The Rehearsal Dinner (The Wedding From Hell, #1; Firefighters #0.5) by J.R. Ward

The Rehearsal Dinner (The Wedding From Hell, #1; Firefighters #0.5)

A brand new ebook-only story from bestselling author J. R. WardAre you ready for The Wedding From Hell?Dear Reader,It's a classic recipe for disaster: Take one bridesmaid who thinks pink is the root of all evil. Mix with a best man who's hotter than a four-alarm fire. Add in their explosive sexual attraction, a nightmare bridezilla, two catfights, and an emergency call, and you have the wedding from hell! Come get to know Anne and Danny, the hero...

Details The Rehearsal Dinner (The Wedding From Hell, #1; Firefighters #0.5)

TitleThe Rehearsal Dinner (The Wedding From Hell, #1; Firefighters #0.5)
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Novella

Reviews The Rehearsal Dinner (The Wedding From Hell, #1; Firefighters #0.5)

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    The Rehearsal Dinner is part one in a series of three prequels to the brand new book Consumed, by J.R. Ward.This is our first introduction to Anne Ashburn. She has been a firefighter for two years now at Stationhouse 499 in New Brunswick. And to Danny Maguire who is also a firefighter in the same stationhouse.One of Anne and Danny’s fellow firefighter brothers and also Danny’s best friend and roommate, is getting married. It’s four days bef...
  • Sophia Triad
    Free on Amazon!Besides writing about sexy vampires, J.R. Ward apparently can also write about sexy fire fighters.I loved the beginning of Anne and Danny's story and I looking forward to seeing what happens next for these two.The reception: Wedding from Hell 3: Consumed:
  • katwiththehat
    This was a neat free! novella that introduced Anne and Danny, the characters who will feature in JR Ward’s new firefighter’s series, Consumed. Basically, one of the other firefighters is getting married in what looks to be a disaster of a wedding, and Anne and Danny are dragged along for the festivities. There are definite sparks between them and Ward’s signature writing style is there for sure.Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered...
  • Christy
    I am a huge fan of anything JR Ward, so when I saw she had a free novella as sort of a prequel to her new release out this October, Consumed, I downloaded it right away. This novella took less than an hour to read and I have to say, after finishing it, I can't wait for more! I am completely invested in these characters and can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Auntee
    Ahhh...the missing prologue that should've been included in Consumed.It gives a little more background to the characters and answers a few questions.Not sure if this was edited out, or recently written to fill in some holes. But I still enjoyed it.
  • Marta Cox
    This quick read is setting up the full length book that's coming soon about fire fighters . Anne and Danny work together and this novella is about the days leading up to a friends wedding. The chemistry is there for all to see but buttoned up Anne has no wish to become another notch on the bed post of always foot loose Danny or does she ? If you've enjoyed this authors paranormal stories then you will be very happy to hear that these new characte...
  • Chris C - A Midlife Wife
    ** Book 1 and 2 are Free on Amazon for now** 7/18/18~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Quickie little novella to set the flames a’ burning! This is gonna be good!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With a title like Wedding from Hell, you know this is going to be a book that you just have to check out. Broken into three parts, these quick novellas are perfect for a break in your monotonous day.Part One: The Rehearsal is a riot. You can alr...
  • Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews
    Oh this is just fab!
  • VoyagerSassenach
    Por lo que he podido conocer de la historia de Anne y Danny en este primer aperitivo de Consumed, tengo claro que esta nueva serie me va a gustar. Que hype por leer la otra parte de este relato introductorio este acaba justo en el momento más álgido.
  • Jean
    It was great to get a glimpse of things before Consumed and how Anne and Daniel's relationship started!
  • Λίνα Θωμάρεη
    OOOOOOOOOh come on..... really????Now I want desperately read "Consumed".... I think 2,5 stars it's pretty good rate about this 45pages book....
  • Jessica (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)
    The sparks are already flying in part 1 of this prequel and we've barely scratched the surface of this storyline. The chemistry between these firefighters is scorching hot, their chemistry is electric. The Rehearsal Dinner has me SO DAMN ANXIOUS for more of what's shaping up to be one SMOKING HOT romance!!I was already anxious for the release of Consumed BEFORE I read Part 1 of this prequel. Now?? I'm beyond DESPERATE for it. Danny and Anne are a...
  • Alexandra
    FIREFIGHTERS! I can't wait for this new book!
  • Laura Elizabeth
    Meh. I feel like I've read this storyline from 20 other authors already.
  • Shannon
    The Rehearsal Dinner The Wedding from Hell, Book 1 I Picked Up This Book Because: It’s J. R. Ward, no further explanation needed The Characters: Anne Ashburn: Danny Maguire: Deandra Cox, Robert “Moose” Miller The Story: This is the beginning of a new series for the Warden and I feel like I’m really going to enjoy it. Her voice is a bit different in this book and it will take some getting used to but it does not diminish the chemis...
  • HeatherP
    This is a short little novella that sets up the beginning of the Consumed book by J.R. Ward that releases 10/09/18. I've already read that book and its a 5 star read for me. I'm not posting my review this early for it but you need to check it out! Even though this is a very short book as far as novellas go, you still need to read it! I love these characters! I can't wait for more from this new series from J.R. Ward.
  • Vânia Nunes
    The plot is interesting but why split a prequel into 3 parts?Having a female character working as a firefighter is a tremendous thing, but the reader already knows that she will not continue because of something very bad that will happen to her.And I did not feel a real attraction between them.Zero connection.2 starsFree on Amazon
  • ☕ Kimberly
    Nice intro to series. RTC
  • Jacquie
    An explosive start to a new series by New York Times Bestselling author J.R. Ward!The Rehearsal Dinner is an introduction into the men and women of the 499. A wedding is in the works for Anne and Danny's teammate, Moose, throwing Danny into close quarters with the woman he's been fantasizing about for months.Anne feels the heated glances from her partner, and admits to a mutual attraction. One they can't act on while belonging to the same firehal...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    It was cute, but nothing that hasn’t already saturated the world of romance in recent years. I’ll read the the next two parts of the freebie; mainly because I have them. I’ve already read Consumed (which was a so-so read); and this is absolutely nothing like it. This is light, cutesy, and fluffy; where Consumed was a ponderous, modern day BDB wannabe with too many characters and storylines. Think the Brothers with fire hoses instead of fan...
  • Ann
    Excellent hook to lure you in. Love the Warden's writing style. I kept waiting on one of the BDB to show up in that alley. Ok, more like hoped, but this doesn't appear to be a paranormal story. Although....Danny and Anne seemed to be built that way. Ok, I digress...time to get my mind out of the paranormal haze. Although I HATE installments I'll definitely buy the next Chapter to see if Danny makes his move. Starting off strong, hoping the heat a...
  • ~Kristin~
    3.5 StarsAlright, I’m definitely intrigued....looking forward to this series!
  • White Hot Reads
    No joke - I laughed the entire time I read this. It’s so much fun to meet Danny & Anne before Consumed. I’m ready for more!!
  • Kath
    OMG can’t wait for the next instalment!
  • Malissa
    So freaking excited to get more of this! What a great (beginning of) introduction to this new series and characters! 🖤🖤
  • Justadele
    BAM! I'm all in, can't wait for the next instalment in August and the book in October.
  • Ermani
    I liked what was here but what was here wasn’t a lot. But I look forward to the new series.
  • Julie
    This was the proverbial wedding rehearsal from you know where! Bridezilla, brow beaten groom, and a partially reluctant wedding party-lol! However, the heat between the Danny and Anne, groomsman and grooms-woman, was combustible! I loved the chemistry! I’m still feeling bad for Moose and hope he doesn’t end up with the wicked witch, but....