A Town Divided by Christmas by Orson Scott Card

A Town Divided by Christmas

It began with a quarrel over which newborn should be the baby Jesus in the town's Christmas pageant. Decades later, two scientists arrive to study small-town genetic patterns, only to run up against the invisible walls that split the leading citizens into two congregations that can only be joined by love and forgiveness. And maybe a little deception, because there might be some things that people just don't need to know.

Details A Town Divided by Christmas

TitleA Town Divided by Christmas
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherBlackstone Publishing
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Fiction

Reviews A Town Divided by Christmas

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    The scientific method collides with southern small town culture and a local mystery in this charming and insightful novella. Review first posted on Fantasy Literature:Two post-doc academics ― Dr. Delilah (Spunky) Spunk, an economist, and Dr. Elyon Dewey, a geneticist ― are sent to Good Shepherd, North Carolina to do a genetic and sociological study. The hope is that by studying a relatively genetically isolated population, they can prove or d...
  • Douglas Summers-Stay
    My wife got this book as a Christmas gift from the Cards. It's a romantic comedy, of sorts, about a sociologist who goes to study why people stay in a small town. She ends up falling in love with the small town and one of its inhabitants. The dialogue was fun. A point of irritation was the characterization of modern science as hopelessly biased, full of internal politics, and basically worthless. There may be subfields like that (and sociology pr...
  • David Read
    A very clever, very enjoyable Christmas storyUtterly likeable quirky characters. A clever story with a bit of a surprise twist at the end. Even a romance that's real romance, not body parts and heavy breathing. A little peek into Southern culture without condescension or sneering. Oh, and comedy. Card does comedy so seldom it's always a bit of a surprise, but there a few chuckles in this tale.If I had a carp it'd be that the characters' repartee ...
  • Cesar Leon
    Something very diferent from the Enderverse but i see here more a contemporary novel with something sciences that the opposite is i think went see OSC in the front cover of any book. But is very funny to have for christmas Interesante leer algo fuera del enderverse por OSC perono tiene ese nivel de asombro que me dejo el resto de sus obras e suna historia contemporanea linda para leer cerca de navidad.
  • Debbie Burke
    I read the ARC of this novella after meeting Mr. Card at Book Expo. The story is charming without being sentimental. The characters are quirky, witty folks who are fun to spend time with. In today's divisive and contentious world, this book gives hope that people of good will can overcome differences. A Town Divided by Christmas is the perfect holiday gift.
  • Nolan
    Why does the fictional town of Good Shepherd, North Carolina have two churches whose names are remarkably similar. One includes a bell tower, the other a clock. In the early years of the 20th century, episcopalians in the community worshipped at the same church. But sometime after 1930, another building was constructed across the street. There was a division in the church that was so lasting in its divisiveness that nearly a century later, no one...
  • David Dunlap
    Two post-doctoral candidate -- Delilah ("Spunky") Spunk (PhD in economics) and Elyon Dewey (PhD in genetics) -- are sent to the small town of Good Shepherd, NC, to research the possibility of a scientific basis for the fact that many townsfolk who move away from Good Shepherd eventually move back. The two PhDs could not be more dissimilar: Spunky is a down-to-earth 'people person,' with great interpersonal skills, while Elyon is a curmudgeonly nu...
  • Roxann
    From the cover: It began with a quarrel over which newborn should be the baby Jesus in the town’s Christmas pageant. Decades later, two scientists arrive to study small-town genetic patterns, only to run up against the invisible walls that split the leading citizens into two congregations that can only be joined by love and forgiveness. And maybe a little deception, because there might be some things that people just don’t need to know.I rece...
  • Trevor
    This is a fun book, but I'm not sure I was quite the intended audience, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I usually do with a Card book. It's sort of a PG-13 romantic comedy told from the female perspective. Although I enjoy Card's humor, which is often reflected in at least one character, all of the characters seemed to have the same personality - except one, and he seems to be superficially based on Sheldon from the TV show, The Big Bang Theory.I...
  • Jean
    I fell in love with this quiet little story. Card really captures the feeling of a small town and its inhabitants. I knew the types of people who lived there. I even understood how the division in the town could stay so firm so long. From this passage near the opening of the book on, Card had me hooked. "Only then did Spunky notice the churches. She realized that to Elyon, it was bound to look like a large number, but Spunky grew up in a church-g...
  • Linda
    Two scientists arrive in an Appalachian town to research genetic patterns of small towns. As they begin their research they find that the town is divided by two churches that were once one. The churches are across the street from each other and they each have a Nativity play at Christmas trying to outdo each other in the process. The feud apparently started when in choosing a local baby for the Nativity two women had babies very close together an...
  • Kimberly
    I received this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway and would give it 3.5 stars if I could. It is a short book and a quick read. Card is one of my favorite authors, and I love his smart, female characters. However, this book did seem a little heavy-handed showing how smart and empathetic the main character is. There is talk about Hallmark movies at one point, and this book does follow that pattern. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an easy rea...
  • Curt Evoy
    I have not read many OSC books. I know he is considered a great science fiction writer. To get in the Christmas spirit, a Christmas story written by OSC sounded interesting. The story of two post-doc researchers collecting genomic data in a small NC town during the holiday season did not interest me. OSC is a good writer. I found myself looking up a few new words.
  • Katherine Trinity
    OSC wrote a Lifetime Christmas movie. At least, it plays out like one and I think it would adapt well to one. Not your typical book from OSC but still an excellent read/listen and it will make you feel good.
  • Nomes
    A really sweet little story. Not something I'd normally read, but some good characters, amusing banter and an interesting little puzzle. Basically a Christmas movie in book form. One that will never translate to film.
  • Jon Sears
    Orson Scott card has one voice. His. All of his characters speak in his voice because they are all him. I still generally like his stuff, and I'm sure I will continue to re-read my favorites, but he is either getting too smart, or too dumb for my tastes.
  • Cindy
    I enjoy Christmas tales - as long as they don't sound like a Hallmark movie script, and it seems like it's getting harder to find them. This one manages to avoid that, perhaps not by much, but I'll take it. Extra thumbs up for the nod to Gerard Manley Hopkins!
  • Kent Winward
    Ok, any story that contains the threat that the plot is sounding like a sentimental television movie and then proceeds to fulfill that promise in a paean to small town life and romance -- well, it is a Christmas book.
  • Mekerei
    Romance and a mysteryinteresting tale of a town with a division. I had guessed what caused the division before it was revealed, but this did not detract from the story.I enjoyed the two romances, and yes it was like a Hallmark movie.Three and a half stars
  • Caroline
    This book was, in my opinion, not up to OSC's usual standards. I didn't feel like there was any resolution in the end, and it just kind of left me hanging.
  • Noelani
    Cute novella. Ended too abruptly and left it just a bit too soon for me, but otherwise an okay read.
  • Kristi
    Exactly what i expected it to be simple Christmas fluff.
  • Randy Evans
    A Christmas cookie -- short and enjoyable if somewhat lacking in substance
  • Jennifer
    Cute, if fairly predictable. I liked the self-awareness and joking about the Hallmark Christmas movie plot.
  • Ruth
    Fun, quick read. Good characters and dialogue.
  • Rachel
    Not at all like a typical Orson Scott Card novel. While it was a cute story, I kept waiting for some form of science diction to enter into the plot line — it never, even remotely, arrived. Beyond that disappointment, the story was entirely too predictable, just like your typical Christmas hallmark or lifetime movie. The story background was dull and got lost throughout the other tangents. I was hoping for so much more from Mr. Card. Perhaps he ...