The Security Guy (Office Aliens #3) by V.C. Lancaster

The Security Guy (Office Aliens #3)

Anna has been sent to the San Diego branch of the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration from her London PR company to negotiate a contract. Her job is to help improve the public image of the local Teissian refugee community after it has come under attack from a local politician. On her first day there, she is invited to the office Christmas party. The next morning, she wakes up beside a tall scaled alien named Khy. Anna just wants to forget...

Details The Security Guy (Office Aliens #3)

TitleThe Security Guy (Office Aliens #3)
Release DateMay 24th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Aliens, Romance, Science Fiction Romance

Reviews The Security Guy (Office Aliens #3)

  • Kristi
    Khy is a Volon. Anna is human. This book touches on many issues with refugees - leaving behind all that they knew, learning a new society and culture and language, making a relationship work when the cultures are extremely different. Anna and Khy were drunk when they became intimate but neither one really remembers it. Culturally, they have very different ways of dealing with the repercussions of their one-night stand.I appreciate how much depth ...
  • Laura Lynn
    Great bookCould have been a 5 star for me H did more of the chasing at the end of the story.
  • Jennifer Erwin
    I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, but for some reason I just couldn't connect to the characters in this one. After struggling for the first half of the book I had to put it down.
  • Chelsea
    This was so good. I really, really appreciate how much culture and personal memories the author works into her aliens. I’m a sucker for world-building and aliens that are truly alien and these books satisfy that craving. Khy was super dreamy (imo) and I loved how the author dealt with the “stalker” aspect of the storyline by just calling it out for what it is. Like my brain acknowledges that “yes, he shouldn’t do that”, but my heart s...
  • Heather Neary-Willis
    Loved it I’m a big fan of this author and the alien books. I love the cultural differences and the way the couples find ways around them to be happy. I like how these books are different from the usual alien alpha couple books in the way that the female doesn’t just take over the relationship and the culture and demand he change his ways to hers. She understands he needs to feel comfortable in this new world and that there will be misundersta...
  • E.L. Roux
    Oh man! Her books keep getting better! Wow, just wow. Every book I read, I think that perhaps it might be like her last one, and each time it's entirely different. Each culture is unique, every story is true to the characters, and this book made me laugh, got me angry, and had me crying. I can't wait to see what her next book looks like!
  • Rachel
    Actual relatable alien love storyThis relationship was believable with relatable characters. The cultural differences were considerable but not unconquerable. I really love how the dynamic in each office relationship is different. Another excellent VC Lancaster novel. I didn’t even bother reading the blurb for this one - she is an automatic buy 👍🏻🙌🏻💗
  • Jessica
    Love this book!The character development in this book is amazing. The story is wonderful and very well written. I love the culture clash, the author does a great job in developing an interesting and believable culture for the male character. You won't regret reading this!
  • Anya Champagne
    AmazingI loved Khy, and I adored Anna. Khy is so over the top protective that it's hilarious by modern standards, and Poor Anna is overwhelmed by his attention, but somehow it all works amazing for them. I love the story!
  • Shasha
    I laughed out loud more than twiceThis sci-fi romance takes a contemporary setting and adds an alien twist. This wasn't my favorite because Volon culture isn't my thing. The heroine has her own misunderstandings because of it and vice versa.Compared to the first two books, this one has way more graphic sex.Mature content
  • Casey
    Amazing!I love love LOVE this series. Each one gets better and better. This is my absolute favorite. Several times I almost started bawling (but held myself together lol). I can't wait for more!
  • shannon Stubbs
    Love this seriesI just love this series. The aliens aren't to bad. The relationships they have are pretty good. I can't wait for the next book.
    Just like the restAll the stories in this series are great. You actually get to know the characters. This is a good author to put so much emotions in the words.
  • Marla
    Best of the series. Love Khys and Anna was a good lead!
  • Jenny Brown
    You better runThis was sweet and funny cultural differences romantic story. With a lot of running away from each other.....only to learn how to Chase and capture forever.
  • Becka
    LOVED this one!! Anna and Khy are so well-suited it's super satisfying to see them bickering their way through the start of their relationship and end up fighting for each other as well as just fighting. This is my favourite series of hers and I'm excited for the next one.
  • Bubbles The Book Pimp
    3rd in seriesAnna works in PR, she has moved from London to the USA to work alongside and aid DETI ( department of extraterrestrial immigration ) in their ongoing fight to help and aid the Teissian Refugee Community, who after fleeing invaders from their home world and settling on earth, have been struggling following an ongoing hate and fear campaign by a local politician. Its Anna’s job to spin the focus away from doubt and negativity and int...
  • Anika
    Bailed at 32%. The hero was just a bit too full on. I couldn't deal with him effectively stalking the heroine and not leaving when she said she wanted him to leave her alone. He'd been on earth for 4 years by that point so he knew that kind behaviour was not acceptable. I certainly didn't find it romantic or amusing. It didn't make me like the hero so I stopped reading this book. The other two books in the series were ok but I couldn't deal with ...
  • Elb4966
    Very good read. I want to know what happens between chax and kona; and the other volans