Just Be You by M.E. Parker

Just Be You

(This is a previously-published edition of ASIN B07FG1T414.) When Scott Cohen got word that he’d been nominated for a Grammy, he wondered if the universe was playing some cruel trick on him. Of all the songs he’d written, why did it have to be that song? Over ten years had passed since he’d written the song and even more since Scott had become obsessed with Marshall Donavan, his brother’s best friend. It didn’t matter that Scott hadn’...

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TitleJust Be You
Release DateJun 15th, 2018
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Just Be You

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*It's started out good and then...*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ The story centers around Scott ‘Scottie’ Russell Cohen (26) and his brother's best friend, Marshall ‘Marsh’ Maxwell Donavan (30) who he hasn't seen in eight years. That all changes when both ends up in the cottage to hide without knowing the other one would be there. The rest is history. This book had so much potential. It was cute, funny and fast forward. But it was ...
  • Susan
    For the first half this book ticked all my boxes. A cute insecure guy with a crush on his brother’s best friend with lots of pining. Then the two end up in a remote cabin together where said best friend turns out not to be so straight after all. Oh yeah, I was in heaven. But…. I could see the angst coming a mile away. And since I had 50% to go, I was wondering what the author would use to fill the rest of the book. So yes, we got unecessary a...
  • Line
    Your gay, Harry!All the sudden, there shined a shiny demon...*ugh* This story wasn't bad, BUT when I notice (and get annoyed about) the language and spelling mistakes, I don't even want to think about what my clever, educated friends here at GR will think.And I am not a native English speaker, but this was so SO cringeworthy at times.And can we just... I hate it when authors use the expression: 'another thing coming', it's 'another THINK coming',...
  • JenMcJ
    This appears to be a first all m/m book for this author. The writing is solid and the editing was ok but had issues. I liked this one and I'll commend the author for writing very good emotional connection on one side of the couple. I believed Marshall was in love but the effort with Scottie was unbalanced. I just didn't get the same warm fuzzy for Scottie even though he was the longest invested in his feelings. He just never seemed to grow past t...
  • ❤Bibi's Book Blog❤
    ***I was lucky enough to BETA read this amazing story, and received an advanced copy. I did love the book so much, that I purchased my own copy today***Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dreams did come true? If the guy you’ve been in love with for years and years suddenly realises he wants you too, would it be the happiest day of your life? Or would you be too scared to believe in your luck? Would you dare to take the leap of fai...
  • Nanna Sander
    3.5 starsCute and fluffy story about childhood friends who meet again a decade later and fall in love. At one point, I thought it was gearing up for The Big Misunderstanding, but luckily that quickly wound down again. The first half was near perfect, but it lost a little bit of its umpf along the way.The story covered everything to create a well-rounded story- and timeline, but all encounters (and to some extend characters) lean more towards the ...
  • Alex
    what a beautiful discovery! I discovered this book by chance but the plot struck me immediately and I bought it. Really loved this story!!!!
  • Bati
    This book is like strawberries with whipped cream, a bowl of beautiful juicy red cherries, lemonade on a summer day. Sweet, charming and lovely story about the song with a very important message, that always worth just be yourself and nothing is impossible. Even Marshall Donovan and his dimples ;)
  • Bea
    I would've rated this higher, but unfortunately there were a bit too many grammatical errors that I wasn't able to disregard them anymore. Initially it was just my finicky problems with punctuation, like misplaced or missing commas, that sort of thing. But eventually there were mistakes with the pronouns - like the classic "you're" and "your" mistakes - which I really hope would've been spotted during the editing and proofreading processes.Also, ...
  • Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsI read a shorter, erotic book from this author recently and I was interested to see what she would do with a longer novel. The book focuses mostly on Scott and then Marshall as they work toward a relationship. Scott has always been enamored of Marshall ever since he was a kid. It’s part first crush and part hero worship, but even though Marshall is Scott’s brother’s best friend, they had their own friendship. I...
  • Elizabeth
    This books has the potential to be very good. This is my opinion only but for me there were a few problems. 1. Editing - I'm not a person that freaks out about this and I usually overlook it especially if they don't throw me off. Here though they threw me off and stood out. 2. The unnecessary 2nd half of the book. The book was on it's way to being a winner at roughly 50% but took a straight nose dive into unnecessary bullshit.3. Character flaws -...
  • Nickiann Holt
    Scott has always had feelings for his older brother's best friend Marshall. But it is not until his song that he wrote about Marshall is used in a movie and winning a Grammy for that song does Scott realize the feelings never went away. He needs to let it go - as Marshall is engaged and is not gay. Getting away from reality and spending time at his family's cabin in the woods is supposed to be Scott's private time, but when Marshall shows up afte...
  • Earlyn
    Marshall and ScottWhat a well written romance.This is a friends to lovers story.Scott has always loved Marshall. The day Marshall saved him from a bully cemented that love. Fast forward right years, later because of circumstances they ended up in the cabin together.This gave them time 're ignited their attraction.Lovely sweet summer reading.
  • Em
    1.75 starsI ended up skimming through big chunks of this. I found the characters to be very boring and bland, making me feel a sort of disconnect to the story itself. The writing style was a bit off putting as well.
  • Akknieszka
    Słodka jak miód :)
  • sinayel
    I was really liking this one but the overdramatic aspect of the book was a bit of a let down for me.
  • Michaela Krumlová
    4,5* sooo sweet
  • Rachel
    3 and a half *sThe story was okay but the editing really let it down. Missed words and words spelt wrong
  • BookNerd
    Rounding up to 2.5 because of the first half, the last 50% was just okay for me.
  • Trish
    I really thought I would love this.. but sadly enough the way Scottie pulled back so much was a huge turn off. If you have loved and trusted someone that long then why when finally things were happening would you be willing to throw it all away. And I never understood why Marshal kept saying sorry when he really didn't do anything to be sorry for. This just didn't work for me.
  • Jessica Covey-Wannamaker
    Just Be You- is a fantastic title for this story. I have the great pleasure to read this. **arc received by author for my honest opinion** This story is a coming out and discovering yourself, acceptance and reaching out for what you need. It’s about finding love, even if it challenges everything you know. This coming out story arrives in a better time when people are more accepting, and a great tribute to the challenges most face especially com...
  • Jennifer
    This is tagged as a GFY. Which is fine except, I personally, have a hard time putting it in this category due to the simple fact .... mentioning of past thoughts or feelings towards the same gender. Even if theres no prior action taken. Again, maybe thats just me. I've read other books with same circumstances, though it does nothing to deter me from liking it or not. I just don't connect the 2.Speaking of which, I loved this book honestly. I know...
  • Melanie Rawlinson
    Awwwww, this was such a sweet read!Scott had a crush (put mildly) on his big brother’s best friend, Marshall, in high school, but hasn’t seen him since graduation. He’s made a successful life for himself as a musician and songwriter in LA, on the other side of the US to his hometown. His brother and Marshall have stayed closer to home, running a firm in New York with their own success story. Due to an….interesting….set of events (involv...
  • Karen Edwards
    Scott Cohen has had a crush on his brother's best friend, Marshall Donavan for as long as he can remember. After saving him the first day of his freshman year in high school, Scott wrote a song, "Just Be You," a song with a lot of heart and meaning. A song for Marshall. Marshall Donavan hasn't seen Scott Cohen in 8 years; in fact, he didn't even know he was so famous until he watches him receive his Grammy Award on TV. After the breaking off his ...
  • Sheila Schoenauer
    I think this is my favorite book so far by this author. I absolutely loved it! I loved getting to know Scottie and Marshal and witnessing Marshal's discovery of his true self. I've always loved older brother's best friend stories but this M/M version of it was a first for me and it couldn't have been written any better. Both of these hero's had such a great support system, especially Scottie. The road start off rockie for each of them as they bot...
  • Shannon
    I read the reviews of this one and almost didn't read it because of them. I'm so glad I decided to ignore them and decide for myself. I will agree the editing errors were plentiful and annoying and some of the things Scottie did were childish but overall I really enjoyed this. Scottie has been in love with his big brother's best friend, Marshall, since he was 12 years old and seeing his pain at the beginning actually made me cry a little bit. I a...
  • Meghann Alford
    Now this was a heartwarming, emotional and sexy story from ME Parker. First, if you don't like M/M, you might want to skip it. If you are adventerous and willing to take a chance, then this is the book for you. Scott and Marshall are perfect, seriously. Scott is out and has been a long time. Marshall, the man he has loved since high school, doesn't have an inkling he might like men. But a miscommunication and a snowstorm make it so these are in c...
  • Modwena
    I absolutely loved this book. Scott has been in love with his brother's, straight, best friend for 12 years but they have not seen each other for the last eight. The end of their respective relationships and the press interest in both sends Scott to his family holiday home. Unknown to either of them Marshall ends up doing exactly the same thing. Being thrown together in this way allows them both to explore possibilities that seemed out of reach. ...
  • Amy
    I really enjoyed Scottie and Marshall’s story. There was an undeniable chemistry between the two that lead to some hot and steamy scenes. I was rooting for these two from the very beginning. I loved the emotion in this book. You could feel the passion, the emotional highs and lows, the pain and hurts, the realizations and love, just all of it. I felt the characters were developed well and I enjoyed the trips to the past where we got to know the...