Veronica's Dragon (Icehome, #2) by Ruby Dixon

Veronica's Dragon (Icehome, #2)

Resonance. It’s a given on the ice planet, forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the ‘khui’. With resonance, a guy and a girl are paired up because they’ll make great babies. It’s a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely-populated world we’re stranded on…and romantic, in a weird, alien way. Everyone expects resonance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world. I doubt anyone expects the gorg...

Details Veronica's Dragon (Icehome, #2)

TitleVeronica's Dragon (Icehome, #2)
Release DateMay 23rd, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Fantasy, Dragons, Aliens, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters

Reviews Veronica's Dragon (Icehome, #2)

  •  B.E.Love
    This book was so good. Whenever I read this series or the original I get swept right back into the world. I love how this author always finds ways to make these two series new and interesting and never old or tired. The hero was just what I was hoping for and more. It was so interesting to see how the healers work and think, I had never thought too much about it but in this book we really get to see how it all works and I thought it was really fa...
  • Maria (skullangs)
    willa's beast pleaaaase!
  • Angela~supermom~
    Ruby never disappoints. Ever.Taking place in line with Lauren's Barbarian, not necessarily having to be read in adjacent to it, this story started off with a total hoot. Because... Ashtar.Immediately upon waking from his stasis, he smells humans. Not just any ol' humans. But unmated females. And I bet you can imagine what ensues from there.More like Ashtar trying to flirt. Yes, his attempt at seducing our dear Veronica is outstandingly hilarious ...
  • Leigh
    I've only read two books by Ruby Dixon and unfortunately neither worked for me. I think in these types of books you have to love equally or just as much the females. I never seem to have a problem with the males but the females in the two stories I read were very annoying so I had no interest to read anything else from this author until Veronica's Dragon. After seeing so many awesome reviews I had to read it and Ashtar didn't disappoint, he was a...
  • Book Snob Sue
    Nnnooooooooo, this is what I say every single time I finish an Ice Planet or Icehome book. I never want to quit reading them, I never want them to end. Since, I am pretty sure all Ruby Dixon fans are a part of this cult following, I have to thank her for not only writing these wonderful books, but putting up with all of her overly “excited” fans. She deserves props for that alone, because I know for sure she has some serious know, ...
  • Kelly
    I am SMITTEN with the dragons, people. Smitten. I mean, I liked them from the Fireblood series, but Ashtar's clueless, flirty come-ons were HILARIOUS. And the fact he just didn't see a problem with announcing that he was wearing a loincloth specifically because he was told he had to before he could mate with Veronica just made it better.Artless aliens announcing what was on their mind so they can get into a girl's panties are my thing, apparently...
  • phoebess
    Veronica's Dragon turned out to be truly amusing story about a dragon and a human. Ashtar was truly hilarious in his bluntness and possessiveness. I also appreciated that Ruby Dixon managed to create a perfect balance between our favorite khui and golden (or black) Drakoni eyes.And as a cherry on top, we got more than just a peek into how the healing powers work. That was my second favorite part of the book. "Shall we battle?"
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    Loved it, review to come!
  • Izzie d
    Icehome takes place eight years after the Barbarian series, when our village of humans and sa-khui are well established and full of happy families and many babies (so many babies). A slaver ship returned to the surface of the ice planet and was defeated by our tribe. The ship's hold was found to contain twenty slaves, all in stasis and waiting to be sold on one of the black markets in deep space. The sa-khui tribe decided to help those sixteen hu...
  • kookyquinn
    GAH! You guys! I flipping love this series! The heroes are always so adorable you could just cry and most of the heroine's are fun as hell!This was such a painfully slow burn. I just wanted to reach into the book and shake Veronica then I wanted to shake Ash! Just when I'm about to rip all my hair out they FINALLY mate! BOUT TIME! Sheesh!Willa and Gren next?! *faints*
  • Ralitsa
    Определено първата ми хареса много повече, може би защото племето на главния беше новост. Сега нямам търпение да излезе книгата за Грен и Уила.
  • Laura Elizabeth
    This was a fun installment to the series. This dragon was great!
  • Erin
    Still not sold on aliens, but this book was enjoyable. I will definitely continue the series with Willows book.
  • BookPauper
    4.5 I didn’t dislike Veronica when the story began, but I didn’t like her either. She seemed blah and this was inline with how she described herself. What I love is when an author changes my perceptions on a character. Ms. Ruby did an awesome job with that. By the end of the book I loved Veronica. Also: IPB + Fireblood Dragons = Happy
  • **Elle**Bee**Double U**
    I don't think there has been a book yet of Ruby's that I didn't absolutely fall in love with!I won't lie, when I heard she was doing a bit of branching from her regular IPB series, I was worried. You get some of those series with authors where you think "Okay, there's just too many and it's time to end this series". But I am excited to see that we are now getting to know more about the creatures who were found with the humans and even learning ab...
  • Sally Lake
    Best thing to have on an ice cold planet? A shapeshifting dragon, duh!Have been reading Ruby's Barbarian series since the beginning, and she's really breathed new life (and fire) into it with the additions of the new tribes from the island (Lauren's Barbarian) and this new batch of rescued captives and former slaves. This was a lovely book with some genuinely hilarious moments in the beginning, I really became quite attached to Ashtar and Veronic...
  • Jennifer Turner
    OMG I almost cried at the end I love Ashtar and Veronica!Ruby Dixon outdone herself on this book I have loved the entire series and yet I have never finished any of the books as quickly as I did this one! Ashtar's bold personality combined with Veronica's clumsy self is a perfect combination. When Ashtar awakes from his stasis he is immediately drawn to Veronica's scent and what does he do? Well he walks in the ship naked as the day he was born s...
  • Jan
    This is the filler to what happened during Lauren’s Barbarian. Regardless of when it takes place, all the Ice Barbarians are great books to read. I have to say when started reading it, I was laughing at how Ashtar was acting, as well as how when Vektal was trying to explain things to the males about resonance, and it was too funny. Two wanting the pregnant one as theirs and then Ashtar saying, he wanted clumsy one. A’ani also says, “What if...
  • Jamie Stephenson
    loved this book. ashtar is bold and sure of himself and what he wants and he knows from the start that he wants Veronica. because his people have their own ways of recognizing their mates, it's no surprise that once he was given his kui it agreed with him and veronica's did as well. his battle with himself to be patient and not scare her is a mixture of sweet and funny because he really doesn't understand what he's doing wrong most of the time bu...
  • Melanie
    Re-definiing 'home'Veronica's Dragon is Ruby Dixon's second book in her spin-off IceHome series, and as expected she does a fabulous job with backstory, with integrating her new aliens and humans into the Ice Planet Barbarian world. Familiar characters make cameo appearances and ground the new couple in their new world and its ways. Veronica is a smart and empathic human woman, and when she gets her khui symbiont, she's given a bonus. She resonat...
  • JodyL
    Veronica and AshtarI am enjoying the newest spin on IPB. Veronica is insecure about herself. She has always felt "plain" and not worthy of male attention. So when "the golden guy" instantly singles her out, she is uncomfortable. Ashtar is a bit of a jerk. He knows that he wants Veronica as his mate and doesn't care what anyone else thinks or feels. He was a gladiator before coming to this planet and doesn't feel as if other people matter. He was ...
  • SerenityInParis
    “I can't believe it's 2012 and we're still having to worry about dudes kidnapping ladies. So much for equality.”Honestly girl, same!OH MY ABSOLUTE FREAKING GOD! THIS BOOK! *claps hands like a banshee* It was so so so good! As always Ruby Dixon is super aamazinggg and fantastic at writing and she mixed some elements of my favourite series of hers in one mind blowing book that left me smiling like crazy every time I thought of it. At this point...
  • Brenna
    Amazing!I think this is one of my favorite books as of yet. I loved Ashtar. I wish I had a brooding Drakoni of my own. Swoon.Veronica is clumsy. Wanted thinks he's getting the chance to breed with another slave and his new freedom is both beautiful and terrifying. Veronica and Ashtar resonate immediately. Oh no. Oh yes, lolz.I don't want to give it all away but it's so beautiful. She becomes a healer and is appreciated by the tribe. Wanted become...
  • Diane
    Ruby Dixon Did It Again!!This spin off series is as good as the Ice Planet Barbarians Series. I am in love with Ashtar who was a gladiator and slave and now is stranded on an ice planet with a few other alien males and a bunch of human females. Veronica is human and a bit klutz together they have to figure out resonance and how to become friends before making babies. This is such a fun series and Ruby Dixon is an amazing world builder. I am not a...
  • Badh
    Perfect, as alwaysI read all of the Ice Planet books as soon as I can because I'm always dying to see what's happening to all our fave blue guys. This one doesn't have our blue guys as a main character, instead we have a hot golden Dragon man. I love that Ashtar is related to the Drakoni from the other series. It's just interesting to see the difference between him and the others. I loved seeing him change from a gladiator and that mindset to one...
  • Cc
    Veronica and AshtarSixteen women have been awakened, Ashtar is only interested in one. The one that has the most wonderful smell. Ashtar knows Veronica is his mate even before they've received a kuhi and even before resonance. Veronica is sure she's too beige to be the cause of the hunky golden guy's attentions. Resonate they do but Veronica is half afraid of Ashtar. And wait until she finds out he has a dragon form too.Another great story and th...
  • Bracia S. Hall
    Just keeps getting betterI started reading Ruby's books as downtime. I work in IT and am always on. Well let me say I'm so hooked on these stories and characters I've forgotten to buy shoes!! Veronica and Ash's story was great. God I love Ruby. She' s brought these book folks to life. I was right there on the beach with them. Like watching a movie in my head. You can not go wrong with this series. Do yourself a favor, jump right in! You won't reg...
  • Sherilyn Amy
    I wish there were outgoing flights to IPB.I really really do. Lol Ruby Dixon has developed this fantasized planet where human women are finding more than just love. A new beginning and place to call home. And some days I could really use all of the above!! This book was another amazing installment to her genius. Ashtar and Veronica are beautiful and learn the ways of their new life while falling in love. I just can't wait to read the rest of the ...
  • Becky Pepper-Thompson
    So funny!I am just always tickled with the language misinterpretation that happens in this series. We take English for granted as something easy when it is the opposite for someone already speaking a logical language. I love the world of “not-Hoth” and all the different barbarians, now different alien species. For a smexy book that will make you laugh out loud, this one is as highly recommended as the rest of the ice planet & ice home series!
  • Birdie
    I really liked Veronica's Dragon. Even though we wait until the last part of the book for Ashtar and Veronica to, uh... fulfill the resonance... I thought this one was hotter than most of the other blue guy books we've gotten from Ruby Dixon. We also get another virgin H, which makes sense given Ashtar's backstory. Veronica was not a virgin, but she didn't have a great history with sex/relationships in the past.