the dramatic ending from the first book, I was waiting impatiently for this one and probably should’ve been doing work instead of reading... I regret nothing. Corin’s story continues and so does his habit of getting into trouble. Taking a moment to appreciate the cover artwork. The follow on is superb. More magic, more monsters, more allies, enemies and more mystery. I like how Corin is growing but please can s...
  • Rinaldo
    4.35/5On the Shoulders of Titans is the direct sequel of Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe. It continues to follow the story of Corin Cadence and his friends.The plot picks up directly from the ending of the first. In this book Corin finds out further about the conspiracy regarding the missing Visage of Serpent Spire, Tenjin. With his new powerful allies, Corin is able to access more information and commit more investigations while learn...
  • WhiteCollarWarlock
    I enjoyed this sequel. It improves on the original in many ways - most importantly, character interactions and relationships are much more of a focus, which is great! Corin's keeping of everyone at arm's length was one of my biggest complaints about Sufficiently Advanced Magic. I understood that it was a deliberate choice of characterization, but since we're limited to his POV, it had the unfortunate side effect of preventing me from really getti...
  • Mike
    Don't really have much to say about this one that I didn't say about Sufficiently Advanced Magic. This was total escapist fun, exciting, and a remarkably quick read for a book this size. The plot was a bit meandering, and I'm a little worried that by the time book 3 comes out I'll have totally forgotten everything about it. Still looking forward to it though.
  • Sarah
    I felt very torn reading this book. I really enjoyed SAM, and had been excited for the release of the second installment for months. I think this series is really unique with an interesting concept. But I had some major issues with this one. The pacing was terrible. The first 50% of the book could have been erased and nothing would have changed. It was mostly Corin continuously monologuing about the stuff he was making. I don’t mind this to an ...
  • Julie Midnight
    This was super disappointing for me, especially since I loved the first book and was so excited to find out how the thrilling questions raised by its ending would play out in this sequel. Corin's quest in Sufficiently Advanced Magic to find his brother has morphed into the revelation that an organization has kidnapped one of the visages and Corin's mother may be involved. His brother is certainly involved. That's civilization-shaking stuff right ...
  • Angel Haze
    Wow!! What an epic ride!! And the climatic ending??!! Ohhh you guys gotta read this!!!Andrew Rowe smashed this one out of the park! I am still in complete awe at his mastery over the magic system that exists in this world!! And the way Corin internalizes the magic completely blows my mind! Such amazing characters...everyone of them unique. I love the tests, the magic battles . . . I am not a gamer (although I do LOVE the Warcraft books!!), but Su...
  • Andrew Lukyanenko
    This book was amazing!I was captivated by this story, it was interesting in many aspects.Cool fights, new attunements, powerful enemies and good plot are great, but for me characters are even better. We knew some things about main character, especially his problems with touching other people; now we know more... It is very sad, but it is also nice to see that such a problem can't be solved fast and require little steps.
  • Veselina
    Wow, this was one hell of a book.Andrew Rowe is taking us back to the very eventful life of Corin Cadence and his his friends. There is absolutely everything you need from a fantasy book even a bit more- sword fights, Magic and quiet a different one, monsters and other entities.I want to know what is happening next but sadly have to wait for the next book to come first.Definitely will be rereading the again.Loved everything second in the book
  • Merric
    Literally the best magic system in any bookAs the title says, Andrew continues the series evolving what I believe is the most in depth and interesting magic system around. This book focuses on building the world, lore, and drama so we see a bit less experimentation than the last book, but I wouldn’t consider that bad. The book is chalk full of amazing story which I couldn’t put down. Was finished in two sittings only because going to work got...
  • R.J. Triveri
    4.5 Stars Outta 5I loved On the Shoulders of Titans. It had many, many answers to the questions I had from Sufficiently Advanced Magic and raised many more. Some pieces might have been obvious, but I'm glad to know that the characters are still growing. I enjoyed so much that this should be an easy five star for me, so that begs the question why not?The closing of the book made me realize a few things that I didn't like. Not that it was bad, but ...
  • Jason Willson
    So serendipitous.... I'm tired from a lack of sleep, having just completed reading book 1 in the series by staying up WAY too late a few nights in a row. Naturally check goodreads immediately for next book.... follow link... and it came out today! Guess I'm not going to sleep for a bit longer, and that's ok!
  • Miguel Villasmil
    Amazing book definitely happy with how the series is going looking forward to reading your next book and the Keras spin off. My only complaint is that I wish was longer(so good).
  • Amon
    I liked the book but didn't really love it. It has a really nice magic system and the world building is good but the plot/story and characters were not its strong points.Only character that died was a teacher I didn't really care about and it just felt like that teacher had to die for some emotional impact. Now if Teft died that would have hit harder.There weren't any cool final bosses. What I mean is that the end fight with Mizuchi was kind of a...
  • Justin
    The novelty of the first book cannot save the second.Sufficiently Advanced Magic was surprising because it somehow managed to make a video game into a book without reading like a teenager's game design journal. But that trick seems to only work once; the sequel carries all the shortcomings of its predecessor with less of its positive qualities.Not recommended, though it might scratch an itch for diehard RPG fans.
  • Riley Hayes
    This was a wonderful book. It kept pace with the first one, never lost track of its original goal, and had wonderful character relations. I was ecstatic to see the author kept his level of description for how the character formed his powers. It's what first drew me to his style.
  • Nancy Foster
    I sort of struggled with this book. I was vastly excited when the author posted the eye watering cover for the long awaited sequel and didn't wait a week after its release to snag a copy.Now, if you haven't read Sufficiently Advanced Magic, you should brush that up before reading this one or else, you will feel really lost. That said, most of this book focuses on the aftermath of Corin's second visit to the spire with several new challenges he ha...
  • Vincent Archer
    Gamelit as it should be done!The followup to "Sufficiently Advanced Magic" (yes, it's a reference to Clarke's Law) brings us back to the american version of magic school. Where british authors have warped our perception of what a magical school should be (a kind of boarding school, typical of british education), Rowe's magical school gets you more a feeling like you're at Harvard or something.Of course, since we're at magical schools, students ge...
  • Hayden
    I thought that On the Shoulders of Titans was a very good book, with a good follow up to book 1 of the series of Arcane Ascension. It closed up several cliff hangers but also creates several new ones that set us up in anticipation for the next book, coming in late 2020. It also explained a good many things that were not explained in the previous book, specifically the information on attunements as well as the information provided about the politi...
  • Eric Bertone
    Great sequel with further mysteryAfter the first book was so good I was really looking forward to this one and it met expectations. Lots of adventures and Corin coming up with new solutions and ways to cheat. I think my favorite part of this story is how dynamic a character Corin is. His growth, beyond the literal growth of his mana and knowledge makes him intriguing. Breaking through his barriers of people touching him and mental barrier prevent...
  • Richard
    This is a solid second book in the series. The recap at the beginning helped somewhat, and it definitely developed well, bringing in more characters, expanding the story, etc. It felt like it lacked a bit of depth in some places and obviously we see the story through the narrator - including the explanation of how we are getting that story - but I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Josh Drost
    This series is for the people who, while playing video games, read the wiki articles about the magic and progression systems to optimize their play-through. It is for people who look forward to organizing their items after a long Skyrim cave. And it is for people who watch Lets-Plays of single player games to experience the story without having to worry about missing anything.It's also for people who love fantasy and rules based magic, with fun c...