The Book of Dog by Lark Benobi

The Book of Dog

It’s the night of the Yellow Puff-Ball Mushroom Cloud and a mysterious yellow fog is making its way across the world, sowing chaos in its path. Mt. Fuji has erupted. The Euphrates has run dry. In America the White House is under attack by giant bears, the President is missing, and the Vice President has turned into a Bichon Frise. It’s Apocalypse Time, my friends. Soon the Beast will rise. And six unlikely women must make the perilous journey...

Details The Book of Dog

TitleThe Book of Dog
Release DateSep 6th, 2018
PublisherVegetablian Books
GenrePolitics, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Animals, Humor

Reviews The Book of Dog

  • Miranda Reads
    4.5 stars As for Stella King, she was unexpectedly pregnant with the unborn child of the Beast.It could have happened to anyone. Funny, witty, exciting and engaging! Thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking throughout - this book had it all. I have a strong feeling that I will be diving back in for a re-read before the year is out. Here is the story of how six unlikely women changed the fate of the world. The Yellow Puff-Ball Mushroom Cl...
  • karen
    NOW AVAILABLE!!#vacationreadingno. 5"Well that was something," Stella said.this is a very…contemporary satirical look at the run-up to a possible apocalyptic scenario that begins with the spread of a “Yellow Puff-Ball Mushroom Cloud,” which disrupts the weather before going on to overturn the order of the world, eventually turning people into different animals. a pregnant teen is about to pop out the spawn of The Beast (and the fetus is ver...
  • Robin
    Before I delve into my review, I need to make a confession of sorts: I am an ostrich. A wild, Canadian ostrich - when it comes to politics. It's pathetic. I'm NOT proud of it. But there it is. I despise watching the news. I often declare: "I am not a political person." I obstinately nestle my head in the sand. If I don't know about it, it's almost like it's not happening. And because I am Canadian, and an ostrich, I can *almost* believe in this o...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    My penultimate read of 2017. This very funny book had me giggling in the corner about apocalypse and dogs. The author was inspired to write it as a response to the presidential election. I found even more funny bits in the attempts to control/understand apocalypse/rapture, the willingness to embrace new identities, and the adaptability of the characters. The ending is particularly rewarding, and I find this so often to not be the case when approa...
  • jo
    this story goes way back. there is a person participating in the same goodreads group i participate in, and i like her (i figure it's a she, don't ask me why), and we follow each other through the many alleyways, corridors, and thoroughfares of goodreads. we have a good time. we respect each other, and often disagree. quite often. she finds faults in books i find faultless. she's a persnickety reader. i am basically hmmm it's awesome what was the...
  • Dan Friedman
    Lark Benobi’s the Book of Dog is a tale of the logical, or at least understandable, consequences of the Age of Trump, with scene after scene ricocheting between uproarious and absurd satire, all with a recognizable core of contemporary American society and politics. The Book of Dog ends on a strangely optimistic note, leaving me feeling that all isn’t necessarily lost in 2017 America. My limited imagination and equally limited knowledge of co...
  • Ace
    4 starsIt's not often that I find myself in the position of reviewing a book that hardly anyone else has read. If you have a sense of adventure and hope, this book is worth a read. Funny, with a very rewarding ending (particularly if you share Lark's views of the current ruler of 'the free world' which I definitely do), this book will take you through an apocalypse like none you've read before. I know Lark through Goodreads and consider her to be...
  • Marchpane
    Fun and fearless, and somehow both trenchant and sweetly optimistic at the same time. What an unexpected treat. It's a quick read, playful, clever and with a very satisfying ending. Woof Say All!
  • Nadine
    If you think the drawings are cute, odds are you'll like the story. A dystopian satire that marries the horrible and the adorable ;)
  • Carol Peters
    A mad unlikely impossible romp while the world as we know it ends. No end of legerdemain. Brilliant riff after brilliant riff. Politicians you'll recognize down the drain. If only what happens in The Book of Dog could really happen!
  • Jennifer (aka EM)
    I want to first say I feel privileged to "know" this author through goodreads, and have very much enjoyed reading lark's take on novels (which frequently differs from mine, but often overlaps too). And it's so delightful to read a novel by someone I kinda sorta know! AND IT'S EVEN BETTER BECAUSE THIS NOVEL IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! What a romp! What a fantastic, unaffected, but at the same time immensely confident voice: whimsical but also serious...
  • LindaJ^
    Read this while traveling from US to Italy. It was a humorous, sometimes scary, apocalyptic farce with Thurberesque (maybe not a real word but it is the adjective I want) drawings of various scenes in the book. Five plus woman turned to bears, dogs, a panther, a goat, and a majestic & large bird, as well as a pregnant, unwed, teenager, save the world from the seven-headed beast of the Book of Revelations. The beast being the less than beloved US ...
  • Leslie Martinez
    So good!I am recommending this book to all I know. Once I started I could not put it down. Absolutely wonderful!
  • Monica
    Book of Dog is an epic road trip for down trodden feminists…or something. Confused?!? Me too! Are dystopian novels about the destruction of society under its own weight of injustice and misogyny and racism supposed to be whimsical, silly and fun? Also clever, and smart and for goodness sakes, kind?? Benobi paints an audacious landscape where those with the least among us end up saving the world from the 7 headed monster who resembles an orange ...
  • Mary
    Strange, cataclysmic events are occurring. People are transforming into animals and the veneer of civilization has shattered. At the center of these events is a group of women, some of whom are dogs, panthers, bears, and condors, who gather together in Nethalem, CA to defeat evil and to protect the pregnant protagonist and her ill-fated spawn of Satan.This charming fable was written by the author, Lark Benobi, to channel her feelings about the cu...
  • Storyheart
    Over the past few years, whenever I'm overwhelmed by thoughts of the Anthropocene or by world news--especially news coming from south of Canada's border--I remember with hope two things: a documentary I saw about the flourishing of animals and nature in Chernobyl's human-free Exclusion Zone and the fascinating picture of a post-human world offered by Alan Weisman in his book The World Without Us. So, it was with interest that I came across The Bo...
  • Matthew
    Very much enjoyed reading this laugh out loud funny and smart feminist fable. Finding some humor in our current political situation was just what I needed as it becomes more obvious every day what the Tweeter in Chief actually is.
  • Janice (JG)
    A quirky, slyly humorous, and stylistically written apocalyptic story reminiscent of Douglas Adams... with wonderful Thurber-esque drawings adding to its charm. And women save the world!
  • Susan Lee Thuener
    A different sort of story.I think I have never read such a strange book. Females become animals while retaining conscious attributes. It takes a while for all the men to either die or get transported up to whatever awaits. A great battle ensues sort of following the Book of Revelations. I like the idea of the females winning for a change.
  • Colored Ink
    Read this!I don't like books like this, and I loved this one! Needs a little more editing--there are some typos and errors. But, somehow strong, and hopeful, and triumphant, all the same. All will be well.
  • Jeff
    A book about the apocalypse written by two dogs?! Yes! This was a delightful book and I took it all in over the Labor Day weekend. The book is set to be released on September 6th. I was lucky to received an Advance Review Copy. In The Book of Dog, human life on the planet is impacted by a mysterious yellow cloud that affects individual people in different ways. I don't want to say more than that. In America, the President (the current sitting Pre...
  • Doug
    Even as an avowed cat lover (which species gets a bit of short shrift towards the end of the book!), I couldn't help but be charmed by this sui generis parable. Others have invoked Orwell, Kafka, and Thurber (for the droll drawings) in attempting to find authors with similar themes/styles, all of which are certainly germane - I'd add in Tom Robbins and Jeff VanderMeer - but Ms. Benobi is in a class by herself and believe me, you've never read ANY...
  • Laura
    This book was a delight. From the opening chapter it had a gorgeous whimsical quality. I love that there are a host of fully rounded and believable female characters, and the interactions between the characters are what makes it so warm to read. The illustrations are beautiful and really add to the text. It was almost a five star for me, but as it progressed it became more convoluted plot-wise - whilst I appreciated the references to current poli...
  • Nichole
    I was pleasantly surprised by The Book of Dog. It is a very interesting take on a dystopian future of women taking the shapes of animals and depleting the world of men. It was a funny and enjoyable read that took me by surprise. I did not think I'd like this book as much as I did.
  • Carolyn Bell
    I loved this book. So unusual and creative.
  • Rohan
    Strange and magical tale of solidarity in the face of the Apocalypse. Read this book, you won't regret it.
  • Kirby
    The Book of Dog is a brilliant homage to Kurt Vonnegut with both doodles and a post-apocalyptic bend. I think he'd be quite proud to read this little novel. Especially a surprise little doodle towards the end with some political relevance - I personally liked that one best.I must admit, about halfway through the reading of this novel my apprehension of where things were going to end up almost caused me to proverbially throw my kindle across the r...
  • Kirby
    The Book of Dog is a brilliant homage to Kurt Vonnegut with both doodles and a post-apocalyptic bend. I think he'd be quite proud to read this little novel. Especially a surprise little doodle towards the end with some political relevance - I personally liked that one best.I must admit, about halfway through the reading of this novel my apprehension of where things were going to end up almost caused me to proverbially throw my kindle across the r...
  • Jessica Bronder
    This story is a twisted, comedy of errors as he world we know goes to hell. You have five normal women that have been changed into animals yet can retain their human logic. You have a pregnant teenager with the spawn of Satan. Then you have the beast straight from the book of Revelations. Oh, don’t forget that the president has been changed into a Bichon Frise. This book was laugh out loud funny with its humorous and snarky look at the world. I...