Rockaway Bride by Pippa Grant

Rockaway Bride

A Rock Star Kidnaps a Runaway Bride…Kidnapping the bride seemed like a good idea at the time.Her fiancé stole my fortune, so I stole his woman.Tit for tat. Or tat for tit. However you want to look at it.The one thing I didn’t expect?Willow Honeycutt, preschool teacher, boy band super fan, is completely crazy.And somehow she’s turned the tables on me.Now, she’s holding me hostage, and she won’t let me go until we hit every item on her s...

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TitleRockaway Bride
Release DateJun 29th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Music, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Rockaway Bride

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    Rockaway Bride is by Pippa Grant. This is my third book by Pippa and I have to say that she is fast becoming an obsession of mine. This book was amazing. It is hilarious but filled with so much heart. You will most definitely laugh out loud…a LOT! Maybe even snort laugh! But you will also sigh, swoon, perhaps even gasp. What you will most definitely do is fall in love with these characters.If you’ve read any of the other books, then you’ve ...
  • « Court (Take the Read) »
    5 stars!By now it's no secret that I love pretty much anything Pippa Grant puts out, and this was no different. Still revolving around the same crew of lovable characters from her previous books, Rockaway Bride focuses on Willow - the boy-band covering all-girl band singer - and Dax, down on his luck rock star with a mean grudge against Willow's fiancee, Martin.His plan to get revenge? Kidnap the (literal) princess until he gets what he wants fro...
  • Emma
    3.5 starsI enjoyed this one, it was funny and so sweet. Loved both MCs, the hero was the sweetest jerk, he has so much to endure by himself, but that didn't stop him from falling in love with the reckless, carefree Willow. I can understand Dax's fascination, she was so lovely. He actually loved her more than she did him, and I couldn't be happier. Definitely trying more books by this author.
  • Ivy Deluca
    It's a cute runaway bride screwball adventure comedy romance and exactly what I've come to expect from this series. Full or quickish review to come, haven't decided yet.
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Dear lord, my stomach muscles still hurt from all the laughing while reading Rockaway Bride! From the first pages when Willow is hanging out with her step-brothers through the very last page, I absolutely loved every minute spent reading Willow and Dax’s romance.There’s love, lust, lightness, snark, wit, fun and forgiveness throughout their story. I love how they fell in love. Loved that they brought out the best (okay, and sometimes the wors...
  • Shelby
    What a fun, sexy, hilarious breath of fresh air to read! Oh and HOT!
  • Brittany from Can’t Quit Books
    Pippa is so amazing at turning any situation and scene into a hilarious, laugh out loud moment. There were so many times during this book that I had to sit my Kindle down to wipe the tears off my face from laughing so hard. Willow is a prim and proper preschool teacher and stepdaughter to a king. She is not spontaneous or wild, and you would never see her color outside the lines. Dax is a famous rock star who is down on his luck. Everything is fa...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    -Kacie, ⭐⭐⭐⭐The more books I read by Pippa Grant, the more I appreciate her weird and quirky writing style. And I mean weird and quirky in the best possible way. Her stories are all wonderfully unique, and I truly love that. This story is no different. Willow is a preschool teacher, a singer in an all girl band, the step daughter of a king, and an all around good girl. She plays life safe. Until Dax. Dax is a singer in a band called Half ...
  • Jodi
    Seriously, I know. I say it EVERY. FREAKING. TIME I read a new Pippa book. But it's true. So I can't help it. She just gets better. Like every time I read one of her books, I think, that's it, I love it so freaking much, it just can't be topped. And then I read the next one and go, oh, fudgenuts, she topped it. How does she do this insane unicorn magic?? Seriously, a bad boy rocker who's down on his luck and a runaway bride/preschool teacher who'...
  • Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review
    4 Hilarious Stars Initially I was worried that I wasn’t going to like this book because, frankly, Dax wasn’t really all that likeable to me. I pretty much adored Willow already and I just wasn’t sure I was going to approve of Dax for her. However, once we finally get to see the real Dax who was hidden behind the vengeful musician I fell in love with him and Willow together. Their adventure was full of that Pippa Grant hilarity and mishaps t...
  • Em__Jay
    Rockaway Bride is my favourite Pippa Grant book to date! Her comedic writing shows no signs of abating. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, be it from situations our characters find themselves in to the naming of characters. I loved Willow and Dax. Willow’s a preschool teacher who sings at juice bars in an all-girl boy band cover band. Dax is a thrice-divorced rock star who’s lost control of both his personal and professional life. Wi...
  • Laurie
    My very first Pippa Grant book and now I NEED to go back and read ALLLLLLLL of them!!!! Rockaway Bride had me at the first chapter, I can best describe this book at madcap – an old word for sure, but it brought to mind some great classic movies that I adore. On paper, Willow Honeycutt and Dax Gallagher are the opposite ends of two magnets – they bounce off each other like nobody’s business. But as they bounce along on their journey, things ...
  • Amy
    The happiness that shines through in all of Pippa Grant's books makes ME so happy! I am becoming somewhat of a broken record every time I try to review her books. Rockaway Bride started with a reading obstacle that Pippa was going to have to overcome for this reader. I do not like to read a rock star hero. I can not remember the last time I read one since I move along after reading the blurb for a rock star storyline. Or, I move along when I see ...
  • Kim May
    If you love reading romantic comedy books that will make you laugh out loud and spew your drink, then Pippa Grant needs to be on your automatic one-click, always buy, go to author list. Her imagination never ceases to amaze me. Everything about her books are wacky, crazy and over the top in the best possible way. They are also, sexy, steamy, and sweet. I can’t get enough of this author. After every book that she writes I think, “this is my fa...
  • Thuy (tweezyreads)
    I am such a sucker for anything Pippa Grant writes. Her books are so fun, hilarious, happy, sweet....While reading, I'm always like, where does she come up with this stuff??!!! Its soooooo funny.Rockaway Bride is a part of but also standalone of her book so far. They're all characters we've met in her previous books. They're all interconnected characters, this is Willow's story. She is in a girl band with her friends who sings boy band songs. She...
  • Anna
    There were so many things about this book that I liked, but mostly things that I did not like. First of all, the characters. Lordy lordy lordy, the whole mother marrying a king and then having like a million Nordic/Viking stepbrothers and just..there were so many characters and while I haven't read any of the other books, bringing them up randomly here and there made no sense. Also, can we take a minute to talk about how ridiculous it is that jus...
  • Kathy Aronoff
    What does a Rock Star, a reluctant Bride to be, missing money, kidnappings & Royalty have in common?? Not a thing unless you are Pippa Grant who throws it all together with some more hilarious ingredients and turns it into a delightful Rom Com. Ms Grant created a cast of characters, many from other books she has published, that I will be getting to know better as I read their stories that bring a fairy tale quality to Dax & Willow's adventure. To...
  • Joyce
    My heart is fullAgain with one of the greatest books I’ve read lately. Pippa Grant is a master of the strong yet vulnerable heroines and I love her for that.I wasn’t sure about Dax at first, but of course I grew to love him as much as sweet Willow did. Dax wanting Willow to LIVE was the most heart melting thing ever. All the adventures on their epic road trip were so fun to read about! I was amazed, and wondrous, and tickled pink as each new ...
  • Jamie Ellis
    Enjoyed it...This was my first book by this author and loved it. Thanks to my book buddy Kathy A. For recommending it. It was quirky, funny and quick read. It definitely had lots of laugh out loud moments, hot sex scenes and great supporting characters. I might have to go read the others. Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis
  • Obsessive Book Whore
    You had me at RockstarThis was a fantastic rockstar read with plenty of excitement and sexy times! This swoon worthy rocker drew me in and wouldn't let me go until the end and even then, I still wanted more!
  • Taryn Elliott
    A rockstar and a preschool teacher...There’s no bar, but there is some mead and hijinks galore. Dude, nuns on a bus...all I’m gonna say. Holy Hanna what a fun ride! Went right into amazon to find more books from Ms. Grant!
  • Krystina
    Enjoyable ReadVery enjoyable read with a happy ending. Actually, I wanted a longer epilogue, it was too short. Other than that, really good. Loved the mayhem, I laughed out loud at quite a few parts!
  • Mary at USAT's HEA
    This book is so much fun! I adore Pippa Grant’s wonderfully, ridiculously unforgettable humor, and at she’s at her best and funniest in Rockaway Bride. It’s a heartfelt and steamy bad-boy-rocker falls for the good-girl romance, you'll fall hard for Willow and Dax on their who-kidnapped-who crazy adventure. After reading it, you’ll run to pick up her previous books, if you haven’t already. One of my favorite romantic comedies of 2018!ARC...
  • Karen
    Oh man! Talk about a couple that was meant for each other! Dax and Willow are classic push/pull throughout Rockaway Bride. Willow grew up on boy bands, got thrown headfirst into a royal family (step daughter/sister wise) and continued to play in her own band and teach preschoolers in New York to keep her life normal. But after years of dating a "normal" guy, she's about to play runaway bride - and her life will never be the same. Dax is wiped out...
  • BookAddict
    Once again we return to the wild, wonderful, wacky world of supersized and royal hockey players, an all girls boy band cover band and emotional support monkeys, with the addition of stilt fighters, nuns and affectionate farm animals. Truthfully, we all knew Willow wouldn’t really marry Martin, but who could have foreseen what would happen next? After consuming too much mead in the company of the royal sheep, Willow finds herself handcuffed to t...
  • Erin
    “All y'all's crazy.” That may be the best line to describe this absolutely freaking hilarious book! I seriously laughed and snorted my way through the whole thing. My family thought I was nuts and there was no good way to explain the funny to my kids when there's lines about sheep breaking wind, dreams of regrowing personal bits shaped line banana with half peels, words like twatasaurus, and a “runaway bride gone wild.” I don't know how a...
  • Dotti Elrick
    Rockaway Bride I have to admit this was the first Pippa Grant book I purchased. I was looking for a new Rockstar book. While reading some of the reviews, I discovered it was part of a series, and that some of the secondary characters in this book, had their own stories. So of course, I had to backtrack and read the earlier books. I’ve loved all of them, glad I went back. While each book is a standalone, there are hints, and inside jokes, if you...
  • Keyrsten
    Willow has spent years being known as the "mother" of her friend group, the preschool teacher who strives to make sure everyone she cares about is happy ... even if that means dimming a little of her shine in the process. After a drunken night being bride-napped by a disgruntled rockstar, she now has a chance to do something crazy. She's witty, independent, and fiesty ... she no longer has to shy away from living on impulse and saying what's on h...
  • Lisa
    I want to give this more stars! In Rockaway Bride, the mild mannered, preschool teacher, Willow gets kidnapped by revenge seeking rocker, Dax. Mayhem ensues, and her adventure loving side take the driver's seat. I've got to say, from the first pages when Willow's stepbrother - princes come to her with an escape plan on the eve of her wedding, I was hooked. I was on team Willow from the time I met her in Mr. McHottie...and disliked the twatopatamu...