Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan

Flirting with Forever

A best-friends-to-lovers standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan. No women. No hooking up. This is the oath I took in solidarity with my best friend after a particularly heinous breakup left him shattered. No problem, right? Wrong. Because lately, I've begun developing big, messy feelings for our best female friend who we both swore was off-limits since we were sixteen years old. I shouldn't notice the way her hair ...

Details Flirting with Forever

TitleFlirting with Forever
Release DateSep 3rd, 2018
PublisherKendall Ryan
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Flirting with Forever

  • Piper Rayne
    Flirting with Forever is a delicious humor filled slow burn romance that made me want to stay tucked into Cam and Natalie's world forever. Had every element I love in a friends to lovers book. Highly recommend it!
  • Zoe
    Sexy, smart, and charmingly entertaining. Another must read from Ryan!Full review to follow shortly.
  • Kahea
    ***4 Stars*** This was a fun, quick best friends to lovers read that I pretty much devoured in no time. It was sweet, smexy and though it was low on angst it had a good dose of the characters battling themselves to keep things interesting from the first page til the very end.I loved Camden and Natalie. Both are good people with good hearts who are both doing what they love and living their best lives. Their friendship is rock solid. It’s the ki...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Flirting with forever was a fun and sexy story that is synonymous with Kendall Ryan. It was heartwarming, emotional and full of real, likeable, magnetic characters. I was hooked from the start and could not get enough of this story.Gah! When this author puts her amazing spin on standard tropes, what you get is so fantastic and unexpected, you legit are consumed right away. I loved Cam and Natalie. They were honest, down to earth and full of delic...
  • Johnaka
    Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan“Friends to lovers, 5 stars”Ryan gave us a quick story involving two best friends who one day say screw it and give each other a chance romantically. But there’s a catch, they have another best friend and will them starting a relationship mess up the three amigos? Flirting with Forever was sweet and a quick read. It nailed the head for me trying to come out of a book hangover.Camden made a promise to Jac...
  • Shayna
    “How did I miss this entire chapter of my life, waiting so patiently for me to turn the page?” I know I might say this A LOT with this author but Flirting with Forever just might be one of my all time FAVORITES from the amazing Kendall Ryan! This best friends-to-lovers story had me absolutely GIDDY from page one. It was fun, flirty, sexy, and oh so romantic! I couldn’t put it down! Cam and Natalie were an absolute DELIGHT! I enjoyed the eas...
  • Courtney
    Flirting With Forever is what I have to come to enjoy from Kendall Ryan. Yes, I typically need a great plot to truly enjoy a book, but sometimes it's nice to enjoy a sweet romance and that is what Kendall delivers.Flirting With Forever takes on a different idea in friends to lovers genre. I really enjoy how Kendall shows these two as close friends for quite some time and then suddenly, something dawns on each of them; they see each other in a new...
  • Tara Lee
    I absolutely loved this friends to lovers romance. Cam and Natalie had me from. the start, I couldn't put Flirting with Forever down. Kendall doesn't disappoint yet again in this epic story about love, the chemistry between Cam and Nat is epic and makes you love them. Everything about this story sinks you in, you want to get to the end, capture the romance between the characters.Cam the the definition of a true male, kind, sweet, romantic, funny ...
  • Heather andrews
    Cam can only handle so much frim his girl, "let yourself in. I’m taking a bath. J***s, Mary, and Joseph. Please tell me she doesn’t expect me to comfort her while she’s in the bathtub." Cam doesn't want to admit it but the man gets jealous, “and let’s never talk about your ex-boyfriend while you’re naked.” I liked this book, I loved Cam the man was so sweet and genuine.
  • HeatherP
    I've read everything Kendall has put out since she released Hard To Love back in 2013. That book and the Filthy Beautiful series are my favorite she has written. I'm now adding this to that list. This is the Kendall Ryan that I love. If I'm being honest, I don't 5 Star everything she releases. Some are ok, some are really good, and then there are ones like this book.Phenomenal and absolutely electric.Cam was everythingNatalie is adorableTogether ...
  • Kristy Odom
    I loved this friends to lovers story! Cam, Nat, and Jack have been friends since high school so I felt their emotions thru this story. Cam feels so much in the beginning that I couldn’t breathe with him. This is a super sweet quick story. ❤ I loved this friends to lovers story! Cam, Nat, and Jack have been friends since high school so I felt their emotions thru this story. Cam feels so much in the beginning that I couldn’t breathe with hi...
  • Irene
    4.5 stars
  • Nancy Metsch
    Kendall Ryan never disappoints me, she did an amazing job...AGAIN. I loved this friends to lovers story. I can't even pick out a favorite part because I can't just pick one. Jack and Camden are both amazing in their own ways. One a little sexier the other is a player. Yet the 3 of them make great musketeers. They just balance each other. Simply amazing.
  • Heather
    **I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**Kendall Ryan is a one-click author for me and she has definitely just reinforced that with Flirting with Forever. I love stories where there is already a connection or relationship between the two characters. You already have something to build from and how they end up where they are going is always the fun part.Natalie and Cam have been friends for years. The two ...
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    Flirting With Forever is a fast paced relatively quick read that will have you swooning for more. It's a friends to lovers romance that has some amazingly sweet moments and contains characters that have magnetic chemistry between them.Camden, Jack and Natalie have been best friends for years and up until now there was no serious attraction between any of them. Camden all of a sudden realises that he has an attraction to Natalie and starts to real...
  • Isha Coleman
    When love takes hold it's beyond hard to break loose. Cam and Natalie are about to discover that not even the best laid plans is a match for what the heart desires. Flirting with Forever is a witty romance that slowly amps up to scorching hot fun. They never meant to fall in love, but their hearts had other plans. Ryan blends the angst of love with the heartwarming bond of friendship. At their most clueless is when these two are most adorable. I ...
  • Theresa Alberts
    Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan was a feel good story about three people who have been friends since high-school and two of them who begin to develop feelings that no best friend should have. Trying not to act on those feelings is difficult and worrying about whether or not their friendship means more than their potential love is at the heart of this story. I truly enjoyed reading about Cam, Jack and Natalie. Watching Cam interact with Nata...
  • Amy
    4 Super Sweet Stars!!Review to come!
  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭
    Well, it is a sweet, friends-to-lovers story but nothing more. If you're looking for a drama-free, swoon-worthy summer romance, this book will deliver it.
  • Three Chicks
    Review by Lisa KaneCamden Carter is all about his best friend Jack's problems right now. Jack just got dumped-via text, by the girl he's been dating for the last year. If Jack is on a hating women rant, then Cam is going to suck it up and being the supportive friend. Jack swears he is going on a women strike, Cam bets him he can't stay celibate for long. So they bet that each other will be celibate for one month-whoever gives in has to do the oth...
  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    Flirting with Forever is Kendall Ryan's new friends to lovers romance. It's a nice, slow burn that kept me wanting and panting. I'm a huge fan of Kendall and her writing. Her words always make me laugh, swoon and smile. I love a good friends to romance story and this is one of my favorites. There's just something about sexy Cam. He's smooth, but not a player. He's smart, but not cocky. He's sweet, but it's not fake. And he's hot as hell and a ped...
  • Cee Cee Houston
    Flirting With Forever was everything you except from a Kendall Ryan romance. It was funny at times, serious in others and had just the right amount of will they, won’t they to keep the reader hooked. Natalie and Camden were such great characters, and I was rooting for them from their first page together, their chemistry was that obvious.Natalie has been friends with both Camden and Jack since they were sixteen and she started at the boys school...
  • Kelly Emery (Beneath The Covers Blog)
    My new favorite by Kendall Ryan!I can’t pinpoint one or two specific things about Flirting with Forever that won me over, it’s the entire story itself that captured my heart. The cover, the friends-to-lovers trope, the characters, the absolutely fun and sexy romance that layers the storyline with heartwarming, feel-good excitement…everything flowed together to make this book completely dreamy and blissfully passionate.I loved Natalie and Ca...
  • Sarah
    Flirting with Forever was a quick, sweet friends-to-lovers romance. It was a fun, nearly drama-free ride, and a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.I love me a good friends-to-lovers romance and Flirting with Forever adorably hit that spot. I loved how easily and naturally they transitioned from the love and affection they’d always shared into something more, something beautiful. I could understand their hesitance to explore the feelings blosso...
  • Book Obsessed Book Blog (Amber)
    *ARC generously provided by author in exchange for honest review***3.5 Stars**This book was a sweet friends-to-lovers romance with two likeable main characters. Camden, Natalie, and Jack have been friends since Natalie transferred to their school. Natalie has always been off limits for both of them as neither wanted to ruin their friendship with Natalie. Jack is the playboy, Natalie is the sweet girl-next-door, and Camden is the responsible one (...
  • Jackie Wright
    If you are looking for a fun friends to lovers emotional read that has characters you can relate to then Flirting with Forever will be a must read in true Kendall Ryan fashion this book has it all.Cam, Jack and Nat have been friends since high school they have been through the ups and the downs of life together they support each other and they rely on each other but what happens when feelings start to grow between 2 of the 3 musketeers what will ...
  • Misty (Red's Romance Review's)
    Cam, Natalie, and Jack have been friends since she took a seat at their lunch table in high school, and their friendship has held up through years of college, starting new careers; being their for one another every step of the way. The one thing that has always kept them close was the agreement to keep things completely platonic and simple, but things are about to take a complicated because deep seated feelings are starting to come to light, and ...
  • Erin Lewis
    5 Star Review Flirting With Forever by Kendall Ryan Where do I start? I think I have anew book boyfriend in Cam, he just ticked all the boxes and then some. Flirting With Forever is a friends to lovers story which I am particularly into reading at them moment. It was a sweet, romantic, flirty and oh so hot story that had me engrossed from the first chapter.What happens when you suddenly find yourself in love with one of your best friends, even w...
  • Khrista Baxter
    Flirting with Forever was a great read, the story was well thought out and very relatable. Cam, Jack and Natalie have been best friends since sophomore year of high school but lately Cam has been experiencing feelings for Natalie that go way beyond friendship. What can he so though, he doesn't want to ruin a 16 year friendship not to mention he and Jack took a blood oath not to cross the line with Natalie. Natalie was adopted at the age of 8 into...
  • Heather Nobbs
    This was a great friends to lovers romance. Camden is the kind of friend everyone wants and all the girls want to fall for. Natalie is the lucky lady that Cam falls for. Best friends since high school Cam, Jack and Natalie still hang out all the time. Cam and Jack made a pact back in high school that since they both liked Natalie that neither would go for her and they would all just be friends. Fast forward to the present and Cam’s feeling have...