Once Upon a Princess by Clare Lydon

Once Upon a Princess

A Lesbian Royal RomanceCan true love be their crowning glory? Olivia Charlton is a princess who believes in love — not a high priority in a royal family hung up on tradition and duty. Meanwhile, village sweetheart Rosie Perkins has no time for affairs of the heart — she's just struggling to keep her cafe and life afloat. When Olivia heads to Cornwall to escape her royal duties for a few weeks, the two meet and sparks fly. But can a cafe owner...

Details Once Upon a Princess

TitleOnce Upon a Princess
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherLadylit Publishing
GenreRomance, Glbt, Lesbian

Reviews Once Upon a Princess

  • Arn
    3 stars. A solid but also predictable good feels book. It's like any other royalty x commoner read. I liked the characters, but I didn't love them. The plot as already mentioned is extremely predictable. I feel they played too safe with this one. I also didn't see much of Harper's style in this book and I'm not that familiar with the other author. An OK read to pass some time with minimal angst.
  • Gaby
    Olivia Charlton is an out lesbian and the fourth in the line for the British throne. After a long period of service in the army, her mother, the Queen, asks her to settle down and get married. Her parents find a suitable candidate in Jemima Bradbury and all is arranged for an imminent royal (and lesbian) wedding. Olivia decides to take a break under a false name in Cornwall to relax from the commitment stress. In the small town of Otter Bay she m...
  • Heinerway
    Once Upon a Princess is a modern fairy tale, wisely published after the British royal wedding. In fact, the dedications says: To Meghan and Harry.The story is very cute, very well written and the main characters are very likable. But the story is also extremely predictable. Princess Olivia (aka Charlie) goes incognito to Cornwall after announcing her wedding. There she falls in love with the commoner Rosie.One thing I don't understand. How can pr...
  • Ameliah Faith
    YAY Royal Love!!Princess Olivia is an out lesbian and second in line for the throne. Since she has because she is a woman of a certain age, her mother has decided that it is time for Olivia to be married. To make matters simple, the Queen has already picked out the woman she will marry, her ex Jemima. Jemima has the perfect pedigree and even though Olivia does not love her nor does she want to marry her, it is a done deal. Begging time to get her...
  • Alena
    Very timely story, smart move 😉Of the handful of books I’ve read in this teeny lesfic subgenre of princess novels, this is my favorite. Yes, it’s cheesy, yes, it’s playing with cliches, but I didn’t care.It had a bit of a Poppy Jenkins feel, not sure if it was just the cafe/countryside vibe or something else as well.I‘ve never read anything by Lydon, I might now.
  • Kitty Kat
    Enchanting is the perfect word to sum up ‘Once Upon a Princess’ by Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss. Set on the beautiful Cornish coast, it is a story of true love and passion. Princess Olivia goes incognito as Charlie to Otter Bay after being forced to announce her engagement to the eminently suitable Jemima. While trying to clear her head and accept her fate she meets Rosie, local cafe owner and the woman who may just capture her heart. There a...
  • Em
    Rosie is running a local run down inherited Cafe on the Cornish Coast and Olivia/Charlie is running from a royal life she doesn’t want but was born into and they literally run into each other and so the story begins. This book is wonderfully written by two of the best Lesfic authors out there, Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss who joined forces and both authors brought their best qualities to this story. The humour, it’s funny, the angst, yes I sh...
  • Yoly
    Adorable :)
  • V
    Once Upon a Princess by Clare Lyndon and Harper Bliss is a delightful story about a royal princess who falls in love with a commoner with a few interesting twists on the theme.Princess Olivia, (or “Charlie” to the men and women in her military unit) is home from serving her country and her mother, the Queen of England, has decided it is time for Olivia to settle down and get married. The Queen has made peace with the fact that her second born...
  • Kathy
    Sweet StoryThis book is definitely a departure from Ms. Bliss's usual, but it is a good story that I finished in one reading. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is that I think the story is incomplete. The book should have included a royal wedding, and I am disappointed that it didn't.
  • Angel
    I just love every word of this story because it brought out so many emotions for me. I never knew there were so many rules that came with being in a royal family and this story is definitely an eye opener because many people envy them but they don't know the personal toll it can take on each individual in a royal family. There are not enough words that I could use to express my deep affection for Olivia and Rosie. These resilient and tender-heart...
  • Mari Stark
    This is undeniably a book to look for, when these brilliant and two of the best Lesfic authors got together there was only one thing we could expect to happen… greatness, and did happen. Love the story, the characters, all the feelings that evokes and the perfect balance between their writing styles.Olivia Charlton a princess, but not just any princess, a dreamer, a believer, a rebel, with a huge heart, believes in love and if that isn’t enou...
  • Cindy Stein
    Fourth in line to the throne, Princess Olivia finds herself pressured by her parents into an engagement with a woman in her social circle who she once dated long ago. Olivia wants nothing more than to break away from the demands of royalty that force her to live with expectations of marrying for status and not for love. Asking for a break to reflect on her situation, she heads to a small town, disguising herself a bit and using the name Charlie, ...
  • Jo Watkins
    Stunning What can I say not a lot really apart from separately Claire and Harper are brilliant authors working together absolutely *&”[email protected]+;/%&£#*)( GENIUS.I hope you write more together possibly a sequel would love to find out what happens to some of the other characters in Otter Bay.Most of all thank you for a wonderful story
  • Teryn
    Once Upon a Princess is the unlikely story of a British royal falling in love with a commoner, a woman who owns the cafe in which the princess finds herself morning after morning after escaping the pressures of her engagement-of-duty. Princess Olivia doesn’t love her fiancée Jemima Bradbury, and when she heads out of town for a few weeks to clear her head, the last thing she expects to find is love. It’s no surprise that Rosie Perkins, Corni...
  • Marty Preslar
    WonderfulTwo great authors working together. A princess looking for an escape from her royal life. A struggling cafe owner looking for an escape from her small town problems. The perfect recipe for unexpected romance... and wow, they do have chemistry! This is an extremely well written story. Highly recommended.
  • Elske
    Lovely MC’s, nice warm-hearted romantic story. Fun read.
  • Lisa B
    A lovely story that was easy to read and engaging. I was sad to see it end, and I would love to hear more from Rosie and Charlie (suits her better than Olivia, I think). Well worth a read.I was given an advance review copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.
  • Karen
    I don’t follow the royalty of any nation nor have I ever watched any royal weddings. However, this royal romance by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon is a pleasure to read, which should be expected since both are gifted writers. This was a sweet, fun story with some heat. Princess Olivia received an ultimatum to settle down and get married to a woman she doesn’t love any more. Unhappy, she fled to a small village to reflect and be herself out of t...
  • BookFiend17
    With all of the hullabaloo over the royal wedding (didn’t even watch a second of that) it’s nice to have our own lesbian princess. A sweet match up by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon. We get to meet Princess Olivia (aka Charlie) and Rosie. We also get to meet Jemima and Amy and I’m actually rooting for these two to have happiness of their own. I don’t think either one is a bad person even though Amy sometimes comes off as an arse. I think sh...
  • cj1973uk
    I received an ARC copy from the author (Harper) in exchange for an honest review.I wasn’t sure whether I would like this book or not. It took me a few chapters to get into it but when I did I couldn’t put it down and before I knew it I was finished. I think it was a good storyline, nicely written and the characters of Olivia (Charlie) & Rosie were likeable. Olivia being the Princess who goes off to Cornwall for a break to stall her arranged m...
  • Cheryl
    Cute enough. A very traditional Princess and commoner love story if there is such a thing.Princess Olivia just can't fathom towing the family line of marrying for duty rather than love. Perhaps her mother is enlightened in accepting her as a lesbian and somewhat arranging a lesbian marriage, but that will never do for Olivia no matter how hard she tries.Rosie lives an honest life and runs the somewhat outdated family cafe. Rosie works hard, suppo...
  • Petra
    I loved the combination of these two authors. Their style and well developed characters drew me in from the start. I was engaged by Rosie and Olivia strong personalities and the need to have what we all want..love, family and happiness. I really enjoyed this book. It had drama, humor, romance and family issues. Opposites attract on many levels as is the case here.While you might know there is going to be a happy ever after ending, there is always...
  • Maz Tucker
    I was luck to receive this book for an unbiased review, so here goes.I have enjoyed both Harper & Clare books in the past and was a bit worried, as some jointly written books don't work.Well here you would never know, it is an absolute joy to read. It had two great main characters, the chemistry between them are perfect.The way both characters meet and get to know each other is done brilliantly.This is the real fairy tale story.Thanks for the pri...
  • Jules
    Princess Charming... what a concept! I wish I'd had a book like this to read when I was a kid. Feel-good, cute, warm, and fuzzy romance. Back then I might have had a minor heart attack with the sex scenes... Catholic school girl and all... geez I was such a prude. Anyway, not much to say that's different from what others have written in their reviews. Lovely story, very well written. Fast read, even if at times it seemed like it got stuck on the ...
  • Deanna Wiley
    Amazing....I've read books by both Clare and Harper so I know they are amazing writers. When I first heard they were doing a co-written book I was excited for it and I was not let down. Once Upon A Princess blew my mind!! I laughed and smiled through the whole thing. I hope to see another co-written book in the future from these two amazing authors.
  • Andrea
    I absolutely loved this book! I have to admit I love princess stories that have lesbian characters. It was a little drawn out with the “hiding” part and I wish she would have told her sooner but that is just minor.
  • Helen
    Great ReadThis is a truly entertaining story. I love Charlie and Rosie. They are a beautiful couple with so much love. This story is well written with nice love scenes and a great ending. I didn’t want to put this book down. Look forward to the next book by the authors.
  • Rochelle Foulk
    Cute storyI really enjoy the authors style, each page builds on characters and setting without a being a bother on the plot. Thoughtful and elegantly put together. Looking forward to.kore from these two.