The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5) by Mackenzi Lee

The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5)

In The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky, Monty’s epic grand tour may be over, but now that he and Percy are finally a couple, he realizes there is something more nerve-wracking than being chased across Europe: getting together with the person you love. Will the romantic allure of Santorini make his first time with Percy magical, or will all the anticipation and build-up completely spoil the mood?

Details The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5)

TitleThe Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Lgbt, Romance, Short Stories

Reviews The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5)

  • شيماء ✨
    Reading this novella is all fun and games until it makes you achingly aware of the lack of cuddling you're experiencing in your life.So without further ado, here's a list of iconic and memorable moments in this book!• First of all, nothing will ever come close to touching the humor and perfect execution of the question “do you mean to tell me that you have not actually fornicated yet?” being met with the incredulous and slightly indignant r...
  • C.G. Drews
    This was entirely adorable and so utterly awkward it was hilarious! I actually could read an infinitely long series about Percy and Monty, juuuust saying in case the bookish gods want to grant that request. It is pretty much 50pgs of Monty and Percy trying to have sex and everything of ever going wrong. 😂It made me laugh out loud though. I love their banter and Monty's panic meltdowns and the fact that the worst thing in the world that's ever ...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    omfg i love them so much it hurts
  • ♆Hayley
    WE HATE RICHARD PEELE!Ugh, this was ridiculously cute and hilarious and I can die happy now. My heart is so full and my stomach hurts from laughing. If you didn’t already know, I fucking adore Monty and Percy. I love them and The Gentleman’s Guide so much that I’m still, after six months and reading it three times, unable to write a review because I don’t think I can write down just how much I love everything about these characters and th...
  • Brianna
    Monty & Percy are disastrous idiots and they’re so in love and I! AM! THRIVING!
  • Lily ☁️
    I fell in love with Monty & Percy all over again, smiled so much that my cheeks are still a bit sore, and basically, this is the perfect novella, and I can’t wait to read Felicity’s book. “I would teach my body to regrow my heart each time I gave it to him, over and over and over again. Heart after heart after heart—every one of them his.” Blog | Bloglovin’ | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter
  • Melissa
    The gang is back in this short, but sweet novella. It's abso-bloody-lutely FANTASTIC! Fans of The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue will not be disappointed. Mackenzi had me laughing, shrieking, and as usual sighing "Oh, Monty."Also, if you've listened to the audio book and fell in love with Christian Coulson's voice like I have, he might sneak in narrating as you read.Sum of feels in a gifDon't sleep on this people! Go pre-order your copy of ...
  • chandler ainsley ❁
    not enough sexi feel PLAYED. ok not really, i knew that i couldn't possibly expect a torrid love scene in a historical fiction YA. but sometimes a girl just wants to dream.this was really sweet & just reinforced everything we already know. percy is a sweet cinnamon roll & monty has feelings that he is bad at letting out. this didn't add much in the way of character development or story but it was cute. and they're cute. the end.
  • Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen)
    Monty is such a disaster bi
  • Romie
    this both made me laugh and want to cry, well done.
  • Sabrina The Trash Queen
    The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue - ★★★★This reminded me how much fun I had reading TGGTVAV.This was funny, and although this is about this marvelous couple getting some, they didn’t in fact got some it this short story but out of it. In some ways I feel betrayed but it was still a great read so I’ll not get to mad about that. Now I’m ready to read the next one!
  • Connie
    my skin is clear, my crops are thriving, the sun is shining, monty is a Bisexual Disaster, and percy and monty are idiots in love. bless mackenzi lee for restoring peace to the universe.
  • kelly
    I raise my head, and he turns to me. "I love you," I say quietly. "You know that?""And I you, my darling boy." excuse me for a moment while i sit and cry
  • milou ✲
    ↠ 4,5 starsI reach out before I can stop myself and push his hair behind his ears, then lean down for a kiss. When our lips meet, I swear I feel my ribs strain from how full I am with loving him.This was everything that I hoped that it would be. I love how awkward Percy and Monty were in this and how precious and adorable they are together. Reading about them brought out a huge grin to my face and it made me realize how much I had missed my bab...
  • Sahitya
    Monty’s adoration of Percy is just so adorable 😍😍😍This novella is hilarious but toooo short. I just want more of them together!!!
  • Zoë ☆
    Definitely an addition to the story! This was really cute
  • ⚔ Silvia ⚓
    Akshslssh this was so awkward and funny I burst out laughing a handful of times
  • Meli
    "We are tough and stupid together and we are going to be tough and stupid together for the rest of our lives" ♥ Los amo, bye.Update: no dejo de sonreír como boba desde que terminé esto. Monty tiene esa capacidad de hacerme hiper feliz con su estupidez y profundidad no intencionada (:P) que me puede.
  • Tara
    This was so. cute. There are actual tears of laughter in my eyes, too. This was everything I wanted it to be, and I'm so glad we got a little more story from Monty's POV. He's my fave (and of course I love Percy, too.). 5 stars!
  • Gabi
    This was such a teaser!!! I wanted Monty and Percy to be happy and together so badly, and aaaaaall these awkward circumstances kept happening (usually with Monty to blame, but he's adorable so how can you be mad at him?). Favorite part, hands down: (view spoiler)[ Percy not even hesitating to find Monty the next morning to work things out, and he's not even mad! Exasperated, but not mad! And his version of "working things out" is pulling him and ...
  • Fiona✨
    WE HATE RICHARD PEELE !!!1(This was beautiful in every possible way and too adorable for me to handle and I just spent the last 15 minutes grinning like an idiot and my cheeks are starting to hurt, send help)-------------------------------------FAVOURITE QUOTES:“And maybe we can’t make it work. But maybe we’re tough and we’re stupid and we’re going to try anyway.”'He’s looking at me—just looking—so hungry and anxious and bright ...
  • Anniek
    So glad I sent in my preorder receipt! I got the email about an hour and a half ago, and dived right in of course!! This is just entirely too cute.
  • Chloe Natasha