For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem, #2) by T.S. Joyce

For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem, #2)

Bailey Wulfe has her blinders on, her focus straight forward, tromping through life to the future that has been planned for her since she was Turned. She’s been promised to a high-ranking wolf in her Clan, but one chance encounter with a familiar face and she’s questioning everything she’s ever wanted. The boy she knew as a child has turned into a monstrous man. And from the looks of Rike, his bloodline will be the death of him and everyone...

Details For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem, #2)

TitleFor the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem, #2)
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
PublisherWicked Willow Press
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Romance

Reviews For the Blood of a Crow (Red Dead Mayhem, #2)

  • Marsha Spohn
    Reviewed at Shifter HavenTHIS…this… this is why I read, no devour the sub-genre of Paranormal Romance aka Shifter Romance. This story is why I will read every book written by T. S. Joyce – I’ll even read her grocery lists, because she gives me absolutely everything I look for in a shifter romance. And if you haven’t discovered her by now… what the heck are you waiting for?Rike is the Second in the Red Dead Mayhem crew. His past is fil...
  • Marishka
    Safety- (view spoiler)[* They were handfasted as teenagers. They were besties and loved each other. They were bonded. He was 15. * Something bad happened and his crow blocked his past to protect Bailey. He had no memories of her. He doesn't have much memories of anything before the age of 16. " I don’t remember much before then. I don’t know why. My animal hides everything from me. I used to hate it and lie in my bed at nights trying so hard ...
  • Beth Fuller
    These Crows are Awesome!Awesome book! I can never decide which one of T. S. Joyce books is my favorite... this one has just added to that dilemma. Such a rich and layered world she has created. All connected but each able to stand on its own. The crows are magnificent and such an unlikely group of big, beastly monsters. Love, love, love them! Riker is a softie with a wicked dark underside and Bailey is a perfect balance. The females in this world...
  • Lolita Nettles
    It's really hard for most series to get even better It's really hard for most series to get even better with each addition but T. S. Joyce makes it look easy. This book left me raw from all the feelings. I cried, I laughed so hard but even more deeply it left me feeling hopeful. I cried thinking about all that Rike had endured and the pain of it all coming back. I wish I could have given it more stars! This book truly had everything you could ask...
    Stars Aligning!!!Brandon "Rike" Blackwood, the second-in-command of the Red Dead Mayhem Clan just wanted one thing to go right. After his bother Ethan's treachery, his clan suffered a major hit. His Alpha Ramsey was in transition after losing half his Crows.While all that was going on, his clan was coming out to the public about them being shifters. His bloodline is killig him from the inside, then his life took a 180 turm when a she-wolf walked ...
  • Mary Lee
    Not much to itUrghhhh, seriously? Well,we didn't get much story again and as if that weren't enough we didn't get much romance as this relationship started and was completed when they were teens. So we didn't get to see them fall in love. It was a one night stand the day after they saw each other again that morphed straight into forever after. There was no build-up. We got a bit of conflict with the wulfs, but even that made no sense and was over...
  • Monica
    Holy crap this threw me for a loop! Anyone else? Wow this was really something and I totally loved it. I love when she throws us a curve ball. There might be a spoiler or 2 so be warned! Bailey and Rike know each other. They were married....or hand-fasted more specifically. Years ago. Rike's Dad was a terrible dude. He did so many things to so many people. A killer. It was assumed his sons Ethan and Rike were the same. Bailey knew different thoug...
  • Nikki
    For the Blood of a Crow by TS Joyce is the second book in the Red Dead Mayhem Crew and is a 5 star read. I love everything that T writes, her books are automatic one click before I even read the blurb. Rike and Bailey have a past but Bailey is the only one who remembers it, but once they meet again it all starts to come back to Rike and part of him want to run to keep protecting her, but love has a way of keeping you where you need to be. Another...
  • Chloe
    God, this book was amazing just truly beautiful. I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with this book because it was beautifully written and it just gives you all those feels. I thought Kane’s book would also remain my favourite, but Rike is now my favourite. The characters are all so relatable and easy to love and the humour is always spot on in these books. T.S Joyce always manages to make you feel the emotions between the characters just fr...
  • Karen
    MayhrmThis KU library selection is a great addition to the Red Dead Mayhem series. I've found that Joyce's books are almost impossible to put down once started, and this was no exception. After an attempted coup, Rike is now Ramsey's second. At a "coming out" event with the press, Rike encounters a young woman who claims to be his former wife. He doesn't remember her or being married, especially to a wolf. But then his memories begin to return. H...
  • Sherry Koch
    When I start reading a book from T.S. Joyce I can't put it down until I reach the end. That's saying a lot. The stories T. weaves are wonderful and beautiful. The hero thinks he's broken and the strong heroine knows her man isn't perfect and loves him anyway. I adore the relationships the characters build with each other, they are meaningful and carry through several stories. I highly recommend this book to everyone that realizes that no one is p...
  • Jamie McTavish
    Broken pieces can always be put back together to make something stronger.The best thing about T.S Joyce's words is on one level or another they resonate with her readers. For the blood of a crow is yet another example of that.Sometimes the brain (or in this case, the crow) knows exactly what it needs to do to protect not only itself but others. Rike may not remember his childhood & early teenage years, but Bailey does and through the turmoil of e...
  • Tiblu
    I liked it.....I dint have much to say here....My favorite of the series soo far is what I’d call its “cousin” series ,with Hairpin,Peacemaker/Warmaker etc. was Ten’s story ,and while I haven’t connected with Ramsey or Rike like I did Ten, I think this I a good series and would definitely recommend it....Looking forward to Ethan and especially what kind of animal he attracts,with squirrels and Moose’s and wolves O my :)
  • Rebecca
    She did it again!!!!!For the blood of a crow was just an amazing story. It's about love and redemption and find your way back home where your heart belongs. The love Like and Bailey have for each other is so beautiful. We also can not forget how tough they are and they will battle to the death for each other. They will always be there to keep each other safe and steady. Great job alpha.
  • Raveen Vann
    So amazingly good.Wow as always this is yet another great book in this series. It's the second book and is Rikes story. I really do love him and Bailey. These books always leave you happy and already wanting the next book. Rike is definitely great and very protective of Bailey. This story was emotional as he had to remember painful things from his past to be the man Bailey needed him to be. Absolutely truly job well done on this story.
  • Heidi Nininger
    For the Blood of a CrowT. S. Joyce is one of my favorite authors. She puts everything in her books ... humor, raw feelings from desperation to being on top of the world, to shifters finding their fated mates whatever the trials and tribulations they have to go through. I love whole series from this small town and the various shifter clans involved. Anyone who enjoys reading shifter stories should read all her books.
  • Niki
    Ugly crying over hereI don’t even really know what to say. Rike is so so so broken, and doesn’t even know just how broken he is, until he meets Bailey and starts remembering all he’s forgotten. And Bailey, she’s broken too, though she doesn’t even know it. The two together heal each other, and help create something really good between three clans. It’s a great story, one I’ll definitely reread.
  • Ame Eggers
    Rike's story needs more than 5 stars!I wasn't sure what to think about this character from the other books...he was pretty mysterious but so loyal to his clan. His story was just phenomenal!!! The buried memories....the heart beneath....I cannot get enough of these Crows!!!! I loved Bailey...small...tough as nails...fitting right in with the Outlaws....this series just keeps getting better
  • Cynthia L. Turner
    Brandon (Rike)and BaileyWhat a compelling novel! Rike doesn't remember his mate Bailey but she never forgot him! Rike has become second in command to Ramsey in The Red Dead Mayhem Crew and finally reconnaissance with Bailey. This novel can be read as a standalone book but is part of The Red Dead Mayhem Crew series. Time and Bailey do get their HEA but the journey is quite the ride!
  • Melisa Underwood
    PSA: Here's your heads up about this 10 *** bookBefore you start reading - hit the bathroom. You could laugh so hard you could pee.Pause reading BEFORE you take a drink. Spewing and choking is ugly. And painful.Tissues required. You will laugh, you will cry and you're going to fall in love with these crews. Meet Rike and Bailey a crow and a wolf that have a tangled history. Two people that have been through hell but fight for each other to keep a...
  • Sandra Wolfe
    Another great one!T.S. Joyce is one of my favorite authors. I love every-single book she releases. There is always Witty humor, sexiness and a fun exciting storyline. I also really like how every character has flaws and isn’t perfect. Loved Bailey and Rike and that ending made me tear up it was so good. But Vina still takes the cake she is so hilarious with her awkwardness. I loved it!
  • Amy C
    Love the continued world buildingI love how we get an in-depth look into each if the characters, and an update on this we already met. The characters all feel multidimensional. I am not sure if you can appreciate how great and amazing all of this author's series are if you hear pick up this one book as a starting point. I will keep reading this book repeatedly, while antsy for the next one!
  • Tesha Moucheron
    The love of a crowI'm swooning hard for Rike and Bailey. What an amazing second chance romance. perfect back story, so so happy about the end, Rike got everything thing he needed. With an amazing surprise for his handfasting day. Another phenomenal read by T. Such a badass wolf and even more badass Crow Crew. Loving the beasts of Red Dead Mayhem!
  • Melody Hillier
    Great bookRike is a crow who has been through some rough stuff, so much his animal has blocked off years of his life that he can't remember. A chance meeting changes all of that and he is reunited with his mate. This book will touch all your feelings and make your long for more and more from this author.
  • Jen
    Mayhem strikes againI love this book as I do all of hers. This story of love strength and perseverance is awesome. It tells a story of how you can be a product of your past but the choices you make are yours alone and you can choose to be better than where you came from. Love is and always will make someone their best self as Bailey proves to Rike. Way to go Alpha once again!
  • Linda
    Spectacular!I'm running out of adjectives to describe T.S. Joyce's books! This is another great "shifter" and romance books. It's the story of Rike, a crow and Bailey, a wolf. The story leads us back to the past, through some heartache and emotional upheaval on to something wonderful. Another book I'd wholeheartedly recommend!
  • Maria
    Well ToldThis was a good story for Rike Blackwood and Bailey. I wanted a little more hotness and passion. A story well told. I love the fact that it had all of the characters from Red Dead Mayhem, Two Claw Clan, and the Darby Clan. The girls were funnier than the guys this time around. I hope the next book comes out very soon.
  • Mary Winstead
    For the Blood of a CrowBailey Wulf is a wolf who is helping her work cater a three day interview with the Red Dead Mayhem Clan. When she bumps into Rike all the memories of their youth play in her mind. They were bonded. Sadly Rike doesn't remember his youth. Will he ever remember the love they had? Or will it push him away? Great read. I couldn't put down till I was finished.
  • Winifred Montes
    Love these booksYou should really start at the beginning (I understand it a very good place to start lol). It would make more sense but you would still like this story. Kindle unlimited is very helpful lol. This is a story of remembering your first love and having the strength to find and explore it again.
  • Regina Long-burris
    for the blood of the crowOh man, you did it again T. It's amazing how you're stories are so clean and how the flow together to create a world. That we don't want to leave...the best and worst part of this book was the end😭😍 once again Alpha... outstanding work....thank you so much for taking on the ride along with you💖